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All this data is potentially out of date, and should be taken with a truckload of salt

The Blackbird and its variations are great platforms for small or large gang operations, due to its extensive ECM capabilities. Not very effective when solo working solo due to low DPS potential.

Fitting your Blackbird[edit]

High Slots[edit]

Since the role of the Blackbird is based around ECM high slot weaponry is not DPS heavy. However, matching the Caldari philosophy missile launchers are the norm with Assault Missile Launchers being the launcher of choice.

The main feature of the Blackbird is its ability to fit a Cloaking Device

Medium Slots[edit]

In PVP, this vessel with its 6 mid slots and bonuses is especially suited as an EMP hunter. Range is its main defence; it has relatively poor armour, like other Caldari ships.

Low Slots[edit]

Low slots on a Blackbird are rather limited, with only two slots, and may be used to fit modules increasing CPU and/or power grid. A popular option is to use a low slot to fit one or more ECM target enhancement systems.

Example Fitting[edit]

This is an example fitting for PVP missions using the best available named modules. This is not the *best* fitting available for the Blackbird for all players, your play style should be considered when fitting any ship.

High Slots[edit]

  • SV-2000 Assault Missile Bay x 2 or 3 (cap independent)
  • Medium Energy Neutralizer x 1


  • Prototype Cloaking Device I

Launcher for cruisers intended to counter fast frigates, can only be loaded with regular light missiles: Bloodclaw, Flameburst, Piranha and Sabretooth and their F.O.F. counterparts; Exterminator, Firefly, Seeker and Serpent.

Neutralizes a portion of the energy in the target ship's capacitor.

An advanced cloaking mechanism was one of the last major technological breakthroughs to come out of Crielere Labs. Although it does work it is not really a finished product and has some serious drawbacks, most notably the fact that the module creates high sensor disruption while fitted and can not operate unless at minimum velocity.

Medium Slots[edit]

  • 10MN MicroWarpdrive I : Massive boost to speed for a very short time. The thrust that boosts the ship, and the corresponding maximum velocity bonus, are limited by the mass of the ship that uses this module. The sheer amount of energy needed to power this system means that it must use part of the capacitor output and the shield just to maintain the integrity of its warp containment field.
  • Sensor Booster I: Gives an increase to targeting range and scan resolution. This module can be loaded with scripts to increase its effectiveness in certain areas.
  • 'Hypnos' Ion Field ECM I: Projects a low intensity field of ionized particles to disrupt the effectivenes of enemy sensors. Very effective against Magnetometric-based sensors.
  • Enfeebling Phase Inversion ECM I: Analyzes incoming targeting signals and attempts to counter them by emitting an out-of-phase signal back. Great against LADAR targeting systems.
  • BZ-5 Neutralizing Spatial Destabilizer ECM: Projects random bursts of gravitons that disrupt accurate targeting. As expected this system works best against Gravimetric targeting systems.

Low Slots[edit]

  • Signal Distortion Amplifier I: Magnifies the operational ability of regular ECM target jammers, making them stronger and faster. Works only with regular ECMs, not ECM Bursts.
  • Signal Distortion Amplifier I: Magnifies the operational ability of regular ECM target jammers, making them stronger and faster. Works only with regular ECMs, not ECM Bursts.


  • Medium Particle Dispersion Augmentor I: This ship modification is designed to increase the strength of a ship's ECM jammers at the expense of shields.

Recommended Skills[edit]

The following skills up will greatly increase the performance of your Blackbird. It is recommended that you train all of them to at least level III.


Additional Images[edit]

Below are additional ships images. Click the image below for a larger version: