Aegis Militia (Player alliance)

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All this data is potentially out of date, and should be taken with a truckload of salt

File:Aegis Militia.png
Name Aegis Militia
Ticker AM
Type Low Sec (FW) Wormhole
Founded February 9th, 2005
Status Active
Contact details
Alliance CEO Kithrus
Diplomat(s) Kithrus, Merdaneth
Public Channel Aegis Militia-Diplo
Website [ Aegis Militia]
Executor Tzedakah
Members Tzedakah
Aegis Militia Holding Corp
Pride n Glory
Adamant Edge
Amarrian Battlemonks

About Aegis Militia[edit]

The Aegis Militia is an alliance based in Tash-Murkon, The Bleak Lands and Thera . The alliance is loyal to the Amarr Empire, with their mission to protect the people of the Amarrian Empire in ways that it seems fit. Aegis Militia is currently focused on regrowth and preparing for the coming war with the Sleepers

Website: Under Construction
Contacts: Kithrus, Merdaneth


Traditional Regions Controlled: Providence The Shield Lands, southern parts of Amarr Empire

Form of Government: Monarchy

Traditional Allies[edit]

Traditional Enemies[edit]

Providence Holders Coalition[edit]

The Providence Holders Coalition is centered in the Providence Region. Alliances in this coalition work co-operatively to improve the region economically, provide for its defense, and enforce NRDS policy.

Current Members[edit]


No, Anti Pirate.

Corporations of Note[edit]


Military: Following Heinlein's Principles of Mobile Infantry. Everyone fights, everyone works. Command structure is based on experience not necessarily age or seniority in the Militia. Everyone has the opportunity to lead fleets (in fact newer pilots are encouraged to try FC'ing.) All support is offered for training purposes of anyone in alliance who wants it. New pilots are welcome but the FC must be obeyed.

Operations are conducted regularly in forms of patrols with exercises in certain classes of ships and tactics in lowsec/nullsec/wormhole.

All exercises are conducted using Team Speak. It is a requirement for pilots to be online to listen to orders. FCs and scouts need mics for relying intel.


The Providence War In January 112

The Providence Holders Coalition launched a border expansion campaign spearheaded by Libertas Fidelitas alliance at four unclaimed systems along the Catch/Providence border between the Paxton system of D-GTMI and the Against All Authority's systems of HED-GP and 36N-HZ. Against ALL Authority, claiming these systems still fell under their auspices, demanded their return. AAA launched a counter offensive that drove Providence forces out of the newly acquired border systems and sieged the Paxton system of D-GTMI with the help of Ushra'Khan and the StainWagon Coalition (Coven, Stain Empire, Systematic-Chaos). The Battle for D-GTMI took place which saw the loss of over a hundred capital ships by Providence forces and the system was taken from Paxton by force. After negotiations to end hostilities failed, wider conflict broke out and the Southern Coalition and to a smaller degree Systematic Chaos systematically removed CVA and most of their Holders from their outposts.

As of this time (Febuary 112), AM control of Northern Providence has been lost, with all station systems being captured. At peak, AM lost 4 outposts over the course of 2 weeks, with little sustained resistance being offered. Currently AM retain sovereignty in zero systems in Providence and are mostly living out of low-sec Domain and low-sec Derelik which border Providence.

"Regrowth and Renewal" In January of 117 Kithrus was given exec of AM, he formed the Tzedakah corp for investigating the activities of Sleepers and has started the process of rebuilding the alliance.