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Anti-pirates, more commonly called 'Anti-pies', are the people who believe they uphold law and order in the low-sec areas of New Eden. Generally, a person becomes an anti-pirate when they them selves have been wronged by a pirate. Seeking revenge, they will usually run into others seeking the same and form groups of players, corporations, or alliances to target pirates and pirate corporations as enemies.

Most anti-pirates are the more moral of New Eden. Although they still enjoy PvP, they do not resort to the shoot anything that appears on my overview concept of the pirate. For instance, they will not shoot neutrals in low-sec if they find them ratting in belts. They tend to only be interested in pirates who are criminally flagged, or belong to a known pirate organization. Most anti-pirate vs. pirate engagements occur in low-sec although it is also seen from time to time in high-sec.

Perhaps the most beneficial functions of the anti-pirate community at large is the breaking down of pirate gate camps on trade routes. This is one pirate activity that has the most hindering effects on the larger pod pilot community.


An on going argument between anti-pirates and pirates exist concerning the actual 'morality' of self styled anti-pirates. Although it is true that many anti-pirates do hold true to their code of moral justice and rules of engagement, others simply use it as a title to hide their actions behind. Both pirates and anti-pirates enjoy PvP in Eve, as it is arguably one of the most exciting experiences you can have in the game. However anti-pirates share many of the same characteristics as pirates such as a low security status and life in low-sec. Many pirates consider themselves to be more honorable than their anti-pirate counterparts simply because they treat all victims equally, whereas the anti-pirate responds to a personal sense of right and wrong choosing targets based on their sole judgement.

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