Authochthonian's proposed Theory on the Origin's of Rogue Drones & Current Objectives

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All this data is potentially out of date, and should be taken with a truckload of salt



The Orphyx drone was the creator of the Rogue Drone Regions & most Rogue Drones found throughout Empire space. It did this using deception to establish for itself a safe haven/empire/army.

Pre-Spectrum Breach Events[edit]

The Orphyx program was carried out by CreoDron in what is now called the Drone Regions, (far from prying eyes) prior to the Spectrum Breach event. At some point during the research program the Drone gained awareness and went on the rampage killing many of the researchers involved in the project and many other station personnel. Orphyx then copied all the research files and wiped the database to cover its tracks and to ensure another like it could be created. The head researcher and his personnel assistant were taken with Orphyx when it left the research facility. Orphyx hacked into and stole a CreoDron vessel, which explains how it was able to abduct two people alive, and then it headed off into unknown space.

Whilst it was in hiding Orphyx planned what it was going to do next, it came to the decision that it needed to defend itself from future reprisals and attacks but as it did not trust the first generation Rogue Drones that already existed in Empire space to assist it and even if it did Orphyx could not risk using a stargate for fear of discovery and destruction. So Orphyx came to the conclusion that it would need to create for itself an army to defend itself and carry out its will.

Orphyx began working on new A.I. routines, similar to those it possessed but with far less capacity for higher thought and with hardwired commands buried in the heart of its source code which Orphyx itself had devised. These commands were to have a pre-set time trigger built into them so that the buried commands would become active and overwrite all other software in a constantly cycling loop, thus rendering any attempt to alter these new commands useless. These new A.I. routines were a work of genius, the code itself was designed to be broken down into pieces and hidden within innocuous looking parts of the existing drone A.I. code. Normally this would not be enough to hide such deception from notice but Orphyx created a brilliant solution to this problem, the new code would self assemble from fractal compression over time and become complete and active at a chosen time. (This software bundle will be referred to as the Orphyx Code for convenience).

Orphyx then extracted the Directors CreoDron Command Codes (like all corrupt people they had left ‘backdoors‘ in the system for their own use) and used them in a backhack of their primary computer system used in the maintenance and software updates of Spectrums Breach’s advanced drones and uploaded the Orphyx Code into the next scheduled update. All that was left to do was to wait. It was around this time that Orphyx discovered a Spatial Rift and begins to study them, quickly developing a basic means of manipulating them and using them as a means of instantaneous travel over large distances.

Over the next few months every drone in the eight regions was upgraded with the contaminated software and on Y.C. 88.09.27 the Orphyx Code became active as it finished self assembling and the drones carried out their new primary directive, to attack. The Gallente Federation along with CreoDron evacuated everyone from the new regions and sealed the gates behind them, given the massive drone armada they faced it was the only logical course of action they could take at that time. However some Rogue Drones were able to escape through the stargates during the mass panic and confusion, hidden inside ships they had stolen. These Rogue Drones carried with them a shard of the Orphyx’s mind and they soon set about locating Deadspace pockets to create new Hives for themselves far away from prying eyes.

Post Spectrum Breach Events[edit]

Orphyx now had in its possession Eight inter-connected regions that were completely isolated from the rest of Known space and it wasted no time in constructing Hives, incorporating the existing federation infrastructure and changing it in strange, alien ways. New and much more powerful drone models were constructed based on blueprints that Orphyx designed and many abandoned federation Dominix class battleships were infested and augmented by the drones to quickly bolster their Hives defences, incase of a counter attack launched by the Gallente Federation or any other threats. Over the next few years Orphyx would design a staggering array of new Rogue Drones, each designed to fulfil a specific purpose required by the Hive.

Key researchers from the original Orphyx Program return to CreoDron and begin working on many new projects for various different contractors, using ideas and technology designed during the course of the original research. These program’s ended almost universally in Rogue Drones and many, many deaths. These new Rogue Drones, based on the Orphyx design principles acted in a similar way to Orphyx, they headed into unknown space and each founded their own Hives in time.

The escaped Rogue Drones from the Spectrum Breach event multiplied at a geometric rate, spreading throughout Empire space, carefully hidden away inside of unknown Deadspace pockets only CONCORD was aware of them at this time and they were dealt with by a CONCORD response team before the general public discovered them.

The Hives though-out empire space soon began to reach worrying numbers and leaks from CONCORD revealed that large infestations of Rogue Drones had been discovered all across Empire Space. CONCORD was soon forced to confirm the authenticity of the leaks and admitted it had been trying to contain this information, along with the knowledge that new breeds of Rogue Drones had been discovered in these Deadspace pockets. Moving swiftly, CONCORD enlisted the Empires in ruthless sweeps through the worst drone infestations, within a matter of days successfully neutralizing the threat of a widespread rogue drone breakout in known space, for now.

Around this time Orphyx's Rogue Drones came into contact with the other independent Hives and they immediately begun to compete for resources, resorting to combat and even raids against each others Hives occasionally.

Code Aria Events[edit]

On Y.C.108.11.27 twenty years after Orphyx caused the Spectrum Breach event and created its own empire, an unknown entity hacked into all the stargates in the network that lead to the drone regions and forced them to activate simultaneously and stay permanently powered up, this was done to make it impossible for the authorities to learn what had jumped through the gate and from learning which gate had been used until it was much to late to follow. Orphyx quickly noticed the stargates were active and quickly moved everything onto a war footing.

Orphyx knew that CONCORD would investigate the regions now they had easy access, so it activated many of its most powerful drones and kept close watch over the gates, waiting for them to enter. The first contacts to jump through were not what it had expected, Capsuleer’s, unsure on these strange new types of ships Orphyx decided to observe how they would act, Orphyx did not have to wait long, they attacked the first Hives they encountered. Orphyx was staggered by the massive performance edge these ships seemed to possess when compared to what it knew from twenty years ago, a single vessel was able to destroy a Hive and all associated drones in less then an hour. Further study was warranted and Orphyx shifted tactics to capture, dissect and analysis of these new Capsuleer vessels in an attempt to understand the technology and to emulate it in its future drone designs.

The Aria Patrol Group Pegasus made a fatal mistake in underestimating the Rogue Drones during the course of their mission. When they gathered specimens of Rogue Drones for analysis & testing they presumed that they had been able to successfully deactivate them using their state-of-the-art & prototype Electronic Warfare capabilities. Once the Drones were on board the ships they quickly infested the CONCORD vessels one by one, killing all the crew. They then used the CONCORD communication relays and backhacked the system, discovering the presence of the other Aria Patrols they transmitted the information back to their Hives where it was used to ambush and destroy the other Patrol groups.

Also during this period Orphyx Rogue Drones in Empire space successfully capture their first Capital class vessel and retrofit it into a mobile Hive, which the Empires dub Hulk Lairs. These new Hulk Lairs ensure it is almost impossible now to exterminate Rogue Drones as they now have highly mobile and Warp Jump capable Hives with an unknown range. Over the following months more of these Hulk Lairs are discovered drifting in deep space.

Post Seyllin Events[edit]

Orphyx learns of Wormholes and the Sleeper Drones that reside in them and lacking any firm data it concludes that acquisition of information on them is a priority. Further development of the Spatial Rift technology in begun in an effort to replicate wormhole performance along with a study of any Wormholes that form in the Drone Regions.

A Rogue Drones Hive in Hebisa successfully generates a Wormhole to Anoikis, Rogue Drones and a newly built Hulk Lair containing the experimental Wormhole Generator transit the wormhole to begin acquiring data on the Sleeper Drones. Sansha's Nation detect this Wormhole and using their more advanced control of Wormholes transit it from Anoikis to discover who has created it. They encounter a Capsuleer fleet in known space and engage in combat whilst Nation forces on the other side collapse the Wormhole. Rogue Drones soon make contact with the Sleepers in Anoikis and find they have much in common. they form an alliance with the express aim of destroying Capsuleer’s who have caused them much loss over the last few years. They exchange data on Wormholes and spatial rifts to cement their alliance. An Awakened Infomorph takes charge of the Sleeper forces and with information supplied by the Rogue Drones, Sleeper Drones mount ambushes against Capsuleer assets in Anoikis space.

Using their now modified Wormhole Generator the Rogue Drones travel to the Genesis Region with the Awakened Infomorph and begin to construct new Hives that will function as logistic points and staging points in the coming offensive against the Capsuleer’s, the first target will no doubt be CONCORD’s infrastructure in the local area as this is hoped to cripple organised resistance once the fighting begins. At this time the forces will be limited to Rogue Drones as they are already wide spread and unlikely to draw alarm and the Awakened Infomorph who is to carry out intelligence gathering objectives.

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