Alliances and factional warfare (CSM)

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All this data is potentially out of date, and should be taken with a truckload of salt


Raised by: Inanna Zuni
Submission Date: 06-09-2008
Issue ID: 0009


Factional Warfare (FW) has just been introduced to EVE in the very recent patch. Whilst ostensibly a 'bridge' between PVE and PVP activities it has intentionally excluded those who have taken an integral part in the past storylines and history of EVE by not permitting the involvement of Alliances and corps within those alliances.

Player Comments[edit]

  • The Devs have stated reasons (such as preventing the 0.0 powerblocs from dominating), but there is no avoiding that anyway, as those denied participation will still be able to show up and gank those who are.
  • I believe that allowing alliances to align with the factions and participate will HELP, not hinder, the stated goal of FW being a "bridge" to the 0.0 pvp endgame by introducing those in empire to the 0.0 alliances as they natually interact in the common goal of achieving control for the common faction they support. This will be infinitely preferable to the interaction being alliance blob shows up, militia members ganked.
  • There should be some mechanics change to allow players in an alliance to not be excluded from FW. Whether that means participation on a player, corp, or alliance level, is up to CCP, and should be carefully balanced.
  • FW should require certain dedication to roleplaying aspects instead of being a mere pvp arena for newbies/casual empire dwellers.
  • They [Alliances] are going to be involved ANYWAY. The FW complexes will be killboard fodder. Better to give alliances a role so that they will be constructive, not disruptive.
  • Banning alliance members just irritates the RP alliances, and prevents participation from small scale primarily-empire-space alliances who can't be bothered with alt corps (ie. most alliances).
  • Restricting a major game mechanic to a limited player base is just plain stupid. Alliances should be able to use FW to allow n00b pilots to train up their skills without the rigors of 0.0 fleet ops. It would be a perfect training ground.
  • Alliances aren't always bigger than corps; alliances are not always seeking sovereignty in 0.0; RP alliances are based in hi-sec Empire space precisely because they are a part of their race and support that leadership. FW presently excludes them, and it shouldn't.

Potential Solutions[edit]

  • Allow alliances to get involved in FW without disbanding; permit all pilots to enjoy the expansion equally.
    • Pro: Permits more pilots to enjoy the new expansion, providing improved customer retention

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