Amarr Emperorship Heirs, YC118

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All this data is potentially out of date, and should be taken with a truckload of salt

The five heirs to the Amarr Emperorship

There are five royal families within the Amarr Empire, each headed by the prospective Emperor/Empress. These individuals are termed heirs and must go through a rigorous selection process to choose a new head of state, culminating with the championship race, which involves citizens of the Empire. The winner succeeds to the throne, while the losers must commit ritual suicide to 'clean the slate', so to speak.

File:Heirs ardishapur.png Yonis Ardishapur - Male

The Ardishapur Family are known for their devotion to the Amarrian religion and Yonis is no exception. He was opposed to Jamyl Sarum's rule for her violating the Shathol'Syn, though he was forced to bide his time under her until he had an opportunity to strike. Intelligent and cunning, Yonis is skilled at turning losing situations to his favor.

File:Heirs sarum.png Merimeth Sarum - Male

The youngest of the heirs, Merimeth has been forced to stew in the shadow of his aunt, Jamyl Sarum, while she was Empress. Now that she is out of the way, he will use all of his intelligence and connections to see his ambitions for the throne fulfilled. If he becomes Emperor, he will carry out the Sarum legacy of driving Amarr to war and conquest over all who would stand against it.

File:Heirs tashmurkon.png Catiz Tash-Murkon - Male

Head of the family the one that replaced the Khanid family. Catiz is the wealthiest person in New Eden and a master of business. If she becomes Empress she will expand Amarr's industrial and technological might, at the cost of many of its traditions. This is no loss, though; the old ways have held Amarr back for far too long.

File:Heirs kador.png Uriam Kador - Male

More Emperors have come from the Kador family than any other, and the Kador Family represents the grandeur and majesty of Amarr of old. Uriam is an underdog after his name was tarnished by his unauthorized and unsuccessful invasion of the Federation. Down but not out, his keen intellect and silver tongue may win him allies from unexpected places.

File:Heirs korazor.png Aritcio Kor-Azor - Male

The Kor-Azor are known for being moderates in Amarrian politics, and Aritcio embodies this trait. Once a wild, cruel man, he was flayed alive by the Speakers of Truth for his transgressions. He now has a nobility to him that few could have foreseen, but his inner demon remains. Hero or villain, Aritcio could save the Empire... or destroy it.