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All this data is potentially out of date, and should be taken with a truckload of salt

Admiral Alexander Noir

Admiral Alexander Noir (born 23186 AD, died May 5th YC 110) was, at age 160, one of the oldest living individuals in the cluster, and certainly the oldest still in active service with the Federation Navy. He was, before his death, the only surviving veteran of the Gallente-Caldari War.

A peaceful and friendly soul, he was greatly loved by the officers who served under him in the Federation Navy, and highly respected by his counterparts in the Caldari Navy. He committed most of his long life to promoting the cause of interstellar peace between the State and the Federation, and was awarded the Aidonis Statue for his efforts.

It was these efforts that led to his being selected to lead the military escort for the delegation that was dispatched to Malkalen. He was selected to fly the "FNS Wandering Saint" - a Nyx-class mothership - at the head of the Gallente fleet. He never got the opportunity, however, as he was murdered in his own home by The Broker, who assumed Noir's cloned form.

The Broker used this disguise to ram the Ishukone headquarters station, destroying the mothership and killing more than six hundred thousand people. Immediately prior to impact, The Broker broadcast the following message on the Malkalen local channel and to the whole of New Eden, ruining the Admiral's reputation:


His actual last words were spoken to his wife: "Thanks sweetie, but that's all right. I'll only be a few minutes."

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