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All this data is potentially out of date, and should be taken with a truckload of salt



At the moment, a successful targeted ECM jam cycle renders a ship unable to do anything but navigate for a full period of 20 second. The target loses locks and is unable to begin to lock anything until the 20s period is over, assuming he or she is no longer jammed. This is at odds with ECM drones and area of effect ECM weapons, all of which simply break locks. It is also a mechanic which is frustrating and unfun, particularly since a player could conceivably be kept out of an entire fight by one ship. Additionally, targeted ECM is the only kind of electronic warfare module which can be overheated.

Yet targeted ECM plays a vital role in the force multiplication tactics many small gang PVPers rely on, and the counter of ECCM, recent reduction in ECM ranges, and the coordination required to be effective all act to balance the mechanic. Care must be taken to alter the mechanic in a way that increases the fun factor for targets but without over nerfing the ECM user.


  • Reduce the activation time/duration of targeted ECM to 10s
  • Reduce activation cost by 50%


  • Reduces amount of time a player is helpless if successfully jammed
  • Increase the number of jam attempts of the course of a fight so ships consistently jammed can get some windows to attack and ECM pilots have more opportunity to get lucky on ships with high sensor strength
  • Increases heat damage opportunities when overheating ECM


  • Will demand more player skill at jammer management and coordination from ECM users

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