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All this data is potentially out of date, and should be taken with a truckload of salt

Players can place bounties on other characters, corporations, or alliances. Once a player has a bounty on them, it becomes harder for them to avoid the public eye. Their names, portraits and the bounty amount are broadcast publicly across the EVE universe.

Placing Bounties[edit]

There are 2 methods to place bounties. One is by opening the Show Info window for a character/corp/alliance, and clicking on a little + sign on the right side of the window. The other method is by using the Bounty Office's "Place Bounty" fields at the bottom of the window. The Bounty office is accessible from anywhere in game in the Neocom‘s Business folder. The minimum amount of ISK that can be placed as bounty is:

  • For Characters: 100.000 ISK
  • For Corporations: 20.000.000 ISK
  • For Alliances: 100.000.000 ISK

Bounty pools are paid out over time, so an entity with a high bounty can be killed numerous times before the pool depletes.

Bounties placed on corporations and alliances will pay out any time a kill report is generated. This means that destroying POS modules for example will result in bounty prizes.

Note: Bounties have no effect on who can be attacked legally. Attacking a character with a bounty in high security space that is not a war target and does not have a suspect or criminal flag will result in CONCORD intervention.

Claiming Bounties[edit]

Bounties are public, and any bounty in the game can be claimed by anyone. Claiming a bounty is based on who has the Final Blow. If you’re in a fleet and get bounty, the bounty is shared between the fleet members. The bounty payout is roughly 20% of the value of all destroyed objects (ships, modules, cargo, implants), otherwise known as "Pend Insurance Estimate" on kill reports.

Example: If you have a 150 million bounty on you and the loss value of the kill report is 100 million, then 20 million will be paid out, leaving your remaining bounty at 130 million. If the bounty pool had been 15 million instead, then the entire 15 million would have been paid out on the kill.

Note: If you’re fighting a character that has bounty on him and he self-destructs or is killed by CONCORD, you still get the bounty. The bounty then goes to the player with the highest damage contribution.

Bounty refunds[edit]

Inactive characters: When a character goes inactive for a long time, or if a bounty is placed on a character that has already been inactive for an extended period of time, whatever bounty that has been placed on that character will be removed and 50% will be refunded to the characters who placed the bounties.

Disbanded corps/alliances: In cases where bounties have been placed on corps or alliances, and those corps or alliances disband, 80% of the bounties placed will be refunded.

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