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This is not the official Project Status page for Arek'Jaalan; that can be found here. While that page is/was updated and maintained by Hilen Tukoss, this page is maintained by Myyona and is intended to give a quick overview of the various projects and the work they have produced so far.

Project Overview[edit]

Name Summary Links
Project Astrosurvey The path Project Astrosurvey would like to explore is the possibility that some of Anoikis' ores have special properties that could be observed through molecular-level study, and put to some use.
Project Macaper's Eye The crux of this Project is to examine how Sleeper Technology that pre-dates the opening of the Wormholes made its way into developing the Doomsday Weapon. Project announcement
Project Dutch Gun Project Dutch Gun is aimed at creating an exhaustive library of Sleeper artifacts for the purpose of basic evaluations. These evaluations will serve as a foundation for further acquisitions, and ideally, focus donation efforts for a time on specific research areas identified by both Eifyr staff and capsuleer members of Arek’Jaalan. Compiled report download link
Project Algintal Project Algintal is centered on the constellation of the same name, and involves the creation of various reports on individuals and sites of interest in the area. Algintal Reports 1 - Wrtuk Formur

Algintal Reports 2 - Dronietta

Investigation of the Algintal Rogue Drone Hive

Project Codebreaker Project Codebreaker is a minor project within the greater Arek'Jaalan collective scientific endeavour. It is of primary interest to persons studying artifacts belonging to the ancient starfaring cutlures.
Project Common Ground Project Common Ground is aimed at discussing the commonalities between the Sleeper and Talocan civilizations. The Talocan and Sleeper Connection
Project Enigma Project Enigma concentrates on documenting the history of the Jovian Empires based on the sources available and possibly study what little is known about Jovian technology. The Jovian Empires

Jovian Technology

The Sleeper - Jovian Connection

Project Monolith This project explores the mysterious Black Monoliths that are rarely sighted in New Eden and Wormhole Space. The Black Monoliths
Project Pathfinder The aim of the Research Project: Pathfinder is to utilize current capsuleer and Empire historical record to attempt to ascertain the migration passage of the original settlers of New Eden after the EVE Gate's opening.
Project Revelation The aim of this project is to attain further information on Takmahl history.
Project Theseus Project Theseus is a minor project within the greater Arek'Jaalan collective scientific endeavour. It is of primary interest to persons studying Takmahl artifacts.
Project Atlas Project Atlas stated goal is to, "Create a navigable space-time map of Anoikis."
Project Catapult Examine, gather data and understand the artificial wormholes generated by the Sansha wormhole generator. If possible acquire, reverse engineer or create a wormhole generation device, allowing long-distance targeted point-to-point travel.
Project Compass Examine, gather data and understand the spatial and temporal relationship and geography between k-space (New Eden cluster) and w-space (Anoikis) locations by utilizing locator functions built into all control towers.
Project Electric Sheep Create and manipulate stable infomorphic instances of animal brain function. Detailed Summary

Production Update

Project Resolution Review unusual sites not clearly under another division and do necessary trial experimentation.

Create reports of consumption by all teams.

Mysterious Shuttle

The Hyperbole Nexus

Project Slipstream The overall goal of project slipstream is to create a working knowledge of wormholes and wormhole physics so that wormholes themselves can be leveraged for further expansion of current interstellar travel technologies and interstellar travel.
Project Snapshot Project Snapshot is an endeavor to understand the nature of periodic wormholes in known space.
Project Spirit Comparative analysis of ancient civilizations to determine what driving philosophies and faiths were important to the cultures.

Analysis of ancient structures beyond functional parameters to determine what aesthetic qualities were prized by these civilizations

Project Tesseract Examine, gather data and understand the nature of the Seyllin Incident and the role of A0 Blue stars, Isogen-5 and physics involved in its sparking and ongoing maintenance of the wormhole network. Determine the truth behind several seemingly conflicting sources.
Project Trinity Study the affinity between the Sleeper Trinary Hub structure and the Jovian Trinary Data acquired from the wreckage of Admiral Ouria's in Stain region during August YC105. Preliminary Report
Project Omega Project Omega aims to investigate the nature of rogue drone hives, structures and social organization. The project places a secondary focus on understanding rogue drone intelligence and behavior within the context of the hive.
Project Omicron The purpose of Project Omicron is to try and establish two way communications with the Rogue Drones, to find common ground as a prelude towards full Diplomatic negotiations and ultimately an Alliance, failing that to interview them for as much information as possilbe on their origins, purpose, needs and possible connections to Sleepers and Sleeper Drones.
Project Rho Project Rho is an attempt to gather information on all types of Rogue Drone hardware, from the smallest to the largest Drone.
Project Theta Project Theta attempts to create new Capsuleer technology by studying Rogue Drone materials.
Project Blueprint Project Blueprint is designed to analyze and interpret Sleeper Structure to determine their function and the factors that could have dictated their construction in such a way.
Project Huntress Green The presence of Quarantine installations in Anoikis systems suggests that the creators of the sleepers were subject to some sort of disease. The purpose of this project is to determine the nature of this disease.
Project Gaze The gathering of all available data from Sleeper sites is of obvious importance to furthering our understanding of the Sleepers, and will likely yield insights into the other races who's remains have been encountered in wormhole space. The Mirror is of unique interest to this effort, due to the raw volume of data that is transmitted by the structure at, so far as we are aware, all times.
Project Rift Examine, gather data and understand the spatial rift phenomena, including both long-standing examples and recent items associated with entities including the Awakened Infomorph. If possible acquire, acquire or create a rift generation device.This project is being run by the Sleeper Technology division.
Project SCAR Psychological research into sleep and cloning technology offers a chance to better understand various issues in informorph theories, such as the uncertainty surrounding psychological continuity over extended periods. As an initial exploratory step, an experiment is proposed to gauge subjective reactions to sleep extension experiments well in excess of normal human testing. These tests will make use of capsuleer cloning technology.
Project Wyr In the wake of the destruction of the sought-after Trinary Data, it is necessary to explore other avenues of interfacing with Sleeper data systems. The first step to this end is to definitively determine the format that Sleepers encode and process their data.
Project Infernal Spade The Infernal Spade projects aims at investigating the Devil's Dig Site and look into what secrets it holds. Devil's Dig Site
Project Drive All Talocan ships encountered so far and many Talocan structures feature strange protruding arrays. The purpose of the project is to determine what these are and what function they have.
Project Gateway Examine, gather data and understand the usage of the Talocan static gates, rift generation potential and travel capabilities. If possible reverse engineer, activate and use a Static Gate or other Talocan travel device, allowing long-distance targeted point-to-point travel.