Buff Minmatar Capital Ships (CSM)

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All this data is potentially out of date, and should be taken with a truckload of salt


Raised by: Bane Glorious
Submission Date: 06-07-2008
Issue ID: 0102-04-0045


Players have found that the certain capital ships are underpowered in the context of their classes. In particular, Minmatar capital ships – Naglfar, Nidhoggur, and Hel – have been found underpowered. The Naglfar cannot do enough damage to be competitive and requires substantially more training to use. The Nidhoggur’s repair bonus is lackluster when compared to the advantages of armor/shield resistance bonuses. Players bemoan the travel time of Citadel Torpedoes, and shield tanking’s cap instability is too dangerous in laggy situations, making the Phoenix and in some cases the Naglfar further unfavored.

Potential Solutions[edit]

  • Redesign the Naglfar's slot setup and ship bonusses to facilitate greater DPS
    • Pros
    • Cons

  • Increase the flight velocity (not explosion) of Citadel Torpedoes
    • Pros
      • The Phoenix and other Citadel torpedo vessels become more viable since they do their DPS more immediately, and become less affected by smartbombs
    • Cons
      • Negligible decrease in the ability to survive citadel torpedoes in smaller ships which could outrun them

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