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All this data is potentially out of date, and should be taken with a truckload of salt


  • Raised by: Avalloc
  • Submission Date: 02 August 2009
  • Issue ID: tbd


There is no direct way to inform other players in EVE Online that you may be AFK or busy for the moment. Unless you consider the option of denying all conversation requests but that doesn't give the other player any useful information concerning your status.

This is compounded by the having the person in your addressbook which means the conversation is accepted automatically whether you'd like it to or not. And if you're AFK they'll never know it and it could lead to a "Diplomatic Incident" (tm).


Add the ability for a player to voluntarily toggle themselves AFK/Busy/Available. This could then be conveyed by way of an icon on your portrait within all Channels (including Local.) And if a person convos you it'll tell them if you're AFK or Busy especially if the conversation auto-accepts. A solution might be to not auto-accept but instead pop-up the acceptance interface. Should you be Available then the system will act as it does now.

Another solution might be to have it Standings dependent. Only those who are set "Blue", in Corporation, or same Alliance would see the status icon in Local or People & Places.


  • This would be an easy way to keep people updated concerning your personal status at the moment in-game.
  • Automatic acceptance of conversations for people already in your addressbook would no longer be a problem.


  • While it would be useful info to your friends, your enemy could benefit from knowing you're AFK at the moment too.

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