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All this data is potentially out of date, and should be taken with a truckload of salt


  • Raised by: Song Li
  • Submission Date: Monday, January 21, 2009


Introduce Player Made Blocklist Libraries that you can subscribe to, to help manage your chat channels and to filter out undesirable converations and chat.

Make Blocklists Tradeable Items or linkable (This could create a new mini profession)


Blocklist Libraries

Blocklist Libraries are player made blocklists that can be shared with the community via subscription or as tradable items like bookmarks.

   * You would still see people on the Blocklist Library in your chats, but they would be less visable (see relevant images below)
   * Conflict controls in the blocklist menu (To filter people on the library that you'd not want blocked)
   * Export Blocklist to file
   * When a blocklist library is edited by the original maker the blocklist is updated to all subscribers (You would have to agree to any changes to the Blocklist Library before they would be activated in your chat channels)
   * Each Chat window would have a toggle to turn the active Blocklist library on or off
   * Import Blocklist Library People to Personal Blocklist
   * As a tradable item a new player run industry would be created
   * A new option would be added to the menu when your rightclick a person in a chat channel to add them to the Conflict menu (See below)

Blocklist Library Menu

Conflict Control

This would be a system to filter and control people who are on a Blocklist Library that you'd still want to see normally in your chat window and help identify who these people are. For example, a Block List library may be made by a person in an Enemy Alliance which has members of your Alliance or Corp in it. The conflict menu would tell you which people on this library are friends, in your alliance or corp, friends to your Alliance etc.


People on the blocklist library that you are sure you don't ever want to see (at all) can be transfered from the Blocklist library to your personal blocklist here. This would also list everyone you have on your personal blocklist.

Relevant Images[edit]

Chat Channel Example

Block List Menu Example


  • easy transfers block lists between characters
  • creates a more granular moderation system for channels


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CSM Meeting Minutes[edit]


Failed 3/4