Boost Warfare Links and Revisit Information Warfare (CSM)

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All this data is potentially out of date, and should be taken with a truckload of salt



Fleet Command Ships are a great concept and they have a lot of potential. However as it is now, that potential is really only realized at near-blob levels and in the case of Information Warfare Links, hardly realized at all because of their dilluted effects.


  • Normalize the base bonus of all warfare links to 3%.
  • Make the following changes to Info Links to give them relevance and a niche:

-Sensor Integrity: Apply bonus to scan resolution and targeting range in addition to sensor strength -Role the range bonus of Recon Operation into the Electronic Superiority link -Change the bonus of Recon Operation to apply to scan probe strength


  • Promotes use of fleet command ships in small/medium scale PVP
  • Increases competitiveness of the Eos which is rarely deployed in PVP currently
  • Gives more tools to wormholeers and combat probers


  • May not be a strong enough boost to accomplish goal
  • Balance in large scale fleets needs to be evaluated

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CSM Meeting Minutes[edit]