Bruderschaft des Wahrhaftigen (Player corporation)

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Corporation Details
Name: Bruderschaft des Wahrhaftigen
Ticker: CoK (Church of Khanid)
Alliance: A.R.K.
Founded: 105 EST
CEO: Arderich
Founder: Ardor
Members: 4
Contact: Wheya


Faith and traditions. Loyal to Khanid II.

Beside the 1st Praetorian Guard, Imperial Dreams and PIE the Bruderschaft des Wahrhaftigen [CoK] is one of the first amarrian corporations.
It is the first amarrian corporation loyal to Khanid II and the only amarrian corporation which never allied with pilots of inferior races.


When the Khanid Kingdom was founded many Holders inside the Kingdom thought an institution comparable to the Theology Council of the Amarr Empire was badly needed. The Church of Khanid was born. The Church of Khanid tried to justify the split of the Khanid Kingdom from the Amarr Empire. The Church of Khanid however never reached a status of official approval from the Khanid Kingdom. Ardor was the last High Priest of this institution when he disbanded the Church of Khanid and founded the Bruderschaft des Wahrhaftigen. In the beginning many residents of the Kingdom saw this as a sign of betrayel against the Kingdom but this fear was not justified and the loyality of the Bruderschaft des Wahrhaftigen towards Khanid II remains unquestionable.

A strange Name[edit]

Language translators do have a hard time translating Bruderschaft des Wahrhaftigen. Bruderschaft translates to brotherhood. For the complete name there are several translations in circulation: brotherhood of Gods chosen, brotherhood of the true one. Many see brotherhood of the veracious one as the option coming closest to its original meaning. All attempts of translations indicate the change of name from Church of Khanid to Bruderschaft des Wahrhaftigen is a preparation for the time after Khanid II.

Monastic Order[edit]

The Bruderschaft des Wahrhaftigen is first and foremost an amarrian monastic order known for its very conservative amarrian ideology. They are utterly convinced of the superiority of the amarrian race - intellectually, spiritually, even biologically. This racist behaviour often led to tensions with more moderate amarrian corporations.

Industrial Juggernaut[edit]

Despite its small size the Bruderschaft des Wahrhaftigen managed to become an industrial power owning a wide variety of amarrian tech 2 ship blueprints and is known for having produced several hundred capital ships. The Royal Khanid Navy was one of their customers and bought the Revelation class dreadnought Clairvoyance. Service to God but also extensive usage of slave labor and outsourcing tasks to amarrian capsuleers outside of the brotherhood are cornerstones for the brotherhood's success, according to industrial director Wheya.


Although the Bruderschaft des Wahrhaftigen is a participant in one of the oldest wars the Eve cluster ever had witnessed, it started in the year 105 EST with a war declaration against Oracle and still continues against Oracle's successor Ushra'Khan, the tales of Bruderschaft des Wahrhaftigen engaging in combat are rare.