Arek'Jaalan: Talocan Technology Theories

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All this data is potentially out of date, and should be taken with a truckload of salt


This is a forum by which the Talocan Technology division of the Arek'Jaalan project may discuss and refine theories both common and radical to gain a better understanding of the Talocan and the advancements they had achieved in their time.

It is important to understand the most fundamental difference between a theory and a hypothesis for those who have lost the meanings beneath the capabilities of current technology.

A hypothesis is an assumption that can be tested via logical process or empirical data.

A theory is an assumption that cannot be definitively tested by logical process or empirical data.

The distinction is an important one to note because the division's researchers as a whole will be working to test hypotheses, while individuals and other collaborators will be working on theories.


All submitted theories and hypotheses must have evidence to lend credence to the assertions they make. Any hard evidence brought to light that contradicts a submission ends its viability until it is revised to allow for all considered facts.

The original submission will remain preserved below until division members can prove it, disprove it, or agree on its plausibility. Any revisions, discussions, testing progress, or challenges will be taken to the discussion page for refinement.

Complete submission format TBD.


Project Drive[edit]

What is the purpose of the spines on the Talocan structures and ships? Which methods did the Talocan employ to travel through space? Project Drive has the expres purpose of examing the Polestars, Disruption Towers and the various abandoned Talocan vessels to uncover the answer to these questions.

Project Gateway[edit]

Project Gateway was created to closely examine the Talocan static gates up close. These structures hold important clues to the engineering capabilities of the Talocan and could hold the key to their firm grasp of spatial manipulation techniques that have long been rumoured to posses.