Akheteru Integrated Astrometrics

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Note: The following information on this public profile is taken from CONCORD records, The Scope records and other sources, and is not guaranteed to be accurate and/or complete.
Name Akheteru Integrated Astrometrics
Ticker [F1NDU]
Alliance Hedonistic Imperative
CEO Charlinda Akheteru
Founded YC116.10.02
Status Active
Headquarters Ostingele VIII - Moon 3 - FedMart Warehouse
Public Channel AIA Pharmaceuticals
Products and Prices Updated Price List
Website AkheteruIA.net


Akheteru Integrated Astrometrics is a drug manufacturing outfit operating behind the thin front of an exploration and surveying corporation. Owned and operated by a Thukker capsuleer with ties to the Intaki Syndicate, little is known about the corporation's internal structure. However, they have taken great effort to advertise their real product offerings to a wide and receptive capsuleer userbase, making connections in several large capsuleer alliances.

DED Report[edit]

DED operatives have observed CEO Charlinda Akheteru meeting with a Domination Malakim. Observers reported that at these meetings, usiness was clearly discussed, but they were unable to get close enough to glean meaningful details. In addition, FIO listening posts intercepted and partially decripted communications originating from F1NDU's HQ office in Ostingele and routed for capsuleer allies of both the Blood Raider Covenant and Angel-allied Serpentis Corporation. At this time, no firm associations are evident.

Suspected Infractions[edit]

It is suspected that Akheteru Integrated Astrometrics is engaged in the following illicit activities:

  • Manufacture of Illegal Narcotics
  • Distribution of Illegal Narcotics
  • Smuggling
  • Piracy