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All this data is potentially out of date, and should be taken with a truckload of salt


A trade hub is a highly populated system in a region where large amounts of items are bought and sold. The amount of trade in a trade hub exceeds the amount of trade in other systems in the same region by far. Generally there is one station in the system where most of the trading is done, for example Jita IV - Moon 4 - Caldari Navy Assembly Plant.

Trade hubs[edit]

  1. Jita, super trade hub - The Forge region, Caldari
  2. Amarr, major trade hub - Domain region, Amarr
  3. Dodixie, major trade hub - Sinq Laison region, Gallente
  4. Rens, major trade hub - Heimatar region, Minmatar
  5. Hek, major trade hub - Metropolis region, Minmatar

There exist several other trade hubs and minor trade hubs throughout the regions.

How to find a Trade Hub[edit]

To get a good idea which are the trade hubs you can use the following criteria :

- Market data, (market value and number of orders) from the reports of EVE Market data

- Ingame map, go to "star map" and then "ingame statistics", there choose "number of pilots currently docked and active", the biggest circles are potential trade hubs.


The most prominent trade hub in the universe at the moment is the Caldari Navy Assembly Plant station orbiting the fourth moon at the fourth planet in Jita in The Forge region, the common reference is Jita 4-4 or just Jita.

Jita has always been one of the frontlines in the war against lag, as well as the recordholder of concurrent players in 1 system. After the introduction of StacklessIO, Eve64, improved load balancing with Nodes and various other software and hardware improvements and upgrades. The latest record is over 2000 concurrent players.

The daily tradevolume in Jita exceeds several hundred billion isk, making Jita bigger than the other 4 major trade hubs combined ( Rens , Amarr , Dodixie and Hek ) .

The income from the trade in Jita due to taxes and broker fees count to the billions daily, making Jita one of the richest systems in the whole universe.

Past trade hubs[edit]

The Yulai system was the the first super trade hub and operated at a universal scale, linked to the sovereign space of each empire faction by a superhighway of gates. Concord decided[1] to close to the superhighway to ease congestion and trade quickly declined. Today it plays an insignificant role in trade.

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