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All this data is potentially out of date, and should be taken with a truckload of salt


BobFromMarketing aka BFM was a prominent Goonfleet FC and was one of the first Goonfleet mothership pilots to lose his mothership to Stain Empire in 0OYZ-G. He purchased a new Wyvern class Mothership from Tyrrax Thorrk of the Guiding Hand Social Club a day later. The Wyvern was previously piloted by Istvaan who stole it from Boge of Satans Escorts.

He began his Eve career briefly in Diirvas Industrial, shortly after joining the leader SajuuCor left for 0.0 and BobFromMarketing found himself voted into CEO. A few months later BobFromMarketing applied to and joined Hadean Drive Yards under the leadership of Overkill.

BFM soon tired of Empire's security and entered 0.0 with Ascendant Frontier's The Syndicate. Unfortunately shortly after joining Ascendant Frontier, Band of Brothers declared war and ASCN fell. The Syndicate moved to the recently released Drone Regions and BFM moved with them.

Not content to remain neutral in the current conflict raging across Eve he joined Goonswarm's H.Y.D.R.A. corporation that resided in Delve and fought where it could. After participating in the loss of Shrike's first Avatar class Titan as an interdictor pilot, BFM was sponsored into Goonfleet by Frank Messiah under the instruction of Goonfleet's CEO Sesfan.