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All this data is potentially out of date, and should be taken with a truckload of salt


  • Raised by: Dierdra Vaal
  • Submission Date: 2009/06/21
  • Issue ID: TBA


Ever since the Apocrypha expansion the small buttons on the overview to zoom in and zoom out have been removed. While this is not a big deal for players who have full use of their mouse, it is a problem for players with a handicap.

A quadriplegic player who plays the game using a sip and puff mouse with head tracking camera has two primary functions, left and right click. No wheel mouse support and he cannot hold the buttons down. When he had the zoom buttons on the overview he simply clicked them. This a big problem for him now as the camera position resets on him when going through gates. He has to call someone to fix it every time.


Return the zoom buttons to the overview. Additionally, CCP should aim to keep handicapped players in mind when making changes to the user interface.


  • A usable interface for everyone


  • None

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