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All this data is potentially out of date, and should be taken with a truckload of salt


Raised by: Dierdra Vaal
Submission Date: 04-06-2008
Issue ID: 0102-06-0052


The Trinity patch in December of 2007 saw a big change in the way ‘dual bonus modules’ worked. One of the modules that was affected was the Remote Sensor Dampener (RSD) – the Gallente electronic warfare module. The RSD’s dampening strength was significantly reduced, and even with the introduction of ARM scripts it was not as powerful as it was before. While before the change, this module was very popular (too popular perhaps), the double nerf (strength reduction and script change) has resulted in gallente EWAR ships being very rarely used. Many Gallente EWAR pilots feel the nerf has gone too far, and has made their EWAR powerless even on bonussed ships – especially when the alternative is Caldari ECM.

A parallel is often made with ECM, that long ago also received a similar nerf after it was too popular on regular ships. Later, Caldari ECM ships received a significant boost to their ECM bonuses to allow them to use the now much weaker ECM jammers. People are asking for a similar boost to Gallente dampener ships, to allow them to be useful again.

The general feeling is that dampener ships do not perform well enough for their role. Their reduced dampening power now means that dampened ships can still engage opponents within reasonable range around them (30-50km). It is felt Gallente EWAR ships should force their opponents to fight in very short range (20km or less), but due to the proliferation of sensor boosters and the reduced strength of RSDs this is no longer possible. Additionally, the warp jammer bonus has been reduced in usefulness with the introduction of Heavy Interdictors and Interceptors with warp scrambling range bonuses.

Potential Solutions[edit]

Improving the bonus on Gallente EWAR ships
Increase the bonus on gallente EWAR ships. The tech I versions could be increased to 7.5% or 10% dampener effectiveness per level, while the tech II version could be increased to 15% dampener effectiveness per level. Another, but controversial, bonus could be a range bonus to dampeners.

Special EWAR-ship-only scripts
Introduce scripts that drastically improve the effect of RSDs, but can only be used on gallente EWAR ships. A distinction could be made between tech I and tech II ships. Also consider the possibility of a script that increases BOTH range and scan resolution dampening significantly – but which obviously can only be used in gallente EWAR ships.

Introduce low slot dampener boost module
Introduce a low slot module that increases the effectiveness of RSDs, similar to the ECM Signal Distortion Amplifier. This solution could be combined with either of the above solutions.

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