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All this data is potentially out of date, and should be taken with a truckload of salt



Currently the role of the self-destruct mechanism is to deny loot/kill mail to your enemy and to commit insurance fraud. While this might sound appealing to some, the actual application is reducing the EVE fun factor for PVPers and care bears alike.

The self destruct timer is currently 2 minutes, during which time the self-destructor can shoot, move, and tank normally. This is far too short a window for small gangs to overcome strong tanks even if they clearly would do so if the fight was allowed to play out. The problem scales exponentially when you consider the hit point levels and repair capabilities of capital ships.

As for care bears, allowing platinum payout for self destruction only solidifies the price floor for tech 1 ships. This inhibits competition, since the price can only go so low before players would rather insure and self destruct ships before putting them on the market for sale. While it does not address insurance fraud by having a friend blow your ship up repeatedly, it does lower the level of sophistication such schemes require and thus ensure their frequency.


  • Self destruction while being shot by another player should still generate a killmail for both party's records
  • Activating self destruct should have consequences for your combat performance, such as steadily rising heat levels allowing for the possibility of module burn out


  • Balances risk/reward for the mechanic
  • Preserves some tactical benefit to self destruction
  • Ends frustration of small gangs successfully trapping large ships
  • Increases opportunities for competition in the T1 ship market


  • Reduces griefing and monetary benefits of activating the self destruct sequence (which really isn't a bad thing)

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CSM Meeting Minutes[edit]


1. Self-destruct revokes insurance

Passes: 7/2

2. Self-destruct generates killmail if player is agressed (as with NPCs)

Passes: 7/2

3. selfdestruct "overheat" all modules

Fails: 7/2

4. Selfdestruct timer depends on shipsize

Passes: 8/1[[[Category:Resolved Issues]]