Against ALL Authorities (Player alliance)

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All this data is potentially out of date, and should be taken with a truckload of salt

Name Against ALL Authorities
Ticker .-A-.
Type 0.0
Founded August 1, 2006 (between 10.15 and 16.41 GMT)
Status Active
Contact details
Alliance CEO Ivan Wise
Diplomat(s) herculetzChristos Hendez
Public Channel
Executor Rage and Terror
Members xHELLonEARTHx
Phoenix Space Legion
Euro Core
Novatech Armada
Black Aces
Fight Cats Corp
VVS Corporition
Swords To Ploughshares
Rage and Terror
26th Space Fleet
AAA Community
Dont disband my alliance please

Against ALL Authorities [.-A-.][edit]

Against ALL Authorities is a military alliance formed in the summer of 2006 from former Stain Empire corporations, the Rage and Terror (RAT.) corporation, and the former Stain Alliance corporation known as The Collective.

Alliance killboard:


Current Regions Controlled: Catch, Impass, Feythabolis (partly), Tenerifis (partly), Querious (partly)
Current Regions Active: Catch, Impass, Feythabolis, Tenerifis, Querious, Providence, Immensea, Stain
Above information needs updating
Coalition: Southern Coalition
Form of Government: Autocracy
Piracy: Member corporation policy
AAA Diplomatic Team
GeneralGree CEO (Eng)
Marian Devers Russian Minder to Australian God
Commander StarScream Diplo
Alliance Leaders
herculetz / AdmiralStranger
kir laeda
evil thug


The Collective [COL] and Rage and Terror [RAT.] agreed a Non Agression Pact when Axiom Empire decided to make E3-SDZ their own. Stain Empire [SE] joined against AXE a little later and, with 0utbreak [TOXIN], hooked up to take part in one of the most one sided slaughters in Eve history. Together these corporations fought Axiom Empire on the Collective POS in E3-SDZ and killed 4 AXE dreadnoughts, the rest got out.

A few days later, Axiom and ASCN camped E3-SDZ and surrounding systems. They had a blockade on each gate in nearby systems, completely blocking the system.

At 03:00 that night, Rage and Terror, Stain Empire, and The Collective decided to engage. They jumped into the system with fewer ships (AXE fleet in N-CREL). The numbers were 4:1 in ASCN/AXE's favour, and the battle raged on for almost two hours. ASCN/AXE lost 88 battleships, some carriers and countless numbers of support. COL/RAT./SE lost 8/50 battleships and some support ships. The battle was recorded and can be found here.

After this event, COL/RAT./SE decided to attack Huzzah Federation in the Catch region. The assault started on 12th of July 2006 and Huzzah was forced out after a month (7th of August 2006). The attackers decided to form an Alliance, called Against ALL Authorities [.-A-.]. This Alliance, executed by RAT., became the new owner of Catch.

A few months later (October 25th, 2006), .-A-. engaged their old enemy Axiom Empire in 68FT-6 in Impass. After a few days of fighting, Axiom Empire put all .-A-. POSs into reinforced mode in 68FT-6. The systems were completely empty of AXE members on EURO time and completely empty of -A- members on US time.

One saturday night, the Axiom Empire fleet gathered to shoot .-A-. POSs. After putting one into reinforced, .-A-. members gathered together and logged in to save the other one. The result was 9 AXE dreadnoughts killed and 1 carrier, AXE's support was eliminated by the Deathstar POS.

In december, two months after the first attack, .-A-. brought in their capital fleet and started shooting at Axiom Empire POSs. On 24th of december 2006 Axiom Empire surrendered.

Participated in the Second Great War.