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General Information[edit]

The Alliance Tournaments are an ingame event hosted by CCP, where alliances and in a few cases corporations can apply to compete against each other in a special arena within a specified set of rules. The Alliance Tournaments are generally broadcasted by EVE Radio and EVETV. The EVETV production historically includes experts and commentators as well as a video display of the battle, and includes discussion of the tournament and teams by CCP developers, GMs and experts between matches.

The arena which is used to host the Alliance Tournaments is located in RU-97T in Jove Space.

Subsequent to the sixth alliance tournament, CCP has not released any announcement for a seventh tournament, after noting at a panel at Fanfest 2008 that the large cost of producing the event (including GMs, EVETV crew, experts and hosts) meant that a return of the tournament was unlikely.

However, in June 2009 the seventh alliance tournament was announced. CCP introduced a number of changes to the tournament procedure (live expert commentary and broadcasts were limited to the tournament finals only). The Alliance Tournament 7 took place in September 2009, with Pandemic Legion winning a second successive tournament, beating Circle of Two in the final.

The eight Alliance Tournament was announced in February 2010 and will take place in June.

The format of the event has evolved through the years, but the basic concept has remained the same: Two teams enter an arena at a chosen range from the center with a limited-size fleet each, and fight to the death. The victor is the team which destroys all the opponents ships. In the case of a match where no team is destroyed, the GM team arbitrating the event will make a decision as to the victors. The arena is of a fixed size, and ships leaving the arena will be destroyed by GMs.

The act of destroying the opposing team while taking no losses as a team is called "TÖTALHELLDEATH". In the fourth and fifth tournaments, point bonuses were awarded for this type of victory.

Implants were permitted in the earlier tournaments, but the last two have disallowed the so-called pirate implants. In all the tournaments, officer and faction modules were disallowed, though COSMOS equipment was allowed in the second and third. Faction ships (as well as unique variants, such as the Apocalypse Imperial Issue) were always allowed, although, depending on the format, the use of such a ship would sometimes reduce the ability of the team as a whole to field heavier or more-useful ship classes because of a higher point cost than its run-of-the-mill version.

Champions of the Tournaments[edit]

Alliance Tournament I[edit]

Band of Brothers

Alliance Tournament II[edit]

Band of Brothers

Alliance Tournament III[edit]

Band of Brothers

Alliance Tournament IV[edit]

HUN Reloaded

Alliance Tournament V[edit]


Alliance Tournament VI[edit]

Pandemic Legion

Alliance Tournament VII[edit]

Pandemic Legion

Alliance Tournament VIII[edit]

Pandemic Legion

Alliance Tournament IX[edit]

Hydra Reloaded

Alliance Tournament X[edit]

Verge of Collapse

Alliance Tournament XI[edit]

Pandemic Legion

Alliance Tournament Schedules and Rules[edit]

Second Alliance Tournament[edit]

Tournament Schedule
Tournament Rules

Third Alliance Tournament[edit]

Tournament Schedule
Tournament Rules

Fourth Alliance Tournament[edit]

Tournament Schedule
Tournament Rules

Fifth Alliance Tournament[edit]

Tournament Schedule
Tournament Rules

Sixth Alliance Tournament[edit]

Tournament Schedule
Tournament Rules

Seventh Alliance Tournament[edit]

Seventh Alliance Tournament
Tournament Rules

Eighth Alliance Tournament[edit]

Eighth Alliance Tournament
Tournament Rules

Ninth Alliance Tournament[edit]

Ninth Alliance Tournament
Tournament Rules

Tournament Prizes[edit]

The Alliance Tournament Prizes have changed over time reflecting the prestige attached to the competition ranging from Loyalty Points to exclusive ships.

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