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All this data is potentially out of date, and should be taken with a truckload of salt



Many players have created stunning and fun videos related to their EVE activity. These videos enhance the EVE community by providing entertainment, recruitment, educational, and promotional services to any who care to look. They also act as free promos for EVE the game, as they are invariably shown to friends of players thinking of signing up.

Unfortunately this is usually done by capturing the action on screen with resource intensive third party software. As such, it makes recording actual EVE game play for use in such videos limited to a select number of people, and the product is not as good as it could be.


  • Implement an in-game positional data recording feature (as described in the links below) so the recreation and capture of actual EVE game footage is easier and more visually dynamic


  • Will increase proliferation and quality of player created EVE videos


  • Lag may be a prohibitive issue

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CSM Meeting Minutes[edit]