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All this data is potentially out of date, and should be taken with a truckload of salt

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accVIEW was a corporation background check tool which was first initially developed for the Vanguard Frontiers corporation, and later evolved into a publicly usable service.

It allowed corporations to perform background checks on applicants by looking at (in the free version) the applicant's skills, alt characters, and current corporation details. A commercial version was available as a one-time per-corporation upgrade, currently at a price of 150 million ISK. This enables full API checks, permitting users to look at applicant wallet journals (including analysis tools to highlight suspicious transfers) and kill logs.

The service also allowed current corporation members to vote and comment on potential applicants. The service's notable feature was that at no time does the applicant have to provide his API keys to the corporation he is applying to; accVIEW operates as a mediator, handling data retrieval for the corporation. Keys were not stored on the site, as there is no reason to do so.


In January of 2011 MMMetrics team announced the closure of its projects EVE Metrics, ISKsense, accVIEW and all other MMMetric projects.