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All this data is potentially out of date, and should be taken with a truckload of salt

Bumping is the common name for the process of colliding a ship into another ship or celestial object, resulting in a change of position for the ships involved in the collision.

General Bumping[edit]

Bumping can occur when a ship comes out of warp in a position "inside" of the geometry of a Station, Stargate, Ship, Sentry gun, Starbase Forcefield, or other object. The bumping produced can be severe, launching ships at hundreds to even thousands of meters per second away from the other object.

Bumping in Battle[edit]

Bumping a targeted ship is common, and typically used to push a ship away from a Stargate to be outside of the maximum jump range (2,500 meters away from the stargate), away from a station to be outside of its docking radius (500 meters), or away from the direction the ship is traveling to prevent it from warping to a celestial object.

POS bowling is an example of an infamous bumping strategy.

EVE's Physics Engine does not calculate damage for collisions, even ships as small as frigates. Frigates can slam into capital ships without negative consequences.

How to[edit]

To bump another ship, you can;

  • Set your ship to approach the other ship at high velocity through the right click menu, typically with a MicroWarpdrive running. The MWD increases both speed and mass, making collisions more violent.
  • Manually steer your ship to collide with another ship.