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All this data is potentially out of date, and should be taken with a truckload of salt

Advanced Mining Legacy[edit]

This page contains obsolete information from the Advanced Mining Guide. The subjects are still valid in part and need rework. The have been moved to allow readers to distinct between valid and obsolete information from this guide.

Achieving perfection[edit]

There are many skills and modules that will increase your yield in this game. It is possible for a miner to max those skills and achieve what I like to call, "the Perfect Miner". A perfect miner is someone who has no other possibility to increase his yield.

I deliberately did not list mining foreman links or gang modules, as they CANNOT be fitted on a barge, nor battleship. Those gang modules will be covered in another section, since there are many changes to gang bonuses since Revelations.

Mining Foreman V however is valid, since you can just form a squadron with an alt and you both will receive the bonus, even if you are in a Hulk or a barge.

The mining implants do stack, however as you may have guessed, you cannot plug both the Highwall mining implant and the Foreman mindlink at the same time.

The Michi implant is a COSMOS mission item, which explains why it is a little hard to find and is more expensive. The Highwall implant is easier to come by and is a little more affordable. Whether it's worth it for you to buy these or not, that's yours to decide.

The Mindlink isn't broken[edit]

Since Revelations, the mindlink has been fixed, which is nice of course. It's especially nice used along Mining Foreman Links (see section 11), and for squadrons.

It's also a very cool implants, because:

  • 1) It enhances the Mining Foreman skill effectiveness by 50% (so at level 5, your bonus would

end up being 10%*1.5= 15%)

  • 2) It boost the effect of all Mining Foreman Links (the gang mods) by 50%.

Note: the Mining Amount Bonus seen in the attribute window comes from the enhanced Mining Foreman skill effect which is 15% instead of 10%. It is NOT a 15% solo bonus.

The drawback is that you must be in squadron and be the squadron commander for this bonus to affect you. The first bonus will be given to anyone in gang, regardless what ship you are in, while the second one is only useful if you're in a BC/Command Ship with an active Mining Foreman Link gang mod. In terms of bonus, having the Highwall Implant or the Mindlink ends up being the same. The Highwall gives you a direct 5%, while the mindlink boosts mining foreman V by 5% instead. It is however possible to win another 5% like this:

  • 5% from the Michi Implant
  • 5% from the Highwall Implant
  • The extra 5% from the Mining Foreman skill boosted by a squadron commander that had the mindlink instead of you.

In a perfect world you would have a maxed out miner, and a friend (or alt) which has the mindlink plugged in actine as a squadron commander. This is how you'd be what I call "The Perfect Miner".

For the sake of example, let's have a look at what a Covetor will yield with all those skills maxed and those nifty implants (drones aside):

360 * 1.25 * 1.25 * 1.20 * 1.15 * 1.05 * 1.05 * 1.05^2 * 1.75 = 1651.19 m3/cycle

Using Omber, it means 1651.19 /0.6 = 2751.98 or 2751 units of Omber/cycle (per strip)

Since you're fitted with 3 strip miners, you will be getting 8253 units of Omber per cycle, or 165,060 of Omber per hour. This is a 26.77% increase over our previous Covetor fitted with T2 strips and T2 crystals. To go back even some more, it's a 107.15% increase over the Apoc and 70.16% over our Retriever. Are you starting to think all that investment and training is paying off ?

Oh yes you do... but then, the holy mother of destruction blessed your mining career and sent you on a path of light to the next in evolution... the Hulk.

Upgrades for the riches[edit]

Heard of the new mining upgrades CCP first released that were so unbalanced that a Rokh outmined a Hulk? They cost a fortune, people spent millions, and then, silently, were nerfed and did not work. A patch was brought, and their bonuses were changed...those who know what I am talking about might still be crying about it... thank the Gods (hello BSG!) I didn't fall for them.

Just so you know, you can fit two MLU II on a Hulk ... yes, you will need Mining Upgrades IV whereas the other only require Mining Upgrades I, but you will save quite a bit of ISK!


Drones are not to be ignored, since they can significantly raise your ISK/hour ratio. Of course I'm talking about Mining Drones here if you had not understood yet... it is however not a bad idea to have a few combat drones in your drone bay if you have the room in case some pesky interceptor comes at you ...

Before I go any further, I want you to read this VERY carefully and apply it. In fact, if it helps, you can make multiple Post-it and stick them everywhere in your house...


Although this statement has been heavily criticized since the birth of this guide, I stand by it. I invite you to read the rest to understand why.

As mentioned earlier, two skills influence the yield of your drones , which are Mining Drone Operations and Drone Interfacing. Take note that drones cannot mine Ice or Mercoxit. First, let's have a look at the different drones available.

Drone Velocity Base Yield Base Cycle Time Approximate Hourly Yield @ 1 km Approximate Hourly Yield @ 15 km
Mining Drone I 400 m/sec 15 m3 60.00 sec 180 m3/h 12 m3/h
Mining Drone II 500 m/sec 25 m3 60.00 sec 375 m3/h 25 m3/h
Civilian Mining Drone 300 m/sec 10 m3 60.00 sec 90 m3/h 6 m3/h
Harvester Mining Drone 250 m/sec 30 m3 60.00 sec 225 m3/h 15 m3/h

Anything strikes you? First thing to look at is the speed, and you can see right away that Harvester Mining Drones have fat asses and are VERY slow! What is it important ?

The traveling factor!

Unlike mining lasers, drones must travel from and back to your ship before you get any ore in your cargo. They will need 60 seconds to finish their cycle. Any traveling time to and from the asteroid isn't factored in the cycle time. Simply put, Harvester Mining Drones are twice as slow as T2 Mining Drones, and yet, their base yield is only 20% better... and they cost 20 times as much as T2 Mining Drones!

See section 8.2 for further details and explanations.

What Drones Do For You[edit]

Much like the yield of lasers, the yield of each drone is individually calculated and then the number of units of ore is truncated before transport to your cargo. My calculations will factor maxed drone skills, feel free to change the formula to reflect your skill tree.

As we mentioned earlier, Mining Drone Operations 5 will increase your drone's yield by 25% and Drone Interfacing 5 by 100% . I also made it clear Harvester Mining Drones suck, so we will use T2 Mining Drones for our example:

25 * 1.25 * 2 = 62.5 m3/cycle Using Omber again, it means 62.5/0.6 = 104.17 or 104 units of Omber/cycle (per drone)

Since you can control 5 drones at a time, which means your drones will bring in an extra 520 units of Omber per cycle, or 31,200 per hour. This however does not factor the traveling time we talked about earlier.

An issue with drones is that they suffer a lot from higher volume ore like Bistot (volume of 16m3) since the number of ore units is truncated at the end of every cycle. A good example of this is seeing that training Drone Interfacing to level 5 won't bring any benefit when mining most high-ends. How so?

With a perfect mining drone yield of 62.5 m3/cycle, we get: 62.5/16 = 3.90 or 3 units of Bistot/cycle (per drone).

New since Revelations, the Drone Mining Augmentator rigs (see section 12) can help a little. Whether choosing this rig over another is worth it will depend of the situation you think you will find yourself in.

Minimizing the traveling time factor effect[edit]

Parking your ship as close to the roid as you can will minimize the traveling time. If you can be under 1KM of the roid you send your drone on, the traveling factor will almost be neglectable. Our 31,200 units of Omber per hour still won't be true, but it should be close. It has been argued and debated that doing so renews the role of Harvester or Elite mining drones, that is, that neglecting their speed makes them superior to T2 mining drones.

Although this is true in theory, it is not in the real world. In my experience, which I like to think is quite extensive, there will never always be a roid within that range for your drones to mine. That is, not a roid worth mining at least. Furthermore, their insane prices means losing them puts an enormous blow on your wallet and you will lose mining drones. There is no competence argument to be had in this matter. Losing drones, especially in 0.0, is almost a certainty. A simple CTD will result in your drones dying when facings rats. If jumped by pirates, you will always prioritize your ship over your drones, and the chances you can recall them back before you get popped are next to zero.

For those who cannot grasp the huge cost difference, harvesters cost 100 times more than T2 mining drones. It is true that, throughout this guide, I have proposed you buy expensive ships, modules and implants and although it is probably impossible to statistically prove the chances of losing drones versus the chances of losing the said ships, modules and implants are higher, simple logic tells us so. Mining drones are paper thin, one smartbomb will send them to hell...and I promise you, they are the favorite targets of pirates when they jump mining operations, and they won't miss them!

For all the aforementioned reasons, I will stand by my original comment, that is, that harvester mining drones are an absolutely waste of your well earned ISK. In 99% of situations, their superior yield will be neglected by their speed. If you are a miner that falls in the remaining 1% of situations and think harvesters still bring you more dough for your efforts, hop in Jita and get a quintuple to serve your needs.

That's it for the drones section. As you can see, they are far from useless. In fact, mining Crokite, it'll bring an extra 7mil ISK per hour (approximately, as always) so they are not to be ignored. However, maxing your drone's yield shouldn't be prioritized over barge or crystal training, for example. It's a nice long-term (if not last) objective for veterans. As always, you can weight the pros and the cons for yourself.

Ice Mining[edit]

Ice Mining follows a different patent. Instead of training skills or fitting modules to increase your yield, they will lower your cycle time, which means more cycles per hour, which means more ice units per hour.

The only mining lasers capable of harvesting ice are the T1 Ice Harvester strips, and their T2 counterparts, which means ice can only be mined by mining barges or exhumers.

As I said cycle time is what counts when mining ice, and the difference between Ice Harvester I and Ice Harvester II is noticeable:

Laser Base Yield Base Cycle Time Approximate Hourly Yield
Ice Harvester I 1,000 m3 600.00 sec 6000 m3/h
Ice Harvester II 1,000 m3 500.00 sec 7200 m3/h
ORE Ice Harvester 1,000 m3 500.00 sec 7200 m3/h

Every time your Ice Harvester completes a cycle, you will get 1 unit of ice. The exception to this rule lies with the Mackinaw, which has a built-in bonus of 100% ice mining yield...which means for every cycle, you will get 2 units of ice instead of 1.

Mackinaw Exhumer

There is only one skill that affects ice mining, which is Ice Harvesting, which reduces your cycle time by 5% per level. Although Mining 4 is required to use Ice Harvesters II, it does not change anything in the cycle time or yield of your harvesters. The equivalent of the MLU, called the Ice Harvester Upgrade (IHU) reduces the cycle time by 5% for each of your Ice Harvesters.

The logical choice for mining ice is to get a Mackinaw, as no other ship will outmine it. Plus, they are very affordable.

Figuring your Cycle Time[edit]

Before we go any further, you must know that unlike "regular" ore mining, unless your full cycle is completed, you will NOT get any ice unit. Again an exception lies with the Mackinaw, which will still give you 1 ice unit if you completed more than 50% of your cycle time.

You will notice the Mackinaw has a 25% penalty to cycle time, but gives a 5% reduction in cycle time per level. So if you have Exhumer trained at level 5, and using Ice Harvesters II, you will get the following cycle time: 500 sec * 1.25 * 0.75 * 0.75 * 0.95^2 = 317.28 sec

Concretely, it means every 317.28 seconds, you will receive 2 units of ice per ice harvester. Since you can fit two ice harvesters per Mackinaw, it means you will harvest 4 units of ice every 317.28 seconds.

To know how much this translates per hour, you need to figure out how many cycles you will complete per hour. An hour has 3600 seconds, so 3600/317.28 = 11.34 cycles per hour. Roughly, if you bring it down to 11 cycles per hour, it means you will get 44 units of ice per hour.

The Hulk or Covetor for Ice Mining ?[edit]

Although the Covetor has no bonus to its ice yield, the Hulk was secretly given one along the line. It has a 3% in cycle time reduction per level. Which means, with ice harvesters II: 500 sec * 0.75 * 0.85 * 0.95^2 = 287.67sec

You'll manage to complete just a little over 12 cycles per hour. Since every cycle you get 1 unit of ice per ice harvester, and a Hulk 36 units of ice in just a little over one hour.

Ice Types[edit]

The following table shows what every type of ice refines in:

Ice Batch Type Isotopes Liquid Ozone Heavy Water Strontium
White Glaze 1 Nitrogen 300 25 50 1
Pristine White Glaze 1 Nitrogen 350 40 75 1
Glacial Mass 1 Hydrogen 300 25 50 1
Smooth Glacial Mass 1 Hydrogen 350 40 75 1
Blue Ice 1 Oxygen 300 25 50 1
Thick Blue Ice 1 Oxygen 350 40 75 1
Clear Icicle 1 Helium 300 25 50 1
Enriched Clear Icicle 1 Helium 350 40 75 1
Glare Crust 1 - 0 500 1,000 25
Dark Glitter 1 - 0 1,000 500 50
Gelidus 1 - 0 500 250 75
Krystallos 1 - 0 250 100 100

The refining math of section 2 applies to ice as well, so nothing to add here !

Mercoxit Mining[edit]

Pre-RMR, Mercoxit was considered to be the most valuable ore as it is the only asteroid which refines into Morphite. Not only for that, but also because you absolutely need mining crystals to harvest it, only true miners with good skills can mine it. Factor on top of that Mercoxit's important volume, which makes the task of getting any high quantities a bitch, all those factors gave it a premium price. The Skiff solved that last problem, so well in fact, that the Morphite prices have sunken to the bottom of the ocean with the Titanic over the last couple of months. Mind you, it is still a lucrative business, but not as much as before, and players who left before RMR and are coming back now will wonder 'what happened to my ISK monster'?

Nonetheless, we move forward with the new skill you'll need (yes, as in only one).

Training Deep Core Mining beyond level 2 is wasted time, since the toxic and dangerous cloud that MIGHT erupt when mining Mercoxit (happened to me once in my life) has a range of 5KM only, and since your lasers have a range of 15km, you mind telling me what the hell you're doing so close ? Thought so...

There really is no point mining Mercoxit in anything else than a Skiff, but this guide wouldn't be truly complete if you did not have all the information. There are four modules that allows you to mine Mercoxit:

Laser Base Yield Base Cycle Time Approximate Hourly Yield
Deep Core Mining Laser I 40 m3 60.00 sec 2,400 m3/h
Modulated Deep Core Miner II 120 m3 180.00 sec 3,300 m3/h (w/Mercoxit Mining Crystal II)
ORE Deep Core Mining Laser 40 m3 60.00 sec 2,400 m3/h
Modulated Deep Core Strip Miner II 250 m3 180.00 sec 6,875 m3/h (w/Mercoxit Mining Crystal II)

While MDCM2 can be used with any mining crystals, and be fitted on any ship, they are not as powerful as MDCSM2, which is a special kind of strip miner used for Mercoxit mining. The regular Modulated Strip Miner II cannot use Mercoxit crystals. While the MDCSM2 can use any crystals, since its base yield is 110 lower than the MSM2 (250 vs 360), there would be no point.

What is particulary nice about the Skiff, is that it gets a 60% bonus to Mercoxit mining yield - per level. What this translates into in a ISK/hour ratio will be covered at the end of this section (and again in section 12), however you may have already guessed that with a 300% bonus at Exhumer 5, it'll be a nice one... especially for such a cheap ship.

For the sake of Überness comparison, I'll assume you are a maxed out Hulk pilot already: 250 * 1.25 * 1.25 * 1.15 * 1.15 * 4 * 1.05 * 1.375 * 1.05^2 = 3289.17 m3/cycle. Mercoxit has a volume of 40m3, so 3289.17/40 = 82.229 or 82 units of Mercoxit per cycle.

A Skiff fits one MDCSM2, so you'd mine around 1640 units of Mercoxit per hour. (20 cycles, like the other strip miners)

Is Mercoxit mining still hot?[edit]

Yes it is, but it only becomes lucrative at Exhumer 5. Many pilots stop at Exhumer 4 since for Hulk pilots, the mere 3% bonus you get for the 20 days (and more) of training it takes might not be worth it for them. However, the 60% bonus you're missing if you don't train it plays a BIG role for the Skiff (we might even say the same for the Mackinaw).

Roughly, one unit of Mercoxit will refine into two units of Morphite, and at the time of release of this guide, one unit of Morphite goes for around 15,000 ISK/unit give or take. So we do the math and end up at a ISK/hour ratio of 49,200,00.00 ISK/hour. It's definitely not bad, especially for such a cheap ship (20mil ISK in Jita at the time of release of this guide).

Section 12 has a good comparative chart of the ISK/hour ratios you can get depending on what you mine and what you're flying. You'll see that Mercoxit, although it isn't the flavor of the month anymore, doesn't do so bad at all!

This ends our section on Mercoxit. As you noticed I did not talk about mining Mercoxit in a battleship, simply because you cannot do so without mining crystals, and anyone serious enough about mining that trained for crystals will also have done so for mining barges.

Mining Foreman Links - Gang Mods[edit]

Gang mods were introduced in RMR and did not work properly. The laser optimization link (which is probably the most popular of all three) was silently fixed in a patch to reduce the cycle time instead of giving an actual bonus to the yield. This turns out in our favor, as a bonus to cycle time actually translates in a bigger bonus to our yield.

Enough mathematical babble for the moment, this table summarizes the three available mining foreman links :

Name Description
Mining Foreman Link - Harvester Capacitor Efficiency Decreases the capacitor need of mining lasers, gas harvesters and ice harvesters by 2%.
Mining Foreman Link - Laser Optimization Decreases mining lasers/ gas harvester and ice harvester duration by 2%.
Mining Foreman Link - Mining Laser Field Enhancement Increases the range of the gang's mining lasers, gas harvesters and ice harvesters by 4.5%.

As you see, the links alone do not offer any worthy bonuses, but thanks to some skills, they are in fact very powerful mods in the hand of a skilled pilot.

With the new squadron/wing/fleet system in Revelations, simply being ganged won't work anymore. You will need to create at least a squadron, and the pilot using the link must be the squadron commander. This is a big change, but the skill you will want to max out to max the effect of the links are also the ones you need to be squadron commander... so far so good! The skills you will need to use a link:

These are the minimum skill requirements, but they do not all influence the effectiveness of the links. In fact, in this list, only Mining Director does. Remember the Mining Foreman Mindlink I talked about in section 6? It pays off now! Here's a table with the list of skills you want to max to level 5 to increase the effect of each link to its maximum:

Note that Warfare Link Specialist replaced the skill Squadron Command but everything works as before according to my tests.

So at Mining Director 5, Warfare Link Specialist 5 and the Mining Foreman Mindlink plugged in, the effect of each link will be:

2% * 5 * 1.5 * 1.5 = 22.5%

There were many misunderstandings as to how the Mining Director skill worked. Simply put, the base effect of the link is multiplied by the level you trained Mining Director at, which explains the "5" multiplier in the equation, instead of putting a "6" to factor a 500% bonus as most people would do.

Now that we know what you can train to max the effect and what each link does, let's look at each in detail and see how they truly affect miners.

Mining Foreman Link - Ice Harvesting[edit]

Ok so we know your cycle time will be reduced by 22.5%, but how many extra cycles does that give ? Again, the math to the rescue:

500 sec * 1.25 * 0.75 * 0.75 * 0.95^2 * 0.775 = 245.90 sec

Roughly this means almost 15 cycles per hour, which is 4 extra cycles.

As you see the Mackinaw will roughly mine 16 extra ice units per hour. Hence we can all agree it's an important difference, which becomes even more important when a whole group of Mackinaw attack an ice belt !

And now on to the good stuff...

Mining Foreman Link - Laser Optimization[edit]

As I mentioned at the beginning of the section, the laser optimization link will reduce your cycle time (it doesn't affect ice harvesters by the way) instead of giving a direct bonus to your yield. Which means that a 22.5% reduction in cycle time translates into a yield increase overtime by 1/(1-0.225)= 1.29 (29%)! Yes, it means a maxed command ship pilot will increase your yield by 29% ! Yes, you can drool.

We could have treated this link as we did with the Ice Harvesting Link, meaning, calculate how many new cycles we get per hour and then compare the difference. However since we always treated ore mining with yield bonuses, introducing a cycle time bonus could confuse many people, so as I've demonstrated, the 22.5% bonus to cycle time actually is a 29% bonus to your yield. This is how the bonus is factored in the next equation ...

Let's see how our pimped Hulk pilot from section 7 does now:

360*1.25*1.25*1.15*1.15*1.15*1.05*1.05*1.05^2*1.75*1.29 = 2347.48 m3/cycle

Using Omber, it means 2347.48 /0.6 = 3912.47 or 3912 units of Omber/cycle (per strip)

Since you're fitted with 3 strip miners, you will be getting 11,736 units of Omber per cycle, or 234,720 units of Omber per hour. We already know this is a 29% increase over our pimped Hulk, so no surprises there. How about our retriever from the very beginning? Well it's a 254.99% increase! Yes, you read right...amazing how efficient we can become when we know how everything works !

But what really interests us is how this affect us in an ISK/hour ratio ? Instead of spoiling it right away, section 13 will cover this in more details.

Making them work[edit]

Revelation brought a new gang system... which requires some understanding.

To be a squadron commander you need Leadership V. After which, each level of Wing Commander (prereq: Leadership 5) allows for an extra squadron under your command. Finally, each level of Fleet Command (prereq: WC 5) allows for an extra wing under your command.

To boost the people in your squadron, wing or fleet you must be either a commander or be set as the booster. If you're the fleet commander you will boost the whole fleet. If you are a Wing Commander, you will boost everyone in your wing, etc. The fleet commander can set you as the squadron, wing or fleet booster you're in regardless of your leadership skills (as shown in the tree up there).


Revelations didn't bring us miners so many treats... in fact, the only true new thing we got is the Drone Mining Augmentator, which acts as an implant for your ship (if removed will be destroyed) by increasing your mining drone's yield at the expense of your ship's CPU capacity.

Before you do anything, you should make sure the CPU drawback (-10%, which can be further reduced by 10% for every Drones Rigging you train) won't render your ship useless. For instance, a tanking Hulk won't have the CPU to use that rig. You can always remove it if you found out you made a mistake, however you will lose it (just like normal implants). Since rigs are very new, it's impossible to determine the price those rigs will sell for. Depending on what they'll cost, removing them or not will have to be a decision you make alone. At Drones Rigging 5 the CPU drawback will only be 5% instead of 10%. It's not a big penalty, but it is something you have to look out for.

Funnily enough, they are useful. Even the Drone Mining Augmentator I will benefit high-ends (Bistot, Arkonor, Crokite) miners by adding an extra unit to each drone's yield (5 units instead of 4).

The next section will explain in more details what kind of ISK benefit those rigs bring. It's nothing to drool about, but the soon-to-be maxed miner or the already maxed miner will want those anyway, just for the sake of saying "I'm a mining god!".

Show me the money[edit]

This section will compare the different ships and the ISK/hour ratio they can achieve depending of what they are mining, as well as the values of the different ore types. First we must determine an average price for each mineral before we know the value of 1 unit of each ore.

Ore Values[edit]

See the diagram for current ore prices on the auxilliary page.

Ice Values[edit]

I've been asked this question way too often to ignore it. So we will do just like section 12.1 but this time for ice!

Product Value
Helium Isotopes 233.44 ISK/m3
Hydrogen Isotopes 273.70 ISK/m3
Nitrogen Isotopes 243.00 ISK/m3
Oxygen Isotopes 269.00 ISK/m3
Liquid Ozone 300.00 ISK/m3
Heavy Water 30.02 ISK/m3
Strontium 1,046.98 ISK/m3

Again, I repeat before I get yelled at on the forum... these are average values. Since we know the value for each type of fuel, we can determine a price per unit of ice.

Ice Value
White Glaze 86.61 ISK/m3
Pristine White Glaze 104.03 ISK/m3
Glacial Mass 78.88 ISK/m3
Smooth Glacial Mass 95.01 ISK/m3
Blue Ice 102.01 ISK/m3
Thick Blue Ice 122.00 ISK/m3
Clear Icicle 81.59 ISK/m3
Enriched Clear Icicle 98.17 ISK/m3
Glare Crust 161.40 ISK/m3
Dark Glitter 270.78 ISK/m3
Gelidus 159.35 ISK/m3
Krystallos 108.77 ISK/m3

And the winner is...[edit]

This is probably the section most people will jump at before reading anything else. In this guide, we had a look at many different ships, so to make a general comparative chart, we will use the following ships on the evolution chain from noob mining recruit to mining god (me ! ^_^)...

  • Our Retriever from section 4
  • Our Rokh from section 4
  • Our Covetor from section 5 (with crystals)
  • Our "Perfect Miner" Hulk from section 7 (refer to section 6)
  • Our God Mode Hulk ("Perfect Miner" + pilot boosting him, refer to section 11.3)

Including ALL ore types in this table would be useless, as you can determine this by yourself. The point is to determine with a quick glance the differences between empire, low-sec and 0.0 mining, hence weighting the risks vs. the rewards. Drones aren't factored in this table.

The Miner's Überness[edit]

I admit, that's a lot of tables and information on two pages... the golden situation here, according to our tables would be a Hulk in God Mode boosted by a command ship pilot fitted with both the Laser Optimization and Drone Coordination Link (yes, a command ship can fit two links, as well as capital ships).

The approximate best ISK/hour ratio you can currently get at the moment, according to the theory, is around 63,000,000.00 ISK/hour mining Arkonor (of course with drones). For a refresher, one year ago, this was 112mil/hour. As you can see, mining is no longer the huge ISK generator it used to be. This is due to many factors, notably the new drone regions, the bigger number of Hulk users now, and how easier it is to mine remotely now.

This of course is theory, doesn't take in account hauling time from belt to station, the drone's traveling time, mining lasers stopping prematurely because the asteroid is popped, etc. Nonetheless, suffice to say, mining can be a very lucrative profession when you put the ISK, time and effort in training your character(s) properly.

I can already see players rushing to 0.0 space to try and get access to the good stuff. Unfortunately for you, 0.0 mining has its drawbacks: getting a 100% refining yield is difficult as there aren't that many NPC stations in 0.0. Furthermore, it is dangerous (much more so than Empire), although many consider 0.0 to be less dangerous than low-sec. Even when your ore is refined, you still need to bring it back to Empire to sell it, which poses a logistic problem.

This ends our 13th section. Feel free to come up with your own excel sheets and tables to figure out your own ratios with your current skill tree. You have all the information you will need to do so !

The Rorqual - Big Mama ORE[edit]

Rorqual Capital Industrial Ship

The newest addition to the family by the Outer Ring Excavation, the Rorqual, is a capital class ship meant to support deep space mining ops. Suffice to say, it's an exciting addition for miners. With its whopping skill requirements and costly Capital Industrial skill cost (500mil ISK, ouchie!), is it worth it? Read on.

The role of the Rorqual was rumored for many months. As I said earlier, it's a support ship, and it excels at that. It will practically be useless solo, but drop in a few Hulks, maybe a carrier or two, you got yourself a party!

Its bonuses are listed as so:

  • -5% reduction in fuel consumption for industrial cores per level
  • 5% bonus to bonus to effectiveness of mining foreman gang links per level when in deployed mode
  • 50% bonus to the range of Capital Shield Transporters per level.
  • 20% bonus to drone damage and hitpoints per level.
  • 99% reduction in CPU need for Clone Vat Bay
  • 99% reduction in CPU need for Gang Link modules
  • 99% reduction in CPU need for Industrial Reconfiguration modules
  • 99% reduction in CPU need for Tractor Beams

Now let's see what kind of nice tools we got for big mama ORE.

The Industrial Core[edit]

It is possible to "siege" the Rorqual, using the Industrial Core I module, even inside a POS bubble. Fueled by Heavy Water, theIndustrial Core's main advantage is allowing the Rorqual to compress ore directly on site using special BPO seeded on the market at the price of 100k each. The compression rate is of 40 for empire low-end, 20 for other ore and 10 for ice - not negligible. Just like for a refining batch, you need an exact number of units to make a compression batch, shown in the next table. The compression requires 1 minute per job without skill, or 48 seconds with Industry V, which you should already have by now.

Assuming you have Capital Industrial Ships IV, you'll need 750 units of Heavy Water (currently priced at around 20 ISK/unit) per activation. The Industrial core activation lasts 300 seconds, so every cycle costs 15,000.00 ISK per activation. In one Industrial Core activation, you have just about enough time to run 6 compression jobs if you're efficient. Each compression job will cost you around 2,500.00 ISK. Not too shabby, huh?

It will cost you approximately 180,000.00 ISK per hour to keep the Rorqual sieged (preferably safe at a POS) with Capital Industrial IV, which is not a lot, especially if you're running a mining op with multiple miners.

Foreman link bonus

Along the compression lines, the Rorqual also boosts the effectiveness of the Mining Foreman links, which are the Laser Optimization and Ice Harvesting links if you had already forgotten.

Without the Rorqual, we had determined the link's effectiveness was of 22.5% with maxed skills, which translated in a 29% direct yield bonus. With Capital Industrial IV:

2% * 5 * 1.5 * 1.5 * 1.2 = 27%. This translates into 1/(1-0.27) = 1.3698

so approximately 37%.

Worded differently, the Rorqual boosts the fleet some more by 8% compared to a carrier or a command ship. However, we can all agree that this 8% increase when using the Rorqual is an extra special feature on top of the main program, which is compressing.

Capital Tractor Beam[edit]

I admit that the idea behind them are great. With a tractoring range of 200KM , the Rorqual can comfortably sit in a belt, tractor can to itself and compress on site... no more hauling!

This is however rarely the case at the present time in the practical world. Since the Rorqual needs to be sieged for 5 minutes to be really efficient, it's also dangerous. For this reason right now, Rorquals are mostly seen within the security of a POS bubble.

Clone VAT Bay[edit]

By fitting a (or many) Clone VAT Bay in one of the Rorqual's 6 high slots, you can act as a cloning station and receive clones directly within the ship. Although this seems superfluous, it can be a huge strategic advantage if you set up a remote mining camp. Section 14.5 will cover this in greater details.

Dedicated ore bay[edit]

From Apocrypha 1.5, the rorqual has now a dedicated ore bay of 250000 m3

Fitting the Rorqual[edit]

The Rorqual has 6 High slots, 7 Med slots, 3 Low slots, and 3 rig slots (suggest using CCC rigs).

It should be apparent that it was meant to be shield tanked, as is the Hulk. Whether the Rorqual is left at the POS or not, it should always have a tank. Therefore, one Capital Shield Booster, as well as the best EM and Thermal Shield Hardeners you can afford should be part of the 7 med slots. The tests I ran showed that with 3x CCC rigs and 4x Cap Recharger II along the shield boosting modules, the tank is self sustainable.

As far as lows are concerned, CPR are out of the question since they reduce shield boosting. Therefore, one damage control II to further boost those resists with two faction PDU ought to make a good tank.

Finally, in the high slots, you absolutely need one slot for the Industrial Core and finally one for a foreman link, leaving four free slots to use for either VAT bays, capital tractors or remote hull/shield/armor repairers. Which you fit will depend of your skills and needs.

You must also realize the propositions I gave are standard and very conservative in nature. In my experience though, you will appreciate the quickest cap regen you can get, especially in tight situations when you need to repair or jump away. Since you need 70% capacitor to jump, if you need to travel through many systems, you'll also appreciate the shorter wait.

For a capital ship, I'd fit the best I can afford, Gist-X hardeners and shield boost amplifier even.

The Orca - Gang Mining Machine[edit]

Orca Industrial Command Ship

Introduced in the Quantum Rise expansion, the Orca fills the role of ultimate mining gang booster. It is classified as an Industiral Command Ship due to it's bonuses to mining foreman gang links. The Orca allows gang leaders superior boosting capability, along with a large hauling cargo hold and corporation bay. On top of all this, the Orca has a ship hanger, large enough to carry multiple ships below battleship class.

The Orca can also activate jump gates, making it a high sec champion. It would appear as if the Orca was created to be a high sec version of the Rorqual, without compression capabilities.