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All this data is potentially out of date, and should be taken with a truckload of salt


  • Raised by: Tusko_Hopkins
  • Submission Date: 2009/01/02
  • Issue ID: 0201-12-0110


This is a simple UI request. Certain ship types like falcons or inties tend to create a lot of bookmarks all around the space. It's in their nature, it is nothing to fight against. However currently they have to use the people and places menu to bookmark their current location. There is an option for bookmarking in almost every other item's contect menu in space, except for ships flown by players, including your own ship.


Add a way to bookmark your current position WITHOUT opening people and places. 2 possible solutions:

  • add a "bookmark ship" menu item to your own ship's context menu in space
  • add a "bookmark my current position" menu item to the context menu the player gets when right clicking the void.


  • Less clicking to do
  • Opening people and places kind of stresses both the client and the server. Less P&P opening would do good.


  • Makes the context menu bigger. Big context menus are not so good.

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