Bountyhunting Improvements Alternate Proposal (CSM)

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All this data is potentially out of date, and should be taken with a truckload of salt


Raised by: Foxgguy2001
Submission Date: 01-08-2011
Issue ID: TBD


The proposed changes outlined are an attempt to bring balance back to the low-security regions (0.1 through 0.4). Making bounty-hunting a feasible means of generating regular ISK income should be a priority; as currently the incentive exists most prominently for piracy. There is a need to bring balance to the equation. Giving Bounty-Hunters the ability to display contract-kills as a decoration provides considerable incentive to pursue Bounty-Hunting as a profession. An opposing force to the notoriety of great pirates, will be the great Bounty-Hunters that hunt them.

The issue of alts collecting the bounty is minimized by the blacklist and other filtering features; while there may be some alts or cooperative third parties initially, with a little research contract issuers may blacklist and filter suspected alts and co-op third parties.

I believe this proposal is superior to a contract based system in that it still rewards roaming groups of bounty-hunters, is fair due to the reward being split evenly to all involved parties, and still allows for large completion rewards

Purpose of Alternate[edit]

  • Bring balance to low security space
    • This proposal is meant to Balance Low-Sec not just to make Bounty-Hunting feasible as a career.
  • Restrictive Contracts
    • Contracts only allow for one capsuleer to accept and complete them.
      • Disallows for fellow Bounty-Hunters to assist you.
      • Raiding gate-camps undesirable.
      • Restricts Bounty-Hunting to being a very lonesome/individualized career path whereas piracy is usually conducted in groups.
  • Less than desirable payment amounts.
    • Payout approximate to damage may be negligible, undesirable.
      • Not worthy of time spent hunting vs reward.
      • Disallows for big rewards.

Means to an End[edit]

  • Bounty Contractors Mechanics
    • Bounties may be issued upon any with a negative security status.
    • Multiple bounties may be placed on one Outlaw.
      • The total amount of the bounties will be rewarded upon targets ship destruction (bonus for pod kill?)
    • Having a Bounty on you makes you ineligible to apply for insurance.
      • Attempting to leave station in a previously insured ship will pop-up with a message saying your current insurance has been revoked or refunded due to the risk of being hunted.
  • Bounty-Hunter Mechanics
    • Bounties issued are not accepted as contracts, but rewarded upon ship kill.
      • Makes roaming groups of Bounty-Hunters more attractive, as everyone gets a cut, and everyone can get a piece of the action.
      • Appending the kill-mail and bounty-decorations tab to include the contractor allows the contractor/bounty hunter the satisfaction of knowing the kill was completed
  • Reward/Payment Mechanics
    • Payment is made upon killing a ship whose capsuleer has a bounty on them. Payment will be split evenly among involved parties given they meet the guidelines of the contract.
      • Allows for large payouts on prominent pirates to be split, as it may very well take a team, with a great deal of effort to find them and kill them.
      • Multiple contracts on one outlaw may be fullfilled at the same time, with one kill.
  • Post-Kill Mechanics
    • Activity regarding bounty-kills, Contract issuance, and Death as the target of a contract are listed/show in the ‘show info’ sheet.
      • Allows the Bounty-Hunter the bragging rights of a job well done.
      • Allows the Contractor(s) the satisfaction of vengeance.
      • Provides the Target with concrete evidence of the result of his misdeeds.
    • Kill-Mails will display Contractors as well as involved Bounty-Hunters
      • If Bounties, Bounty-Hunting, and Contracting the kill are to have some lasting significance… there ought to be a way to have kills as a result of Bounty-Hunting, or Issuing the contract tangible out-of-game.
      • Killmails listing contractors will not tally stats toward Contractors kill stats, preventing the purchase of kill-stats.
      • Killmails will list all Contractors on the killmail along with the Bounty-Hunters
File:BH Alternate1.png
Proposed Changes to Info Rollout
File:BH Alternate2.png
New Appearance of Bounty KillMails

Preventing Exploitation[edit]

  • Contract Terms
    • Blacklist option
      • Allows the Contract Issuer to disallow specific capsuleers from collecting on the contract.
    • Past and Present Corp/Alliance option
      • Prevents members of past or present corps/alliances from collecting.
    • Security Status option
      • Allows for specifying security status to be above a certain range (greater than 2.0) to ensure that even if a suspected alt collected and was
        subsequently blacklisted, the user would have to invest considerable time to get another alt to 2.0 sec status. Further deterring alt collection.

Added Features[edit]

  • Bounty Contracts/Kills/Deaths displayed under new Decorations- Bounties area in ‘show info’
  • Killmails amended to display contractors/bounty-hunters, as well as specify it was a bounty related kill
  • Star-Map has added bounty-hunting related statistics
    • Outlaws spotted in the last 24 hours/1 hour.
    • Bounties collected in the last 24 hours/1 hour.
    • Contracts issued in the last 24 hours/1 hour.

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