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All this data is potentially out of date, and should be taken with a truckload of salt

The Apocalypse Imperial Issue (abreviated "Impoc") was a limited special issue of the Apocalypse battleship of which only 5 have existed. Four were given out as prizes to the winners of the Amarr Sucession Tournament in YC 105 (2003) to the champions representing House Kor-Azor. The winning team consisted of Kileak, Grikl, BlackViper and team leader Ecliptical. The fifth was given out in a lottery by BIG corporation to Ionstar.

History and Fate of the Impocs

Grikl's Impoc was destroyed on December 1st, 2003 in a skirmish with members of m0o in the DSS-EZ region of Stain.

Kileak's Impoc was purchased by DigitalCommunist on behalf of Tyrrax Thorrk this ship was being flown by Raem Civrie when it was destroyed 2006.12.10 20:58:00 in the Third Alliance Tournament by COW while flying for IAC (KM). Raem Civrie would later join Guiding Hand Social Club.

Ecliptical's Impoc was destroyed in a fleet battle between Stain Alliance and Curse Alliance - no record of the date is known to exist and at the time the game did not generate kill mail to provide a verifiable record.

BlackViper's Impoc was sold to Ecliptical when the former left Eve. Ecliptical later resold the Impoc (when he left Eve) to former corpmate Elissium Dammar, who ultimately sold it to Arenis Xemdal. Arenis Xemdal infiltrated the Ubiqua Seraph corporation as an undercover operative of the Guiding Hand Social Club. The Impoc played a major role in one of Eve's most famous heists: While GHSC operatives raided the UQ corporation hangars, Arenis, assisted by GHSC pilot Uuve Savisaalo, assainated their target: UQ CEO Mirial in her Navy Apocalypse. This Impoc, the last surviving ship of its kind, reportedly remains in the posession of GHSC.

BIG announced they were giving away an Apocalypse Imperial Issue.[1] This caused quite a stir in the Eve community as there were thought to be only four ships and the four had known fates or current owners. The story given for this apparent fifth ship was that a NPC donated it to BIG.[2] The winner announced he would return the ship to the Amarr Empire.[3] The Ionstar corporation donated the ship to the Amarr Navy (removed from the game). [4]

Apocalypse Imperial Issue Images

Apocalypse Imperial Issue Screenshot
Death of Grikl's Imperial Apocalypse
Death of Raem Civrie's Imperial Apocalypse
Apocalypse Imperial Issue Screenshot

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