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All this data is potentially out of date, and should be taken with a truckload of salt

The autopilot is a built in system included in every ship in EVE. When a course is set, and the autopilot activated by clicking on the A button when in space, the ship's warp core is automatically locked to the gravity well of the next Stargate and activated. Due to technical and safety concerns, the autopilot can only warp a ship to 15km of the gate, where the ship must proceed to the gate at sublight speeds. Once within jump range of the stargate, the autopilot will activate the gate, and repeat the process until it has reached its destination, or a predetermined waypoint. Destinations are selected a system you have saved as a link or by searching the system database using the search function in the Autopilot interface or map views.


Autopilot settings are located on the route planner when you are in space. To open the route planner, click on the letter A by the word Destination. By default, it will avoid low-sec space and travel on past each waypoint until reaching the final destination. It will also avoid the Jita system.


  • The autopilot can be activated at any point in space, but it can only warp ships to stargates and stations. It cannot accept any other type of object within a system as a destination.
  • If you want to create a circular route, add all the other systems and then add the system you're currently in as a final waypoint.
  • If you have the autopilot active, and add one of the systems already on your route as an extra waypoint, the autopilot will be disabled.
  • The choice of route (lowsec / shortest / highsec ) affects the # of jumps counted by skills that let you do things up to X jumps away, such as Supply Chain Management, as well as any range-based market filters you have active. To get the most out of these skills, set autopilot to 'Shortest route'.