Blood Owned Station

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All this data is potentially out of date, and should be taken with a truckload of salt

Blood Owned Station
Escalates From Minor Blood Annex
Security Lowsec, Null Sec
Regions  ?
Max Stages 4
Pirate type Blood Raiders

The Blood Owned Station expedition is an escalation of the Minor Blood Annex combat site found by Probing for exploration sites. This expedition consists of four different locations, the first three of which are in low security systems. The last location is in null sec.

The expedition begins with the destruction of the Blood Cathedral in the last room of a Minor Blood Annex with this message: Template:Quote

Location 1 (Low sec)[edit]

6 x (Sentry) (Blood Raider Cruise Missile Launcherl)
5-6 x (Elite Frigate) Mercenary Wingman
5 x (Battleship) Mercenary Overlord
1 x (Battlecruiser Commander) Dark Blood Corpatis Spectre (wreckage may contain Dark Blood Modules)

This site does very heavy explosive damage - keep this in mind if you have been tanking specifically against Blood Raiders



Location 2 (Low sec)[edit]

Room 1[edit]

7 x (Cruiser) Corpum ?
1 x (Cruiser Commander) Dark Blood Fanatic (Escalation Trigger) (wreckage may contain Dark Blood Modules and produce Tech 2 salvage)
1 x Acceleration Gate

Escalation message: Template:Quote

Room 2[edit]

Message in local: "It seems this Moon Mining facility has fallen prey to Rogue Drones. The structural makeup of this facility indicates it once belonged to the Blood Raiders.

5 x (Sentry) ?
7 x (Frigate) Alvii ?
2 x (Battleship) Alvus Parasite

Location 3 (Low sec)[edit]

6 x (Sentry) Cruise Missile Battery
1 x (Sentry) Stasis Tower (Stasis Webifier)
3 x (Frigate) Corpii Collector/Seeker (Tracking Disruption)
3 x (Cruiser) Corpum ?
5 x (Battleship) Corpus Archbishop/Harbinger (Energy Vampire)
1 x (Cruiser Commander) Dark Blood Phantom (Escalation Trigger) (wreckage may contain Dark Blood Modules and meta modules and may produce Tech 2 salvage)
1 x Starbase Major Maintenaince Facility (Logistics?)


Location 4 (Null sec)[edit]

2 x (Sentry) Starbase Cruise Missile Battery
4 x (Elite Frigate) Elder Corpii ? (Stasis Webifier, Warp Scramble)
4 x (Elite Cruiser) Elder Corpum ?
7 x (Battleship) Corpus Cardinal/Monsignor
? x Starbase Ultrafast Silos
1 x Blood Research Outpost (wreckage may contain Corpum A-Type modules) (Attacking triggers high damage continuous smartbomb for a while: 2000 damage every 2-3 seconds alternating between kinetic and thermal.)
"This Research Station has a built-in defense system. As soon as it is attacked, the inhabitants activate the system, causing a large blast-wave which affects all hostile ships in the vicinity. It is activated continuously until it needs a short delay to recharge power." --Message in Local


What Overseer? When is this message triggered?

Required Travel[edit]

There may be significant travel involved in completing an expedition. In one instance of this expedition, the sequence of systems the locations appeared in were:

Progression System Sec Jumps
Minor Blood Annex  ? low -
Location 1  ? low 8
Location 2  ? low  ?
Location 3  ? low  ?
Location 4  ? null  ?

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