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All this data is potentially out of date, and should be taken with a truckload of salt

Armor is, with shielding, one of the two primary defensive mechanisms of a ship.

Armor is generally metal plating that is installed on top of a ship's hull. Armor takes all inflicted damaged after the shields have been depleted, although if shielding falls below a certain percentage (25%, reduced by 5% per level of the Tactical Shield Manipulation skill) the ship's armor may take damage.

Armor has inherently high resistance to electromagnetic (EM) damage, and very low resistance to explosive damage, although these resistances may be modified by installing modules.

Many players, particularly those who PvP, use a tactic known as armor tanking, which relies heavily on reinforced and/or resistant armor while ignoring shielding to defend their ship. Gallente and especially Amarr ships specialize in armor tanking, having strong bonuses to ship armor and armor repairing. Some Minmatar ships are also strong armor tankers, but very few Caldari ships can be configured as effective armor tanks.

Some common modules and rigs that affect armor include:

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