Apocrypha 1.2 Default Overview Settings (CSM)

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All this data is potentially out of date, and should be taken with a truckload of salt


Raised By: Larkonis Trassler

Submission Date: 01-06-09

Issue ID: N/A


With the updating of the client to Apocrypha Version 1.2 CCP changed the default overview settings as detailed in this blog: [1]

These changes, while good intentioned have caused many problems. Among them:

  • Pilots who happen to be Outlaws display as Outlaws on the Overview above displaying as a Corpmate, Alliance mate, Militia Member or other Friendly. This is the case now for both Colour Tags AND backgrounds. This can lead to friendly fire incidents for inexperienced players or those new to a corp who have not had a chance to configure their overviews. It is especially an issue for those within the Militias.
  • Outlaws no longer blink by default.


Reroll the settings to pre Apoc 1.2 or change the defaults so that Outlaws regain their 'blinkyness' and are moved below all friendly entities on the overview priority list.

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