Black Ops Improvements (CSM)

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All this data is potentially out of date, and should be taken with a truckload of salt

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Raised by: Jade Constantine
Submission Date: 22-05-2008
Issue ID: 0004


There is a problem with the current implementation of Black Ops battleships on the live server. As a class in their own right they are currently weak against the tech1 variants they derive from – suffering reduced lock range, and having no improvements on capacity and grid that feature in similar tech1/tech2 comparisons. In addition this class is crippled by the covert cyno field being blocked by regular cyno jammers and a very short basic jump range. Conquerable 0.0 is currently covered by player deployed cyno-jammers often blocking any movement option for this class, while the jump range limitation makes it impossible to access 0.0 areas at the end of Smuggler's Gates (ie regional gates which connect extremely distant systems). Final major issue is the cost of jumps (bridged ships) against the relatively small cargo hold these vessels have. They either need much larger cargo holds, reduced cost of fuel for personal and bridged jumps, or some form of fuel compression storage to make them viable platforms for the kind of Black ops logistics envisioned for the class.

Potential Solutions[edit]

  • Scan Resolution and Recalibration bonus for Black Ops
  • Boost to lock range
  • Boost powergrid
  • Boost capacitor
  • Double Base Jump Range
  • Reduce bridge fitting requirements
  • Make jumps/bridging use less fuel
  • Increase cargobay/fuelcompression
  • Covert Cyno needs to be immume to cynojammers Already Implemented

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