Assassin's Overhang

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Assassin's Overhang[edit]


A COSMOS exploration site located in the Uriok system of the Ani constellation.


Early in the Minmatar Rebellion, when the Amarrians and their Minmatar collaborators were still confident of succeeding in squashing it, the rebels managed to strike a massive blow to the Nefantars. Using a double-agent, they lured the military leader of the Nefantar tribe to this remote location and assassinated him. Even if the Empire managed to hunt down the assassins and kill them, the moral blow dealt that day reverberated throughout Minmatar space, spurring the freedom fighters on.

The site is little known today except to historians. In light of its past it's funny that shady Amarrian agents are using the location today to further the Empire's cause within Minmatar space.


Nafrid Sharum[edit]

Aradin Ucham[edit]