Apocrypha - Capital Ships Collision Mechanics (CSM)

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All this data is potentially out of date, and should be taken with a truckload of salt


Raised by: Vuk Lau
Submission Date: 15-03-2009
Issue ID: To be indexed


New changes been made regarding collision mechanic are totally broken when it comes to Capital and Supercapital class ships

Jumping on a cynosural field[edit]

Before the change jumping multiple (10+) capital ships to a cynosural field didn’t caused any bumping, at least not excessive one. Even with supercaps, bumping occurred rarely. After the changes capital ships are bumping each other in most of the cases, not to mention supercap ships. This is causing capitals to bounce out of the group in excessive speeds which is causing multiple problems. The only semiviable solution is to use multiple cynosural fields, but that is just broken solution for broken mechanic


Same issue as above one.

Fleet warping[edit]

As mentioned in a relevant thread and after confirmed with multiple testing’s, its almost certain that good portion of capital ships will be bounced in various direction with ludicrous speeds if only one ship was not aligned and is coming from warping with a slight delay.

Not enough testing[edit]

New mechanics were obviously not tested properly, and while their intention was to fix bumping of bigger ships by smaller ones, it caused much more issues.


This requires urgent fix, because it is making capital warfare (basicly not just warfare, but simple piloting) frustrating.

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