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All this data is potentially out of date, and should be taken with a truckload of salt

File:Atlas logo final 256.png
Name Atlas Alliance
Ticker ATLAS
Type 0.0
Founded 2007.06.16
Status Closed
Contact details
Alliance CEO None
Diplomat(s) None
Public Channel None
Website [ ]
Executor Atlas Holdings

Atlas was a 0.0 space alliance currently operating out of the southern regions of EVE. In its year and a half of existence Atlas faced numerous foes, forged friendships and generally established itself as a major political power. At one point, Atlas was the seventh largest alliance in the game.

The Formation of Atlas[edit]

The origins of Atlas can be traced to the collapse of the Freelancer’s Alliance (FLA) mid 2007. Four corporations: 3B Legio IX, Big Guns INC, Di-Tron Heavy Industries and Origin Systems surveyed the wreckage of the failed northern alliance and mutually decided “we can do better than this.” These were four mature corps who had been through several alliances each and had thus far found no organization which they could call home. Several weeks after leaving FLA, the joint effort to create a brand new alliance was announced. Under the original formation, [OS] SolarKnight was the alliance leader, [DTHI] Bobby Atlas the head Fleet Commander, and [DTHI] Banlish the head Diplomat. Advising the Alliance Leader was a council of corporation CEOs and Directors.

Geminate and the Drone Regions[edit]

The SMASH alliance had offered to accept the DTHI Corporation as a member, so as his first act as Head Diplomat, DTHI Banlish negotiated to gain access to 0.0 space through SMASH. In an agreement with SMASH, Atlas gained access to a portion of Geminate and the Drone Space region which would eventually be known as The Kalevala Expanse. Almost instantly upon arrival, Atlas became embroiled in a conflict. The alliance Chaos Incarnate (Player alliance) had recently launched an outpost in M3-H2Y under an agreement with the PURE (Player alliance) alliance. PURE claimed that Chaos Incarnate had overstepped their agreement and began an aggressive campaign to take the outpost. All of this was occurring just a few solar systems away from Atlas’ new home in 0.0 space. Atlas decided to take sides in the conflict and jumped to support Chaos Incarnate. Even with its small fleet, Atlas held its own versus the larger and older alliance; after several bloody fights PURE was at a standstill. An agreement was negotiated between PURE and Chaos Incarnate. PURE claimed the outpost but allowed Chaos Incarnate to remain with full docking rights and standings. Atlas gained positive standing to PURE as a result of the agreement as well. Having gained a small measure of respect and confidence, Atlas continued to consolidate its hold on its new territory.

At this time, SMASH and its coalition partner R0adkill became involved in a number of fights in the Geminate and Vale of the Silent regions. Atlas fleets, eager to prove their worth, joined the coalition forces during several campaigns in which the alliances Ka-tet, Imperial Order, O X I D E, FREGE, Invictus and Dark Matter Coalition were defeated. The combined forces of SMASH, Atlas, Chaos Incarnate and R0adkill became known as the SMACK Coalition. Trouble was looming on the horizon, however. Atlas and Chaos Incarnate became involved in a struggle to control the Drone Regions.

SMACK and the Drone War[edit]

When Atlas had first arrived in The Kalevala Expanse, Drone Space was fractured amongst many small alliances and renter alliances of major powers. A gradual consolidation led to a polarization of the area politics. On one side was Atlas, Chaos Incarnate and the alliances friendly to SMACK. On the other side were Intrepid Crossing and the alliances friendly to the Red Swarm Federation. Initial battles were between Atlas, Chaos Incarnate and Intrepid Crossing. After some escalation, Solar Dragons and Red Alliance joined in on the side of Intrepid Crossing while SMASH and R0adkill joined in with Atlas and Chaos Incarnate. The power balance shifted back and forth with various alliances becoming involved in the fight. The FANG Alliance, PURE, Ethereal Dawn and (briefly) Triumvirate joined the struggle. When it looked like the advantage had shifted to favor SMACK, Goonswarm joined the fray. After an unsuccessful invasion of Delve, GoonSwarm shifted their fleet to support the Red Swarm Federation in Drone Space and Geminate.

This was the tipping point. Although SMASH and its allies managed to destroy a GoonSwarm Titan in battle SMACK and its allies were being overwhelmed. Atlas leadership ordered the alliance to begin a retreat to Empire space. Soon afterward, SMASH, Chaos Incarnate and R0adkill were defeated and scattered. Several former SMASH, R0adkill and Chaos Incarnate corporations joined Atlas at this point, bolstering its ranks.

South, North, then South again[edit]

Atlas spent a short time in Empire lowsec space before taking an offer from Stain Empire to reside in the Stain Region. Atlas supported Stain Empire, Coven and Systematic Chaos in several fights against Goonswarm in Stain and Curse as part of the "Stainwagon". Eventually, Atlas traveled up north to support Triumvirate in their attack on KIA, and became involved in the tail end of the GBC MAX Campaign. After the eventual collapse of GBC’s northern front, Atlas returned south to the Curse Region where they supported the GBC assault on DG-8VJ. The system was targeted due to the Goonswarm's level 4 Constellation Sovereignty in the RFQ-8Y Constellation. After several weeks of indeterminate progress in capturing the system, the notorious deletion of Band of Brothers occurred. With the loss of sovereignty all across Delve, the Goonswarm fleets moved to take the initiative and shifted the battle lines to the historically impenetrable "Fortress Delve".

Southern Operations and Conquests[edit]

With the majority of the fighting focused on Delve, Atlas, AAA, Stainwagon and RED.OverLord began work to capture the regions occupied by the allies of the Goonswarm. First, Atlas assaulted United Legion's territory in the Omist Region. There they established territory to fund future campaigns. Shortly after they gained control of Omist, xxLegion of Deathxx with RedSwarm support attempted an invasion in order to relieve pressure from the assualt by the recently evicted Delve forces and their allies on Querious. This invasion was repelled and gave Atlas, after a short respite in Omist to go on the offensive. First was the asistance of Agression. in conquering the last of United Legion's space in Immensea with very little resistance. Following quickly came the all out invasion of Detorid and the last eastern stronghold of Goonswarm (Actually controlled by an alt corp of xxLegion of Deathxx).

Atlas lead a coalition of alliances: Agression., Scorched Earth, and several smaller groups. The coalition's focus was the eradication of Red Alliance and a small foothold of Tau Ceti Federation from the southern regions in the closing actions of Delve War II. After continued pressure, and failed assistance from the Northern Coalition, Red Alliance Sovereignty dropped sharply and Atlas assault calmed down after taking full control of Insmother.

Atlas went on to further conquests after an extended recovery and consolidation of sovereignty. In coalition with Solar Fleet, Cult of War, and Gentlemen's Club began an invasion of Wildly Inappropriate held Geminate. Initially the plan was to raid Geminate with the hope of engagements to occupy the idle triggers of the Atlas fleet. But soon the coalition joined with Drone Space forces to take soveriegnty, which was largely unopposed due to server lag impeding the Northern Coalition's defense of Geminate. Eventually the deployment came to an end after geminate was claimed by Solar Fleet and Red Alliance.


The alliance was disbanded in September 2010 as part of a surrender deal with White Noise, Legion of xXDEATHXx and Red Alliance.