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All this data is potentially out of date, and should be taken with a truckload of salt

Name 1st Praetorian Guard
Ticker [1PG]

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Some ask: Who are our enemies and why do they oppose us? Let me be quite clear on this; to oppose us is to oppose God. The motives that lead to opposing God can be irrelevant to us, but never the acts that follow! When we fight the enemy, there is no place for the “humanitarian” view that is poisoning parts of our society. We fight them. We break them. God commands us, so never forget: “The Lord gave our Emperor the power to harness the Good and punish the Evil” (The Scriptures, Book I 1:14).

Some ask: Why can only faithful Amarrian citizens of True Amarr, Ni-Kunni and Khanid bloodlines be the path to victory? This is even more clear. God is with us! We are the Lord’s Chosen People: “Our Lord visited his flock and saw that all was not good. Blasphemy and heresy ruled the land. The Lord punished the sinners and drowned them in their own blood. But the people of Amarr lived righteously and in fear of God. Thus they were saved and became God's chosen one. (The Scriptures, Book II).

Some ask: What is the strength of the Praetorian Guard? The history of the Empire is filled with great military triumphs where those devoted to the reciting of prayers were victorious despite great and even, at times, insurmountable odds. Our people have seen many examples where the sinful have been reduced to nothing. So let us always remember: We cannot redeem ourselves for we are slaves of God, the sole Redeemer! May this knowledge guide us on our path of salvation. May it remind us of the prominence of prayer and devotion!

Surround yourself with the faithful, Stand together, for there is no strength like it under the heavens.

The Scriptures, Book of Missions 71:21


The 1st Praetorian Guard is an Amarrian Imperial Navy-affiliated Special Operations unit, created to bring a highly mobile and elite strike force onto and behind the frontlines. The 1st Praetorian Guard will project Amarrian superiority in all disrupted regions throughout the cluster. We will bring the message of the New Reclaiming to every solar system and every pod pilot opposing the New Reclaiming. We will reclaim what is ours.

OOC Addendum - The 1st Praetorian Guard (also known as 1PG) is a long-established 100% Amarr loyalist role-play and PvP corporation. We are active in Factional Warfare, Amarr space and 0.0, specific around Providence, excelling in small and medium sized fleet operations with scheduled joint operations.

1st Praetorian Guard in the news[edit]

112-12-12 - Amarr loyalists push into minmatar territory in metropolis

112-11-14 - A Warning to the Faithful

112-10-20 - Loyalist capsuleers publish amarr influenced prayer book

112-09-20 - Appeal and call to the people of Amarr and all who believe in the Lord

112-05-21 - Amarr militia reclaims last nine systems in Devoid and Bleak Lands

112-04-18 - CVA and allies vow to continue fighting in providence as last stations fall

112-01-30 - Ezzara captured by tribal liberation force

111-12-30 - Curatores Veritatis Alliance celebrates 5th anniversary

111-02-03 - Vigilia Valeria statement on pirates within the Amarr Militia

109-04-23 - War reaches amarr throne regions

107-11-20 - Freedom transport fleet attacked

History of the 1st Praetorian Guard[edit]

Early Days

The 1st Praetorian Guard was one of the original Imperial Navy units charged with defending the Empire from the rebel entities that would one day become the UshraKhan. Led by Legatii Gazon and Tharrn, the unit quickly became foremost among frontline Imperial Navy combat groups, pursuing an aggressive and successful campaign against the Matari rebels, despite being heavily outnumbered. However, as the war ground into a war of attrition, the superior numbers of the Matari began to be used to good effect, and Naval units across the Empire were hard-pressed to stem the tide.

After an exhaustive campaign, an Imperial edict was proclaimed to merge the 1st Praetorian Guard with an allied paramilitary with both strong military and industrial bases, the Praetoria Imperialis Excubitoris - popularly known as PIE, Inc. Here the Praetorians were able to tend to their battered ships and weary crew, and continue to wage the Long War with the industrial base of their fellows in PIE supporting them.

The PIE and CVA years

The campaigns against the Matari rebels continued through the Bleak Lands and Heimatar, and the reinvigorated Praetorians were at the forefront of the assaults throughout what is today the Ammatar Mandate. These renewed assaults against rebel positions eventually began to wear the Mataris down, until they too had to withdraw to the Republic, to lick their wounds.

Following a winding-down of the Rebel threat in Heimatar, Imperial Navy units and associated paramilitaries such as PIE were reassigned to other areas of the Empire. PIE was tasked with protecting honest Amarrians from pirates and brigands in the lower security areas of the Domain part of the Empire. Here relations grew close with a fellow Amarrian paramilitary, the aptly-named Imperial Dreams. Antipiracy operations formed the majority of operations in this area, and it was not before long that the Domain area was pacified enough for the Ministry of War to retask PIE and Imperial Dreams, who by now had a close relationship, to what was to be the next jewel in the Imperial crown: the nullsec area known as Providence.

Operations in 0.0

At the time, Providence was inhabited solely by pirates, brigands, rebels, and other assorted neer-do-wells, and the task of clearing them out and pacifying these provincial areas would be a momentous one, taking years. Here the PIE and Imperial Dreams would form the core of the nascent Curatores Veritatis Alliance, the CVA. Operations against the troublemakers in the area initially went well, and the two units were able to gain footholds in Providence near Domain.

The rebel entities who by this time were calling themselves UshraKhan were also eyeing Providence, however, with a view to using it to their own nefarious ends


It was at this time that the reformation of the 1st Praetorian Guard as an independent unit was ordered, and both PIE and the newly-resurgent 1st Praetorian Guard left Providence in the hands of Imperial Dreams and the CVA to engage their enemies in and around the Empire and the Ammatar Mandate. The 1st Praetorian Guard, bolstered by new recruits, enjoyed success after success against the UshraKhan, who increasingly diverted their attentions to Providence, seeing that they were gaining no ground in Imperial space against the 1st Praetorian Guard, PIE, and the other proud Naval units and paramilitaries such as the Imperial Star Guards and Aegis Militia.

Formation of the Vigilia Valeria

The year 108 was a notable one for the 1st Praetorian Guard, as it marked the founding of its own Alliance, the Vigilia Valeria. With an industrial base in the Epitoth Fleetyards, and another combat wing in the form of the Imperial Star Guards, the 1PG was now able to bring about a series of heavy defeats upon the UshraKhan, forcing them out of Imperial space to their last remaining bastion, a handful of systems and outposts within Providence.

Recent History

The 1st Praetorian Guard and the -VV- joined the CVA push against UshraKhan forces in Providence. -VV- forces were involved in the taking of the station formerly known as Karishals Defiance, with Praetorian warships amongst the first to dock and release boarding parties to aid the capture of the Outpost. With units leaving UshraKhan like rats abandoning a sinking surface ship, the rebels were hard pressed and were forced to retreat to their final outpost, optimistically named Unity. Shortly after the fall of Karishals Defiance (since renamed Karishals Folly), Imperial forces began the invasion of Unitys home system, and after a pitched battle lasting nearly a month, the UshraKhan were forced to admit defeat and flee. Once more Praetorian vessels were instrumental in capturing the station - in particular, Legatus Dantalus Crusader which carried one of the first waves of Imperial Marines to aid in capturing the control systems of the outpost.

With UshraKhan defeated, Providence was finally secure, and is now almost as safe as any other region in the Empire.

Today, the 1st Praetorian Guard pursues its enemies wherever they may lurk, from the badlands of Providence to the prosperous areas of Domain to the borders in the Bleak Lands. Maintaining a steady vigil against enemy incursions, the Praetorians continue to guard over the Empire.

Today's Mission[edit]

With todays affairs, the Empress has called on all loyal capsuleers to defend the Empire and assist in ushering in the Great Reclamation. The 24th Imperial Crusade was established directly by the Emperor Family, to work in conjunction with the Imperial Navy. From this group of militia fighters, only the most loyal, dedicated, and pure Amarrians are invited to join 1PG. We are called, by God and our Empress to stand in the gap between the light of civilized society and the barbarians who would wish to drag the galaxy back into the dark ages. With one hand we will reach out to the ignorant and simple-minded, and with compassion bring these wayward children back under the loving care of our empress. Yet, with the other hand, we will firmly strike down those who oppose her majestys compassion.

File:1PG structure.jpg


The 1st Praetorian Guard operates as a single cohort encompassing all pilots within the ranks where ratings define specializations and supportive roles. The Guard has the following rank structure and chain of command:

Legatus - Commanding officer
Centurio -Executive Commissioned officer
Optio - Senior Noncommissioned officer
Decurio - Junior Noncommissioned officer
Immunes - Enlisted
Munifex - Enlisted
Discipulus - Enlisted

Historically the 1st Praetorian Guard has three Legatii whom agree on each succession to lead the 1st Praetorian Guard collectively as the Triumvirate. One of the Legatus holds the title of CEO within the Concord designed organization of corporations.

The daily operation of the Guard is lead by the 1PG Command Staff and formed by those of the rank of Legatus, Centurio and Optio. The Triumvirate consults the 1PG Command Staff on important decisions.

The chain of command defines clearly who to listen to without question and who to go to with a matter that needs attention. This chain of command does not uphold within an ongoing combat operation. In these combat operations the orders of the Fleet Commander will be performed by anyone without any question or hesitation, even if the FC does not outrank the specific fleet member. The success of many combat situations is defined in the split second of blindly performed action. Outranking officers can define changes in operational goals of ongoing fleets and reassign fleet commander roles.

New recruits within the 1st Praetorian Guard start in the honored rank of Lectus. After completion of the basic training sessions within the PG Academy and at least four weeks of active duty, they have proven themselves to be promoted to the rank of Munifex. Completion of the specialized training session and the combat trails together with at least eight weeks of active duty are the prerequisites for promotion to the elite rank of Immunes, the backbone of the Guard. Immunes posses specialized skills, qualifying them to perform duties atypical of normal Navy pilots. Immunes expertise in their respective fields allows them to be exempt from the more tedious and dangerous tasks other pilots in the Navy are required to do. Brothers and Sisters can serve God, the Empire and Empress their whole active duty within the 1st Praetorian Guard as Immunes when they just seek to fight the enemies of the Empire and to contribute to tasks that need to be done. Those who seek a leading role in combat or in the organization and growth of the Guard will be recognized as such by the Triumvirate and promoted in the ranks of officers.

Officers can be put in charge of the development of certain combat specializations or activities within the Praetorian Guard organization. They get assigned the title of Praefectus supplemented with the branch name they get responsibility over, like Praefectus Armicustos for logistics and supply. Larger branches get assigned an office to organize the activities of the alliance or Guard from. These offices are always called Munus supplemented with the branch name like Munus Armicustos. All Praefecti and Muneris report at the moment directly to the Triumvirate of 1PG. The number and names of recognized branches will be under full development in the coming period.

1st Praetorian Guard recognizes the following corporate specific branches:
- Munus Armicustor (Logistics and Supply)
- Munus Conquisitoris (Recruitment)
- Munus Publicus Nuntius (Public Communication)
- Munus Intellegentia (Intelligence)
- Munus Caduceator (Diplomatic Matters)
- Munus Volatus (Academy)
- Munus Procuratio POS (Praetorian Owned Starbase Management)

Every Brother and Sister in the 1st Praetorian Guard is first of all a combat pilot in heart and soul, specialized in fleet operations and organized in one single cohort. Those who take up an organizational task and move into a recognized combat specialization are assigned a rating and report to the Praefectus of the specific branch. Guardsmen can have more then one rating but must first have acquired the minimum defined skills and qualifications before allowed taking up a new rating. The ratings follow the recognized branches.

The 1st Praetorian Guards upholds two honored ranks for officers of the Guard who want to step out of the line of command but still want to serve the corp. Legatii get the honored rank of Consul. All other officers file a Request Missio Honesta for honorable dismissal of active duty before the Triumvirate and on approval they get the honored rank of Evocatus. Consuls and Evocati are discharged from any obligations within the Guard. Officers are also assigned these named ranks when long-term planetary obligations binds them and makes them not able to perform active duty. On return the Triumvirate decides upon the reinstating within the rank structure. When enlisted pod pilots do not report in for active duty for more then a month without prior notice, they will be assigned the rank of Acceptarius, meaning that they are discharged from active duty till further notice.

PG Academy[edit]

The 1st Praetorian Guard offers all Discipulus the opportunity to undertake training with the PG Academy. This academy starts with a basic training program, covering basic flight, overview and instrumentation, and fleet tactics for newer pilots. Passing this basic training is prerequisite to be granted the rank of Munifex. The PG Academy then offers an advanced training program covering first of all a live combat exercise dog fight against an instructor. Completing this training puts the candidate for the 1st Praetorian Guard up for a rigorous series of Trials, where they are placed in unfamiliar situations and encounters, often against real wartargets, showing all that they have learnt throughout the course. They must demonstrate leadership, teamwork, combat skills and the ability to think and act under pressure before they are allowed to successfully pass the Trials and be awarded a rank of Immunes of the 1st Praetorian Guard.

The PG Academy is headed by Legatus Tieberius. Completion of the full trainig program is required for all candidates wishing to fly with the 1st Praetorian Guard.


File:1pg recruitment.png The Imperial Navy is recruiting!

The 1st Praetorian Guard [1PG] is opening its ranks to let more pod pilots of all experience levels join the reclaiming. All and only faithful Amarrian citizens of pure True Amarr, Ni-Kunni and Khanid bloodlines may apply. Only true and pure Amarrian superiority will be the path to victory.

I give to you the destiny of Faith, and you will bring its message to every planet of every star in the heavens: Go forth, conquer in my Name, and reclaim which I have given. Book of Reclaiming 22:13

The 1st Praetorian Guard [1PG] is an Amarr Navy affiliated Special Operations unit, created to bring a highly mobile and elite strike force onto and behind the frontlines. 1PG will project Amarrian superiority in all disrupted regions throughout the cluster. We will bring the message of the New Reclaiming to every solar system and every pod pilot opposing the New Reclaiming. We will reclaim what is ours. The ongoing unprecedented Matari and Gallente aggression will be stopped. We have a zero tolerance on pirating, this within the Amarr Militia as anywhere else.

Our Objective: Reclaim what is Amarrian Our Strategy: Strike hard at the Minmatar terrorists, their supporters in the Minmatar Militia, Electus Matari, Ushra'Khan and all pirates that stand in our way. Our Offer: A chance to serve the Lord, Empire and Empress among a strong core of experienced pilots. The Reward: Satisfaction and Honour until death. And then all over again.

1PG is calling talented Amarrian pilots to join the ranks. Join our channel PG Forum to arrange an interview and ask to speak to a Praetorian recruitment officer there.

The 1st Praetorian Guard have very strict entry requirements that must be adhered to by all candidates. The 1st Praetorian Guard, as a unit of the Imperial Navy, has further restrictions and standing orders that all candidates must abide by.

Candidates wishing to enter service with the 1st Praetorian Guard must be of Amarrian origin; currently we accept candidates of True Amarri, Ni-Kunni, or Khanid descent only. Similarly, candidates must fly only Amarrian or Khanid ships at all times - no heathen ships that have been designed by Caldari, Matari, or Gallente hands may be flown. Likewise, no pirate or hybrid vessels may be flown whilst enlisted with the 1st Praetorian Guard. The accursed hulls flown by those who call themselves Blood Raiders are to be cleansed with holy lasers immediately.

We are Amarr. Ad Majorem Dei Gloriam.

OOC Addendum[edit]

The 1st Praetorian Guard [1PG] is a long-established 100% Amarr loyalist role-play and PvP corporation. We are active in Factional Warfare, Amarr space and 0.0, specific around Providence. If you want more adventure than only shooting around in fleets, if you have a more intrinsic reason to hunt down Minmatar terrorists, pirates and traitors, then join the 1st Praetorian Guard. Expect a highly organized and disciplined corporation, excelling in small and medium sized fleet operations with scheduled joint operations.

1PG is the founding member of the Vigilia Valeria alliance and one of the older corporations within EVE. We are strong in our support of the Curatores Veritas Alliance (CVA). We were there to assist the CVA push against UshraKhan forces and complete the reclaiming of Providence.

In short we offer or require: - True Amarrian, Ni-Kunni and Khanid players only, no exceptions - Only superior and blessed Amarrian ship hulls (ORE vessels are tolerated). - Joint corp operations 7 days a week, 19:00 and 01:00 EVE time - Fleet and ship doctrines - Role-play storylines and activities - Joint lvl 4 mission operations - Extended facilities like own voice-com platform, forum and killboard - A ship replacement program on certain ships lost in 1PG operations - Free T1 frigs, destroyers and equipment to support new players and discounts on T1 and T2 ships

We don't have obligations on active time in the pod, EVE is for fun. We have mature behavior, respect and support of each other as core values. You need at least a skill level of 3 in "RL English" as voice communication (Ventrilo) is essential in our operations. We have people from both the US and EU, from a wide range of ages and locations.

So despite our grim RP limitations and narrow-mindedness, we're actually quite tolerant in RL. Honest. So trust us with your fate, we will squander it in an honorable and splendid fashion!

Come serve the Empire with us!