Ammatar Mandate

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All this data is potentially out of date, and should be taken with a truckload of salt

The Ammatars are part of the Amarr Empire, but are of Minmatar origin. During the time the Amarrians occupied the Minmatar home worlds one of the Minmatar tribes, the Nefantars, collaborated heavily with the Amarrians. The Nefantars fled Minmatar space during the Minmatar Rebellion and the Amarr Emperor set them up in Amarr controlled areas close to Minmatar space. Soon everyone had started calling them Ammatars. Today, the Ammatars enjoy a semi-autonomy in their own space and are still embroiled in war with their former Minmatar brethren.


Member Races: Minmatar
Settled Systems: 30
Stations: 34
Controlled Regions: Derelik
Headquarters: Tanoo


Ammatar Fleet
Ammatar Consulate
Nefantar Miner Association


Amarr Empire 9.00
Caldari State 6.00
Mordu's Legion 4.00
CONCORD Assembly 3.00
The InterBus 0.75
Khanid Kingdom 0.50

Liked by
Amarr Empire 9.00
Caldari State 4.00
The InterBus 0.75
Khanid Kingdom 0.50
Mordu's Legion 0.25

The Blood Raider Covenant -9.00
Sansha's Nation -7.00
Thukker Tribe -7.00
Guristas Pirates -6.00
Minmatar Republic -6.00
Gallente Federation -3.00
The Syndicate -3.00
Angel Cartel -3.00
ORE -1.00
Jove Empire -0.50
The Servant Sisters of Eve -0.25
The Society -0.25

Disliked by
Thukker Tribe -7.00
Sansha's Nation -5.00
The Blood Raider Covenant -4.50
Minmatar Republic -3.00
The Syndicate -3.00
Angel Cartel -2.50
Gallente Federation -2.00
ORE -1.00
Serpentis -1.00
Guristas Pirates -0.75
Jove Empire -0.50
The Servant Sisters of EVE -0.50
The Society -0.25