Alliance creation name tips and process

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All this data is potentially out of date, and should be taken with a truckload of salt


Skills Requirements[edit]

Corporation Management Level 5

Megacorp Management Level 5

Empire Control Level 5

Creation Fee[edit]

The game mechanics charge a non-refundable fee of One Billion (1,000,000,000.00) ISK. The ISK must be in the the personal wallet of the player creating the Alliance.

Choosing an Alliance Name[edit]

Choose a name that suits your purpose. Either for fun or serious business it doesn't really matter as long as your happy with the chosen name. It can be fun to have your corp mates or other ingame friends help you choose a name. Some corporations have held contests with prizes awarded for coming up with the chosen name and top runner up names. A forum poll is an easy way to hold the contest.

The game mechanics do not allow any corp and alliance duplicate name to exist; all names must be unique. Even if the duplicate is a closed or otherwise forgotten corp or alliance a new corp or alliance will not be allowed with the same exact name.

You can check your possible names by searching for them using the ingame People and Places database. Access this by clicking the People and Place Icon and typing the possible name into the "Search String" input area. If the name you wish to use shows up in a search look at the name carefully and make sure it is an exact duplicate. The game will present search results from partial hits and so you will see results with corp or alliance names that may contain, in part, your desired name but it won't be exactly the same. Also, if you find an exact duplicate DO NOT give up yet. It is possible to add the word Corp or Corporation or Alliance to the end of a duplicated name and then, because it is no longer an exact duplicate, the game mechanics will allow it.

You must also select an Alliance Shortname. An Alliance Shortname is essentially the same exact thing as a Corp Ticker. There can not be any duplicate Shortnames in the database. Sometimes a dot (.) or minus (-) is used to add an acceptable character to a Shortname that is duplicated. A space between characters will also work. A maximum of five (5) characters and/or numbers are allowed for a Ticker or Shortname.

Allowable characters[edit]

A Corp or Alliance name may contain the characters A-Z, a-z, 0-9, single quotation, minus (-) and dot (.) characters. A Space or single quotation characters are not allowed as the first or last character in a name. All names must be unique!

Alliance Creation Mechanics[edit]

To create an Alliance a player must be the CEO of a corporation that is not a member of an Alliance. The CEO then accesses the Corporation Window by clicking the the Corp Icon. The CEO then clicks the Alliance Tab and on the sub tab titled, "Home" there will be a button at the bottom showing, "Create Alliance".

What to do if you do not have the required skills?[edit]

Several players in the game offer Alliance Creation Service. You can find current advertisements for this service in the Eve Forum. Typically the process follows this path.

1. The player performing the service will apply to join the corp you wish to use as the Executor Corp of the Alliance or they will create the corp for you. You must decide if a newly created corp or existing corp is best for you.

2. You EveMail or type into chat the Alliance name and Shortname you have chosen.

3. After the player performing the service joins the corp that is going to be the Executor Corp of the Alliance you must resign as CEO and make the creating player the CEO.

4. You deposit 1 billion ISK into the corp wallet or give it to the player performing the service as a Player Donation

5. The player performing the service will typically update your Corp with his skills for free and then will go to the Corporation Window and Create the Alliance.

6. You should pay the player performing the service the fee they charge for this service at some point during this process. Paying it at the same time that you take care of the 1 Billion ISK fee is a good choice.

7. After the Alliance is created, and the fee for the service has been received, the player performing the service will resign as CEO and give it back to any player you specify.