CSM8 "Reasonable Things" Suggestions

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All this data is potentially out of date, and should be taken with a truckload of salt

Here are all 1363 suggestions submitted by players in CSM8's "Reasonable Things" crowdsourcing initiative. This list is also available, in filterable form, on the CSM8.org website.

  1. Have the ability to stack/repackage your items from the assets panel, regardless of station location.

    Keywords: ui
  2. Give us an option to invert the camera zoom of the mouse wheel.

    Keywords: ui
  3. Remove the five limit-max on overview tabs, and allow for a second row of tabs to appear.

    Keywords: ui,overview
  4. When placing structures the structure circle is off center your mouse pointer.

    Keywords: ui,pi
  5. When you miss the structure you were aiming at, double clicking in planet view no longer swings you to the command center

    Keywords: ui,pi
  6. Solidify the appearance of extractor control unit heads so they are visible on all planets

    Keywords: ui,pi
  7. Lower the power grid cost of planetary links on larger planets (such as gas) to a more reasonable amount.

    Keywords: pi
  8. In the survey window it momentarily highlights which extractor control head your mouse is on. Make that highlight remain visible while dragging the heads.

    Keywords: ui,pi
  9. Slightly increase the limit on the distance of zooming out in planet view mode.

    Keywords: ui,pi
  10. Under the slider that adjust the program cycle time in the survey window add buttons to set 'One Day', 'Three Days', 'One Week' or 'Two weeks'

    Keywords: ui,pi
  11. Remove the delay between transferring resources within the customs offices. Or allow transferring from multiple launchpads before hitting 'Transfer'.

    Keywords: ui,pi
  12. Slightly enlarge the hitbox of the 'Confirm' button that appears when attempting to disable the safety lock.

    Keywords: ui
  13. Add two new shortcut keys to open and loot containers/wrecks.

    Keywords: ui
  14. In the white text that gives you warping information add a destination note (and Jumping) for when the jump action is qeued on arrival at a stargate.

    Keywords: ui
  15. Create an option to adjust the scroll speed of the mouse wheel through lists/pages of text and another for the camera zoom.

    Keywords: ui
  16. In addition to 'Log Off' and 'Quit Game', add a button to take you directly to the character selection screen.

    Keywords: ui
  17. Add a claim certificates button on the certificates tab so you dont have to go through the certificate planner to claim them.

    Keywords: ui
  18. Make the shortcut keys for approach and align the same button.

    Keywords: ui
  19. Remove 'Personal Locations' from context menus in systems where you have bookmarks.

    Keywords: ui
  20. Let us align the Neocom to the bottom/top of our screens. Fill the skill queu bar from the bottom up.

    Keywords: ui,neocom
  21. Add an option to reset the size of the Neocom.

    Keywords: ui,neocom
  22. When you drag a module from one slot to another slot that is occupied, swap the modules in those slots.

    Keywords: ui,fitting
  23. Display the gun/drone/missle ranges when you hold your mouse over the dps readout.

    Keywords: ui,fitting
  24. Fix the restriction on damage control units so it will let you move the module to adjacent low slots without having to unfit it first.

    Keywords: fitting
  25. In the show info window for an outpost in 0.0, display an attribute that relays whether or not you may dock at that station with/without fees. POCOs too.

    Keywords: ui
  26. In the information panel for solar systems, place dividers under the 'Orbital Bodies' tab for stations, planets, moons, gates, etc.

    Keywords: ui
  27. The universal price average... the one used to filter valuable items. Show it in the attributes tab under the show info of an item as well.

    Keywords: ui
  28. Add a little note next to the log off buttons in the escape menu that displays how many players on on tranquility.

    Keywords: ui
  29. In the show info windows make systems/stations/regions double click-able and add 'Set Destination' to the context menu for stations.

    Keywords: ui,autopilot
  30. Add a time estimate in parenthesis next to the repair option in a damaged modules context menu.

    Keywords: ui
  31. Make the Sov tiles in the map more unique with simple patterns (even alliance logos)

    Keywords: ui,map
  32. Add a glow around systems that appear over one tile but actually belong to an adjacent tile.

    Keywords: ui,map
  33. Add an option to pre-load sovereignty tiles.

    Keywords: ui,map
  34. Allow two filters to be shown at once (overlapping), one basic from the top list (e.g. security status), and one supplementary from a folder (e.g. Station Count).

    Keywords: ui,map
  35. Change the system colors of adjacent regions in the 'Region' filter so you can actually tell the difference between some regions.

    Keywords: ui,map
  36. Place systems/lines in the foreground of large labels like the region names instead of covering up some systems completely.

    Keywords: ui,map
  37. Enlarge the labels for constellations.

    Keywords: ui,map
  38. Enlarge and differentiate landmark name labels from solar system name labels.

    Keywords: ui,map
  39. If a buy order is placed above a matching sell order within range, the transaction should pay at the sell order price automatically.

    Keywords: market
  40. Improve the order placing mechanics so you can put multiple quantities of an item in one buy/sell order without having to stack the items together first.

    Keywords: ui,market
  41. Remove the "Regional Average" statistic and replace it with a "Universal Average" based on the new price keeping system.

    Keywords: market
  42. If you hover your mouse over an item in the browser/market data/groups/etc, display the universal price.

    Keywords: ui,market
  43. Slightly change the appearance of using projectile turrets so they are more visible in space. Make the tracers similar to fps games, with scorching-bright colors.

    Keywords: graphics
  44. While autopiloting with multiple waypoints, make the stargate icon of the next-in-line system a bright orange to differentiate from the other routes.

    Keywords: ui
  45. Give the edges of the windows for viewing corp/alliance logos the drag-to-resize ability, but keep aspect ratio and only scale the images.

    Keywords: ui
  46. Fix the pulse of the of the cloak module activation (and similar modules) to a steady, bright glow and then add a bright flash-out if you are decloaked by something.

    Keywords: ui
  47. Improve right-click menus by implementing the Amazon Menu Hack

    Keywords: ui, menus
    Note: See http://bjk5.com/post/44698559168/breaking-down-amazons-mega-dropdown for a complete explanation of this improvement. Navigating multilevel right-click menus is a pain in the butt, but this cute hack that Amazon uses makes them much easier to use. If this could be implemented, it would improve every right-click menu in the game.
  48. Every list in the game should have a filter box.

    Keywords: ui
    Note: Local, Overview, Guests in Station, etc, etc, etc... if it's a list, make it filterable.
  49. Increase the frequency of Revenant BPC drops.

    Keywords: revenant
  50. Allow ships to be boarded from a SMA anywhere in POS shields

    Keywords: pos, wormholes
  51. Rework the jumpclone UI.

    Keywords: ui
    Note: I _HATE_ to use the current one. You need to stop your skills, you need to get out of your ship, you need to double check of there are two clone on the current station etc. It also could be a good idea to combine the Jumpclone UI in a smart way with Implants UI.
  52. Make it possible to bind the evevoice PTT key to any key.

    Keywords: evevoice
  53. Add personal SMAs to POSes

    Keywords: pos, wormholes
  54. Allow directors to remove items from a Personal Hangar Array at a POS

    Keywords: pos, wormholes
  55. Fix / remove goddamn dust clouds from all deadspace dungeons.

    Note: "It would take a single programmer about 1 afternoon to remove them/It would take a single programmer probably more than 6 months to fix them" @CCP Zorba. Players waiting for this fix for 1.5+ years.
  56. Fix the uselessness of most storyline modules

    Keywords: modules, balance
  57. Allow us to add or remove items from silos in a POS without the need to offline the silo first

    Keywords: pos, industry, reactions
    Note: see offlinesilo.png
  58. Allow players empty and fill a silo without having to offline it first

    Keywords: pos, industry, wormholes
  59. Improve PI processor management and routing with bulk commands.

    Keywords: planetary interaction
    Note: If I have several processors on a planet, let me shift-click select them to set up the recipe I want for all of them at the same time.
  60. Add a third button to apply outstanding orders and close when you leave planet mode.

    Keywords: planetary interaction
  61. Allow drugs (boosters) to be contained in contracts

    Keywords: contracts, boosters
    Note: They can be sold on the market, why are they banned from contracts? This is yet another hassle when trying to use boosters
  62. Some kind of anti-cloak probe/module/POS device/sov structure/?????

    Keywords: cloak, balance
    Note: This has been going on for so long it's a dead horse that's beaten way beyond anything even remotely resembling what might have been considered a living organism, but the fact remains that cloaks are one of the only modules that don't have a counter beyond getting lucky.
  63. Allow copying of all client settings (overview, window positions, chats open, etc) across characters and accounts, preferably storing things server side (but client side would be ok).

    Keywords: ui, client, settings
    Note: players currently use a third-party utility to do this, here is a (slightly outdated) public thread -- http://forums.ponywaffe.org/topic/4701-garpa-uniform-interface-copy-overview-etc-settings-to-every-char/ -- also I brought up this issue at fanfest and was told a dev would look into it (see Q&A video for "Improving the Player Experience" session).
  64. Store Overview/Client settings server-side so player do not need to re-set overview settings every time they log in from a new machine.

    Keywords: ui, settings
  65. Add LP to the markets to be bought, sold, traded, manipulated, and speculated.

    Keywords: market, fw, pve
  66. Display extractor heads for only the CURRENTLY SELECTED extractor.

    Keywords: pi
  67. Manufacturing/other jobs can use materials inside containers.

    Keywords: industry, ui
  68. Jobs can be started from blueprints inside containers.

    Keywords: industry, ui
  69. Remove attributes and attribute implants. Allow skills to be trained at a flat 2700SP/hr.

    Keywords: everyone, pvp
  70. Pre-set formations for extracter heads (preferably ones we set ourselves)

    Keywords: pi
  71. Revamp pill boosters.

    Keywords: pvp
  72. Add horizontal scrollbars to UI fields that cut off its content, like the market item list or the role management window.

    Keywords: ui, market
  73. Be able to create a list of saved locations so you can create an auto pilot route without doing a search in the map interface.

    Keywords: ui, everyone
    Note: a radial menu on the auto pilot button that lists the last 4 autopilot locations and would be selectable from the radial menu would be a create first step.
  74. Allow "batches" of jobs to be done. Instead of inventing 1 BPC at a time you can put batches of 20 BPC to invent so you don't need to babysit invention every hour.

    Keywords: invention, industry
  75. Save all client settings, prefs, window layouts, and other persistent state in the cloud with named profiles

    Keywords: ui, settings, profile, cloud
    Note: Let players save all settings, prefs, window layouts, etc. into the cloud in a named profile. Let us select the named profile to use in the launcher, so we can easily use the same settings for several accounts or clients, or run the same account with a different setup just by picking a different named profile at launch.
  76. Remove weird hissy tinny wheezy sounds that happen when weapons are fired

    Keywords: ui, audio, combat, sounds, team klang
  77. Bring back the old (bigger, better looking) ship explosions

    Keywords: graphics, combat, explosions
  78. Add new tab to fleet UI that display what fleet bonuses your ship is receiving, and from whom.

    Keywords: user interface, fleet bonuses.
    Note: See Please Provide a Fleet Bonus Information Tab to the Fleet Management Interface for more details.
  79. Get rid of the CSM. If they're not actually thinking and promoting issues they have no value left. CCP already pays game designers.

    Keywords: csm, useless
  80. Superpindown for containers, let me PIN certain containers open in stations and let each invidual station remember.

    Keywords: industry, trade, distribution, uni_invt, enablers, ui
  81. Filter remembering, let specific containers remember if they have a filter set or not, maybe use the Superpin construction for Filters too.

    Keywords: uni_ivt, all_sec, filters, ui
  82. Provide a Fleet Bonus Information Tab to the Fleet Management Interface.

    Keywords: ui, fleet,
    Note: Please see this thread https://forums.eveonline.com/default.aspx?g=posts&t=142591
  83. Have the Bomb Launcher and Interdiction Sphere Launcher modules show a cooldown/timer ring after activation (similar to a cyno or triage module) so the player can easily see how long it will be before they can use the module again.

    Keywords: ui, pvp
  84. Add multiple avatar areas to stations; meeting areas, establishments, something.

    Keywords: avatars, wis, incarna
    Note: There have been many suggestions about what to do with such areas, from just a basic meeting area for role players, to corporate offices for war planning, to player owned establishments where contraband is sold. The latter links to spaceships as players in space would enforce the contraband laws.
  85. Nerf the force projection of jump portals and jump bridges.

    Keywords: force projection
    Note: For example if a certain ship jumps for a max range (Capital ships) or opens a bridge (Titans and jump bridges), Black ops excluded, those ships get a max cooldown of 1 hour. The lesser distance they cover with the jump the lesser cooldown they get.
  86. Mappable shortcuts for "up" (previous item) and "down" (next item) in Overview

    Keywords: ui, shortcuts
  87. Have a menu item for selling multiple items at once, do it in a multicolumn listview with OK/cancel, checkboxes

    Keywords: ui, market, everyone
  88. allow exporting all fleet history logs, instead just the loot history, and make saving them to the hard drive automatic like chat logs are saved.

    Keywords: fleet, logs
    Note: lets there be permanent record of fleet activities.
  89. Resizable windows in the Planetary Interaction interface

    Keywords: ui, pi
    Note: only ~5 items display in the window at a time. scroll bar is tiny
  90. Increase invention result box size, or make resizes persistent, so that the resultant BPC type and stats are visible without scrolling.

    Keywords: ui, invention, industry
    Note: here's a screenshot for those unfamiliar with this box: http://imgur.com/a/esXVF - nothing in the top half is useful at all.
  91. Make bookmarks visible on the new sensor overlay

    Keywords: bookmark
  92. Change the AAR to consume loaded nanite paste only when overheated

    Keywords: modules, ancillary armor repairer, aar, nanite paste, overheating
    Note: Make this module able to run with paste loaded, but not consume the paste unless it is overheated. This would allow it to sit loaded and ready, but still be used as a weaker normal rep most of the time. When overheat is toggled on, then it would consume nanite paste and apply the bonused rep amount (plus the normal heated bonus), AND it also would not take or make heat damage as long as the paste holds out. When the paste runs out, then it would continue to run with just the heat bonus, and it would start taking and making heat damage.
  93. Comprehensive revamp of drone UI.

    Keywords: drone, ui
  94. Add several Locator-like Agents that identify who is using S&I Facilities within a station, large transers for money between characters and/or corps, and market/contract transactions.

    Keywords: agents, spying.
    Note: Please see this thread: Industrial, Financial, and Market Analysis Agents for further details.
  95. Shortcut for jump through/dock for next location in autopilot route.

    Keywords: navigation, quality of life
  96. Merge Assets window into All-in-One Inventory Window so we have the same capabilities or similar capabilities as with the Inventory Window.

    Keywords: inventory
  97. Add overlays/tooltips to various types of items in the inventory to give more information at a glance.

    Keywords: ui, inventory
    Note: The most common information needed should be in overlays and tooltips and secondary information should be in just tooltips. Think ME/PE for blueprints and damage types for ammo. Also consider adding both raw numbers and "my" numbers to take skills into account.
  98. Completely revamp drones and the drone UI.

    Keywords: wh's
    Note: There are plenty of great ideas. Just improving the terrible current UI isn't enough. A complete rethink of the gameplay involved is required.
  99. Change the way the tags for sec UI and mechanics work so that it better depicts a corruption and bribery theme.

    Keywords: tags for sec, security status, ui, corruption, bribery
    Note: In a pre-Oddysey video blog a content dev (don't remember name) spoke about how the tags for sec mechanic was a way for you to bribe Concord for your security status. While this may be the net result, there isn't enough (anything?) that references bribery or corruption. There is nothing about the way this works that feels like you've participated in any sort of illicit behavior. EVE needs more bribery & corruption.
  100. Deliver all apparel available as market tabs but not at NEx store/market

    Keywords: avatars, character creator
  101. Deliver publicly the apparel that remains unused after being handed exclusively to FW LP stores

    Keywords: avatars, character creator
  102. Additional make up and hair colors for the portrait maker

    Keywords: avatars, character creator
    Note: blue/violet colors and fantasy hair dye colors (sherry red, lemon yellow, electric blue...)
  103. Additional body poses/stances for the portrait maker

    Keywords: avatars, character creator
  104. Additional backgrounds for the portrait maker

    Keywords: avatars, character creator
    Note: would like backgrounds suggesting large open spaces and bright backgrounds compatible with intense lighting
  105. Implement a web 3D viewer of the full body avatar at the forums

    Keywords: avatars, character creator, web
  106. on the jump clone pannel, add a show info / set destination option for each clone location

    Keywords: ui
    Note: it's not like we always know where these systems are without searching, easier to know which one is the closer to our goal
  107. Switch NPC loot drops from a mineral faucet to a mineral sink by requiring a meta-0 module to be consumed in order to make a meta 1-4 loot drop into a useable module.

    Keywords: industry, economy, pve.
  108. Provide in-game tools to edit the Font and Color of Overview settings and the overview display itself.

    Keywords: ui, overview, usability.
    Note: This would save players from exporting overview settings, loading XML into Notepad++, preforming wizardry, and re-importing for every little overview settings change.
  109. In Overview Settings > Filter > States, have every toggle set as an [IF,And+Or] statement instead of an [IF,AND] but sometimes [IF,OR]; Making setting up overviews more intuitive.

    Keywords: ui, overview, intuitive design
    Note: Drives me absolutely insane that friendlies or enemies may not show up on my overview if I don't have 'Show all Criminals, Suspects, Bounties, and some other things' even though they meet the criteria I care about, standings, alliance, Fleet, stuff like that.
  110. Make an option to link pos modules of the same type to a central control module with central storage.

    Keywords: pos, ui, enablers, usability
  111. Make it so the arrows to moe probes are always 90 angle to the camera so the wider side is always clickable

    Keywords: user interface, scanning
  112. Add a 'select all' button when creating an API key

    Keywords: user interface, api
    Note: At the moment you can select 'Add' for each catagory but not for all at once.
  113. Allow players to swap (not jump) clones in wormhole space using the rorqual

    Keywords: pos, wormhole
  114. Make the watchlist saveable/recoverable after a crash

    Keywords: ui, watchlist
  115. Remove the 100km zoom restriction and make it so you can zoom in on anything in your overview

    Keywords: ui
  116. Allow players to refit from saved fittings in space (e.g. capital and t3 refitting)

    Keywords: ui, mechanics
  117. add a mouse cursor "slap to" option to make it easy to select an item in space that isn't in your current overview setting

    Keywords: ui
  118. Add an icon to the tactical overview that represents your ship and the direction it's travelling

    Keywords: ui
  119. Allow players to change the colour of the tactical overview

    Keywords: ui
  120. Multi monitor support!!!

    Keywords: ui
    Note: Allow windows to be un-docked and placed on a second monitor.
  121. ability to queue industry/research jobs to the maximum simultaneous time (e.g: queue 3 sets of 10 jobs, 1 hour each = 10 current jobs and 20 in queue)

    Keywords: industry, ui, usability, enablers
  122. Expand skill queue window to 72 hours

    Keywords: skills, training, learning, queue, sp
  123. Simplify the setup of manufacturing and science jobs to a few clicks.

    Keywords: industry, science
  124. Allow an Overview setting to temporarily highlight, color, and/or blink a broadcasted target.

    Keywords: overview, ui
    Note: This will make finding the broadcasted target immediately clear as they change color and/or blink on your overview.
  125. AOE missiles that damage the targeted ship and all ships within a 10km radius

    Keywords: missiles, charges, ammo, aoe
  126. Allow keyboard shortcuts for accessing a wreck and for the loot all button

    Keywords: ui, pve, salvaging
  127. Allow courier contracts that contain an assembled container to be recontracted

    Keywords: contracts, courier
    Note: At present, if a courier contract plastic wrap contains an assembled container, it is not possible to item exchange or setup a second courier contract that includes that plastic wrap remotely but necessitates in-station trade. Amongst others, Red Frog Freight and everyone across New Eden who use their courier services will benefit from this small, but highly practical, change.
  128. add a hotkey option to launch drones for god's sake.

  129. shift select BPs for industry/research and shift select slots to use, rather than having to do this for every BP.

    Keywords: industry, ui, usability
  130. More slots for Corp Bookmarks. and/or create ALLIANCE level bookmarks.

    Keywords: bookmarks, corporation, alliance
  131. Add Alliance Bookmarks

    Keywords: wormholes, bookmarks
  132. Allow moving items from the inventory tree, vice just the cargohold.

    Keywords: ui, inventory
    Note: Currently, if you have a bunch of containers in your hold, you can't see which has what in it, but you can't move a specific container without having to rename it because the inventory tree doesn't follow the same slot layout as your hold. By letting us keep the containers content open, and then be able to move that container from the tree, this would make inventory management easier.
  133. Start working on modular POS's/Revamp or Redo POS system

    Keywords: wormholes, pos, enablers
  134. Make it so we can install more jobs that we have skills to run so long as the jobs actively running are under the number we have skills to do.

    Keywords: industry
    Note: It is frustrating when queing up jobs, and you can't add any more, despite the fact that the additional jobs you are adding are behind another one one of your own jobs, so you would only ever have 10 or whatever your max allowed jobs are running, as the new job only starts once the old one finishes. It really puts a damper on running industry efficiently.
  135. Have drones actually drop something

    Keywords: npc, pve
  136. Make dust clouds less processor intensive or just remove the damn things.

    Keywords: graphics
    Note: No matter how low I put settings dust clouds wreck my FPS, its awful, and most of the time dust clouds don't look particularly good, so its not like I'm sacrificing FPS for some sort of beautiful experience.
  137. Make signature ID's retain their name after DT (e.g. ABC-123 dont change to EFG-456 after DT)

    Keywords: exploration, wormholes
  138. Changing t3 subs on POS SMA

    Keywords: pos, wormholes
  139. Personal Hangar Array having more access configuration

    Keywords: pos, wormholes
  140. Personal SMA

    Keywords: pos, wormholes
  141. Alliance Bookmarks

    Keywords: corp management, wormholes
  142. Running job on a BPO/BPC on a POS shoal auto select appropriate facility slot and tabs

    Keywords: r&d
  143. Remove the old success/failed message box that appears on-screen when finishing a hack in a data/relic site.

    Keywords: ui
  144. Add killmail to mail informaing that a guy i placed bounty on has been killed

    Keywords: wars, bounty, pvp
  145. Separate D-Scan from overiwev setings (allow to change DS settings without touching Overwiev)

    Keywords: pvp, ui
  146. Add visual cone shape showing curent D-scan area both: in map and in space

    Keywords: pvp, ui
  147. Replace the EVE Star Map with a flat UI like the Dust514 Atlas.

    Keywords: ui, map, dust514
  148. Activation AND deactivation of cloaking module triggers aggression countdown.

  149. Cloaking and decloaking is a crime (not concord) in high sec.

  150. Change crystal implants to shield hp from shield boost

    Note: or introduce new six implant sets for passive shield
  151. Heavy mining drones for Rorqals only and Medium mining drones for Orcas only

    Note: This will dramatically increase the number of Rorqal and Orca loss mails.
  152. Reduce leadership skill to +1 in squad per level.

    Note: With squads now five man instead of ten max fleet size and its alpha is reduced and variety of fleet types and tactics encouraged.
  153. Limit drone assist in the same way assigning fighters is restricted.

    Note: Instalocking finger of death from fleets of sentries is unbalanced.
  154. CEO characters and Alliance leader characters gain an additional small command bonus in command ships

    Note: but only applicable to fleet members from their corp or alliance. Call it crew morale, if you want. The more emphasis put on FCs as CEOs and alliance leaders, the more drama and chaos.
  155. Enhance fleet invite confirmation screen

    Note: allow the FC to see the applicant's current location, alliance, corp, ship class and ship type so he can choose who to accept.
  156. Fleet templates.

    Note: Allow the FC to define fleet template they can save and load, auto dropping new fleet members into the slots defined. e.g. FC=commandship, WCs=strategic cruiser, wing 1-3 battleships, wing 4 logistics, wing 5 any. Template can contain fleet "motd".
  157. Allow swapping of players positions fleet.

    Note: FC, WC or Boss to be able to drag and drop one player onto another, swapping their position.
  158. Fleet configuration (in template) to autodrop podded fleet members, or autodrop pods.

  159. Give all planetary objects sectors based on object size.

  160. Allow structures (POS, ihubs, pocos, stations) to be anchored at any sector of planetary body.

  161. Increase size or change model of Caldari outpost.

  162. Allow new stations' undock direction to be selected during deployment.

  163. Allow multiple stations per system

  164. Balance incursion rewards

  165. Remove one week expiry of incursions in null sec.

    Note: Make the negative effects and particularly the lethal rats persist till cleared, though no respawn of sites after the week is up. Unused space will gradually become hostile as more and more constellations acquire vicious rats requiring an active occupant to clear it to make it farmable again. Make the landlords do some maintenance for their free isk.
  166. MAssively buff damage and locking on pos guns, missiles and ew.

    Note: Make them dangerous again.
  167. Make Dscan angle slider more UI friendly. Also add AUs to dscan.

    Keywords: scouting, exploration, ui
  168. convert all refineries (NPC, Outpost and POS alike) to activity lines

    Keywords: industry, pos
    Note: http://mararinn.blogspot.com.au/2012/03/industry-refine-and-manufacture.html
  169. When an SMA or CHA is destroyed it should drop a max volume can that only allows players to remove contents.

    Keywords: bug, pvp, pos
  170. add throughput limits to NPC and Outpost refineries

    Keywords: industry, pos
    Note: http://mararinn.blogspot.com.au/2012/03/industry-refine-and-manufacture.html
  171. Add the security level after the system name in the overview.

    Keywords: ui
    Note: So you'd see Jita (1.0) on the overview.
  172. Allow more role choices when restricting POS modules.

    Keywords: ui, pos, corp roles
    Note: If i want to restrict SMA to those with Jr Accountant, should be an option.
  173. Create a table, visible only to members with POS management roles, showing an overview of POSes belonging to the corp.

    Keywords: pos, ui
    Note: The table should show each POS type, its name, its system, its planet-moon designation, reinforce timer (if any), its CPU % used, its PG % used, its fuel level, its stront level, number of CHAs, number of SMAs, number of weapons, number of hardeners, number of industrial modules, and jump bridges (and its linked location). A table like this is what I'm thinking: http://cloud.steampowered.com/ugc/882969045457779077/E46DA2411439D629400D4C82B36F881B9E0FA18D/
  174. Allow players to view jump bridge networks owned by their alliance on the in-game star map.

    Keywords: jump, bridge, map, ui
    Note: See also GARPA tool, http://i.imgur.com/Zo0Ok5V.png
  175. Queue system for manufacturing and invention jobs that works just like the skill queue does now

    Keywords: pos, ui, industry
    Note: Mass invention is a click fest of epic proportions when done on any more then a casual scale. Module, ammo and drone invention is probably the worst since they are verye short invention jobs. Have a skillqueue, keep it at 24h, that you can drop blueprints in to and it will do its usual checks for materials, and only allow as many jobs to be running concurrently as your skills allow. have it also let you select if you want them to use one slot, next available or something else based on user criteria.
  176. Add a "number of crew lost" metric to each character based on their lossmails.

    Keywords: lore, rp
    Note: I've always wondered how many innocent NPC crewmembers I have killed over my EVE career.
  177. allow roles to be assigned to pos modules, currently only alliance, corporation, starbase fuel and starbase config are allowed. Add more, and allow us to assign that role to players

    Keywords: pos, roles, management, corporation
    Note: Under pos management, there are only 4 roles you can assign to modules, such as x-large arrays, corporate hanger arrays, research arrays, etc. allow more roles to be assigned to the modules themselves (the interface is already in place).
  178. Change the size of a wormhole in the overlay if it's been opened.

    Keywords: ui, wormholes
    Note: Instead of an X702 being 7.3 AU in the scanner overlay, it'd be 14.6 or something to show that it has been opened. One of the worst mechanics in wormholes is that you have to warp to a wormhole to know if it's open, and doing so opens it.
  179. Allow the 5 active drones to be placed on the module UI slots so that they may be set on individual targets via pressing F1-F5, just like guns.

    Keywords: user interface, drones
  180. Make all pos arrays, slots and resources shown as one large list instead of broken up by array.

    Keywords: ui, pos, industry
    Note: Have the pos tower take on the aggregate attributes of all arrays and labs anchored at it. Art can stay the way it is now. Example: I have 3 advanced lab, 1 component array, 1 standard lab anchored at a tower. when I look at the tower I see 9x .65 copy slots, 1x .75 copy slot, 11x invention slots etc. It would also show me I have a storage space equal to the storage that would be combined between them, which in this example would be 1,100,000 m3 of storage.
  181. Add an text entry field in the "Route" drop-down that lets a player set a destination system without searching in People & Places or auto-linking a solar system name into chat.

    Keywords: route, destination, ui
  182. Allow a fleet / wing / squad commander to push destination system to all members below him, similar to the "warp squad to" and "warp fleet to" buttons.

    Keywords: fleet, destination, ui
  183. Logout to character selection screen

    Keywords: ui, launcher, client, character
  184. Allow players to perform level 4 "locator agent" type searches from the Bounty Office.

    Keywords: bounty, locator, search, ui, enablers
    Note: No one who actually uses locator agents uses said agents for PvE. They should not be tied to PvE standing. Also, I would bet that the amount of players using level 1-3 agents is minimal.
  185. Add a low slot module that counters webs the same way warp core stabs do points and scrams

    Keywords: modules, ewar, webs, speed, mobility
  186. Capacitor warfare modules should work on NPCs like they work on players

    Keywords: pve, npc, nos, neut, capacitor
    Note: A player should not be able to infinitely Nosferatu an NPC. A player should be able Neut out an NPC, shutting off the NPCs modules.
  187. Make wardec costs be related to the difference in members between corps

    Keywords: wardecs, highsec
    Note: as of now it is incredibly cheap and easy for larger corps to harass smaller ones with wardecs for an absolute pittance wardec cost. The costs should scale such that a 1:1 difference costs the least, and the more members the aggressing entity has compared to the defender the more it costs. This will encourage fights between entities of similar size.
  188. Include move action "Move away from...".

    Keywords: ui, gameplay, navigation
    Note: This action will move you directly away from the target of the action (i.e. you will move in the opposite direction of the action "Approach").
  189. Sell multiple items in the same action.

    Keywords: ui, market
    Note: You would be able to select many items, right-click and select "Sell items". A window would open with a summary of prices, and let you remove items from the list before selling them.
  190. Open many overviews at the same time, or divide the overview in two or more sections.

    Keywords: overview, ui
    Note: This would be really useful to divide the overview information into meaningful blocks. For example, I could divide my overview in 3 sections - enemies, celestials and allies. You could be able to show and order columns in each section individually. Using the same example, I don't need the colums "Velocity" and "Transversal Velocity" for celestials, only to ships. In the same way, I don't want the celestials to be lost in the middle of dozens of enemies, so I could let a fixed section with celestials only.
  191. Hotkey to create bookmark, or to open the window to create bookmarks.

    Keywords: locations, ui
  192. Add the status "Completed" to missions.

    Keywords: ui, mission, journal
    Note: At the moment, when you open your Journal to see your missions, if you have a mission which you have completed all objectives, it will keep showing it as "Accepted". It would be nice to change it to "Completed" if you already have completed all steps to finish the mission (I don't know if it applies to other places as well).
  193. Add damage type to combat logs.

    Keywords: ui, combat log
    Note: I don't know if everyone would aggree with it in PvP, but at least against rats would be nice to see the amount of each type of damage you are taking and dealing (e.g. "100 from Angel Hunter (60 EM. 40 Thermal) - Hits").
  194. Avatar based content and walking in stations.

    Keywords: avatar, stations, gameplay, wis.
  195. Revamp the Tactical Overlay.

    Keywords: ui
  196. Add option of always visible ship position (now you have hold alt key).

    Keywords: ui, gameplay
  197. Add option of adding multiple personal tabs for items in station (like crop tabs).

    Keywords: ui, items
  198. Lower minimum size of most of a windows (like chat, direction scanner).

    Keywords: ui
  199. Some way to sell multiple items faster with less mouse clicks... (select all the items you want to sell, and right click sell items... then you could just press enter for each item to confirm or press cancel to stop selling)

    Keywords: ui, market
  200. add an overview setting that displays bookmarks on the overview as warpable object

    Keywords: ui
    Note: it might be worthwhile to restrict it to a folder within the bookmarks so not ALL bookmarks show up on the overview, or add a checkbox to the BMs whether they should show up.
  201. More Tabs in the Overview

    Keywords: ui
  202. Fix the sorting of bookmarks in bookmark folders, and of bookmark folders inside the 'new bookmark' window, so that it is consistent

    Keywords: ui, bookmarks
  203. Make a special folder for bookmarks. So that bookmarks in that folder are visible in space.

    Keywords: ui/overview
  204. Reduce the clone-jump-delay from 24h to 8h.

  205. Bookmarks as "toggleable" beacons in space, as in you can add bookmarks to be visable in space, warp able and selectable. As a bonus, these new "visable" bookmark could be added to objects in space that you can see on your overview.

    Keywords: ui, overview
  206. Allow modules to abort "cancellation pending" state and continue to be active.

    Keywords: ui
    Note: You accidently click your Siege module off. Reactivating it will lose your current targets.
  207. Insert hats to NEX store.

    Keywords: avatar, stations, gameplay, wis. nex, character customization
  208. Add Locator agents as a filter category in Agent Finder

    Keywords: agents, pvp
  209. Make the Assets search function find things in containers

    Keywords: inventory, assets
  210. Let us set a custom ISK threshold for displaying the bounty icon on people

    Keywords: bounty hunting
    Note: Currently a lot of people have insignificant low bounties on them. Therefore the overview bounty icon is almost useless for a bounty hunter to find valuable targets because it creates too many "false positives".
  211. Add remote Locator agents that don't require you to be docked

    Keywords: game play
    Note: remote agents charge a much higher price
  212. Add a dismissable dialog warning before undocking with an insufficient clone.

    Keywords: ui
    Note: these warnings are available for rig installation, implant installation, undocking with suspect timers active, and even for making purchases on the market that deviate from average prices. These can all be dismissed if you don't want them. Why is there no such warning for taking an action which may cost you hundreds of thousands of skill points?
  213. Display the status (shield, armor, hull) of drones in bay

    Keywords: ui, drones
    Note: Currently if you have damaged and undamaged drones in the bay and want to launch the undamaged ones it's basically gambling.
  214. Add a configurable delay to the list-stack effect on mouse-over of brackets in space.

    Keywords: ui
  215. Allow bookmarks to show as brackets in space.

    Keywords: ui
  216. Allow dragging of fleet members from the Overview to the Watchlist

    Keywords: ui
  217. Display the ship-type of the broadcasting ship in Broadcast history

    Keywords: ui pvp
    Note: This would for example allow Logistics ships to better prioritize targets for reps.
  218. Add a "launch drones" shortcut that lets you click a drone or drone group

    Keywords: ui, drones
  219. Make loots from NPC pirates more useful and less of just things to sell and reprocess (or vice-versa).

    Keywords: pve, loot, missionning, complexes
    Note: Do you know the Monster Hunter games ? I've only played the Freedom Unite one, but in these, you can get carves from the monsters you've slain, and you need a certain amount of these carves to forge and/or ameliorate your weapons and armors. That is what makes killing monsters useful and rewarding and that what makes me keep playing the game, and I think it could be appliable in Eve with NPC pirates you slay in missions and complexes and help making PvE more interesting.
  220. Allow COSMOS missions to be repeated every 3-12 months.

    Keywords: pve, missions
  221. Add secondary high slots to large ships for fitting small turrets or missiles.

    Keywords: solo pvp, solo pve, fleet
    Note: Two or three high slots on a battleship reserved for small turrets wouldn't drastically change the firepower of the ships, but would give those larger ships a defense against NPC frigates and PVP drones without taking away from their firepower against their intended targets of enemy battleships/battlecruisers. This could be done by adding a secondary set of high slots for close support/local area weapons to ships in battleship size or larger. Not having any bonuses to the small turrets means that the battleships likely wouldn't have the firepower to solo-kill another player in an interceptor, but a group of them could pose a threat to one that they couldn't before without losing their own firepower against other ships in their class.
  222. Allow a full test deployment of PI structures and links to ensure you have the PG/CPU before hitting submit. Including when you stop a cycle to be able to move an ECU complete with heads as one unit to another area rather than re-doing the heads.

    Keywords: ui, pi
    Note: Currently in certain situations you have to submit before finishing the whole colony. potentially causing issues with setup.
  223. Allow to set up multiple manufacture and invention jobs of the same type in a POS (or even in NPC stations)

    Keywords: ui, pos, manufacturing
    Note: Imagine you have 5 t2 BPC of the same item, you want to set up 5 jobs all the same and yet at the moment you have to do every single selection one by one. If I drop my hypothetical 5 BPC in a a POS hanger as long as I have all the materials and necessary things, i should be able to kick of those 5 jobs in one go rather than one at a time. Same for inventions.
  224. A remember button for the invention window.

    Keywords: ui, invention, industry, pos
  225. Be able to remove/sell back/transfer loyalty points.

    Keywords: missions, loyalty points
    Note: I have a number of loyalty points for people that I am never going to mission for again, in the quest for tidyness I would like to get rid of them, either sell them back or just plain delete them, if selling back it would just be a nominal amount (maybe a few isk per point) or if transferring there has to be a minimum fee per point.
  226. Walking in station stuff, nuff said.

    Keywords: wis, avatar, incarna
  227. Attenuate the jumping / bridging sound in large fleets

    Keywords: sound blob
    Note: (Insert Eve-has-sound joke) The volume seems especially loud on a titan or jump bridge, but gates can be surprisingly loud as well. Either make the sound effect much quieter by default, or implement something like
  228. Place the rebalacing of POS modules earlier in the rebalancing queue.

    Keywords: pos, pos modules, rebalancing
  229. Remove (or otherwise cap) drone assist mechanic

    Keywords: gamemechanic pvp balance automatinggameplay
    Note: This reduces 250 players to non-players as there is nothing for them to do after assisting the drones to the designated drone anchor. No need to lock targets, cycle guns or even communicate orders. Nothing to do but sit in space and play a different game that actually encourages interactivity.
  230. Swap T3 subsystems within a POS.

    Keywords: strategic cruiser, tech 3, subsystem, starbase, pos, wormhole
    Note: One benefit of Tech 3's is their versatility when able to change subsystems. This versatility isn't able to be used in POSes, so I have to own 2-3 Tech 3's of a given type if I want to run more than one static subsystem configuration.
  231. Start development on the Avatar Exploration prototype.

    Keywords: avatar, wis, incarna, content
  232. Add in the 100 or so clothing items that have not yet got a pricing structure but are otherwise finished.

    Keywords: avatar, wis, incarna, clothing, nex
    Note: CSM minutes stated that in excess of 100 clothing items were ready for release, but as yet, unreleased.
  233. Update NeX store to accomodate more clothing items and accessories.

    Keywords: avatar, wis, incarna, clothing, nex
  234. introduce new in game sources for character clothing pieces. Ex. Mission rewards, rat drops, data canisters, etc.

    Keywords: pve, wis, avatars
    Note: While fluff items are nice and all, they become much more interesting when you can wear them.
  235. Use the choice of tribe/bloodline/whatever for something in gameplay

    Keywords: character creation, gameplay
    Note: When new players make their first character, they might spend quite a lot of time reading and choosing tribe and bloodline. You get the nimpression that it will be imoritant, somehaow, to your experience and progress in the game - yet it isn't. Not at all. You get some "Tribal sponsorship" trinket at some point, but it is of no consequence whatsoever. Doesn't make sense. You should either get something extra from doing missions for your tribe/bloodline, have some intrinsic benefits with those corporations, get some unique missions in line with the descriptions given in char creation. Or you should dismantle tribe/bloodline as atavistic and redundant. I would prefer the former.
  236. Abolish Storyline Agents, and let any agent be able to give storyline missions once every 16 missions, like now

    Keywords: agents, gameplay, missions
    Note: Now, when you get a storyline mission, it may not be with the corp you are grinding with. Grinding is boresome anyway, but it is downright frustrating to be offered missions with a corp you are NOT interested in atm. And some corps do not have any storyline agents at all, or they are so far removed from highllevel normal agents that you get the SL missions with someone else anyway. I see no reason for having special agents for those missions, and especially I see no reason in terms of the purported grand narrative of the game.
  237. Make player owned stations destructable

    Keywords: logic
  238. Make notes on your ingame notepad-tool accessible to all characters on the same account.

    Keywords: ui, tools
  239. Add "Yourself" to the appearance settings for the overview or exclude containers owned by you from the existing appearance filters.

    Keywords: ui, pvp
    Note: If you assign a colour or tag to "no standing" so that all capsuleers are highlighted, it currently includes containers and wrecks that you own, cluttering the overview.
  240. Return the pirate ship logs to loot tables, allow them to be used for expeditions.

    Keywords: gameplay, exploration, expeditions
    Note: See https://forums.eveonline.com/default.aspx?g=posts&t=230646 for a discussion on this topic. The change appears small, had broad support, and would encourage pilots to move around New Eden and explore lowsec space. Lots of room for iterative improvement.
  241. Allow alliance executors to give out awards like corp CEOs.

    Keywords: recognition, alliance, awards, ui
  242. Additional numeric overlays for item icons. Eg ME/PE/Runs for BPCs

    Keywords: ui,industry,invention
    Note: There is no way without right clicking, outside of the Assets list, to see ME/PE/Runs on a BPC, it would be nice to see it at a glance in Icon display mode in a hangar, just as the number of items in a stack is currently shown on the icon. Can we have other numbers in the other three corners of the icons? Could these be configurable? Could these indicators be of more use on other items - eg Optimal/Falloff/Base Damage on guns. Handy for newbies to see things at a glance in a hangar.
  243. Auto-routing in PI.

    Keywords: pi
    Note: If a factory only has one link, the output automatically is routed to the destination. The extractor heads should automatically route the output across the link.
  244. Have a combination key to divide a stack of an item into multiple even stacks. (Exp: Alt+Drag to a location, specify the number of items for the new stacks, then the single stack is split into multiple stacks of the specified amount with the remaining amount in another stack.

    Keywords: ui, inventory
  245. add an option to disable jump and sensor overlay animations

    Keywords: graphics
  246. Make people from the overview dragable, possibly by holding down a keymodifier to avoid it being annoying to gameplay as it is now

    Keywords: ui, overview
    Note: This would allow you to use the overview to add people from your fleet (if you a tab with friendlies in the overview) and select which ship types you want to add to your watchlist much faster, it would be an optional way to add people to the watchlist for greater ease... without needing to ask who are flying what.
  247. revert Astrometrics skill bonuses change

    Keywords: skills
  248. When starting an industry job, before accepting, add a column that shows the remaining items in the hanger that are required to start that job.

    Keywords: manufacturing, industry, logistics
    Note: When remotely starting manufacturing jobs there needs to be an active account at that POS or station to know if all of X jobs being restarted will have the required materials. By knowing the amount left before accepting, one can infer roughly how many of the same job X can be restarted before more material needs to get shipped in.
  249. make racial drone skills affect tech 2 sentry drones the same way as all other tech 2 drones

    Keywords: skills, drones
  250. make cargohold optimisation mods and expanded cargohold I/IIs work on the main hold of a ship, even if it a specialised hold - e.g. they would expand the ore hold of a venture.

    Keywords: module, balance, industry
    Note: making this change will support the new specialized indy ships and make mining ships more customisable.
  251. Remove the one time limit on datacenter missions, and replace it with a time limit similar to epic arcs. Expand the data center concept to cover tags or other items that have no current use.

    Keywords: missions, sec status, new content, tags, tags4sec
  252. WiS functionality let us explore station environments

    Keywords: wis
    Note: We all would like to open that locked door and ride around station corridors on horses jousting :)
  253. Take away pirate frigate access to novice plexes in FW.

    Keywords: faction warfare
  254. Audio notification when ore hold is full or mining crystal depleted

    Keywords: audio, ui
    Note: Nearly all other actions in game such as running out of charges or an asteroid being depleted announce themselves except for your mining lasers/strip miners deactivating due to a full hold or a mining crystal being consumed
  255. Allow pilots to select what information is visible on targets in space, similar to columns in the overview.

    Keywords: overview, space view, targeting
    Note: Information such as velocity, is primarily needed for targets, and should be displayed there rather than in overview (or in combination).
  256. add option to automatically activate scan on directional scanner at some pre-set frequency so we no longer need to manually click the damn button for every single scan!

    Keywords: ui, d-scan
  257. remove ability to lock targets directly from fleet broadcasts

    Keywords: game balance, fleet combat
    Note: ability to lock targets form fleet broadcasts is too powerful of a tool, it helps too much in coordinating large fleets as it makes applying focused dps or remote reps too fast and and too easy.
  258. add double click manual piloting to tutorial

    Keywords: tutorial
  259. Highlight my orders (and other corp members perhaps) in market listings.

    Keywords: market, ui
    Note: Makes it much easier to find out if you're still the highest buy or lowest sell price.
  260. Allow greater modification of orders (possibly requiring skill) including amount and duration

    Keywords: market, orders
    Note: Right now I can change the price, but I can't change anything else.
  261. More ui scaling options, including text scaling for all windows.

    Keywords: ui, scaling
    Note: Eve is currently not really suited for gaming on a TV.
  262. Allow selection of audio devices in game options

    Keywords: audio, device, hardware
    Note: Currently Eve will only play through windows default playback device, and eve-voice only works with the windows default recording device. Sometimes I might want to change what devices Eve uses without necessarily adjusting the windows default.
  263. Add transaction specifics to transactions menu in wallet.

    Keywords: wallet, transactions
    Note: Make it so when hovering over a transaction a tooltip displays how much of the total shown was actually received and how much went as tax / broker fees.
  264. Medium sized cargo carrier

    Keywords: ships, industrial
    Note: There's a big gap between a top level Industrial and a freighter, most other ship paths don't have such large gaps in both cost and utility.
  265. Replace Overview configuration UI so that we can have options that are currently available only by editing or replacing the XML files (and thereby risking banhammer due to client modification, even though it has been semi-officially explained as not a bannable offense).

    Keywords: overview
    Note: https://forums.eveonline.com/default.aspx?g=posts&t=207693 is one example of explanation on how to modify your overview.
  266. Start development on multi-avatar environments. It would be nice to have a reason for my Avatar.

    Keywords: wis, avatar, incarna,
  267. Add Loot All option like other MMOs for all cargo cans/other cans in loot range

    Keywords: salvage, loot
    Note: Its really freaking annoying to have to click 2-3 times to loot each of 10-20 cans that have piled up after you've just salvaged a bunch of wrecks.
  268. Allow Salvaging drones to automaticly interact with wrecks within drone range.

    Keywords: ui, pve, drones
    Note: Just make salvaging drones able to pick new targets (wrecks) and be able to auto-salvage, just the way combat drones auto-attack the nearest hostile target within drone range.
  269. Add Sliders to LP store offers so that you can determine how much isk vs LP you want to spend with a set min at the current settings

    Keywords: lp, pve
    Note: The new Tags for sec status has a slider for turning in alot of tags at once for a set sec status gain. I would like to adapt this for all LP store offers so that if I want to use more LP instead of isk to claim an offer I can do so. Example. I want a +3 implant and current store cost is 5,250 LP and 5.250mil isk. Have a slider so I can set how much LP vs ISK I want to use so that I can use 10.5k LP to claim the offer or any other ratio in between if I wanted to. (Would need to have a min of 5.250 lP and 5.250mil ISK to claim, so you can't go lower than current offers)
  270. Submit full list of "medium" things ideas to CCP on top of the 99 prioritized ones so that if CCP can do more than the 99 players get more stuff!

    Keywords: win
    Note: I wish we wouldn't have to do these lists every fricken patch cycle. If stuff can't be done now, but is something ccp wants to do it should be saved till it can be done. I wish that CCP had a special team that would release these types of iterations every 3 months...
  271. Give an option to remember the password for each account on the launcher so you don't need to type it every time.

    Keywords: launcher, password
  272. Redo Item Descriptions, Attributes, and any other piece of data that exists as text in the game to conform to a set standard.

    Keywords: items, text, descriptions
    Note: Its really friggin annoying how item descriptions list the same information like history, bonuses, specials abilitiesetc in different spots. Please create a layout for each of these pieces of information and make sure every item in the game conforms to it. Please also extend this to item attributes so when you put two items that are in two different windows close to each other, you can more easily tell the difference between them.
  273. Add an item comparison tool that will allow you to easily show the difference between modules

    Keywords: items
    Note: Think like you are comparing two different items on new egg and you can check a box to add it to a something that lays out all items stats for easy comparison, then highlight in green the item that has the best stat, and highlight the stats in red for other items that have worse stats.
  274. Increase the number of corporation divisions.

    Keywords: ui, corporation, inventory, market
    Note: Now that I think of it, this might be a massive undertaking considering the structure of the roles system.
  275. Add a way for players that have submitted suggestions to be recgonized in some way if the suggestion makes it into game

    Keywords: csm
  276. Add a dislike button to the forums.

    Keywords: ui
    Note: Most desperately needed in chat windows.
  277. remove auto-scan for cosmic signatures

    Keywords: exploration
    Note: the new auto-scan mechanics for exploration make it so easy it's boring. please add a little challenge back to this type of gameplay. i have no problem with knowing how many signatures are in system, but don't point out exactly where they are.
  278. add ME and PE values to BPC/BPO icons.

    Keywords: industry
  279. give us modular POSs.

    Keywords: pos
  280. Add cooldown timer to MJD button. Also it would be great if pilot gain control to MJD jump range, let's say selecting from 10 to 100km with 10km increment

    Keywords: modules
  281. turn off camera tracking dy default.

    Keywords: ui
  282. remove the zooming camera to the ship while undock

    Keywords: ui
  283. let players to turn off new stargate jump transition via options

    Keywords: ui
  284. bring back julebox !

    Keywords: ui
  285. add 5 more tabs to overview

    Keywords: ui
  286. remove item types limit of 999 in hangar, make items "packable" and "sellable" from within containers

    Keywords: items
  287. add Agents cooldowns to some "advanced" tab in Missions journal

    Keywords: ui
  288. make really useable hierarchial framework for bookmarks

    Keywords: ui
  289. increase limit of saved fittings from 100 to 200+

    Keywords: ui
  290. let player to create, save and re-use custom scanning probes layouts

    Keywords: scanning, ui
  291. make ingnored signatures to stay ignored after exiting and re-entering system

    Keywords: scanning, ui
  292. add colortags to gates in the overview (e.g. ability to select different color for gates leading to high low and nullsec)

    Keywords: ui
  293. Allow items in a container to be repackaged without having to first move them to the root of the hangar.

  294. Give us containers we can use in Ship Hangar to separate out different kinds of ships.

  295. Allow us to export/import all client settings to/from a path we choose. Include overview, market quicklist, window layout, channels, window stacking etc.

  296. Allow a master file of ALL in-game settings to be imported/exported in an editable (XML, JSON, etc) format.

    Keywords: ui, settings
    Note: See this thread for my original suggestion.
  297. Rework Local into a delayed intel channel in low sec and remove its intel function in null sec. Keep it for chat. Balance null sec's risk/reward with increased effort for intel gathering.

    Keywords: local, null sec, balance
  298. nerf links

    Keywords: seriously
  299. Implement some sort of save current settings in the invention window so we don't need to click so much.

    Keywords: invention, blueprints, pos
  300. Allow alliance members who can access research slots and enter the POS bubble to also copy and fetch BPCs.

    Keywords: research, pos, bpo, bpc
  301. Allow for saved settings (think quicklinks) in the invention/copying/manufacturing windows so I can easily swap FROM something like Public Stations & Current Blueprint Location TO Corporation Stations & Current Region. aka Public to POS

    Keywords: manufacturing, ui, pos, bpo, bpc
  302. Update the right click for salvage drones to include "salvage the field" when you already have targets selected.

    Keywords: drones, salvaging
  303. Allow a skill to be placed in queue when the current skill in training is <24hrs to complete and the skill in queue is the last prerequisite for the skill which can not yet be trained.

    Keywords: skills, training, ui
  304. Tie jump clone timer to distance of jump, IE: jump between non-adjacent regions, 24h; between adjacent regions, 20h; within same region, 16h; within same constellation, 12h; within same system, 8h; within same station, 4h.

    Keywords: clones, jump clones
  305. Cloaky ORE vessels -- ie 2 high slots for Procurer and Skiff.

    Keywords: mining
  306. Deadspace micro-wormhole generators. For such things as modular POS or safe spot.

    Keywords: pos, space.
  307. Crew for ships. Crew cost/person = f ( (kill-loss), standing, planet population).

    Keywords: crew, market.
  308. small gang warfare being more meaningful and better

    Keywords: small gang warfare
    Note: Making small gang warfare more appealing instead of encouraging blobs.
  309. Compare tool needs its own icon on the neocom.

    Keywords: ui
    Note: This has been asked for before and was said to be ready for release. Including the ability to drag and drop items in to the compare field would be a bonus.
  310. Large asteroid/ice belts

    Keywords: mining
    Note: More interesting scenery for miners and more epic looking scenery would be great.
  311. Add an autorepeat function for the directional scanner (e.g. every 5-10 seconds)

    Keywords: dscan, ui, directional scanner
  312. Allow Dev, GM, and CSM posts to pop up in the notification panel when ever they post.

    Keywords: forums
    Note: Would save bandwidth as everyone presses F5 all the time.
  313. Finish the promised second pass on the effects bar especially the missing repairing you, warp bubble scrammed, and currently cloaked after jumping indicators.

    Keywords: ui, everyone
  314. Tool tip over faction flag in missions showing damage type or at least a link to that information in the mission window.

    Keywords: ui, mission runners, newbies
  315. Corp contracts that work for in corp mining and other uses where transactions can be automated to speed a corp goal.

    Keywords: corp interaction,
    Note: makes it easier to track haulers as they get to the station acting on a current contract they can drop the ore in the refining pilots hanger and get payed with out having to wait around for that pilot to come on and dock.
  316. A max purchase option. Useful on TQ but realy needed on the test servers.

    Keywords: test server
    Note: purchasing of to many items makes the test server run out of items to fast which requires a dev to re seed. Would make life easier for the devs.
  317. Permit Silos to be re-tasked (contain different materials) without POS config.

    Keywords: pos, industry, reaction, wormhole
    Note: Requiring POS Config to retask a silo is rediculous. If it were tied to a less sensitive role, or a role of its own. Corp members who still have to prove their worthiness could do Reactions without breaking Corporate Security.
  318. Add "Killed on behalf of" to killmail API

    Keywords: api
    Note: It is in the in game killmails already, it should also be added to the API
  319. Add X, Y and Z positions of ships to killmail API

    Keywords: api
    Note: This would allow battle visualizations on killboards, which would be super cool. Would also be nice to get more precise times on killmails
  320. add an option to disable completely jump animation, dust clouds and sensor overlay

    Keywords: ui
  321. Add clone grade to podmails

    Keywords: api
  322. I want to be able to buy a ship and it's fitting from the market with one click from my stored fittings (only partially if necessary)

    Keywords: industry, market, pvp, ui
  323. Add a tracking system/update the COSMOS missions and Epic Arcs. Show which ones are completed, and the proper agent progress, starting agents, etc. and for Epic Arcs specifically, show their cooldown.

    Keywords: cosmos, epic arcs, pve
    Note: Epic Arcs and Cosmos provide some great PVE content, but accessing it is difficult and requires lots of internet searching. All the base work for the missions has been done, we just need an interface that helps players track progress, know where to go to start, what order to do the missions in (for Cosmos), and shows cooldowns for Epic Arcs. This will also help newer players even know that these really fun options exist as something to do.
  324. I want to be able to sell a lot of stuff to the highest buyorder at the same time, i don't care if it takes some time to make sure the server does not crash

    Keywords: market, industry, ui
  325. I want an easy way to import and export fittings in EFT format to the client

    Keywords: ui
  326. i want the ingame fitting management tool to show my how many of item X i have access to (my own hangar, my corp hangar and containers in these hangars)

    Keywords: ui
  327. Add itemID to killmails for the lost ship

    Keywords: api
    Note: This would be useful for asset tracking, to match up ships from the assets API to lost ships from killmails. Bonus points for putting attacker itemIDs, so we can track kills per ship
  328. i want the fitting tool to use items from all hangars i have access to, in a priority set by me, not the game

    Keywords: ui
  329. Remove ECM Drones

    Keywords: ecm, drones, combat
    Note: ECM is a rough topic and fixing it isn't easy. The modules have been balanced but the drones, due to chance based, are too powerful. Until a fix is found, they are better removed. (See how the meta develops without them)
  330. i want to give my alts (and some other people) access to my hangars

    Keywords: basically every aspect of the game
    Note: it is a major pain in the ass to manage assets across multiple accounts, this would make the life of everyone using more than one account much easier
  331. Add second static to Class 4 wormholes

    Keywords: wormholes, exploration
  332. Change black hole effect to something more useful

    Keywords: wormholes
  333. Setting up shortcuts via a list is massively unpractical, there are better ways to do this, read the note

    Keywords: ui
    Note: this is how it's done in some other games i played:
  334. Make the assembly line selection for industry jobs default to the first free slot in the same location as where you last installed a job

    Keywords: industry, ui
  335. Add a module that affects drone falloff.

    Keywords: drones, modules, falloff, combat
  336. Allow for BPCs with the same stats be stackable.

    Keywords: invention, copying, pos, manufacturing, blueprints, easy navigation of hanger inventory
  337. Alllow POS labs to source datacores/decryptors etc from POS CHAs in the same way that station based labs can source from station corporate hangars.

    Keywords: invention, pos
    Note: This would still require the assets to be vulnerable to attack, but would reduce the headache of having to divide a month's worth of invention supplies into little piles for each lab on the POS.
  338. Add place bounty button to forums

    Keywords: forums, awesome
  339. Make T3 cruisers change rigs as module (not destroy the rig).

    Keywords: ship balance, strategic cruisers, rigs
    Note: T3 ships should be able to fit / unfit rigs without destroying it. That way, people will actually fly it more, instead of buy 1 ship to each type of activity because they can swap expensive rigs (as T2 rigs are).
  340. Rentable Public Station Hangars

    Keywords: hangars / station / set permissions
    Note: Station should have some public hangar to rent, and it function like a corp hangar, but the rent char should be able to share it to others entities he want it (players, corps)
  341. Allow the Creator filter in the Jobs window to accept a typed character name, not just Me and Everyone.

    Keywords: industry, ui
  342. Fix the Installations tab (both on the Industry and Science window and the one when creating a job) from randomly changing location filters (Region to System to Blueprint location, etc) on jumps/dock/undock

    Keywords: pvp, pve, ewar
  343. Сделать более гибкую систему выдачи прав доступа в корпорациях.

    Keywords: Корпорации, Общее.
  344. Ordering the overview display by distance or by name should be settable per tab rather than one setting for all tabs

    Keywords: ui
  345. Allow mining turrets to be stacked in the HUD so that one click will activate all of them

    Keywords: ui, mining
  346. Character profiles on the same account appear to share overview settings, make it so editing tabs on one profile does not change the tabs on the other profile.

    Keywords: ui, overview
  347. Add history to the decryptor and ship type fields in the POS invention window identical to the input and output hangers.

    Keywords: ui, pos, invention
  348. Mining turrets do not stop their cycle when an asteroid is depleted, this breaks game immersion. Instead make them stop automatically.

    Keywords: mining
  349. When activating the orbit command, ships will stop and change direction rather then continuing in their previous direction.

    Keywords: combat, ship controls, orbiting
    Note: This unnecessarily inhibits speed tanking (which is important for small fast ships) and it also breaks immersion.
  350. When opening the repair shop, only show items that need to be repaired

    Keywords: repair
  351. Allow the corporation ticker to be longer than five characters, or remove them as a requirement for creating a corporation

    Keywords: corporation creation, ticker
    Note: Currently it is impossible to create a corporation without having a unique corporation ticker. Limiting the ticker to five characters limits the number of possible corporations to 5^(Number of unique characters) which is much smaller than the number of unique corporation names.
  352. If you have just docked and then hit the undock button, the game should queue you for undocking rather than cancelling the action and saying that your ship hangar needs to be located first.

    Keywords: undocking
  353. Make customs offices a noncollidable structure

    Keywords: pi, collision mechanics
    Note: When I warp to a customs office, my hauler will often get stuck and be unable to warp away
  354. Make the inventory windows sort by value.

    Keywords: ui
  355. Allow more than five tabs on the overview window

    Keywords: ui, overview
  356. Add a check mark next to each completed mission in the missions info panel.

    Keywords: info panel, ui
  357. Remove the apply button from the training queue

    Keywords: training queue
    Note: If I make changes to the queue and forget to hit apply then I could lose a day of training
  358. Add an intel info panel showing how many people are in system for each of the five categories of standing.

    Keywords: ui, info panel
    Note: Other types of info could be listed in this info panel, like suspect and criminal flags.
  359. add an automated interplanetary train to move automatically commodities between planets to reduce the brain damage caused to players by by PI.

    Keywords: pi, usability, ui, industry
  360. Show percentage and absolute readout of Capacitor in the HUD

    Keywords: ui, hud, readout
    Note: It would be shown exactly as shield, armor and structure is shown today in the HUD.
  361. Create an info panel that has the current environment message -- the one that pops up when you warp to an area and get rid of the popup.

    Keywords: ui, info panel
  362. When placing buildings and extractor heads in Planetary Interaction, make placeable locations discrete rather than continuous.

    Keywords: pi
    Note: This gives the player a discrete set of options to choose from rather than an infinite set. Perfectionist players like me will be very happy with this change.
  363. Minus extractor heads, allow us to store patterns for PI facilities (storage, launchers, factories).

    Keywords: pi, usability
    Note: Storing route information would be a bonus.
  364. Allow for better organization of contacts based on how recently/frequently I've talked to them.

    Keywords: contacts, ui
  365. Make the Advanced Planetology skill require Planetology level V rather than level IV since they both give the exact same bonus.

    Keywords: skill, pi
  366. Create a corp-level market.

    Keywords: corporations
    Note: This is just basically creating private-to-corporation markets. This way they could buy and sell things at the discounted rates that corporations already do within their ranks.
  367. In Planetary Interaction, show the value of the scan resolution, rather than leaving it ambiguous. Also, show how much the Planetology skill improves it.

    Keywords: pi, ui
  368. Make an ORE destroyer class mining ship in the same style as the venture.

    Keywords: mining, ships
    Note: This would have a larger ore hold and the capacity for more mining turrets. It also needs to have the same bonus to warp core stability that the Venture does.
  369. Corporate-controlled Planetary Interaction with different levels of role permissions.

    Keywords: pi, corp
  370. Создать систему случайных событий на миссиях, в комплексах, в астероидных поясах и т.д.

    Keywords: случайность, события
    Note: Жизнь в космосе будет не такой предсказуемой и станет интереснее в разы.
  371. Show tracking in the tooltip for guns

    Keywords: ui, tooltips, weapons, guns, tracking, combat
  372. Не считать нарушением EULA уход от конкорда.

    Keywords: ui, pvp, fitting, logistics
    Note: Currently, if I right-click and then click "fit to ship" on a module I do not have the skill requirements for, the module does not leave my hangar and does not go onto the ship. As someone who imports materials and then contracts fitted ships to null-sec alliance members, this means I have to either (1) Inconvenience my buyers by forcing them to fit half of a ship or (2) limit myself to importing only ships I can completely fit. If instead, the "fit to ship" option first fit the module to the ship offline, then attempted to online the module with a skill check, this would allow individuals to more easily get fitted ships to the front lines of major null-sec wars. Alternatively, adding a "fit to ship offline" option that bypasses the skill check and requires the user to online the module manually (with the appropriate skill check) would be acceptable.
  373. Replace the configuration icon on the overview, drone bay, etc. with the gear icon.

    Keywords: ui, icons
    Note: When teaching new players how to configure their overview or drones, I have to tell them to find the "little box of lines... icon... thing...." Why not use the same gear icon that is used to configure the chat window? Its a more descriptive icon and it would be more consistent to use the same icon for all configuration needs. Mock up image: http://i.imgur.com/1RpUZL5.jpg I also replaced the route-configuration icon because it looks better, and letters are not icons.
  374. make it impossible to light up cyno while in agro

    Keywords: module balance, game mechanics, cynofield generator
  375. make it visual if the ship has the cyno fitted

    Keywords: module, graphics, module mechanics, cynofield generator
  376. make a 5-10 secs cynofield lighting (no such delay on recons, 5 secs with cynofield 5 skill, 10 with 1)

    Keywords: module, graphics, module mechanics, cynofield generator
  377. Allow transfer of materials from planets into orbit while docked at a station

    Keywords: ui, drones
    Note: Currently if you have damaged and undamaged drones in the bay and want to launch the undamaged ones it's basically gambling.
  378. give +50% afterburner speed and -50% microwarpdrive signature penalty fixed bonus to heavy assault ships

    Keywords: ship balance, heavy assault
    Note: prefferably give separate bonuses to different hulls, eg - vagabond, deimos, cerberus, zealot would get -50% MWD signature penalty while; munin, ishtar, eagle, sacriledge would recieve +50% afterburner speed bonus.
  379. make centry drones scoopable at 5km range

    Keywords: drones, module balance
  380. Remove the item limit in contracts.

    Keywords: contracts, limits
    Note: Currently moving a large number of items is quite annoying with the item limit in place when making contracts.
  381. Auto-pause and activation of skills while jumpcloning

    Keywords: jump clones, skill queue
    Note: I know it's been said before but figured I'd emphasize the pain associated with having to open your character profile, then skill queue, then back to char profile, then back to skill queue just to jump clone.
  382. Status indicator to show you when you're inside a warp bubble.

    Keywords: bubbles, ui, status indicators
    Note: It's all nice and dandy that we can see who's scramming us, but that was already visible on the overview, the only way to tell if you're OUT of a bubble is by holding alt to see the little cursor over your ship, then zoom and move the camera around to get the best view to see if you've actually burned out of a bubble.
  383. Make Amarr EW ships consistent by propagating the 10%/lvl tracking disruptor optimal bonus accross all Tracking Disruptor platforms.

    Keywords: amarr, ew, consistency
  384. In-Game-Browser Authentication via API

    Keywords: api, in game browser, igb, authentication, webapps
    Note: Implement an API call that allows developers to authenticate users being who they say they are when they use the In Game Browser to access trusted websites.
  385. Automatic broadcast of Shield/Armor request for logi based on Alarm levels.

    Keywords: fleet combat, logistics, armor, shield
    Note: Configurable via both pilot and fleet commander. Fleet commander can suppress automatic armor/shield broadcasts, default is off.
  386. Multi-account support for EVE launcher with saved passwords protected by master password.

    Keywords: ui
    Note: Implement multiple-account support in the EVE launcher using a 'Firefox' like master password protected password manager. Save the locations of EVE windows on a per-account basis, and enable selectable profiles to control what accounts are connected to, IE "PvP Accounts", "industry accounts"
  387. Overhaul the Jita Park Speakers, Features and Ideas Discussion, and Assembly Hall sub forums to better track, manage and collaborate on crowd sourcing initiatives, feature requests and related discussions.

    Keywords: do it already, web
  388. Clone overhaul that should allow players with high amounts of skill points to engage in riskier behavior. See note.

    Keywords: clone
    Note: With this system, skill points cannot be lost, but they may not be accessible unless they are added to the new clone. All of a players skills will be kept by the cloning facilities in a master clone (or brain). Skills must be injected into that through a cloning facility and skill training happens through that window as well. When a player gets podkilled, they are shown a window allowing them to choose which skills to include in their new clone along with the cost of doing so. They should be able to choose which skill level to add to the clone, so if they want to fly a lower level ship, they don't have to add a level V skill. In this situation if someone ever runs out of money, they can just use a clone with no skills instead of losing precious skill points. Also of note is that clone grades will be unnecessary with this setup.
  389. Allow Groups of Invention, Manufacturing, and other S&I jobs to be installed simultaneously.

    Keywords: manufacturing, invention, ui.
    Note: Invention is a pretty overwhelming click fest, with each job requiring 7-12 clicks to install and start ONE job. It would be a blessing to industry if you allowed us to drag 10 BPC's into one invention UI. Designate the materials hangar, and the output hangar, and then click start all 10 jobs simultaneously (assuming you have the materials for it).
  390. Allow autopilot to warp to 0 on gates in order to encourage people to fly AFK

    Keywords: autopilot
    Note: I think people should not be penalized by the game for being AFK when gate camps could do a much better job
  391. Add nullsec space that is only accessible through wormholes

    Keywords: nullsec, wormhole, player owned stargate
    Note: The space would be completely disconnected from all normal space (similar to Jove Empire and the cluster next to it). None of the solar systems will have jump gates between them and must be accessed via wormholes. Player owned jump gates could be set up between them. Maybe allow player owned gates to the rest of normal space as well. (Edit: Allow player owned gates to be turned on and off quickly via a command center. It would have to be on the same side as the gate that is being controlled since the other gate is so far away. If an attacking force enters the system, and the on duty pilot shuts the gate, they will have to take the command center to power the gate. Since the gate on the other side is still operating, a defense force can warp across to defend the command center. This also opens up the possibility for one way gates, but that might be overpowered as far as deploying forces into enemy territory, so this requires more thought. On a side note, each gate would need to be powered like a POS.)
  392. "Align Down" option for Acceleration Gates

    Keywords: ui
  393. Let ship maintenance array drop ships again

    Keywords: sma, pos
  394. Prevent people from accessing xl-sma if they are outside the forcefield

    Keywords: xl-sma, pos
  395. make a remove all grantable roles in the corp member overview or edit member screen

    Keywords: corp management
  396. make nanite paste so that when a ship has it in the cargo it can still be loaded in orca / carrier

    Keywords: nanite paste, carrier, orca
  397. Introduce the ability to be able to by a smaller amount off of a stack of items from an indidbidual contract at the matching % of the contract's price for the entire stack

    Keywords: ui, client, contract
  398. Kill Rights should be a commercial item between players, either via contract system or market.

    Keywords: bounty hunting, game play
  399. Talking with Locator Agents should be easy as picking up the phone to ask for a search as opposed to actually going to their system to locate a target.

    Keywords: agent, game play
    Note: Makes it difficult when you track a target then they move and you can't locate them again till you go back to your agent, (Yes I'm aware of the Locates R Us channel and I'm an active service provider in there).
  400. Add a "Dislike" aka do not like option to forum posts

    Keywords: forum
    Note: lets you see not only what isn't approved of by others, but what is actively seen to be a waste, and should also be a way to cut down on over-populating the Likes received counter.
  401. ImproveOmnidirectional Tracking Link to also improve Drone Falloff

    Keywords: drone, module, falloff, combat
  402. Add option to Sort Local by standing

    Keywords: ui, local
  403. Allow a master skill queue for one account so that skills for any of those alts can be trained with ease

    Keywords: alt, skill queue
  404. Have an in game database of npc loot drops and where those npc's spawn

    Keywords: loot
    Note: The current information on where to rat for specific modules is very sketchy
  405. Allow multiple outposts per system in order to improve nullsec manufacturing operations

    Keywords: outpost, manufacturing
  406. SMS verification of computers you log in from (with time options on number of weeks that validation should remain good for)

    Keywords: sms
  407. A Better Selection of EVE t-shirts and a more intuitive way to get to the store, so I can give you some real $ as I only use plex bought with trading profits to play the game .

    Keywords: t-shirts, store
    Note: Better selection means more options for different tastes. I want a simple cotton t-shirt with an eve logo on the front chest pocket location (with no pocket) and no space ships on it anywhere. Other people might want space ships. I want to wear it places where only those that are familiar with mmo's would ask me about it and it doesn't look like a spaceship nerd thing (even if I am a closet space ship nerd I want to sort of stay in the closet). Maybe a couple with text or a larger logo on the back with a space ship in the middle that looked more like a professional sports team shirt but with a space ship... same general look and feel of a sports team though.
  408. Button from EVE gate to account management screen to get API keys and verify password again if necessary without leaving the api key page.

    Keywords: api keyjavascript:if (typeof posting=='undefined'||posting!=true) {posting=true;__dopostback('forum$ctl00$postreply',);}
  409. Make a new population mechanic for space stations and a crew hiring mechanic for flying spaceships

    Keywords: spacestation, crew, population, new mechanic, hostages
    Note: There would be new manufacturing options for supporting the population such as water and different types of food. There would be new ships specifically for ferrying people. Population centers on planets and moons could be established and fought over. People could be hired (if free) or bought (if a slave). This would nicely implement the tensions between the Amarr and Minmatar Empires and allow Minmatar players to fight for the freedom of their npc brothers. This would also give players another reason to join either of those two races. Players could even have a family. Players could also skill up crew members which would provide bonuses for ships. Cloning options should be provided, but their initial setup fees should be exorbitant. (The player never saw the high cost of clone setup because it occurred in their characters backstory.) There could even be a player run cloning industry, but once a clone is setup it would be impossible to delete it from the game. One other thing, allow for hostage situations.
  410. Allow npc bounties to be added to your wallet sooner than the current time delay

    Keywords: bounty
    Note: Have a collect bounties button, but also have it automatically added after a time if that button is not clicked.
  411. Add an option to orbit a ship so that you remain perpendicular to another selectable ship, or just allow the orbital plane to be adjustable

    Keywords: orbit, speed tanking
    Note: Not having control of the orbital mechanics significantly inhibits the use of speed tanking ship classes
  412. Orbital approach should happen in a spiral with the angle of approach set by the player

    Keywords: orbit, speed tanking
    Note: This would facilitate speed tanking type gameplay by replacing the current mechanic of double clicking in ambiguous directions with ambiguous results. (Edit: Allow the angle of approach to be increased or decreased with hotkeys. This could also be applied to orbiting distance.)
  413. Allow individual customs offices to be added or removed from the overview on a per system basis

    Keywords: customs office, overview
    Note: If I have three customs offices that I need to access then I don't want to see all ten or none at all in the overview
  414. Add new factions of incursions. Pirate fleets

    Keywords: incursion
  415. Bookmark management for the in game browser

    Keywords: in game browser
  416. Rename 'Withdrawal' in incursions to 'Escalation' and THAT is when the Revenant (Mom) appears. At that point the influence begins to climb 4% per hour regardless of pilot actions, when it hits 100% the incursion closes.

    Keywords: incursions
  417. Projectile weapons automatically begin firing again when the ammunition has been automatically reloaded

    Keywords: autopilot
    Note: I think people should not be penalized by the game for being AFK when gate camps could do a much better job
  418. allow players to invite other players to their CQ

    Keywords: incarna, avatar, wis
  419. fix the NeX store UI

    Keywords: avatar
  420. allow players to climb down stairs to pod

    Keywords: incarna, avatar, wis
  421. ability to view 3d previews of dust514 items in eve

    Keywords: dust514
  422. fix the skills for exhumers and ore command ships, right now it takes a new player 14 days and some odd hours to fly a ore command ship, but 25 days and some odd hours to fly a exhumer. It should take longer to be in command of a fleet than it takes to pilot a exhumer.

  423. Add Slay table to CQ like you planned to at one point.

    Keywords: cq, minigame
  424. Port Eve Offline from Fanfest 2013 to play from Eve client

    Keywords: arcade, retro
  425. Allow capitals in highsec but disable all offensive weapons and boosting abilties (purely eyecandy)

    Keywords: immersion, awesomesauce
  426. Scale all ships appropriately, particularly those that can carry other ships unpackaged

    Keywords: realism, immersion
  427. Dynamic NPC traffic (including warping traffic) in systems according to popularity (mostly industrial, commuter traffic)

    Keywords: immersion, realism
    Note: Jita for example should be a hive of activity everywhere, not just on 4-4.
  428. Motherships (much larger than titans)

    Keywords: mothership, aoe, multi-pilot, blanaced iwin
    Note: one per alliance at a time, minimum alliance member count, minimum 12 month build time and insanely resource intensive. AOE doomsday with huge reload and ability to track all ship classes. Can turn a battle on its own but the cost of losing one should be immense. Only real counter would be many titans. Mutiple pilots per mothership
  429. Brackets in space scale with ship size relative to your position

    Keywords: ui, sense of scale
    Note: Would give the user a better sense of scale of ships relative to themselves
  430. Make planets solid, prevent ships from flying too close through gravity effects/warnings and atmosphere effects

    Keywords: immersion, realism
    Note: this refers to approaching a planet at sub-warp speeds not during warps - they are already handled very well now.
  431. Relaistic npc navy fleet amassing along FW HS borders and racial borders where lore supports

    Keywords: immersion, realism
    Note: Should include navy capital fleets, smaller fleets could move around in low sec systems warping from clestial to celestial on patrol. Fleets should engage pilots with similar mechanics as now.. No more random orbiting ships though.. ships should present as a fleet for effect.
  432. Jump Bridge action using the Radial Menu.

    Keywords: ui, radial menu, jump bridge
    Note: I don't know how it works for Titans, but as it's now you can't jump through a Black Ops using the radial menu.
  433. Изменить порядок сортировки скилов в окне персонажа.

    Keywords: Скилы, персонаж, прокачка
    Note: Сейчас очень не удобно просматривать скилы в окне персонажа, потому что они сортируются в алфавитном порядке. Было бы просто замечательно изменить порядок сортировки на "смысловой" или сделать подгруппы скилов. Например по-порядку шли бы Минматарские корабли от фрегатов до титана, затем Аммары и т.д. Так же отдельной подгруппой в этой же ветке сделать скилы для т1 и отдельно для т2 (HIC, HAC, Recon и т.д.).
  434. If I am already running the maximum number of research jobs, and i try to start a new one - fail immediately rather than at the last step.

  435. add second static to C4 wormholes

    Keywords: wormholes, exploration
  436. add personal SMAs

    Keywords: wormholes, pos
  437. make having additional static (random?) wormhole connection part of Black Hole effect

    Keywords: wormholes, exploration
    Note: so the black hole effect itself will still suck, but it will have benefit of having extra connections - choices, choices. More connections also means more player interaction and more explosions.
  438. enable e-war drones to be put on assist

    Keywords: drones, ui
  439. increase the number of roaming and random WHs across the w-space

    Keywords: wormholes, exploration
  440. Value total in refine/reprocess quote window

    Keywords: ui, industry
    Note: Market value total in inventory windows is great. Add it to all item listings that still don't have it, most notably the reprocess / refine quote.
  441. Introduce a proper mineral compression mechanic to replace the 425mm railgun I, and separated by mineral type.

    Keywords: industry, production, compression, usability, minerals
  442. use Orbit and Keep at Range commands without mouse, only by using hot keys (now I must use hot keys + mouse)

    Keywords: ui, combat
  443. Alliance Bookmarks (like corp but available across alliance)

    Keywords: ui, alliance, bookmarks
    Note: This would hopefully a) make life easier in coordinating an alliance and b) reduce the overall number of bookmarks.
  444. Make ship mentaints arrys drop loot again by removing restriction on fitted ships in cargo and enable loot cans to have same unlimited storage as wreaks

    Keywords: pvp, risk vs reward
  445. Special reload indicator just like cycle times.

    Keywords: ui
  446. Implement inter-corporation or inter-alliance market, to allow trade within corp/alliance only for industrial corps.

    Keywords: industry, ui, corporation, alliance, market, trade
  447. Дать возможность биндить на клавиши необходимые действия, доступные в контекстном меню. Например, значения для пунктов орбита, warp to, лока из бродкаста и т. д..

    Keywords: ui, keys.
    Note: То есть, нажал одну кнопку, прыгнул на 70, нажал другую кнопку, прыгнул в 0, нажал третью - залочил из бродкаста. Иногда не хватает именно тех нескольких секунд, в течение которой водишь по экрану мышкой и выбираешь из контекстного меню необходимое.
  448. Allow users to align the chat channel tabs along the bottom of that window, above the input bar.

    Keywords: chat, ui
  449. Add 'dock to side/bottom/top' and 'autohide' functionality options to all UI window screens, not just the neocon.

    Keywords: ui, settings
  450. Allow short, private messages to be sent directly from the chat channel to other users, commonly called '/tell' and '/whisper' in other games.

    Keywords: ui, chat
  451. Allow corporate members with appropriate rights to send 'broadcasts' to all members of their corporation, which would appear center screen and be accompanied by an alert or sound.

    Keywords: ui, chat, corporations
  452. Provide tooltip details for stats within 'show info' on items, such as explaining what a weapons transversal stat means and giving short advice over what is preferred.

    Keywords: ui, settings, tooltips
  453. The 'Target List' icons which are controlled by the 'Target List Anchor' (i.e. active, locked targets), should have more control, including hiding them, resizing them, and setting class and ship priority to their location other than 'locked first'.

    Keywords: ui, settings, targetting
  454. Add an option to display side-by-side local time and date on all in-game calenders, clocks and events, to help reduce the confusion in time conversion.

    Keywords: ui, time and date, settings
  455. Expand the hover tooltip on modules with more info such as cap usage.

    Keywords: ui
  456. Add an additional pre-fab 'action cam' option which would allow users, by choice, to have a more in-depth and immersive cinematic experience without having to micro-manage the advanced camera menu.

    Keywords: camera, ui, settings
    Note: https://forums.eveonline.com/default.aspx?g=posts&t=229993&find=unread
  457. Stop new windows grabbing cursor from text fields.

    Keywords: ui
  458. Add a hotkey to reload all stacks that can use ammo (like Shift+drag-drop) with it.

    Keywords: ui, combat
    Note: it is currently a pain to reload ships with high alpha&low rof that have weapons unstacked or split to multiple stacks for effeciency. Examples: 1400 arties in PVE, destroyers in low-level missions
  459. Allow all UI windows to have a 'completely transparent' option which also removes the boarders and 3d light shadings along the edge, which would essentially let the text float in space.

    Keywords: chat, settings, ui
  460. Add a 'Dislike' button to forums, to show that six likes doesn't make a right.

    Keywords: forums.
  461. Corporate Quarters with slay table, fitting manager (like EFT), live feed screens, potential entrance feem, or similar features.

    Keywords: wis, slay, quarters, avatar, incarna

    Keywords: fleet
    Note: When a Jump Portal is running and the using party causes a session change (undocking, gate jumping, joining fleet) in the meantime, you won't be able to take that Titan Bridge anymore - it shows an Error Popup - until you cause another session change while the Portal isn't running. This needs to be fixed!
  463. разрешить располагать группу окошек капаситора\кнопок модулей в любом месте экрана

    Keywords: интерфейс, ui
  464. Fix "Edit Member" window so you don't have to close it to open another players window.

    Keywords: ui, corporation,
  465. Make the text size adjustable for general UI

    Keywords: ui,
  466. Give a way to control access to SMA on a per toon basis

    Keywords: pos, wormholes
  467. Incresse the amount of "Titles" presets you can have in the Corporation window.

    Keywords: ui, corporations
  468. Show a minimum/maximum range bubble when anchoring out-of-shields POS modules.

    Keywords: pos
    Note: It's quite annoying if you get the error message that a gun cannot be anchored within x meters to the POS. A nice addition would be to have a bubble shown - similiar to the tactical overlay when hovering a gun on your ship - visualizes the minimum and maximum range in which it is valid to anchor the module.
  469. добавить структуру Personal Ship angar аналогичную персонал ангару

    Keywords: pos, wh
  470. When an item sells out, allow me to receive a notification for it.

    Keywords: market, selling, ui, notifications
  471. Introduce all changes made to the private asset search to the corp asset search

    Keywords: corporation, ui, assets
    Note: Have you ever tried to search for corporation assets via the corporation window? It's about time to have that as as neat as the personal assets search.
  472. пересмотреть параметры рефайн модуля на посе, сделать возможным достичь перфектного рефайна или близкого к нему, возможность загружать большее количество руды за раз

    Keywords: pos, wh, mining, industry
  473. introduce beards into character editor, proper lumberjack/viking beards

    Keywords: incarna, customization, avatar
  474. add hats to NeX store

    Keywords: incarna, customization, avatar, apparel
  475. Make it possible to align to something without moving towards it.

    Keywords: movement, ui
    Note: Aligning while staying in place should be trivial for a spaceship.
  476. allow low sec gates to be assigned a different colour in overview - or in overview when selected on autopilot.

  477. Add damage / special status indicatior to drone and fleet windows.

    Note: little icons of special status modules projected on you (the ones used in overwiev) could be used to indicate wich ones are being used on your fleet members and drones.
  478. Add "line-of-sight" rule to turret weapons.

    Note: Right now turret fire can pass objects that block ship movement (asteroids, stations). If it blocks your ship it should block non-manuvering attacks / modules.
  479. evegate with in game functions, allow market transactions, fitting of ships, skills queing, chat channels

    Keywords: evegate, website, ui
    Note: evegate has a big potenstial and NEED to be able to manage some of the ingame fuctions
  480. NPCs should warp in into dungeons, not just appear out of nowhere.

    Note: The code for it is already in the client, as belt rats in Gatti Zara COSMOS pocket and Payo Ming COSMOS pocket alredy do that, they can even warp out and rewarp on PCs' bookmarks. Apply that code to ALL NPC ships.
  481. Make it possible to share the location of accepted missions with fleetmembers.

    Keywords: ui
    Note: Waiting till the acceptor is inside the mission and then warp to him instead of sharing coordinates is just silly.
  482. Replace acceleration gates with some small satellite thing that gives you the coordinates for the next pocket and make it possible to align to their destination coordinates.

    Keywords: structures
    Note: Ships get way too often entangled by the gate and they are not even needed because every ship is capable of warp.
  483. Make it possible to switch clones that are located in the same station without triggering the clonejump timer.

    Keywords: ui
    Note: Connecting clones via cable in a medical station should not harm a capsuleers mind like a clonejump.
  484. Make it so that the ui is exact the same when you relog as when you logged.

    Note: I agree with all those who want ui settings to be saveble between toons and accounts
  485. Make the inventory as searchable as it is like market.

    Note: finding the same stuf in inventory is a pain. If you look as trader for instance for your ores its hard to find in different locations and corp location. Just a left side with the search and right side all places where it can be found and the amount would be awesome, as said just like the market screen.
  486. Make a swap space for corps in station. to be charged for low price.

    Note: As trader you want to be able to easily switch your goods from one trader/hauler to the next. A wordk around is contract stuf to yourself and then accept for the corp, where the goods will be then in the delivery to be handled by all in corp. But its loads of clicking per order. Better make it some swap possibilitie for corps. One could argue the same can be done with offices, but those have other purposese and are tirseome expensive to have in all stations so only need the space maybe forone day or so.
  487. match object's bumpmap to it's visual model.

    Note: Right now some of the objects in space have bumpmap significantly bigger than visual model (acceleration gates and some stations are greatest ofenders), make them mach as closely as possible, extend to ship models if neccesary and / or possible.
  488. a bigger one :) Make separate hangar for ammo in ships, and extend the warzone with ammo haulers.

  489. Open the damn door! Create corp quarters, avatar exploration, or something. Do SOMETHING with our avatars!

    Keywords: avatar, wis, incarna, quarters
  490. Give us a way to add our character to a cron job that daily exports our TQ character to SISI.

    Keywords: test server
    Note: Other games allow this, and saves the hassle of doing complete mirrors. Also would reduce the load on those that have to reactivate accounts.
  491. add the Polar Caps of the Planets, remove the Lava Planets as unscientific, the moons of the Gas Planets maybe oceanic, storm, tempеrare or other.

    Keywords: space, graphics
    Note: We need more realistic space.
  492. No more warping through a planet, warp around it.

    Keywords: space, graphics geometry.
    Note: I find it funny that we can warp through planets, when we should warp around it.
  493. EVE master account (one account for all your characters)

    Keywords: multiboxing
    Note: One log-in to get to a character selection screen with all your characters. Clicking on a character will directly log in the character. You can still log in multiple characters simultaneously depending on how many actual EVE accounts you have.
  494. group hangars in stations

    Keywords: multiboxing
    Note: You can buy a “group hangar service” which will give you an additional hangar in every station. By default only the creator can access it. The creator can grant access for his alts or other specific characters to the hangar .
  495. Whenever "Set Destination" is available have "Show on map" also

    Keywords: map, ui, newbies
    Note: In mission briefings and like where locaiton links are I often either "set destination" just to figure where they are or have to manully type them to map search which is rather cumbersome
  496. Improve selection of visually nearby systems in flattened map by allowing closer zoom.

    Keywords: map
    Note: Example pairs: Alikara & Malkalen, Kisogo & Irjunen, Ikao & Kusomonmon, Saslemon & Haine.
  497. [want to courier] contract versions, contract maker makes spesifies source and destination systems as well as volume (maybe collateral and reward). Contract acceptor provides cargo.

    Keywords: contracts, courier
  498. Delete captains quarters, forget it ever existed, waste no more time on it.

  499. Increase the stats & decrease the PG/CPU requirement on all storyline & COSMOS items to make them all at least better than their T2 equivalents. BUT keep the rarity element of BPCS only being acquired via COSMOS missions and missions only available once per character. (This suggestion, as with recent developments such as 'tags for sec status increases' & the revamp of exploration, would also bring opportunities for more combat and destroying of ships which I know CCP like.)

  500. Change the Bounty system to be a process for transferring Kill Rights via a Contract.

    Keywords: pvp, bounty, kill rights, contracts
  501. Show the reason why Kill Rights were acquired in the Kill Rights page.

    Keywords: kill rights
  502. Fix the Corporation/Alliance Roles & Permissions especially in relation to their use with POSes & Outposts to enable security of jobs, materials, POS fueling, & the actual POS installations themselves.

  503. Provide a counter to cloaking/cloaked ships

    Keywords: cloaking, fleets, balance
    Note: I believe cloaking is one of the few things in this game that doesn't have a proper counter and that gameplay could be expanded/improved if one were provided. I don't believe this necessarily requires a change to the cloaking device itself (eg requiring fuel/capacitor), for example, see my suggestion here. However, I'm open to any ideas provided by more experienced game developers/designers. Some other popular ones I've seen include POS mods that would provide a system scan, or "depth charges" from a new module.
  504. Increase meta-data in killmails (specifically the exact time and X,Y,Z position)

    Keywords: killmail, api, third party
    Note: This was originally suggested back when the new killmails were conceived. Adding an exact time (seconds? tenths of a second? how precise can we get?) and the X,Y,Z coordinates to a killmail would allow third party developers to create some amazing things that could playback battles that occurred in systems. The results would not only improve Eve players game experience (allowing us to relive battles, or see battles we weren't at), but give non-eve players a view into what happens in a big fleet fight (advertising!)
  505. Add mentoring as a viable profession

    Keywords: player base, careers
    Note: I heard another CSM candidate, I believe it was Trebor Daehdoow, speak of creating mentoring as a viable new profession. This could address some, but probably not all, issues regarding new player retention, but additional measures would still need to be taken. If success in Eve relies on simply lucking into making contact with an experienced mentor, that’s a recipe for losing players right out of the gate. There needs to be a mechanic to create incentives for players to be mentors, for the ends of retaining players. A viable profession devoted to this might fit that bill.
  506. Make standings change with every NPC interaction, not just running missions.

    Keywords: standings, pve
    Note: As it stands now, running missions is the only way to improve standings with NPC corps. This is just silly given the depth of the entirety of eve that there is a very shallow way to access or improve standings. If I refine my ore at a single refinery for long enough, that's not going to result in them knowing me in any way shape or form? Really? or if I buy or sell goods as a hauler? I'd think they'd at least know the names of the people that brought them the food during their last shortage...
  507. Nerf Jump Freighters to be unable to go through gates. To increase the Difficulty of Good to null sec and increase the number of Freighter camps. Increase the need for Low Sec Trading hubs.

  508. Добавить горячие клавиши для управления группами дронов

    Keywords: ui, drones
    Note: На данный момент горячие клавиши позволяют отдавать команды только всем запущенным дронам одновременно. Отдать же команду отдельной выделенной группе дронов можно только через контекстное меню, что не всегда удобно. Как вариант сопоставить каждой группе дронов иконку в панели модулей (по аналогии с пушками, бластерами, ракетами, etc) При наличие дронов данной группы в дронбее кнопка появляется, при запуске дронов активируется.
  509. When wrecks are salvaged and replaced with containers, transfer lock/travel-to/intent-to-open to the container.

    Keywords: salvage drone, qol
  510. Make AB's worth using

    Keywords: modules
    Note: AB's are distinctly underwhelming atm, being designed for brawling AB's shouldn't nerf your agility so much.. the mass addition needs to be substantially reduced and webs nerfed in strength to make AB's worth using using.
  511. Add last broadcasted icon to locked target (visible to fleet members only, of course)

    Keywords: ui, fleet, logistics
  512. "Ready check" and "I'm ready" broadcasts in fleet

    Keywords: fleet
    Note: make it regular broadcast, so wing commander could choose to check his wing only or entire fleet. For every person affected by check, there must be icon in fleet window reflecting his status ("check received" or "I'm ready")
  513. PVP almost-daily events in FW affecting factional balance

    Keywords: events, fw, factional warfare
    Note: assign a dedicated GM for events, make him spend 2 hours a day on FW events which would really step up factional warfare. It is not a problem to post on site something like that
  514. external services to be included in info window

    Keywords: third party services, ui
    Note: External service to be "installed" by player, with "scope" ("item", "blueprint", "person"), "name" (should be placed on distinct tab), "url" (something like "https://example.com/item?itemid=") Bonus points if it can be installed by button on trusted site. Examples of services: market info, wiki page, alliance roster page, global awoxer list.
  515. add more large structures to FW plexes in order to give more ambient and FIRST of all to make it impossible to be kited forever by damp\tracking disraption frigates who can't kill you

    Keywords: fw
    Note: just add some big objects on gate and something like 50kms off the warp in beacon in FW plexes. Do it just for the purpose of increasing PVP quality - if you are lucky kitters who can not kill you and who can't be killed (dual damp condors for example) would have possibility of stacking and being bumped off the objects. Last time I had to burn over twenty minutes in tornado without any possibility to kill the kiter, while the kiter either had DPS to kill me.
  516. When using the Search function on the assets window, make it so items in containers and ship cargo holds show up in the results.

    Keywords: ui
  517. alliance-wide permissions

    Keywords: permissions
    Note: add some abstract roles ("Alliance 1", "Alliance 2", etc) to permissions. Examples:
  518. Make EVE direct X 11!

    Keywords: graphical update
    Note: Eve need better graphic NOW!!! And a LOT of people agree with me, see: https://forums.eveonline.com/default.aspx?g=posts&t=229521&find=unread
  519. container names in Assets API

    Keywords: api, pos, assets
    Note: I believe cloaking is one of the few things in this game that doesn't have a proper counter and that gameplay could be expanded/improved if one were provided. I don't believe this necessarily requires a change to the cloaking device itself (eg requiring fuel/capacitor), for example, see my suggestion here. However, I'm open to any ideas provided by more experienced game developers/designers. Some other popular ones I've seen include POS mods that would provide a system scan, or "depth charges" from a new module.
  520. all two and three item dropdown lists become buttons or tabs

    Keywords: ui
    Note: It's a shame that we need two mindboggingly accurate clicks to switch between corp and personal fits, for example. Just make it tabs or, even better, 64*64 buttons (corp logo and my face).
  521. Add tagged targets from the overview to locked targets

    Keywords: ui
  522. Pull fleet members from the overview to the watch list

    Keywords: ui
  523. stronger authentication info in IGB HTTP headers

    Keywords: api, trusted sites
    Note: currently, it's easy to forge character name in HTTP session, so we can't rely on IGB "trusted site" mechanism. Add something like
  524. shared station container service, access list like ingame chat.

    Keywords: assets, permissions, pos
    Note: ISK pre-paid service, with regular impound mechanism. Wider permissions, more isk. Also could utilize "Alliance roles" from https://forums.eveonline.com/default.aspx?g=posts&m=3342126#post3342126
  525. finer chat access permissions, with roles

    Keywords: chat
    Note: example: chat where only current directors and those who have access to "Corp hangar #7" could talk, but everybody in corp could join and read. Did I mention "alliance roles" in that? https://forums.eveonline.com/default.aspx?g=posts&m=3342126#post3342126
  526. ingame chat channel expiration

    Keywords: chat
    Note: There is plenty of cool channel names that are already taken by those who don't play anymore. If nobody in charge (owner or moderator) join for six months, drop it.
  527. fleet-wide watchlist, with notes

    Keywords: fleet
    Note: fleet boss add names and titles like "scout 1", "warpout", and this list automatically distributed to fleet members.
  528. persistent fleet watchlist

    Keywords: fleet
    Note: If someone from watchlist gets disconnected, just dim name in list until he/she gets back.
  529. better and streamlined list copy

    Keywords: ui
    Note: currently, some ingame list allow selecting and copying (chat members, dscan result, assets), some allow only copying (fleet composition) and some not allowing it at all (overview). Please make it (click to select, ctrl-a to select all, ctrl-click and shift-click to select some, ctrl-c and drag to copy) available to each ingame list. I'd prefer user-defined button "post this list to some third party service", but maybe it opens too much for automation (such as localchat-aware bot)
  530. add loaded charges to saved fit and DNA

    Keywords: ui, dna
    Note: Currently, fitted charges are omitted. Please add them to "cargo" list at least.
  531. editable fits, converged with "ship attributes" pane

    Keywords: ui, fits
    Note: everything is already included in game, you just need to add drag-and-dropping modules to saved fits, and add attributes pane from current ship fitting window to saved fits, and we'll have EFT in game.
  532. search wallet from "new sell/buy order" window

    Keywords: ui, market
    Note: similar to currenlty exist "looking glass" button, add buttons to search current item in character and corporation transactions.
  533. make every (i) blue icon to be draggable link

    Keywords: ui
  534. stop changing camera distance

    Keywords: ui
    Note: gate jump animation, "[x] Use Tracking Camera" on dscan, Reset Camera ("Stop Looking At") -- all these commands should not change camera distance.
  535. optionally add cargo modules to fit DNA

    Keywords: ui, fits
    Note: some fleet doctrines include "quick refit" modules, like resist or ewar. Also, cap modules in fleet hangar. Maybe just add "save full fit" button that saves everything that belong to current ship.
  536. add "fill bar" background to containers in Unified Inventory tree

    Keywords: ui, containers
    Note: would be great to see if any of containers, fuel bays, ore holds are filled.
  537. put "offline", "anchor", "online", "unanchor" buttons to "Selected Item" window for POS modules (and hide unavailable commands, like "unanchor" for online module)

    Keywords: ui, pos
  538. Make the Filters in the inventory OR linked, not AND.

    Keywords: inventory
  539. Let skills from the character sheet generate links when dragged into chat.

    Keywords: ui
  540. Allow us to create tabs/sections in Cargo Holds, Station Holds, Ship Hangar, etc

    Keywords: ui
    Note: After killing a few rats, buying a few things on the market, reprocessing a few things. The items in my holds have a tendency to get mixed up. I would like to be able to organize these into tabs or separate "holds" where I can keep all of my prop mods in one hold, all of my minerals in one hold, my bourbon, tobacco, exotic dancers in their own hold.
  541. Let us save our entire UI configuration (window positions, overview tabs and settings, chat channels, etc) so I can one-click import them across multiple characters and accounts and have the exact same setup on all of them.

    Keywords: ui
  542. Move skills check when fitting modules to onlining.

    Keywords: ui, pvp, fitting, logistics
    Note: Currently, if I right-click and then click "fit to ship" on a module I do not have the skill requirements for, the module does not leave my hangar and does not go onto the ship. As someone who imports materials and then contracts fitted ships to null-sec alliance members, this means I have to either (1) Inconvenience my buyers by forcing them to fit half of a ship or (2) limit myself to importing only ships I can completely fit. If instead, the "fit to ship" option first fit the module to the ship offline, then attempted to online the module with a skill check, this would allow individuals to more easily get fitted ships to the front lines of major null-sec wars. Alternatively, adding a "fit to ship offline" option that bypasses the skill check and requires the user to online the module manually (with the appropriate skill check) would be acceptable.
  543. Improve drone performance and UI

    Keywords: drones ui
    Note: Drones UI is poor and needs to be more friendly and with more options.
  544. Add double click directional piloting to tutorial

    Keywords: tutorial
  545. Allow bookmark folders to be nested

    Keywords: ui
  546. Add stop watch and countdown with alarm features to the game clock

    Keywords: ui
  547. In the Universal Inventory, make filters on/off state persistent through closing and opening the inventory.

    Keywords: ui, inventory
    Note: I organize all my assets with station containers and use a filter so I don't see the containers in my inventory windows, just the tree. Every time I close the inventory window the filter reverts to off. This is really annoying because I rarely need to see my containers in the window and their are so many it clutters a lot of room.
  548. Improve the drone interface, e.g. with buttons do make all active drones engage or return

    Keywords: drones, ui
    Note: The current drone interface seems to be lacking greatly, as the context-menu is the only way to interact with it, using the mouse, and this is far too slow in the midst of combat.
  549. Add lesson on turret tracking and gun ranges to tutorial

    Keywords: turtorial
  550. Create a 'Tug Class' of ships that can move fitted Battleships etc in hisec

    Keywords: ship balancing
  551. Be able to reprocess slaves into 'freed slaves' and Freed slaves back into slaves

    Keywords: market, industry
  552. Improve Corp interface and functions

    Keywords: ui
    Note: Corp roles are so buggy and awkward ... some default roles would be nice and easy to edit names.
  553. Throttling back of throttle of AB or MWD cuts the cap usage

    Keywords: modules
  554. Increase skill queue to 48 hours

    Keywords: skills
  555. Add an option for quick delivery bonus for courier contracts

    Keywords: contracts?
  556. Option to put undock button back where our stupid muscle memory STILL thinks it is

    Keywords: ui
  557. Referendum on removing and banning CSM.

  558. Module Tiercide

    Keywords: modules
    Note: A more role based rather than meta/tier system would be great.
  559. Significantly (double or more) increase the number of contacts/watchlisted players (currently at 1,024).

  560. Create smaller variations of the Large Micro Jump Drive for smaller ship classes.

    Keywords: module
    Note: Smaller versions could have less range and charge time, or even multiple variations with high range/high charge time and low range/low charge time.
  561. Modify the acceleration and deceleration time for the warp tunnel to match ship mass and skills (by adding a new skill).

    Keywords: skills, navigation
    Note: Of course having an associated module would be cool.
  562. Boost the efficiency of the ECCM module in low slot.

    Keywords: ecm, eccm, module
  563. Create a new script for heavy interdictors that prevent ships inside the bubble from being probed with combat probes

    Keywords: scanning, heavy interdictor, module
    Note: This simple new script would enable new ways of sniping.
  564. Add a sword icon or other award/medal to indicate PLAYERS and CORPS that have been constant in the game for 10 years

    Keywords: player retention
  565. autopilot warp in distance less than 15km (like random distance between 2500m and 15 000m, normal law distribution ?)

    Keywords: ui, world shaping
    Note: can be applied to spawn position after jumping
  566. divide "fixed" and "transparent" options for game windows (ex "pinned" option)

    Keywords: ui
    Note: I'd love to have all my ingame widows to be fixed, but can't read some of them transparent.
  567. Fit rookie ships with a civilian warp disruptor, a race appropriate civilian EW module, civilian hobgoblins and maybe increase civilian weapon damage. It should be possible to do more than mine when you have nothing.

    Keywords: pvp, newbies, flat broke
  568. "AFK setting" in fleet

    Keywords: fleet
    Note: there should be three buttons -- "Active" (default), "AFK" and "Auto" (5 mins of inactivity), but only two status icons, "Active" and "AFK"
  569. Fleet composition/history API

    Keywords: fleet, api
    Note: Make it small ISK sink. Today we need to use auto-refreshing third party sites to track fleet composition and participation. It could be paid CONCORD service to make such info (member names, ships -- included docked, their positions, maybe fits if fleet members agreed to give it out) to be (semi)automatically tracked and uploaded.
  570. option to saving full chat log, with all links (characters, DNA, items etc) and styles (bold, underline, color etc)

    Keywords: chat, logging
    Note: sometime it's very useful to find ship DNA that was posted in alliance chat month ago.
  571. add two small icons before and after any link in chat, depicting some info about linked entity

    Keywords: chat, ui
    Note: entity type (character, alliance, solar system, item, bpo, bpc, ship, skill) before, colored by one attribute ("standing" for char/alliance/corp/solarsystem, "able to use/inject" for items, skills and ships), and subtype ("muted"/"in watchlist" for characters/corps/alliances, "item type" for modules etc) after.
  572. ability to grant chat access by standings

    Keywords: chat, permissions
    Note: adding/deleting same alliances/corps in all secure chats is boring.
  573. access to fleet by private standings

    Keywords: fleet, permissions
    Note: example -- share mining fleet only for my alts, which all have +10 in my personal contacts, but hide it from those who has +10 from my alliance.
  574. double-clicking on my order in Market window (at "Details" tab) should open "modify order" dialog

    Keywords: ui, market
  575. make "session timer" same size as other timers ("suspect", "limited engagement" etc flags)

    Keywords: ui
    Note: make "session timer" bigger and others smaller
  576. add survey/cargo/ship scanner windows as tabs to scan window

    Keywords: ui
    Note: maybe ship/cargo scans should persist, so scanning multiple times add new scan results to already existed, making it more and more accurate with each scan.
  577. return "Aligning to object" line in log window and file, add other actions (warping, taking fleet warp etc)

    Keywords: ui, logging
    Note: would be great if moon scans were posted to log file too.
  578. add ME/PE attributes to blueprint icon (with ability to turn it on and off in game settings)

    Keywords: ui, blueprints
  579. Sell All feature, to work in a similar way to the reprocess system.

    Keywords: ui, market, lazy
    Note: Select stuff, right-click, sell. Preview window shows prices and regional average +/-%. Confirm/Cancel
  580. add "Deliver to my hangar" option to corp assets context menu

    Keywords: ui, assets
    Note: searching for myself in long corp member list is boring
  581. typing in name at first step of contract creating should automatically set "private" type

    Keywords: ui, contracts
  582. Shopping list. User defined sets of items which can be bought in one batch (eg ship fitting)

    Keywords: ui, market, lazy, fitting
    Note: Needs preview with costs and confirmation.
  583. All participants get kill mail, regardless of final blow.

    Keywords: killmail
  584. Improve accuracy, reduce delay of map statistics.

    Keywords: map
    Note: Statistics (eg pilots in space) help to find fights. Fights are good.
  585. Larger overheat buttons on modules.

    Keywords: ui, hud
    Note: little green lines are tricky in battle.
  586. Suspect flag for salvaging other peoples wrecks

    Keywords: suspect
  587. Save / Import / Export Fleet Settings

    Keywords: fleet, pvp
    Note: See the full suggestion here. The idea is to eliminate a LOT of the clicking that's done when setting up fleets that are, many times, exactly the same.
  588. show Customs Office inventory in Asset section

    Keywords: pi, co
  589. Add common areas in stations for multiple avatars.

    Keywords: avatar, wis, incarna
  590. Make fleet broadcast buttons more responsive

    Keywords: fleet, ui
    Note: They give no visual nor acustic feedback and they're too damn tiny atm.
  591. Include me/pe/runs (for blueprints) and itemFlags/damage information for all items to AssetList.xml api calls

    Keywords: api
  592. Add deliveryTime, outputItemID to applicable rows in IndustryJobs.xml api call

    Keywords: api
  593. Add second optional parameter to CCPEVE.buyType() function to preset quantity in opening window

    Keywords: igb, javascript
  594. Allow the transfer of trained skills between avatars through the cloning facility and have them be available on the in game market

    Keywords: clone, skill, market
  595. Implement a visual cue (such as a circle) for using the Directional Scanner

    Keywords: directional, scanner, ui, tactical, overlay, d scan
    Note: Current system is not user friendly in the fact it take much practise to get an idea what is the area of space the D-scan is actually scanning towards. Could be coupled with the Tactical Overlay or the Scanning Overlay using 360 degree markers. Using your own ship or in-space objects are helpful, but not so much when probing down something/someone in a mission area, especially when chasing someone quickly.
  596. Linking Targeting Options

    Keywords: ui, targeting, gameplay, everyone, fleet, wing, squads, gang
    Note: When in gangs having the Squad Leader calling Primaries and other competing information coming in as well from Scouts or calls for help. Having the ability to designate targets on Overview or Targeted Pictures of primaries and the like, would cut confusion in half and allow more fluid communication between pilots and their gang.
  597. Attach combat log to killmails.

    Keywords: pvp, everyone, killmails
  598. Make the Dock/Jump/Activate gate key enter wormholes too.

    Keywords: ui, wormholes
    Note: D D D D D D D DDDDD whyisn'tthisworking?
  599. Include an in game activity that accelerates skill training. See note for details.

    Keywords: skill, training
    Note: The activity should look similar to connecting neurons. The inputs are the space bar, the asdf keys and the jkl; keys. A row of twelve neurons are shown on screen with each of the ten main keys being a connection between two neurons. There is a timer for the row and the player has to make all of the connections before time runs out. If they finish early they can hit the space bar to proceed to the next row. If they hit the wrong key, they can hit it again to undo the connection. If time runs out they are shown a new row. If they hit the space bar and the connections are not correct, they are shown a new row. It must be emphasized that this activity depends on how short the timer is for difficulty. The amount of time is dependent on the skill multiplier, so a 1x skill will have a longer timer than a 3x skill. Skills need to be added to increase the amount of time on the timer. There needs to be one skill for each tier of skill. Training the 1x Improvement skill increases the timer for that tier the most, increases the 2x tier a little bit, the 3x tier even less, and so on. When the 1x improvement skill is at level five then the 1x skills will be a medium challenge and the 2x tier skills will be the same challenge as the 1x tier when the improvement skill was at level zero. When the 1x improvement skill is at level five, then the 2x improvement skill can be trained. Training the 2x improvement skill does not effect the timer for 1x tier skills, only higher ones. This pattern continues throughout all skill tiers. Switching topics to translating activity progress into skill points, I think that one row finished should equal one skill point. If this activity does not add skill points significantly faster than the current training times then the skill points per minute should be reduced and the point requirements should be adjusted in order to preserve the current training time per skill level. Also, when the player is not actively training a skill, they should be able to watch the computer make connections at the reduced pace. Make sure that you do not depict the computer making mistakes in the connections and having to start a new row. This will be frustrating to the player. It would be better for the user's experience to be peaceful/restful as well as satisfying while they watch the computer making connections. In conclusion, it is currently a great tragedy that players are often denied the satisfaction of actively engaging Eve in the activity of their choice while a crucial skill is being trained. I hope that the implementation of this suggestion will either reduce or prevent this kind of situation from arising in the future.
  600. Increase the powergrid on the Thrasher, or include more skills for improving powergrid consumption. See note for reason.

    Keywords: thrasher, powergrid, skills
    Note: I tried to fit artillery to my Thrasher, but having Engineering at level IV barely allows me to fit all the turret hardpoints, and it doesn't allow for much else.
  601. Provide API call to access market data.

    Keywords: api, market
    Note: Eve Central and alike are good resources but it would be much better if EVE had direct access to this information. And.. there is no downside for this if you think about it. I'm currently working on application for industry and yes, I am considering reducing clickfest eve player is going thought while assessing profitability and such things by (1) direct access to the cache and (2) IGB page that will open all orders of interest in automated fashion (to cache them), which in turn will lead (in unlikely case my app succeeds) to the hell a lot of load in EVE server.
  602. Add a bracket option to show bracket of own ship.

    Keywords: ui
  603. Make drone commands accessible via the radial menu.

    Keywords: ui
  604. Allow drones of different types (e.g. ewar and combat drones) to be grouped in the same group.

    Keywords: ui
  605. Add a visual effect (a ray) for an active moon harvesting array.

    Keywords: pos, moon
    Note: An effect close to a strip miner would be enough.
  606. Add the "X clears all" button to the input boxes for Assest's Search, Wallet Transaction Search, etc.

    Keywords: u/i
  607. drag-and-dropping a character name or item anywhere on Wallet/Transaction tab should enter it in respective input box

    Keywords: ui
    Note: also make said boxes bigger, please
  608. consider ore and materials not in pieces but in cubic meters

    Keywords: mining, market, ui
    Note: I believe cloaking is one of the few things in this game that doesn't have a proper counter and that gameplay could be expanded/improved if one were provided. I don't believe this necessarily requires a change to the cloaking device itself (eg requiring fuel/capacitor), for example, see my suggestion here. However, I'm open to any ideas provided by more experienced game developers/designers. Some other popular ones I've seen include POS mods that would provide a system scan, or "depth charges" from a new module.
  609. Improve mining drone controls

    Keywords: capitals, re-balance?
  610. Make T2s more viable

    Keywords: t2 modules, re-balance
    Note: Currently, we have a bunch of T2 modules (like MWDs, ABs, ECM), that do nothing but filling the market. Their meta4 counterparts are as much effective, but require less cap, grid and CPU. CCP did a great job last year, making T2 armor plates (which had the same issue before) more viable, so, I guess, the time has come to have a look at other mods, having the same problem.
  611. add the in-game ability to search within containers. Turn containers into expandable sub-menus in Assets window.

    Keywords: ui
  612. Improvements to chat channel management system (ban list search / sorting)

    Keywords: ui
    Note: anyone who ever managed popular chat channels with 200+ players knows how primitive current lists of blocked/muted users are. You need 5-10 seconds only to load huge list of blocked users. There is no search field and operator must scroll down the list manually to lift the ban. Sorting by "block date"/ "block active until"/ "operator name" also good things to have.
  613. Dim character portrait or otherwise indicate that person has been AFK for a while.

    Keywords: afk, ui, chat
  614. Don't allow the user to do something in the UI then be told immediately they cannot perform the action. Eg deleting more than 100 eve mail notifications, adding more then 5 overview tabs.

    Keywords: ui
  615. include possibility to run 2 or more overview windows

    Keywords: overview
    Note: this suggestion takes navigation on battlefield or scouting easier.
  616. add overview sort ally/enemy and possibility to sort for few parametres

    Keywords: overview
  617. move fleet commands in chat from bottom to top over all chat windows

    Keywords: chat
  618. add possibility to color your nickname in chat

    Keywords: chat
  619. add oportunity for secondary standart orbit by another button

    Keywords: battle, ui
  620. apply overview tags (e.g. outlaw, suspect, has bounty) to people in the "local" chat channel.

    Keywords: ui, chat
    Note: currently i think some display and some don't. Having to right click and show info on someone to see if there a criminal does not make for challenging gameplay, it's just an inconvenience.
  621. Display the remaining time for the after-jump cloaking as a Crimewath timer.

    Keywords: ui, crimewatch
  622. Allow to remotely view and link ship fittings.

    Keywords: ui
  623. make default values for buy/sell orders reasonable (like minimum buy order in current station + 0.01 isk) instead of some average that nobody cares about

    Keywords: market, ui
  624. Add Alliance fittings folder to the fittings window.

    Keywords: ui
  625. Improve active armour tanking

    Keywords: modules
    Note: Armour tanking is too weak, ASB's are dominant. to fix armour tanking the emphasis less but more often should be the theme so :- reduce cycle time and cap usage significantly. let nanite skills affect AAR's and use a inject system rather than massive reload time which is inconsistent with an active armour approach and nanite paste as an ammo being microscopic.
  626. Make a slider for D-scan range. Make both angle and range sliders of D-scanner adjustable by mouse wheel.

    Keywords: directional, scanner, ui, tactical, overlay, d scan
    Note: Current system is not user friendly in the fact it take much practise to get an idea what is the area of space the D-scan is actually scanning towards. Could be coupled with the Tactical Overlay or the Scanning Overlay using 360 degree markers. Using your own ship or in-space objects are helpful, but not so much when probing down something/someone in a mission area, especially when chasing someone quickly.
  627. Display the entire set of effects in use from all relevant trained skills and all active mods.

    Keywords: user interface, weapons, active effect summary.
  628. Some sig radius reducing skills

    Keywords: skills
    Note: 2 new skills 1 for MWD's to reduce sig radius penalty by 5% per level and 1 for shield extender penalty reduction 5% per level
  629. Make Attack Battlecruisers T2

    Keywords: ships
    Note: These ships are clearly a specialization and as such should be T2
  630. In planetary interaction, allow the strength of the heatmap for each resource to be adjusted separately

    Keywords: pi
  631. дать возможность суперкарриерам использовать майнинг дронов

    Keywords: дроны, капиталы
    Note: Можно копать на карриерах, дредноутах, титанах, а чем суперкарриеры хуже?
  632. Arrow keys move through the locked targets

    Keywords: ui controls
  633. Easier camera modes for live streamers.

    Keywords: live streaming, pr
    Note: There where some additional camera modes that where available but got turned off while the new jump gate animation was worked on and because of lack of control interface. Please had them back in.
  634. stop automatically giving noob ships every time we dock in a station. make it an option to stop getting them.

    Keywords: new player, items, ships, pod, noob ship, rookie ship, inventory.
    Note: this will probably clean up 10% of the inventory of tranquility!
  635. on undock, materialize in a random spot 2k from the station. Same mechanics as jumping through a gate.

    Keywords: ships, undock
    Note: Has benefits that include not having to clean up the collision points on stations.
  636. Re-visit spawning ice fields. Make the spawn time every 2hrs .

    Keywords: mining, ice mining
    Note: Having ice fields spawn every 4 hours means that you lose out if you are not around at the time the field is active. If play time is restricted and ice mining is a source of income, then ice mining spawns are restrictive.
  637. Reduce jump clone cool down

    Keywords: clone, jump clone
    Note: 24 hours is a bit excessive!
  638. Allow for more/all factions, including pirate factions, to participate in faction warfare (i.e. Serpentis, Blood Raider, Mordus, etc.). Allow for players to sign up with and represent any of the participating factions.

    Keywords: faction warfare, pirate, factions
    Note: Obviously complicated. Some factions might only be at war with one other faction. Some might be at war with most (Sansha?).
  639. Stop PLEX from being affected by inflation. Keep PLEX at a standard cost of 400mil to help the new player continue playing the game.

    Keywords: new players, isk. gametime, re-subbing
    Note: Inflation is driving new players away as the cost of re-subbing by PLEX is more difficult especially if the majority of time is spent PvP. Reducing the PLEX to a standard cost would help all players
  640. Add option to highlight corporation orders

    Keywords: market, ui
  641. In the jump clones tab add a Pause skills button at the top next to "next clone jump availability" which changes to resume when skills are paused.

    Keywords: jump clones, ui
  642. Fix the background when previewing items in the show-in window.

    Keywords: show info, ui
    Note: regardless of the race of the item you're viewing, if you click on the picture of that item/ship the background will always show Caldari Blue. Fix this so that when you click on the picture the correct race background appears.
  643. List maximum drone control range in the ship fitting window.

    Keywords: ui, show info, new players
    Note: This value would of course need to be affected by pilot skill and active ship type. An alternative to this would be to include drone control range as a value on the "Show info" of either the ship itself or the drones themselves, but this is much less convenient than simply showing it as an attribute in the fitting window, alongside the rest of the information pertaining to the drones such as bandwidth and bay capacity.
  644. Show Remaining Subscription Time in Character Sheet

    Keywords: ui, account management
    Note: https://forums.eveonline.com/default.aspx?g=posts&m=3335155
  645. Add Module Cooldown Timer for modules which can't reactivate at the end of their cycle

    Keywords: ui, modules
    Note: https://forums.eveonline.com/default.aspx?g=posts&m=2854368
  646. Separate and Denote Hitpoint Warning Alarms

    Keywords: ui
    Note: https://forums.eveonline.com/default.aspx?g=posts&m=1809400
  647. selecting an item from the overview tracks the object and populates that box with details like bounty, velocity etc. allow configuration or provide more detail on the selected item such as radial and tranversial velocity. Information that is available from the overview, but may not be displayed.

    Keywords: ui
  648. make the radial menus work in more places. For example drone management

    Keywords: ui
  649. Allow TAB to be rebound, unlock as many keys as possible for rebinding

    Keywords: ui, controls, settings
  650. checkable share custom office option with corp/fleet

    Keywords: fleet corp custom office
    Note: Just as in Fleet hanger on Orca, be able to check share with fleet or corpies
  651. Fix text on the contract window's station search to say: "Searching for stations whose name contains 'X'", where X is whatever the user entered in the search field

    Keywords: ui, polish
  652. Add the ability to restrict the search to system name, corporation name, or station name so that the game doesn't crash trying to search ALL THE THINGS.

    Keywords: ui, stability, quality of life
  653. Put a Cancel or Stop button on the modal search dialog that pops up when you use that station search, or make it non-modal.

    Keywords: ui, quality of life
  654. Instead of having a spastically updating progress bar, guesstimate the size of the result set, then have the progress bar reflect the extent of the whole search, so that it only reaches the right border of the bar when it has finished searching.

    Keywords: ui, polish
  655. Items in containers should be searchable in the assets window and show where the item is.

    Keywords: items, assets, containers
  656. Fix the particular situation on undock when the otherwise-excellent radial menu becomes a huge, annoying hassle because it pops up whenever you click on the nearby station in the course of trying to move the camera.

    Keywords: ui, quality of life
  657. The ability to save the route. A very useful thing for agent runners.

    Keywords: route, agents, menu
  658. Let us inject skill books whose prerequisites are injected but not trained yet (with a warning).

    Keywords: skills, ui
  659. A stand alone chat channel that is linked off the location drop down menus that can be used for RP purposes during dev events so the Blue text does not get lost

    Keywords: live events, blue text
  660. reintroduce faction POS BPC

    Keywords: pos, loot
  661. Limit for the Titans and motherships time until the next jump in 10 minutes. Under the influence of TiDi 10% of the time until the next jump will be to 100 minutes.

    Keywords: in consequence of that fighting will continue until the bitter end, and we will see much more epic battle to save their super capital fleet. so does this complicate the maneuverability of the fleet, for which the need is better to think of a plan for an attack or defense systems.
  662. be able to find number of jumps between two locations which you are not at without having to go to a outside website.

    Keywords: map, ui, navigation
  663. New jumplclone UI that streamlines the jumpclone process to make it easier.

    Keywords: ui, jumpclone
  664. Corp and Alliance logos printed on the sides of ships

    Keywords: graphics, ships
  665. Make the Typhoon useful again

    Keywords: ship balancing
  666. Revamp projectile weapon effects to look more like tracers rather than a dashed line moving towards the target (particularly for autocannons)

    Keywords: graphics, weapons
  667. POS Revamp; Self Explainatory. Get your programmers to act like programmers.

    Keywords: getoffyourlazyasses, pos
  668. Setup Station environment from Incarna you said you'd finish but never finished. Seriously you have the code ready from DUST 514, it's time to put the final bullet into that expansion and finish it instead of leaving it there like a cold sore from your one night stand a couple months ago.

    Keywords: stations, graphics, finishing what you started
    Note: "It would take a single programmer about 1 afternoon to remove them/It would take a single programmer probably more than 6 months to fix them" @CCP Zorba. Players waiting for this fix for 1.5+ years.
  669. Increase character limit in corp bulletins, recruitment ads. Allow bulletins to be re-arranged freely.

    Keywords: ui, enablers
  670. For events in EVE Calendar, show local client time/date along with EVE time.

    Keywords: ui, enablers
  671. Implement fixed time clone jump reset, same time every day - but allow us to move that time.

  672. Сделать разные изображения для Cynosural Field Generator и Covert cynosural field generator

    Keywords: ui
    Note: Сейчас изображения Covert cyno и простого cyno полностью одинаковы.
  673. When locking a new target in space, that item becomes the current target as soon as it is locked.

  674. Добавить в службу оснащения данные о когерентности и связности вируса, и силу сканирования пробок.

    Keywords: exploration, ui
    Note: или добавить эти данные во всплывающее окно , которое появляется при наведении курсора на модуль.
  675. When searching for a character in contracts etc, show exact match at top of list

    Keywords: user interface, contracts
    Note: Currently, when assigning a contract to a short username (such as Cunning), the menu lists 479 characters containing "cunning" in alphabetical order, and you have to scroll down for ages to get the right one. If it was at the top, you could get it quickly if you'd typed in exactly what you wanted, and still have the fallback of the list if you didn't.
  676. reduce the time between clone jumps to 20 hours.

    Keywords: pvp, everyone, clones
    Note: This would roughly maintain "jump clone once per day" behavior, but reduce the annoyance of waiting an hour or two since most people's play time will be close but not exactly the same each day.
  677. Blueprints information seen in or made available in list setting. Minimum information would be ME/PE and standard run rate

    Keywords: inventory, blueprints
  678. Assign skills relevant to the subscription period

    Keywords: skills
    Note: If you have re-subbed for three months, you can skill queue for that period of time.
  679. Deport -10 hi-sec players to low/nullsec, making empire re-entrance impossible until tag system has been satisfied and redemption of tags = -5

    Keywords: -10 players, tags, low-sec
    Note: Promote a higher cost for those that wish to grief/gank in empire by exiling them to a lo-sec station where they can purchase a ship to get tags. Until they have tags in their hold (removed by local enforcement NPCs) that reduces their standing to -5 they will not be allowed back in to empire (.5 and above). If you really wanted to be nasty, stipulate an amount of ore they have mined as a requirement as well as the tags.
  680. Make it possible to queue Manufacturing/Science jobs of less than 48 hours without losing a job slot!

    Keywords: industry, usability, queuing, manufacturing, science, interface
  681. make cancelling jobs at POS NOT cause materials to be lost!

    Keywords: industry, manufacturing, usability, interface, pos
  682. allow warp and fleet warp at selected range to escalation location

    Keywords: exploration
  683. On D-SCAN - when ordered by distance, make off grid stuff come after distant stuff - atm the offgrid comes first which is hardly sorting by distance ^^

  684. Add your account expiration date to the Plex tab in the character sheet

    Keywords: ui, menus, account management
    Note: See http://postimg.org/image/gz2j8bbsv/ . I would assume it can very easily be implemented to also display your remaining game time in the character sheet > PLEX tab and make it actually useful, so you don't have to log into account management to check it.
  685. Change contract price.

    Keywords: ui
    Note: I _HATE_ to use the current one. You need to stop your skills, you need to get out of your ship, you need to double check of there are two clone on the current station etc. It also could be a good idea to combine the Jumpclone UI in a smart way with Implants UI.
  686. remove "container scatter mechanic". clicking on dots in space is NOT meaningful gameplay. leave it as a solo profession. or at worst implement a proper incentive for group exploration, such as combined hacking to crack the difficult sites.

    Keywords: exploration, container scatter, solo, profession, hacking, archaeology.
  687. Give us API for planet interaction

    Keywords: pi, api
  688. Add ship type table to watchlist.

    Keywords: ui, watchlist
  689. add possibility of on/off of display of personal bookmarks in Overview.

    Keywords: ui
  690. Add cancel-order on own orders' rclick menu on the market, under "details" view.

    Keywords: market, ui
  691. Remove irrelevant options from item rclick menus (copying a BPC, mhm?)

    Keywords: ui
  692. Implement remote-stacking of items

    Keywords: ui, assets
  693. Allow corporate orders to be handled (especially bumped) by other corp members aswell (multi-TZ trading)

    Keywords: market
  694. Fix the rorq's ice compression rate

    Keywords: industry, mining
  695. Reduce the clickfest of PI when setting up planets (routing, links, etc)

    Keywords: pi, ui
  696. the personal statuses of the player - "active", "DND", "AFK".

    Keywords: ui
    Note: customization of visibility of this statuses for "all", "(my) corporation", "(my) alliance", or the custom list.
  697. free move the "System info"/"Route" at the different places in main screen.

    Keywords: ui
    Note: it's very actually for notebooks/netbooks with small screen resolution.
  698. Maximize button on UI windows

    Keywords: ui, user interface, market, inventory
    Note: Add a button to maximize UI windows where appropriate. Particularly for market and inventory, but other windows would be good.
  699. add an option to make client window in window mode non-resizable

    Keywords: ui
  700. Allow running multiple accounts in launcher with one click

    Keywords: launcher
    Note: https://forums.eveonline.com/default.aspx?g=posts&m=3085342
  701. Implement rclick menues on the ML management and channel access list management dialogs

    Keywords: ui
    Note: Currently it's a pain in the ass. Also, displaying at least standings, and entities' types, corps, alliances would be quite welcome there to ease the pain.
  702. Change probe control sensitivity to prevent mistaken Z-axis movement

    Keywords: ui, probing
    Note: proposed at the Features and Ideas forum
  703. Halve the cost, grid, CPU and number of heads for Extractor configuration units.

    Keywords: industry; pi
  704. Triple or quadruple surface warehouse capacity while halving cost, grid and CPU.

    Keywords: industry; pi
  705. change overview selection options so you can choose whether the selection is for those that ARE or ARE NOT in fleet. i.e. show logistics IN FLEET

    Keywords: ui
  706. boost electronic attack ships

    Keywords: rebalance, electronic attack ships
    Note: This class of ships was weak before big frigsize rebalance. But was not rebalanced with all other frigs. And now they are completely helpless against overpowered t1 and t2 frigs.
  707. select and use multiple BOO/BPC for industry job. ( reduce click fest)

    Keywords: ui, industry
  708. Give Alliances the same tools than corps have and be able to have a CEO, Directors and own structures and collect taxes.

    Keywords: null sec, sovereignty, alliances
  709. give alliances, corps and players tools to make military , trade, ratting, mining, moon mining agreements (a.k.a treaties)

    Keywords: null sec, sovereignty, alliances, treaties
  710. Add a Divide Stack BY function.

    Keywords: ui, inventory
    Note: Sometimes you want to split a large stack of items into 2, 5, 10 or 100 equally sized smaller stacks, whether for Science & Industry jobs, dividing out ships, modules and charges for mass ship fitting... whatever. Currently this means having to use use the Divide Stack feature (Select Stack, hold Shift and drag, enter value) 2, 5, 10 or even 100+ times.
  711. Fix the leviathan, the phoenix and chimera

    Keywords: capitals, citadel missiles suck, capital shield tank suck
  712. Give us a Carrier T2

    Keywords: capitals, t2, ships
  713. The creation of collaborative wallets that you give right to access.

    Keywords: gameplay, manufacturing, wallets, features
    Note: Say you want to get into the production game and decide with 3 or 4 others in your corp (or even outside your corp) that you are going to work together. One person supplies the minerals (at an agreed buy back rate), someone else makes the T1 components/modules (at x price sold to the "group" wallet) someone else provides the PI items.
  714. Separated local intel from the chat system

    Keywords: intel
  715. provide big Shield/Armor/cap broadcast buttons near the Center HUD Controls

    Keywords: fleet, broadcast buttons
  716. Show your next jump clone availability on the log in screen.

    Keywords: clone, jump clone
    Note: On the login screen (where you have the 3 character avatars) there is currently displayed a bit of information such as training time remaining, location etc, can the next junp clone availability be placed here too it would save lots of logging.
  717. give shield pilots a equivalent to a slave set

    Keywords: implants
  718. give armor pilots a equivalent to a crystal set

    Keywords: implants
  719. allow us to inject an implant without stop my training

    Keywords: implants, skills
  720. allow us to jump clones without stop my training

    Keywords: implants, skills
  721. show a damaged visual clue in the drones present in the drone bay, cargo of ship or hangar

    Keywords: icons, drones
  722. show a damaged visual clue in the icons of modules present in the cargo of ship or hangar

    Keywords: icons, modules
  723. show a damaged visual clue on ships that are damaged or contain damage items fitted

    Keywords: icons, ships
  724. I want the trade window in the station to save the window last position

    Keywords: windows
  725. the whole training queue methodology needs to be changed, as well as providing more than 24hours (maybe up to a week) you should also be able to queue multiple skills to claim certificates.

    Keywords: training, training times, certificate training.
    Note: Let say for example I wanted to get the basic core targeting certificate. I need multiple skills for that. (energy system ops, energy management, energy grid upgrades) as long as I have the pre-requisites for those to the required level then all those items should be trained so I gain the certificate.
  726. the ability for players to make faction items

    Keywords: manufacturing, faction
    Note: as far as I am aware you can only get faction items from the loyalty store? well what if you don't do missions? it would be nice that like t2 items, faction items could be made, maybe make the SP entry level higher, or even make loyalty points transferable/sellable (another suggestion I made a number of pages back) but basically giving everyone easier access to faction items.
  727. When you revamp the Drone UI, add formations (polar, wall, X, line, etc.)

    Keywords: drones, visuals, awesomeness
    Note: The UI for Homeworld had formations for all controlled ships. Right now our drones just sort of orbit at random. This would be even more impressive on carriers, but would still have some visual punch on regular flights of 5.
  728. Alliance-Bookmarks

    Keywords: bookmarks, alliance
    Note: Corp-Bookmarks work, now take the next step and move it to ally
  729. Shortcutmapping for "Fitting Management" and/or add them to the Neocom

    Keywords: shortcut, fitting, neocom
    Note: show fitting and then klick "browse" is much more klick and move than a shortcut
  730. The ability to allow user-selected characters view-only or view/take access to private hangers in things such as custom offices, private hanger arrays etc.

    Keywords: ui
    Note: This would help for things such as alts to have access to hangers for things like industry and pi.
  731. Ability to link together multiple player's pi infrastructure on a planet.

    Keywords: ui, pi
  732. Overflow storage for PI and pos anchorable silos.

    Keywords: ui, pos, pi
    Note: Exactly what it says on the tin. The ability to designate a silo or storage facility as overflow in the event that a main storage facility or silo is overfull to prevent lost materials.
  733. Revamp the 'states' settings for the overview as a set of custom conditionals, similar to the design of the current inventory filters.

    Keywords: ui, overview
    Note: You can not currently set up an overview to show, say, only fleet members without showing neutrals. This change could fix that and also allow for relatively complex filters (e.g. show only war targets from x corp who are flying battleships, etc.).
  734. Allow batch research/manufacturing jobs (e.g. Select 10 BPCs > invent)

    Keywords: ui, industry
  735. Provide better import/export options by making things that work badly work correctly (e.g. the overview) and adding new things (e.g. Market Quickbar, Inventory Filters).

    Keywords: ui
  736. Have all POS storage route through one of the available hangars (rather than having each POS module have its own set of corp divisions)

    Keywords: pos
    Note: POS arrays like assembly arrays and labs currently have a full set of corporate divisions, which is largely an annoying waste of time in my experience. Having all of the business arrays and labs link to a single corporate hangar array (note that it'd definitely have to have a higher capacity) would make life running a manufacturing and research POS much more rational.
  737. Make protagonists and antagonists don't seem like mass murderers in game (large kill board record).

    Keywords: live events
  738. If the skill training is paused, make the progress bar on the sidebutton glow red

    Keywords: skills, training, character, jump clone, implant
  739. Combine the 4 Shield resist values into a single line in "show info" window, to reduce the need for scrolling, when looking at a ship, or comparing several ships.

    Keywords: ui
  740. Combine the 4 Armour resist values into a single line in "show info" window, to reduce the need for scrolling, when looking at a ship, or comparing several ships.

    Keywords: ui
  741. Combine the 4 Hull resist values into a single line in "show info" window, to reduce the need for scrolling, when looking at a ship, or comparing several ships.

    Keywords: ui
  742. Put the STL (m/s) and FTL (AU/s) stats on the same line, in the "show info" wndow, to reduce the need for scrolling, when looking at a ship or comparing several ships

  743. Improve the "show info" window by increasing the consistency of the decimal precision. Some stats are shown with a ridiculously large number of decimals.

    Keywords: ui
    Note: General annoyance. One of the 4 resists has a decimal (always .0 but it's there), while the others do not. More problematically, some stats are shown with 4-6 decimals, giving a precision of 6-9 significant figures which is simply stupid. That also causes them to take up space if one adopts a "combine multiple stats onto a single line" approach, as I'm asking for about, and it's inconsistent.
  744. Make iHub fights in Faction Warfare worth something by resetting capture status to 70% if a system is deplexed out of vulnerable. Make deplexing out of vulnerable status impossible for two hours to allow for form ups.

    Keywords: faction warfare
  745. Remove or greatly increase the character cap on the Bio.

    Keywords: biography, contact
    Note: Come on, this is a fantasy game. Let us fantasize
  746. When probe scanning in the solar system map, autofocus on the probe focal point, or add right click options to ease map navigation

    Keywords: probe, scanning, map
  747. Make gate activation REALLY VISIBLE, like in old times, cause its really hard to see activation now.

    Keywords: gate, activation, graphics
  748. make an option in sensor overlay to hide anomaly icon permanently, because it were many times when i cannot catch enemy because i cannot choose object which i want warp to, its simply impossible

    Keywords: overlay, anomaly icon, objects
  749. Give PI inventories adjustable column widths.

    Keywords: pi, ui
    Note: Otherwise my "Self-Harmonizing Power Core" pushes the quantity and m3 columns off the screen.
  750. Allow us to put certificates on the skill queue as if they were skills.

    Keywords: ui, certificates, skill queue
  751. Allow corps and alliances to draft, save and share their own Certificates.

    Keywords: ui, certificates
  752. Longer ship names, at least by 5-10 characters.

    Keywords: ui, ship names getting cut o
  753. Put a black outline around all light-colored HUD elements; put a white outline around all dark-colored HUD elements.

    Keywords: ui, quality of life
    Note: Targets especially tend to disappear against a white background. This would allow them to remain clearly defined against any background.
  754. Add some kind of visual indicator for recharge time remaining on the icon for the Large Micro Jump Drive.

    Keywords: ui
    Note: The only way to tell if this module is ready for use is to try to use it over and over.
  755. Add hotkey + click shortcuts for routing product, ingredient 1, ingredient 2 and ingredient 3 to/from a factory in PI.

    Keywords: ui, pi
    Note: This kind of functionality already exists for Ctrl + Click to create a link between PI buildings, so hopefully minimal dev time but a great sanity saver for anyone setting up/retooling PI. Especially if combined with the earlier suggestion that was made to allow shift+click to select multiple factories of the same type and configure batches of factories at once*, but even without that this would help so much.
  756. Brightness / Gamma adjustment.

    Keywords: graphics, ui
  757. Enable polls on EVE forums.

    Keywords: ui
    Note: EVE-O forum based on Yet Another Forum engine and poll functionality already included by default (yaf help page). Enabling this functionality at least in useful sub-forums like "F&I Discussion" or "Test Server Feedback" can create another valuable feedback source about various matters.
  758. or a challenge to CCP. Find a way for me to do 1vs1 or 3vs3 without going low or nullsec and no penalty. Arena style

    Keywords: pvp
  759. clicking on any facility should open the content or the scematic window first. less clicking in the end

    Keywords: ui, chat, corporations
  760. Allow individual players to turn this function, if implemented, OFF, or change the UI functionality that forces notification windows (server downtime alerts) to the top/blocks all other actions

    Keywords: ui, chat, corporations, server notice
    Note: Those freaking downtime popups always come up while I'm in the middle of combat and block time sensitive actions I'm in the middle of trying to execute until I clear them by mouse clicking the 'okay' button. I'm thinking three moves ahead of where my UI is and suddenly it kills my action queue... >.<
  761. Find all but the most time- and attention-critical modal dialog boxes and extirpate them.

    Keywords: ui, quality of life
  762. Make it possible to turn off the auto-scanning of the system scanner after a session change.

    Keywords: ui, pve, exploration
  763. Repurpose the auto-discovery of scannable anomalies to become the new missioning system, with agents accepting the work you've already done in the general manner of Guild Wars 2.

    Keywords: ui, pve, missions, exploration
  764. Make scannable sites discoverable only by scanning probes again, so that there's at least a little exploration involved in exploration.

    Keywords: ui, scanning, pve, exploration
  765. Allow Plastic Wrapping of Items without requiring a Courier Contract.

    Keywords: quality of life, industry, hauling
  766. Implement an "Align ship to current camera view" keyboard shortcut

    Keywords: user interface, shortcuts, navigation, everyone
  767. Allow multiple invention windows to be opened at once (highlight 10 BPCs, it opens 10 windows).

    Keywords: industry, quality of life, invention
  768. Allow the Science and Industry window's Blueprint tab to display blueprints in containers.

    Keywords: industry, quality of life
  769. Add Blueprint Research levels to the API.

    Keywords: suspect
  770. Make it possible to contract your wrecks to another player for salvaging, to decrease ninja looting - especially if salvaging yellow wrecks becomes a suspect offense.

    Keywords: suspect, pvp, salvaging
  771. Add a "Jobs Installed" line to the Science and Industry window.

    Keywords: quality of life, industry
    Note: I want to know how many jobs a character has against his limit without having to count. Changing the "Max Manufacturing Jobs X" line to "Manufacturing Jobs X/Y" and the same for Research would seem to do the trick.
  772. The ships, as depicted, are pretty huge. with lot of windows implying that crew are elements of the ship. I suggest that this be explored in some way, possibly with kill rates (when the ship is damaged). Maybe even make the training and keeping of experienced crew worth while in some way. I guess this would be adding a couple layers of micro-NPCs to the mix, but it would be cool if you knew that in the last fight you lost 20 crew members, etc). It might also add an economic factor in terms of having to pay your crews, replace them, hire on the best/most skilled ones etc (for whatever micro advantage that might grant). It would also add story-stress in terms of not wanting to lose advanced crews, or crew members that have become veterans of your ship.

    Keywords: ships,
  773. In Unflattened mode, allow the camera to zoom in on a target much closer than it currently allows.

  774. There should be an option to *not* select a system on mouseover, only on click.

  775. Releasing the mouse button on top of a solar system should not select that solar system unless the mouse button was pressed on top of that solar system to begin with.

  776. Allow the user to hide certain stars on the Star Map.

    Keywords: ui, map
    Note: See http://oldforums.eveonline.com/?a=topic&threadID=1217272&page=1#15 for details on all four suggestions.
  777. Allow players to select to play an alert for each category of message that pops up during play.

    Keywords: ui, sounds
  778. Provide a way (accounts page, login screen, training queue window, popup) to pause a pilot's training and start another pilot's training without all the logging in and out.

    Keywords: ui, everyone, quality of life
  779. Add ingame "Production Planner" windown as drop-down option of right-click menu for Blueprint

    Keywords: ui, industry, recearch
    Note: Replace all excel calculators with EVE ingame window in style of Killmail window, which allows to enter desired quantity and Could show you all Product Materials tree already summed up, with "V" check on materials which are present in hangar (so there will be no need each time to re-start the job to see the missing materials) , and take component/module bpos which needed for certain bpo propduction, allow check/input from certain crop hangar.
  780. Make missions interesting or replace their place in game with something that is.

    Keywords: pve, missions
    Note: Right now there is no real progression. Some mission are quick and boring, many are grind fests. Overall very rough this many years in.
  781. Make making safes less of a chore.

    Keywords: bookmarks, ui
    Note: Safes are a major part of the game and they are mentioned nowhere in game and they are tedious to create. Having better UI management of them and making them a little faster to make would go a long way.
  782. Change geometries on all non-base T1 ships at least slightly.

    Keywords: graphics
    Note: It would be nice if T2 and navy ships actually had some differentiators besides a skin change. It doesn't have to be overkill, but some changes would make the game feel richer.
  783. Show previews for PE/ME/Copy/Invention when starting jobs. Smarter UI.

    Keywords: ui, industry
    Note: I would like a revamp of the blueprint screens that negates my need for third party software. When I choose to improve the stats of a blueprint it should show the old stats and the new stats with the changed stats highlighted. Then for the thing I am changing I would love a slider and for ME, a mark where I am getting perfect refine. And a mark at 30d or the max length for research.
  784. Move to scaling cost rather than extended wait times for industry jobs.

    Keywords: balance, industry, ui
    Note: Right now PE and Invention lines are almost never used while ME and Copying lines are always on long wait times. Consider moving to scaling cost so that rather than forced scarcity, cost goes up as usage goes up, meaning that people can start their jobs more quickly. Secondly slow down research time to compensate some for this speed-up.
  785. add all in corp to watch list (war targets)

    Keywords: ui, war
    Note: once you get war decked or you wardec a corp, give the CEO and ONLY the CEO the option to add all members of the war to a war login watch list for corp/alliance. It shows up when they log in/log off and when they are on (except its corp, the individual doesn't have to manage the 200 to 2000 war targets, its done automatically by the CEO. When war over, it is removed. This can be enabled or disabled by the CEO.
  786. allow pos refinery arrays to reprocess compressed ore blocks to 100% (with skills).

    Keywords: mining, ore, industry, refining
    Note: currently you can get 75% of the minerals from ore at a pos. set it so that if the ore is compressed (via rorqual), it can then be refined to 100%. It would make the refineries useful, would make having a rorqual even more useful, and would help industrialists in fringe areas work out.
  787. increase compression value of ice by 35 to 50%. Adjust the rorqual to allow more ice compression.

    Keywords: ice, mining, compression, rorqual.
    Note: compressing ice in a rorqual is quite a huge waste of time. Edit it so its less of a pain.
  788. allow us to set the fitting window UI estimated ehp to be either lowest resists or 25/25/25/25

    Keywords: ui, eft,
    Note: don't know how ehp are calculated, but would like the ingame to match the out of game estimates.
  789. put the cop light back on the navy comet. Add a siren (activates when you target someone).

    Keywords: navy comet, nypd, lapd, pull over
  790. Probe scanner UI - Replace 'show anomalies' checkbox with 'show overlay data'. Move 'anomalies' back to signature filter.

    Keywords: ui, scanner
    Note: Галка "показать аномальки" не нужна - есть фильтр типов сигналов, вернуть туда настройки для аномалек, как было до одиссеи. Данные с оверлея показываются на сканере/карте после захода в систему. После скана зондами эти данные замещаются данными с зондов, после чего становятся недоступными. Сделать переключение - показывать данные с зондов или оверлея.
  791. Weapon rebalances across the board

    Keywords: modules
    Note: All the weapon systems could use a good review with some desperately needing a buff mainly lasers and long range guns in general and ammo also projectiles should use cap .. please :)
  792. Add new skills/ change some current skills

    Keywords: skills
    Note: Drones skills are missing a couple skills at least.. missile skills are too high they are double gunnery skills.
  793. Add a visual effect for afterburners and microwarpdrives

    Keywords: module, propulsion, afterburner, microwarpdrive
    Note: Currently the sound effect doesn't always proc, and is not adapted for a fight situation.
  794. Fix the Small Blaster Model where right now there is a huge gap between the part that holds the "gun" and the part where its mounted to.

    Keywords: graphics, fix, model
    Note: All they have to do is increase the size of the "gun" part, the middle part, of the small blasters by just about 30% or so and it will fit to both sides perfectly.
  795. Fix Ore Mining / Asteroid Clusters in Null-Security

    Keywords: industry, mining
    Note: See http://thelazypilot.wordpress.com/2013/06/05/ore-mining-in-null-security-still-needs-changes/
  796. Create Nullsec Trade Hubs

    Keywords: null sec, trade hubs
  797. In the People & Places window, make all entries in the "Search Type" combo-box visible at all times.

    Keywords: ui, search
    Note: Having to scroll the combo-box to get from "System" to "Character" if you want to do a specific search is really tedious; you always have to scroll to get to the other. This has been fixed before by enlarging the combo-box, but since, new search types were added to it, causing the issue to come back.
  798. Remember the last corporation hangar I selected in the inventory windows after I undock and dock

    Keywords: inventory
    Note: See corporatehangarsexpanded.png
  799. In the Inventory in POS add a green/red icon in front of the structures so we know what is offline or online

    Keywords: inventory, pos
    Note: See canyouseewhatisonlineornot.png
  800. In the pick blueprint window automatically collapse the last selected row or the 1st, if only 1 row is present

    Keywords: invention, blueprints
    Note: See dontcollapse.png
  801. In Planet tab / Industry window, add new radial menu for planet custom offices -> warp to 0/Access/align

    Keywords: pi, industry, custom offices
    Note: See customofficemenus.png and customofficemenus2.png
  802. Fix the access to pos from anywhere inside the POs, you still cannot access mobile laboratories

    Keywords: pos, industry, invention, blueprints
    Note: See outofrange.png
  803. Add double click support for Inventory window -> "install Job" to bypass the menu usage

    Keywords: industry, invention, blueprints
    Note: See doubleclick.png
  804. Add ML and PL info to BPO/BPC icons

    Keywords: invention, industry
    Note: See cantseemlplinformation.png
  805. Add columns for ML and PL info to inventory window / items window

    Keywords: invention, industry
    Note: See antseemlplinformation2.png
  806. Remove the penalties from refining arrays

    Keywords: pos, industry, refining
  807. Remove the penalties from advanced ship assembly arrays

    Keywords: pos, industry, manufacturing
  808. Warn players when they use the reactions setup tab and forget to APPLY something

    Keywords: pos, industry, reactions
  809. Improve UI and funcionality of the POS window management in special the reactions setup tab

    Keywords: pos, ui
  810. Release Catma

    Keywords: enablers,3rd party
  811. Add warnings to PI window if we forget to set routes and have ECUs or factories not receiving or sending materials

    Keywords: pi, industry
  812. Alloy buy ship and it's fiting from saved fits window

    Keywords: trade, market
    Note: Buy 10 drakes and all modules and ammo in Jita requires a long time. I want do it with one button.
  813. Let me spin my ship during the new gate jump animation

    Keywords: animation, camera, ship-spinning
    Note: Keeping the player's ship as the focal point during the transition animation should go a long way in addressing motion sickness complaints.
  814. Add "Jump through to..." as the primary radial menu action on jump bridges.

    Keywords: ui, radial menu, jump bridges
    Note: For bonus points, make this work on bridging titans who are in fleet and have an active bridge.
  815. Immediately fetch my local inventory upon entering a server node.

    Keywords: inventory management, lag compensation, australia
    Note: Inventory management is extremely slow and laggy for Australians. Opening containers take about 400ms each after docking or undocking. Filling a T1 hauler with containers to improve cargo space, and then using that ship to haul for a mining fleet, becomes an exercise in tedium and frustration.
  816. Enable moving Command Centers from one spot to another.

    Keywords: planetary interaction, pi, ui
    Note: The CC is where the camera zooms when viewing a planet, and it mostly serves no other purpose. Currently, moving a CC means tearing down all the structures and setting them up again. Could be extended to all structures, providing PG/CPU exists for new link lengths -- or only allow unlinked structures to be moved. The simplest change for the most benefit is allowing the CC to be moved if it has no links.
  817. Automatically select the next available slot (if any) at the location of a bpo/bpc when opening the "Install Job" window.

    Keywords: industry, ui, science, research
    Note: Including mobile labs/assembly arrays at towers if the blueprint is contained within. This UI element: http://i.imgur.com/hbiITUs.png
  818. In Corp->Members tab, add Location sub-menu to right-click menu.

    Keywords: ui, corp management
    Note: Only valid for directors and whomever else can see corpies location.
  819. Update member-lists (colortags) of visible chat windows when joining/leaving fleet.

    Keywords: ui
    Note: Currently colortags in eg Local do not change unless you refresh it manually.
  820. Fix right-click menus that are larger (vertically) than the screen. (Eg. space right-click with many bookmarks)

    Keywords: ui
  821. Horizontal scrollbars for tables; nuff said.

    Keywords: overview
    Note: Its 2013 and the only solution to see the obscured rows of a table is to enlarge the containing window or make the columns narrower. And you cant tell if there are more columns at all... (examples: science & industry window, market, OVERVIEW, CORP ROLE MANAGEMENT and approx. 90% of the ui generally...)
  822. Add a keyboard shortcut to move the camera so the center point of all probes is in the center of the screen.

    Keywords: ui, scanning
    Note: Don't adjust zoom when moving the camera. Related to https://forums.eveonline.com/default.aspx?g=posts&m=3349246#post3349246
  823. Add a keyboard shortcut for the "analyze" button in the scanning window.

    Keywords: ui, scanning
  824. Add a keyboard shortcut for the "scan" button in the d-scan window.

    Keywords: ui, scanning, d-scan
  825. Change the effect lasts Margin Trading. When using the skill - lending (If there is insufficient ISK repayment negative balance (- ISK) hours pay for an account through the credit period)

    Keywords: trade, market
    Note: "ENG" In the real exchange no false orders. Lending produces broker to obtain a negative balance. I propose to do the same in the game. Margin Trading with a shortage of money should result in a negative balance. The negative balance of - to be extinguished over time (eg, 10 days) hours pay a subscription of calculation: 30 days = 1 PLEX = 540kk, 540kk/30/24 hours = 750,000. Total for debt -750000 ISK one o'clock payment.
  826. Изменение действия навыка Margin Традинг. При использовании навыка - кредитование (При нехватке ISK погашение отрицательного баланса (- ISK) за часы оплаты аккаунта через кредитный срок)

    Keywords: trade, Маркет
    Note: "RUS" На реальной бирже нет фальшивых ордеров. Кредитование производит брокер, с получением отрицательного баланса. Предлагаю так же сделать в игре. Margin Trading при нехватке денег должен приводить к отрицательному балансу. Отрицательный баланс - гаситься через некоторое время (например 10 дней) часами оплаты подписки, из рассчета: 30 дней = 1 PLEX= 540kk, 540kk/30/24 часа=750000. Итого за долг в -750000 ISK один час оплаты.
  827. Make a display option drones "drones in Bay" as in "Dronis in Local Space"

    Keywords: ui
    Note: "ENG" For what would be seen in a state of drones "drones in Bay". Some are satisfied with the current mapping of the players - do enable / disable the option.
  828. Сделать опцию отображения дронов в "drones in Bay" как в "Dronis in Local Space"

    Keywords: ui
    Note: "RUS" Для того, что бы было видно состояние дронов в "drones in Bay". Некоторых игроков устраивает текущее отображение - сделать включаемой / отключаемой опцией.
  829. Increase guard turrets CONCORD inflicted damage and made ​​dependent on the level of protection of the player.

    Keywords: game
    Note: "ENG" To pirates and suicides around bases and star gate was interesting and fun.
  830. Увеличить охранным турелям CONCORD наносимое повреждение и сделать зависимым от уровня защиты игрока.

    Keywords: game
    Note: "RUS" Что бы пиратам и самоубийцам около баз и звездных ворот было интереснее и веселее.
  831. To conduct a competition for the development of quests for players (Including the epic). Considered in a closed manner, the Council of players.

    Keywords: game
    Note: "ENG" The game has very few quests. They are very often repeated. Competition - as a means of increasing the diversity of the quests in the game. You can either reward ISK prizes in the form of rare items. Why competition is closed? Interesting to take a quest that you do not know.
  832. Провести ​​конкурс на разработку квестов среди игроков (В том числе и эпических). Рассматривать в закрытом порядке Советом игроков.

    Keywords: game
    Note: "RUS" В игре очень мало квестов. Они очень часто повторяются. Конкурс - как средство увеличения разнообразия квестов в игре. Награждать можно ISK либо призами в виде редких вещей. Зачем закрытый конкурс? Интереснее проходить квест, который ты не знаешь.
  833. introduce expiration to Blueprints. In a game where consumption is a key fundamental, why are blueprint originals an infinite resource?

    Keywords: industry
  834. store preferences for industry jobs. eg. knowing that I will be continuosly jobs out of the POS, why do I have to keep re-selecting it for each run of research or manufacture?

    Keywords: industry
  835. simplication of mining crystals, currently each ore has an individual crystal for tech2 mining.

    Keywords: industry
  836. Hull repping drones, (because Pilot Under the Influence and real types Hull Tank)

    Keywords: drones
  837. Make it possible to queue non-current Industry/science jobs without losing the slots.

    Keywords: industry, usability, ui, enablers.
  838. repackaging of items containing damaged ones should not take 7 clicks

    Keywords: user interface, menus
    Note: if items are to be repackaged, but some of them are not repaired (PvP loot f.e.) it takes a lot of clicks to do the whole process. It should be done it 3 max: menu ->repackage->window with warning about repair price->done!
  839. introduce full line of drone implants for all those drone ships

    Keywords: pvp, pve, drones
    Note: with so many updated and nice ships that have drones as main DPS it's only normal to have a full line of implants for drones
  840. balance amarr and caldari damage drones to make them viable

    Keywords: pvp, pve, drones
    Note: not needed - very obvious one!
  841. Add Minmatar/Caldari Faction and Amarr/Gallente with full ship lines/features

    Keywords: races, gameplay, faction, ships.
    Note: Caldari/Minmatar race - missiles/heavy ew oriented (long range, painters, missiles, hight speed) combining speed and painters from minmatar, and long range missile bonuses with hight scanning/range/targeting abilities and Strong Active Shield Tank (Like Maelstrom even more)
  842. Make it possible to take out boosters from the ship's cargo remotely (out of station where the ship is) without repacking the ship, or make it possible to include boosters in contract.

    Keywords: boosters.
  843. make it possible to save modules in cargo hold in saved fittings (for alliance fleet fits that might require refitting).

    Keywords: fitting, ui, usability, saved fittings, fleet fits, alliance fit, corp fit, refitting.
  844. T2 Tactical Cover Ships - "Pit Stop" Logistic Battlecruiser

    Keywords: t2 ships, ships, logistics, pvp, modules.
    Note: Introducing new kind of T2 Battlecruiser which fill the niche of unscannable Pit Stop During the fights, With allowance to Fit Noise Screen Generators - 4 kinds of short range Racial Modules that can target one ship , making targeted Ship (of correct race depending on kind of module) Immune to Scan with combat probes completely. Allow Script that return the Noise cover to Tactical Cover Ship . Modules should be needy of PG & CPU, and require same mechanics of using Xtra Hi slot for one more module only by fitting another medium slot module (same mechanics as with command links/processors), with default allowance to fit only 1 module.
  845. Introduce Faction Bomber Ships

    Keywords: ships, faction.
    Note: Introduce Faction Bomber ships that will combine (in ballanced way ofc) Stats from 4 racial bombers and bonuses of Electronic attack frigates (perhaps in lesser amount) - Creating Gurrista Bomber with ECM bonus, Guardian bomber with Web Bonus, Serpentis Bomber with Scram/Dis range bonus, BR bomber with tracking disruptor bonus.
  846. Add a button to "Selected Item" to jump through ship for Black ops and Titans, so that players don't have to spam right click!

    Keywords: bridge, selected item, pvp, black ops, titans, button, usability, interface
  847. Give sentry drones limited mobility. Allow Sentries to move and follow ships at up to 150 m/s. Sentries should not have MWD and should be able to fire while moving.

    Keywords: drones
  848. Add a drone booster for slot 3

    Keywords: drones
    Note: Currently ships that don't use missile launchers cannot benefit from a slot 3 booster.
  849. A button to toggle grouping of weapons

    Keywords: pve
    Note: when ratting I want to be able to easily group all my gun/lasers for the cruisers and bigger, and then move them to smaller groups for frigates. for example I am ratting in an Apoc, I want to press a button that would enable me to toggle between pre-defined setups that I make.
  850. Give sentry drones moving/tractor beam ability - f.e. a ship module that allows a ship to pull sentries alongside the ship.

    Keywords: drones, pvp
  851. If a fleet member is not in system with you, replace the Warp To option with Set Destination to the system they're in at the time the command is issued.

    Keywords: drones
  852. Add to Planetary Infrastructure More Graphic Appeal with Removable Material Icons for Extractors.

    Keywords: pi, ui
    Note: Add To Pi tab in Industry window more friendly, detailed and graphic appeal, Including Planet Type Icon, and Removable and Sortable (as overview) Columns of : Storages (total), Launchpads(total), Basic Factories(total, etc) and Removable Graphic Icons for Extractors (Under Extractors Tab (Icon:Heads) ), and 3 most produced p1-p4 producs on planet, giving to manufacturer glimpse which planet it is.
  853. A quicker way to grind standings with NPC Corps.

    Keywords: missions, standings.
    Note: I need at least 6.67 standing to get perfect refine, I am currently at 3.64, it is soul destroying grinding all those missions. perhaps review the percentage increase, or reducing the 14 mission threshold to 7 or 8 maybe so there is light at the end of the tunnel.
  854. In the ship fitting window, toggle modules on to see the stat change. i.e. DC and hardeners etc etc.

    Keywords: ui
  855. Allow micro movement of PI structures from arrow keys on board.

    Keywords: pi
    Note: All that do PI strive for the narrowest of gaps between buildings so our links take up the smallest amount of CPU/PG, and we all get RSI doing it trying to move 1000th of a mm on the screen, so allow us to move the buildings with very slight increments using the keyboard arrow keys
  856. Implement Un-learn skill, limit it to Level 5 skills, only once per year like attribute remaping. at implementation allow 2 skills to be untrained, since many intermediate players trained wrong skills unknowingly.

    Keywords: skills, skill training, new player, remap, unlearn, skill remap, skill unlearn.
  857. implement inventory filtering by categories and size simultaneously, equivalent to markret categories, with a button to enable each:

    Keywords: sorting, inventory, ui, usability, filtering, categories
  858. Selectable background and front light source when viewing a ship with show info

    Note: Currently it is a black/dark blue background that doesn't show the ship in its best light. Having selectable background and front light source will allow the models to be appreciated much more
  859. Visible wormhole polarization timer

    Keywords: ui, wormholes
    Note: The best solution would probably be to add something to the bracket in space, because polarity is not just wormhole-specific, it is jump-direction-specific.
  860. Keep shields from recharging in station or make it so armor and hull recharges as well.

    Keywords: balance
    Note: Currently shield-tanked ships have a major advantage in both PvP and missions with their ability to instantly heal when docked up. That's a major advantage that armor and hull-tanks (e.g. Orca) don't have.
  861. Introduce a concept of drone reserves for those ships that have them.

    Keywords: drone, ui
    Note: If I have more drones than I can launch, then the remaining ones of the same type should be reserves and automatically replace the damaged or destroyed ones in the group.
  862. Add the ability to see, in summary, what your PI planets are actually producing without pulling up the actual planet screens.

    Keywords: ui, pi
  863. Allow fleet members to see the details of the mission the fleet is currently doing, including when it's done.

    Keywords: group play, ui
  864. Save job sets for fast jobs (such as some item inventions or ammo manufacturing) with defined facilities and everything. if I am going to manufacture 1000 warp disruptor IIs then please don't make me have to do the same clicks 100 times!

    Keywords: industry, jobs, manufacturing, research, interface, usability, pre-saved, saved jobs, pos
  865. Make selecting job slots automatic, so that it automatically selects the slots available "now", give an option to select "soonest" jobs if none are available now, with displaying how long it'll take until the job starts. this in conjunction with "select multiple jobs of the same type at once" suggestion can simplify a lot of pointless mindless clicking.

    Keywords: keywords: industry, jobs, manufacturing, research, interface, usability, pos, production, clicking, queuing, automation.
  866. Make chat links have different colors depending on what they are, rather than all being orange. e.g character names in cyan, contracts in yellow, solar systems by their security status and so on.

    Keywords: chat, text, links, colors, interface, reading, clarity.
  867. Ban ISBoxer and any other method of copying keystrokes to multiple clients.

    Keywords: eula
    Note: A simmering issue for many. It has been ruled OK by CCP, but many think it should be considered another form of botting, and should be added to the EULA violation list.
  868. Let's abandoned structures, like pos without fuel, have 0% shield instantly and armor decreasing from 100% to 0% in a week or two.

    Keywords: structures, pos, ihub, garbage
    Note: There a lot of garbage in the space. Kill all of it requires a lot of time. And no fun. Give them no shield instantly, when fuel is out. No sheld recharge. And armor decrease to 0% in some time. Armor decrease needed to ihub. There too many armor hp.
  869. Show incoming damage, before and after resists graphically and how that damage is composed.

    Keywords: ui, learning
    Note: This is currently no way to figure out what kinds of damage you're being hit with without going to a website and looking it up. This means you cannot learn about damage compositions in game. And everyone includes the damage and resistances in their bio.
  870. Add a combat info panel for your currently selected target.

    Keywords: ui, quality of life
    Note: Basically there are details that I only want on my selected target. It could include the ship type, class, various velocities, range to target, known weapon systems, average resisted DPS, DPS from target... the things that are useful in that situation. It should have some very basic configurations, but nothing crazy. I do not want this for every target at once, but I should be able to get this for any target once I'm locked.
  871. Add a home region to corp recruitment bulletins.

    Keywords: corp management, recruitment
    Note: High sec is not specific enough for some people who want to join a corp, but like operating out of certain parts of high sec.
  872. Allow more than 1 jump clone to be stored in a station

    Keywords: clone, training, jump clone, jumpclone, implant, implants
  873. rise this devblog from the dead and bring us new language !!

    Keywords: localization
  874. Give the beams of Modulated Strip Miner IIs colour, according to which kind of crystal is fitted (scordite, Gneiss, etc.). That will make large-scale mining ops in particular more visually appealing.

    Keywords: eye candy
  875. Longer drop-down menu in the Wallet>Journal window. The list contains MANY entries. Why am I only allowed to see 5 at a time? Allow at least 12-15 entries shown at a time.

    Keywords: ui
  876. Allow the de-selection of Ref. Types in Wallet->Journal, so that instead of selecting "show ONLY X" I can select "show everything EXCEPT X".

    Keywords: ui
  877. Remove unused or decrepated Ref. Types from the drop-down menu in Wallet-Journal. There are MANY items on that list, and some were never used in the game, while others went out of use many years ago.

    Keywords: ui
  878. Add a new window, that shows a zoomed-in view of the currently selected target. If a new target is selected, there will probably be 500-2000 ms lag before the new is shown.

    Keywords: eye candy
    Note: Makes combat more visually engaging, because you have a special view window, e.g. taking up 5% of the screen or so, most likely showing the target that you're currently shooting at. It's a lot better than just shooting at red crosses all day, or having to use an awkward and very un-automated zoom view function. Slower computers may have a problem with that, so there should be an option to disable the window completely, in Settings.
  879. Add a new column in the Overview, for use for various purposes, including showing the output from the latest Survey Scanner scan, to make mining more convenient.

    Keywords: ui
  880. Remove can spew mechanics from exploration

    Keywords: exploration, gameplay
    Note: The can spew mechanic doesn't really make much sense/fit into eve [why would a successfully hacked can suddenly start spewing its contents all over the place?. Exploration should have some benefits for solo players, the can spew feels more like punishment for success. Im ok with the main container exploding if you fail hacking, but the can spew is just such a silly mechanic.
  881. Allow Launcher to log in with multiple accounts instead of having to change user and enter password every single time.

    Keywords: account, log in, launcher, multiple accounts, change user
  882. Add summary capabilities to the transaction journal or make this information easy to pull from CREST.

    Keywords: money management, ui
    Note: The wallet transactions are currently pretty worthless as it's just a wall of data with no real way to break it down. Being able to categorize transactions or use the implicit categories to analyze where the money is going would be nice.
  883. Add radio stations, or some way to broadcast audio. Corp stations etc. that would take care of the music issue.

    Keywords: music
  884. allow for some customization of paint/light scheme on the ships, such as the addition of corp logos, or kill markers (like on bombers).

    Keywords: ui
  885. Make this so that they can be made public and other players can download popular UI set-ups (including color sets, etc). I guess this like Skins.

  886. implement the Apple-style hierarchical menu hysteresis hack

    Keywords: ui
    Note: the triangle-mousing-slack area in hierarchical has been around longer than the web
  887. Allow ship to ship transfers if you are in the same fleet in station.

    Keywords: trade, easy of use
  888. Сделать возможным BPC и BPO с идентичными показателями складывать в стопку.

    Keywords: Интерфейс, карго
    Note: Позволит избежать захламления складов и карго чертежами, кроме этого повысит визуальность отображения наличия идентичных чертежей.
  889. Add a timer for gate cloak next to crimewatch timers.

    Keywords: ui, stargates, gate cloak
  890. Add a notifier that informs you're cloaked when using a cloaking device next to the crimewatch timers.

    Keywords: ui, modules, cloaking device
  891. Add a timer for invulnerability after undocking next to crimewatch timers.

    Keywords: ui, stations, undock
  892. Add a button that changes what unit of mesurement, AUs or kms, is used to set the directional scanner's range.

    Keywords: ui, directional scanner
  893. Change text color in Employment History tab. Make it easier to distinguish NPCcorp from Playercorp.

    Keywords: ui
  894. Add the options to link Chat Channels in textfields.

    Keywords: ui
    Note: This helps promoting channels in chat, bulletins, mails, ...
  895. Change the linking of corpses, so that other players can actually see the corpse name in the Show Info when clicked on in chat or in a contract.

    Keywords: ui, items, corpses, contracts
    Note: Currently you only get a correctly named link when dragging a corpse into chat, but opening the link still only shows the generic corpse.
  896. modules auto repack when it stacking.

    Keywords: ui, inventory
  897. stacking items for 1 time. now need 2-3 time to final stack.

    Keywords: ui, inventory
  898. В маркете поставить фильтр "не показывать ордера в недоступных станциях"

    Keywords: market, order, stantion
  899. adding market order visible status: all (now), corporation, alliance.

    Keywords: market, order, corp, alliance
  900. adding market table column "Buyer" and "Seller".

    Keywords: market, order.
  901. На клаймовой станции владельцу станции дать возможность управлять доступностью маркета, ставкой налога до 5%, ставкой брокера.

    Keywords: market, order, corp, alliance
  902. adding visible filter bookmark in "People and place":

    Keywords: bookmark, ui
  903. When personal bookmark move to inventory, do not delete it form personal bookmark.

    Keywords: bookmark, ui
  904. owner couirier contract may view moved items.

    Keywords: contract, ui
  905. Jump-cloning and installing implants should not require pausing skill queue

    Keywords: ui, implants, jump clones
    Note: either remove that requirement or make EVE do it automatically
  906. Change overheat colors so that players know what will happen the next cycle (in case of hitting multiple times). make the color orange if if a module is currently normal going to overheat NEXT cycle, green if it IS overheated and WILL remain overheated next cycle, and red if it's overheated NOW but will stop next cycle.

    Keywords: modules, overheat, combat, pvp, interface, indicators, overload
  907. show reload timer circle around the module similar to module activation! this is very important for cap boosters and ancillary shield boosters which take a very long time to reload.

    Keywords: modules, combat, pvp, interface, indicators, reload, cap booster, ancillary shield booster
  908. currently hitting an active module once will de-activate it after the cycle, make is so that hitting an active modules twice will CANCEL the de-activation. this is very important for pvp when one sometimes spam hits disruptor module while getting in range, only to be cancelled at the end of the cycle and the target escaping in the millisecond between deactivation and reactivation!

    Keywords: modules, , combat, pvp, interface, indicators, module activation, module re-activation
  909. show target VELOCITY in space! this is very important for pvp because looking back and forth between space, target and overview causes loss of information and slow decision making a lot in situations where a split second makes the difference between life and death!

    Keywords: combat, pvp, interface, indicators, overview, target, space, information, awareness
  910. make deep space transports useful - bubble immune and immune to scrams from any two ships

    Keywords: ships, hauling, pve
  911. Save the results of a successful scan after rejoining into system/game.

    Keywords: scaning
    Note: Player often has to re-scan all the complexes in the system due to problems with the Internet. I think it's a good idea to save the scan result to completely found complexes.
  912. Killmails to also show damage negated and missed

    Keywords: killmails.
  913. Killmails to also show Logistic pilots, if they rep the person that did the damage/killing blow.

    Keywords: killmails.
  914. a ccp in game killboard, viewable via charater, corp, alliance information.

    Keywords: killmails.
  915. Offline pos's to decay over time if not used, remaining mods un-anchor at end of decay.

    Keywords: pos, structures
  916. decaying pos's become salvagable. % of salvage depends on % of decay.

    Keywords: pos, structures
  917. make isk numberes clearer. remove the cents which not even noobs count (traders can still do 1 isk war) and turn the bigger numbers into brackets of millions ONLY, so instead of contracts saying (1Million) and (1Billion) make it (1 Million) and (1000 Million), this will be much clearer and avoids the unnecessary confusion between millions and billions, especially for people with poor eye sight who stare at the screen for 10 hours to play this game.

    Keywords: pi
  918. Killmail window should have the standing icon on the portrait like in show info.

    Keywords: ui
  919. change the way unique ships are used so that people can actually undock and fly them. make unique ships immune to suicide ganks, give them a special concord protection status in high sec! no need to worry about denying the opportunity to suicide high value cargo because people use blockade runners for these things anyway, with bigger cargo and scanner immunity.

    Keywords: unique ships, suicide ganking, concord, high sec
  920. Tactical overlay (Ctrl-D) should be able to show velocity vector (direction+speed) of displaying objects.

    Keywords: ui
  921. make ship selling contracts different than normal contracts, let them show the ship as it would be in the fitting window with all the right stats. this is especially useful for alliance/corp fleet fits.

    Keywords: pvp
  922. Combat Utility drones to get a speed boost, or introduce a light version with faster speed. Also look into balancing the other forms of EWAR drones, as currently only the ECM ones are being used.

    Keywords: drones, ewar, combat
    Note: Combat Utility drones are way too slow at the moment, hence why nobody uses them, also ECM drones are too powerful compared to the other EWAR drones.
  923. Remove the option to add/remove drones from overview when right clicking on a drone transaction in wallet and order windows.

    Keywords: ui
    Note: I probably don't care if drones are visible on my overview when doing market PvP.
  924. A build level check should be made by the launcher immediately before client start. If this fails the client should be patched before starting client.

    Keywords: launcher
    Note: This currently is not done and if the launcher has been kept open over downtime (or not closed before system hibernation/sleep which happens over downtime) the user can log in (or press the connect button), not get a level check and run into the old-style patcher which no longer seems to work.
  925. Remake the industry/science jobs interface, rather than having 3 steps for each job in 3 separate windows (select job, select slot, and then confirm window) make them all in 1 window.

    Keywords: industry, science, manufacturing, interface, jobs, usability, remake, windows
  926. Make Industry jobs at POS display and automatically select the soonest available slot from the facility they are in, all in the same message board rather than having to select slots from a separate window.

    Keywords: industry, science, manufacturing, interface, jobs, usability, remake, windows
  927. Shared hangar access between specified people (eg alts)

    Keywords: hangar, inventory, ui
  928. Shared wallet between specified people (eg alts)

    Keywords: wallet, isk, ui
  929. Method of converting slaves to something else (homeless).

    Keywords: rp
  930. Add a way to initiate a duel that doesn't include the option to pod.

    Keywords: duels, podding
  931. Implement Out-of-Eve Market place with third party access and fetching! (READ ONLY)

    Keywords: industry, interface, usability, market, out of game, third party, tools, data, calculations
  932. Search window in Fittings Browser should search ship types as well as names.

    Keywords: ui
  933. Dragging a ship out of the the tree view section of the inventory should behave the same as dragging the ship icon (e.g. into trade window)

    Keywords: ui
  934. Add a ship browser so I can find where all my ships are. Basic sorting/filtering should be included.

    Keywords: ui, quality of life
    Note: Once you get to a certain point you end up with a lot of ships. Since they are kind of a special category, it would be nice if I could view all of my various ships where they are and get basic details about them including viewing their fitting and cargo.
  935. Make copy/paste work with links!

    Keywords: test, interface, usability, links, copy, paste, communication.
  936. make amarr drones less terrible (dps boost)

    Keywords: drones
  937. add mindlink boosting ship to killmail (so many lame "solo" with their ogb...at least give the true solo this much please)

    Keywords: killmail, battle report
  938. Vary the size of the sun by distance. Huge at 1 AU, but tiny at 10+ AU.

    Keywords: graphics
  939. provide financial, economic and other motivations for players to use player-built infrastructure for industry rather than NPC facilities

    Keywords: industry, npc, economy
    Note: Why do NPCs have so many stations with such good facilities? Why does a navy assembly plant have a better refinery than a mining corporation? Why can players get 100% refines in NPC facilities with little effort, while POS refineries are capped at 75%? Why do player run assembly lines cost more per hour than NPC run assembly lines? Why are there so many NPC facilities?
  940. Make bookmarks selectable items so you can align/warp to them without the dropdown menu.

    Keywords: ui, bookmarks, everyone
    Note: That time in null/low/w-space when you lost a ship, because someone suddenly appeared on grid and your hands were too shaky from the shock to go through the dropdown menus. (even though you were aligned)
  941. Pressing Enter in the Search box of the Fitting Management window should execute a search.

    Keywords: ui
  942. If I type a search while I have 'Ships' selected, then click 'Items', it clears my search. Sometimes I just search the wrong tab. You should keep the query until I close the window or manually clear the search box.

    Keywords: ui, inventory
  943. add option in star map to view only the local stars surrounding a selected system, the range which the player can dictate. e.g show Jita and all systems within 8 jumps of it, or 5 jumps, as well as the route from current system, but no more.

    Keywords: map, star map, navigation, interface, usability, route, systems.
  944. На тестовом сервере сделать возможность ускоренной прокачки, либо мгновенного добавления скиллов. С возможностью удаления и приведения к оригиналу по запросу пользователя.

    Keywords: тест-сервер, скиллы, прокачка.
    Note: Невозможно попробовать что-то новое, например, новый корабль в совершенной прокачке - так как прокачка очень долгая и зачастую сбрасывается.
  945. System avoidance list needs to be easier to find then a small red dot on the star map view.

    Keywords: navigation, ui, map
  946. Remote stacking Skill in trade skills with these ranges: "Station, System, 20 jumps, 40 jumps, Region"

    Keywords: asset_management, skills
  947. Make it possible to scroll down and up in the in the Courier Contract wizard duration field

    Keywords: contracts,
  948. Please show the number of available contracts while you are within the contracts wizard continually.

    Keywords: contracts, enablers
  949. Please make it possible to add a description with double clicking a form field to see its history, just like in web-browsers.

    Keywords: contracts
  950. Switch the TAB index # within the Courier Contract wizard on the CALCULATE / COLL fields,

    Keywords: contracts
    Note: Now you first enter the COLL field and then you can request a EVE estimate on the price of the to be couriered items.
  951. Please make the contract wizard remember settings while opened

    Keywords: contracts
    Note: If one would ship something public, but reconsider a few steps in the wizard to a private one, you have to re-select the stuff to be shipped.
  952. Please make an option to set the contract button blink duration

    Keywords: neocom, contracts
  953. Make it possible to set a threshold for wallet blink

    Keywords: wallet, market, enablers, neocom
  954. Please add a regional filter setting within the orders overview tab

    Keywords: market, orders,
  955. Add a function in the right menu of your own order in the market overview tab that says "go to order" and auto-focus on the order in question in the orders overview tab, so you can CANCEL it on that location.

    Keywords: market, orders,
  956. Please add a replenish option to orders.

    Keywords: market, orders, distribution, skills
    Note: So orders can be supplied with extra stock when they start to deplete. Maybe add a skill to get this done, with a Station, System, 20 jumps, 40 jumps, Region upgrade like other trade skills.
  957. Please add a tool-tip that tells you can use keyboard input to locate items / locations in the orders overview tab.

    Keywords: market, orders, tool_tips
  958. Make it possible to filter added characters within PEOPLE with a NO-LABEL category,

    Keywords: social, people, management, ui,
    Note: Now you have to search the ALL menu for people you just met and added.
  959. Automerge Char Contact list between mutual agreeing parties.

    Keywords: social, people, management, ui
    Note: Especially usefull for maintaining overview with alts
  960. Make it possible to PIN a locations folder to the NEOCOM bar or let it opened on relogging.

    Keywords: neocom, locations, ui
  961. When creating a contract, with non-empty containers, please make the YES button SHIFT clickable, so that if you ad 1 NON empty container, you can agree to add them ALL

    Keywords: contract, enablers
  962. Add a filter option that filters non-empty containers from the overviewlist in Items

    Keywords: containers, assets, management, filters
  963. The ability to right-click a courier package and being able to chose 'Set destination' to the destination for delivery.

    Keywords: contracts, enablers,
  964. Please add a shift click function in the orders overview to select more as 1 order, so you can cancel several of them at the same time.

    Keywords: orders, management,
  965. Please add another public contracting skill, the 21 limit is really to low when using a lot of public shipping contracts.

    Keywords: navigation, ui, map
    Note: I run into the limit a lot.
  966. mark yellow color asset on my route like as market.

    Keywords: asset, ui
  967. add search from dev-blog

    Keywords: dev-blog, search, find
  968. corp contact add comment (for reasone that stand)

    Keywords: corp, contact, ui
  969. when change market order - add change distance order

    Keywords: ui, market, order
  970. Visible standing contact to me

    Keywords: ui, contact, standing
    Note: I add contact with stand +5, but i not view stand contact to me
  971. Add a skill that reduces time interval between clone-jumps (for ex. each level reduces interval by 45 min, in lvl5: 225 min or 3h 45m)

    Keywords: jumpclone
    Note: today time interval is 24hrs. For ex., someone usually plays EVE 21:00 - 24:00 GMT. That player begin a roaming with his friends in 0.0 till 23:50. Then he do a jumpclone to empire to manage his industry jobs, at 23:50. In todays situation, the next jump back to 0.0 will be possible only at 23:51 next day. And we remember that person plays till 24:00. So, obviously, the next day after jumpclone, player will not be able to join his friends on roaming in 0.0.
  972. On stored fittings, add skills and their prefered level to the fit.

    Keywords: ui, fittings
  973. In people and places, be able to list contacts in one or more labels, or contacts without any labels and/or in combination to certain standing.

    Keywords: ui
  974. Add a module or system upgrade with a cool down (say of 3 hours) that de-cloaks everything in system for a period of time

  975. Allow containers within containers to be Item Exchange contracted.

    Keywords: contract, courier, plastic wrap, container
  976. Allow drugs to be contracted

    Keywords: contracting, drugs, boosters
  977. Make PVP and PVE more similar.

    Keywords: pvp, pve, fittings
    Note: A PVP fit is generally unsuitable for PVE and vice versa. Perhaps some mechanics on the NPC rats, such as pulling range or warping when they think they are going to die, so that PVE can make use of tackle.
  978. Make ignored signatures stay ignored even after jumping.

    Keywords: exploration, probes, scanner
  979. Allow multiple identical BPCs to be combined into a bigger BPC that can take the combined number of runs.

    Keywords: industry, manufacturing, science, usability, interface, blueprint
  980. Allow jobs to take multiple slots rather than only 1. in combination with the suggestion above it will tremendously improve the usability and interfacing of industry.

    Keywords: industry, manufacturing, science, usability, interface, blueprint
  981. add a tab to industry jobs that shows remaining time. the end date is not enough.

    Keywords: industry, manufacturing, science, usability, interface
  982. Improve PI Transport Logistics capabilities through new skills, POCO taxes, and UI

    Keywords: pi , skills , ui , trade
    Note: See top of this forum thread for details
  983. a VERY important one: make blocking a player block all communications from his ACCOUNT, not just that one character, who can just delete and make new character and spam you all over again! that is also what a players means when he blocks another player, he doesn't mean the specific character of the player, he means the offending player and all his characters.

    Keywords: blocking, player, communication, interaction, block, account, spam
  984. let the players chose on the market from which sell order they want to buy and NOT automatically pick the lowest offer

    Keywords: market
  985. replace warp-to-zero [for system gates] by drop-off zone like cynos + capital ships

    Keywords: gameplay
  986. add decimal marks for large numbers

    Keywords: ui
  987. let the animated marker in space showing your auto-pilot route start at the next jump-out gate in your current system NOT in the next system, unless you are in close proximity to that gate

    Keywords: ui
  988. Implement Delayed "Courier-like" item exchange contracts with Collateral

    Keywords: contracts, industry
    Note: Such contracts would allow for enforceable loans as well as enforceable construction contracts. Could work like a pair of item exchange transactions separated in time to allow one party time to perform tasks and then implement a completion transaction in the same manner as courier contracts.
  989. display ship class name in show info window

    Keywords: ui
  990. offer bonus option for fast courier contract delivery below 1 day

    Keywords: contracts
  991. show health of drones docked in drone bay

    Keywords: ui
  992. add command to drone UI for idle drones to attack any aggressor (for example when ship is jammed)

    Keywords: gameplay
  993. make defender missiles useful

    Keywords: gameplay
  994. finally offer Concord billboards for local player advertisements

    Keywords: ui, isk sink
  995. offer more options to differentiate and filter in the corp advertisement and recruitment panel

    Keywords: ui
  996. for realism, add more NPC ship traffic to space

    Keywords: player experience
  997. considerably reduce the range of camera drones (zoom out) so fights become more immerse and chaotic

    Keywords: player experience
  998. change the colour of unknown signature showing after jump in from red to something less alarming

    Keywords: ui
  999. reconfigure means of collection / abundance of production items for COSMOS blueprints

    Keywords: cosmos
  1000. Allow bookmarks to be copied without removing the bookmark itself. Or if this is already possible, make it easier to figure out.

    Keywords: ui, bookmarks
    Note: Currently it's a pain to copy bookmarks for everyone. It's just a set of coordinates. It shouldn't be.
  1001. Flesh out Incarna.

    Keywords: incarna, walking in stations, social, cosmetics
  1002. create more Research/copy slots in stations in empire space

    Keywords: industry, research, blueprints
  1003. Rework ECM. Make it reduce ships Max number of locked target to something greater than zero.

    Keywords: ecm, fun, annoying, balance
    Note: OK this is probably controvertial, and I'm not trying to say ECM is overpowered, but it is just not fun to get jammed, especially when solo. If your max targets gets reduced to a non-zero number, at least you can still do something while you die.
  1004. Make Factories' output and input selection filterable to planet type.

    Keywords: pi, ui
    Note: Aside from Temperate and Barren planets most of the other planet types are used for manufacturing stuff that can be made from that planet's resources. It would be nice if there would be a filter for the factories that hides all the Products that can't be built from that planet's extractable resources on all the Product levels, to lessen the scroll intensive nature of setting up PI.
  1005. Make the factories' default filter type a selectable option in the ESC menu somewhere.

    Keywords: pi, ui
    Note: So that if I want to move my PI setup form system to system, i can do it fast, and don't need to select the filters on each factory each time. Filter type eg.: Planet resources, All
  1006. Make implants recoverable from corpses, possibly by the reprocess facility in stations.

    Keywords: implants, pvp, death, loot
  1007. Togglable feature which can auto-loot-all from selected target if within looting range.

    Keywords: loot, convenience, tractor beam, lazy
  1008. Ability to switch character without closing and restarting Eve.

    Keywords: character select, ui, 2013
  1009. Add more Incursions from other pirates, eg, Angels

    Keywords: pve, incursion, variety
  1010. Some station models have multiple entrances. Let us use them.

    Keywords: station, model, realism, docking games.
  1011. On-grid boosting only.

    Keywords: fleet, bonus, boost, gang link, balance, fun.
  1012. Make directional scanner scan automatically every few seconds.

    Keywords: dscan, clicking.
  1013. Allows us to move the CC or allow us to choose another default focus structure on a planet

    Keywords: pi, industry
  1014. Add a warning to industry window that you have ECU heads stopped in a planet

    Keywords: pi, industry
  1015. Add left/right navigation buttons that allows me to navigate to the next or previous planet inside the PI window

    Keywords: pi, industry
  1016. Add global POCO window that allows POCO owners to see all POCOS and remote change their taxes

    Keywords: pi, industry
  1017. Fix Bug that random closes Customs Office window upon clicking the “Transfer” button

    Keywords: pi, industry
  1018. Release the layout of the Dust map

    Keywords: enablers,3rd party
  1019. Allow the creation of courier contracts from a Custom Office to a station

    Keywords: pi, industry, contracts, hauling
  1020. Add route automation during PI construction

    Keywords: pi, industry
    Note: If I select a new extractor product and start a job, automatically CCP should verify if there is a route set for this product, if not it should search a storage or launch pad linked directly to the ECU or the nearest one (with less link jumps) and if one is found create an automatic route from the extractor to that structure. If I set up a basic factory or advanced factory and select a BPO, automatically CCP should find, for each product it needs, the near storage or launch pad that contains the product in its storage or has a receiving product route, and set up a automatically route with that product from that structure to the factory. It also should create a route of the product it produces to the nearest storage or launch pad.
  1021. Improve on the Duelling System by adding Contract like fight conditions (Number of Players, Ship Types, Damage Limits etc) as well as Arena's said fights can take place in.

    Keywords: pvp, duelling
  1022. Allow combat boosters in contract

    Keywords: combat boosters, legality
  1023. Let Ship maintenance array drop ships again

    Keywords: sma, pos
  1024. set a delay on signature spawning on the scanning overlay in wormholes

    Keywords: wormhole, signature, scanning overlay
  1025. change or remove the black hole effect in wormhole space

    Keywords: black hole, wormholes
  1026. allow turning off of incursion related channels

    Keywords: incursions
  1027. allow alliance bookmarks

    Keywords: alliance, bookmarks
  1028. disallow selfdestruct inside a forcefield

    Keywords: selfdestruct, forcefield.
  1029. make nanite paste a module so when a ship has that in its cargo it can still be loaded in orca and carriers

    Keywords: nanite paste, carriers, orca's, module group
  1030. allow pos mods to be build at a pos

    Keywords: pos, production, manufactoring
  1031. allow assembly of T3 ships at a pos

    Keywords: pos, strategic cruisers, wormholes
  1032. allow changing of subsystems at a pos

    Keywords: pos, subsystems, strategic cruisers, wormholes
  1033. remove large Pos's from C1 space

    Keywords: pos, wormhole space
  1034. remove auto recall from probes on jumping docking or passing through a wormhole

    Keywords: probes, scanning
    Note: its stupid probes last forever and cant be lost. no hand holding please!
  1035. when choosing an installation to produce a BPO/BPC at only display places where its possible to produce from that particulair bpo/bpc

    Keywords: production, manufactoring, bpo, bpc, pos
  1036. allow movement of stuff between hangars at pos's if youre in a pod

    Keywords: pos, pod
  1037. when i try to store a ship in an sma and it cant because it has containers, dont just eject me into space.

    Keywords: freighter, hauler, containers, sma
  1038. when undocking, let us be max zoom by default so we can use the right click meny

    Keywords: station, undock, right click
  1039. Roll back faction warfare complex timers when not actively being run down.

    Keywords: pvp, faction warfare
    Note: See https://forums.eveonline.com/default.aspx?g=posts&find=unread&t=253352 for a complete explanation of this improvement.
  1040. Allow launch drones to be bound to a hotkey

    Keywords: drones, hotkey
  1041. Add custom context menu options going to bookmarks with place holders for typeids

    Keywords: enablers, 3rd party, igb
  1042. Add 'launch in external browser' to url context menus.

    Keywords: igb
  1043. Pull the collision areas around large objects in to more closely match the actual object area.

    Keywords: graphics, missions
    Note: Missions with lots of large objects, especially stations, in close proximity make it difficult to orbit effectively. I'm tired of running into nothing with speed tanks.
  1044. Remove high sec static belts. Move mining to mining missions for NPC corporations. higher level, better ore.

    Keywords: mining,pve
    Note: See https://www.fuzzwork.co.uk/2013/05/31/mining-rights/ for fleshed out details
  1045. Make Ice destroyable by shooting.

    Keywords: mining, pve
    Note: Allows for denial of resources.
  1046. Interdiction Bubbles show in kill mails regardless of attempt to warp away or not.

    Keywords: pvp, kill-mails, api, interdiction bubbles.
    Note: This is of special interest when a ship is self distructed in a Interdiction Bubbled POS.
  1047. Stack Multi-splitting. Ability to Split a Hanger stack into many smaller stacks with a single command.

    Keywords: ui, client
  1048. Make it possible to logoff and login on the same client without terminating exefile.exe

    Keywords: client, exefile
  1049. remove the swivel from the tracking camera

    Keywords: tracking camera
    Note: the tracking camera is nice when you quickly want to d-scan specific area's or moons, the swivel makes it a lot slower with a lot more waiting
  1050. Show bookmarks in space and on overview, as warpable objects.

    Keywords: bookmark, ui, overview, hud.
  1051. Allow cancellation of Buy/Sell Orders from the Market Window, via the right-click menu, instead of requiring players to always cancel via the Wallet->Orders window.

    Keywords: ui
    Note: When I see one of my Buy Orders (rarely Sell Orders) in the Market window, that I want to cancel, I don't have the option of doing that, so I do it in a stupidly roundabout way, by setting the buy price to 0.01 ISK, so that it's easy to find in the Wallet->Orders window. Then I wait 5 minutes, before I'm able to cancel the order, and go to the Wallet->Orders window and sort by price, so that all my 0.01 orders are at the top. I don't think I've done this with a Sell Order, ever, but the method would be setting the sell price to something like 99999999999 ISK, so that it sorts as extreme. It's silly, though, and it ought to be possible to delete one's own orders from the Market window.
  1052. Increase Training Queue to 3 days.

    Keywords: ui, bookmarks
    Note: Currently it's a pain to copy bookmarks for everyone. It's just a set of coordinates. It shouldn't be.
  1053. make a tool - similar to new contract tool- for third party services where players can advertise the less tangible services offer (such as faction boost, pos fueling, 3rd party, capital transfers...etc) and their customers can rate and comment on the service. make sure that ONLY actual customers who used the service can do that.

    Keywords: enablers, interface, usability, third party, services
  1054. DX11 Support and Improved Textures

    Keywords: graphics
  1055. allow players to see kills within a war report with the kill viewer as well as with copy/paste

    Keywords: ui
  1056. Provide indication of repair progress for in-space repairs with nanite repair paste

    Keywords: ui
  1057. Сделать "Краткий список участников", как это сделано в чат каналах, для списка находящихся на станции пилотов.

    Keywords: ui
  1058. Добавить возможность группировать скан пробки в группы (в одну или несколько) в окне сканера

    Keywords: exploration, ui
    Note: Не хватает функции сгруппировать пробки в одну группы (как дронов) чтобы после выставления нужной формации можно было оперировать ими как одним объектом не только в космосе, но и в окне скана.
  1059. make the EVE Gate a star visible from "anywhere" as per the lore, in EVE and DUST514

    Keywords: lore, immersion, roleplay, navigation
    Note: systems buried deep in dust clouds might not be able to see it.
  1060. introduce an optional download of unique skyboxes for all systems

    Keywords: lore, immersion, roleplay, navigation
    Note: there was some talk about skyboxes drawn with the nebulas in the appropriate location and perspective for each system, but that this would require 5000 x 5MB, quite a large download.
  1061. Радиальное меню для выбора боеприпасов.

    Keywords: reload, ui
    Note: добавить радиальное меню со иконками боеприпасов для ускорения смены боеприпасов орудий и ракетниц. При долгом клике на турель вызывается радиальное меню с списком из восьми (оптимально) видов патронов/ракет из грузового отсека. Повысит удобство в разы.
  1062. allow PI facilities to be targeted for invasion

    Keywords: dust514, pi, immersion, pvp
  1063. allow capsuleers to manufacture implants

    Keywords: industry, pi, dust514
    Note: See my take on Resurrection Men
  1064. When creating a courier contract and switching to details tab (tab 3/5) cursor should be by default in "Ship To" field

    Keywords: ui, contracts, user experience
    Note: when creating a courier contract you need to put in destination. But when you switch to that window, focus is not in "**** To". So you cannot type in first couple of letter to do a search or select from drop-down.
  1065. Make empty hulls in space salvageable under the same rules as wrecks.

    Keywords: salvaging
  1066. Create "Bulk sale" option for selling large variety of items an market.

    Keywords: ui, market
    Note: Right now if you want to sell small amounts of varied items you have to painstakingly right-click - sell - confirm every single one separately, and for low cost items it's almost not worth the time. Allow players to select multiple items and sell such group from one right click order, at available orders, ignoring price warnings, but delaying full execution to maintain sell operation limit per minute.
  1067. Make "below the market average" popup warning optional.

    Keywords: ui, market
    Note: When you're selling 100+ low cost items and a third or more of them triggers the warning selling process can almost double.
  1068. Allow players to view, link, and route to planetside installations on the same planet belonging to corpmates

    Keywords: pi
    Note: Self-explanatory, but adds to the advantages of joining a corp, as well as makes planetary operations more interdependent.
  1069. Remote Navigational Assistance Ships and Mods

    Keywords: ships
    Note: Imagine a tugboat guiding an oil tanker or carrier through the narrows of a harbor. Just like shield, armor, and capacitor reps, remote aligning should be another form of assistance that a fleetmate can render. The emergent web-instawarp trick demonstrates player demand for friendly remote align but is currently deemed an aggressive act by game mechanics. Ships and mods that can perform remote align assistance will not only make it a friendly act, but also expand fleet gameplay.
  1070. Implement a "use it or lose it" sovereignty mechanic.

    Keywords: sovereignty
  1071. Instead of a linking two bridges together, let jump bridges project to cynosurals.

    Keywords: jump bridge
    Note: This could bring back the unbroken jump chains of the bigger empires, but such networks would not be protected by cyno jammers. A possible caveat could be to not allow a jump bridge and a cyno gen to be online in the same system at the same time. The jump bridge would not be dedicated to a particular cyno but would allow a user to jump to a selected list of cynos within range, including ones lit by fleet members.
  1072. A small capital ship with a jump portal generator.

    Keywords: capital ship
    Note: This ship would be the size of a freighter (can fit through gates) but instead of a massive cargo hold they would only be able to fit a jump portal generator.
  1073. Add to items an "affecting skills" tab that shows what make the modules better

    Keywords: skills, descriptions
    Note: Skills have a tab that show what each skill allows. I'd like for each mod/ship/item in game to show if there is a skill that affects its performance.
  1074. add toggle buttons to hide empty corporate hangars at pos, one for individual pos modules and one for over all. in addition, there should be an option to hide corporate hangars that a member has no access to. this will reduce the clutter of hangars at pos tremendously.

    Keywords: interface, usability, inventory, corporate hangar, pos, player owned station, show, hide, clutter, hangar.
  1075. Release high-resolution textures as an optional download.

    Keywords: graphics, enabler
  1076. Make ECM reduce number of locked targets relative to the ratio of jam strength to sensor strength

    Keywords: ecm, gameplay
    Note: this would work as so: when a target is ECM'd its number of max targets would then be reduced by (max_targets)*(ECM Strength/Sensor Strength) This way ECM is no longer dependent on an RNG and gives use to the currently never used modules that give extra max locked targets. While targets could still be completely jammed out by this(0 max locked targets) , these are ships with low enough sensor strength that they would have already been permajammed with current mechanics. This also would force logistics pilots being jammed to prioritize who they lock up, thus possibly slowing logistics response times in fleets where logi is being jammed without completely taking the logistics out of the equation.
  1077. Implement a decay system in Eve, where unused towers, containers, pos modules, unpiloted ships and all kinds of space objects, if not used for a period of time will decay, take armor and structure damage, start to become derbis and salvageable.

    Keywords: decay, unused, pos, salvage
  1078. Make it possible to toggle overheat while cloaked.

    Keywords: ui, pvp, balance, gameplay
  1079. Increase the capacity of component assembly array so that it can hold materials for 2-4 freighter's worth of materials. it's really annoying and stupid to have to calculate and divide stacks every time just to be able to get some production rolling.

    Keywords: industry, pos, pos facilities, capacity, minerals, stack, production, manufacturing, components
  1080. Add the ability to turn off the jump gate animation.

    Keywords: effects, animations, options, jump, nausea.
  1081. Add an undock button to the Neocom.

    Keywords: undock.
    Note: putting a copy of the undock button on the Neocom does not mean that it has to be removed from station services.
  1082. Add mapable hotkeys for launching drone groups.

    Keywords: drones, hotkeys.
  1083. Remove local from all space except as an opt-in channel.

    Keywords: pvp, chat, immersion, nullsec, lowsec, highsec
  1084. auto-repackage undamaged items in hangar. this helps reduce the clutter and the countless right click> repackage just to get things organized.

    Keywords: inventory, interface, usability, repackage, items, hanar
  1085. Find some way to make the stars and nebulae in the skybox not quite so near-looking when the player zooms in via holding right click + holding left click + moving mouse up and down.

    Keywords: graphics
  1086. Make celestial bodies orbit each other in real time.

    Keywords: immersion, player experience
  1087. If object (station, planet, system, constellation, etc) is mentioned in the official lore, add a quote from that lore into object's description. Or even link to proper story / article.

    Keywords: immersion, lore
  1088. Add hacking minigame training mode as a feature in Captain's quaters.

    Keywords: captain's quaters, hacking
  1089. Add "mission memory" to mission agents.

    Keywords: missions, agents, pve, standing
    Note: right now agents offer missions from a small pool at complete random, make them modifiy RNG as their relation with player progresses, allow them to remember how may times each mission has been offered / accepted / completed / declined / dropped, the same for wether they've been null- / low- / high-sec; against what faction, and what standing agent has with player (better standing = more lucrative and dangerous missions).
  1090. Add "release passengers" options to "livestock" item category.

    Keywords: items, immersion
    Note: on human "livestock" items there should be an option to release person(s) in cargo out to their own life; especially on slaves / freed slaves. Item dissaprars from cargo, player gets small notification of dispersing passengers; optionally minuscule standing gain to Minmatar / loss to Amarr for freeing slaves.
  1091. Add "patrol" mission type to security agents.

    Keywords: mission, pve, agents
    Note: allow security agents to offer player a patrol route along various unconnected pockets across system. Completion yields a small reward, hostile NPC's may or may not spawn in those pockets, any bounty on them being extra reward, pockets despawn after warping out (so minimal salvaging), and rat's difficulty depends on mission level and system's sec status.
  1092. Add "distress signal" mission in space.

    Keywords: missions, pve
    Note: make random rescue missions spawn in system, it can appear as expeditions, player is informed by a small popup info, similar to that of escalation; objective may be either kill al hostiles, kill tackler holding NPC scrambled, or kill hostile commander. All player currently in space in system receive notification at the same moment and can complete it simultainously the same way anomalies work, pocket despawns instantly on last PC's warpout, rewards and difficulty depend on system's security status, and successfull completion may give minuscule standing gain to local empire (in high), concord (in low), or sov owner (in null).
  1093. Differentiate between corp set and personal set standings in overwiev.

    Keywords: ui, overwiev
    Note: Right now higher level (corp, allince) standing setting displayed in overwiev completely override personal one, make them displayed separately if they're set to different values, maybe in half-size icons side-by-side.
  1094. Alter the Science & Industry blueprint browser so that the search filter only applies after pressing enter.

    Note: With hundreds of blueprints, a query can take several seconds to complete, and the search bar tries to update the query as you type. Behavior more akin to the market window, where the user chooses when to run the update, would be appreciated.
  1095. Allow people to jump to cyno beacons based on standings to the beacon's owner corp.

    Keywords: 0.0, cyno, mobility
  1096. Fix mining foreman mindlink drop rate.

    Keywords: implant, mission drop
    Note: 2B for an implant is a bit ridiculous.
  1097. Change hacking / analyzing / exploration mechanics to no longer use mid slots, which gimp combat tank

    Keywords: exploration, scanning, hacking, relic, sites, analyzer, tank, pvp
    Note: Suggest using a slot 11-16, similar to an implant for player equipping of required scanning equipment (similar to Dust 514's hacking armband). Removing this equipment from the mid range slots will remove penalties that prevent players running exploration sites from defending themselves properly in combat (I.E.: shield equipment and hardeners).
  1098. Move the name of the person the local police are talking to the beginning of the pop up from the end of the message.

    Keywords: pop ups, ui, everyone.
    Note: Having the name last makes someone read the whole message before they know who is being targeted.
  1099. include optional hotkeys to eliminate right-clicks; if it has a right-click menu option, give it a hotkey

    Keywords: right-click, user interface, hotkeys
    Note: with a peripheral such as a Logitech or Razr, I could left-click + hotkey to avoid right-clicking--ever again
  1100. Allow the owner of wrecks to delay their expiration, but reduce the default wreck timer to compensate.

    Keywords: user interface, wrecks, salvage, beacon, missions
    Note: For various reasons, certain missions can take a long time to complete (interruptions, ship explodes, chaining missions or it's a multi-part, multi-room mission), causing some of the wrecks to start disappearing before you've had a chance to collect them (I don't multi-box). Assuming wrecks are still an issue for server load, reduce the default wreck expiration time to 30 minutes or so.
  1101. make it possible to scoop pos modules to cargo hold from anywhere inside the shields. it's currently taking very long to move big slow ships next to each module.

    Keywords: pos, anchoring, usability, enablers
  1102. Добавить возможность забирать контракт-аукцион, если хозяин контракта заблокирован.

    Keywords: контракты, аукцион.
    Note: товар выставлен на аукцион, хозяин за него заплатил, более он ему не принадлежит до окончания.
  1103. Randomly generated modular content

    Keywords: dynamic, modular, content, pve
  1104. warfare links draw aggro when aiding, exactly like repping ships (reuse the same function!)

    Keywords: pvp, links, warfare, empire, highsec, lowsec
    Note: this is NOT about balancing links, or about on grid vs off grid, but only about making fighting linked people a better user experience in empire space. This improvement is compatible with any other different improvement with links ships. See http://failheap-challenge.com/showthread.php?12015-warfare-links-and-aggro for a complete explanation. This is about allowing link ship hunters to scram neut link ships. Currently a link ship can boost another ship without any fear, the only way to deal with this in highsec is suicide gank it, and that needs a lot of preparation against a ship that can cloak any time: it never happens. If a covops could scram a link ship, we would have many more explosions, and we all love explosions don't we ;) Secundarily, we'd finally get link boosted "soloers" alts to show up on killmails, for great justice!
  1105. more personal ship fittings

    Keywords: pvp, fittings, ui, ease of use, ergonomics
    Note: Please make the limit infinite. If it means more resources, make it by payment of a plex, I'd pay immediately!
  1106. Ship Velocity Vectors

    Keywords: pvp, small gang, tactical overlay, ui, overview
    Note: Add a single new vector to every ship on the tactical overlay, showing speed and direction of each ship. Additionally (optionally), add a new overview tab that governs the filtering and colouring of the velocity vectors. Make the vectors always show up with the same size, independently of zoom level, because they're more useful the more the screen is zoomed out. See https://forums.eveonline.com/default.aspx?g=posts&m=896733#post896733 and http://www.eveonline.com/ingameboard.asp?a=topic&threadID=1325992 for a complete explanation and lots of support, including CSM Trebor Daehdoow. Keep this simple, and it will be a great boon to small gang play!
  1107. Don't activate the circular menu on targeted wrecks and containers.

    Keywords: ui, usability, salvage
    Note: when you target multiple wrecks/containers in a mission site for example and try to fast click them throu and assign a tractor beam or a salvager to each, if you press the left mouse button a tiny bit too long the cursor will move below the targeted icon of the wreck/container and try to get the circular menu open. <- Bad.
  1108. Create a possibility of assigning hot key for opening the containers, open storage or the content of the cores of the ships destroyed

    Keywords: pve, pvp, industry, mining, inventory
    Note: Ability to open containers, shipwrecks, storage by pressing a single hotkey would be more convenient than using the menu
  1109. I would like logi ships to appear on the killmails generated by the ships that they rep. For example: Player A is attacking player B and player C is repping player A. Player A destroys player B. On the deathmail of player B, player C would appear under involved parties.

    Keywords: pvp, logi, killmail, ship module
  1110. add max corporation bookmarks

    Keywords: bookmark, corp
  1111. my icon in local chat marking a corporation icon (short list)

    Keywords: local, chat, marking
  1112. Double Warp Speed of Freighters.

    Keywords: freighters, industry
    Note: A full explanation here: https://forums.eveonline.com/default.aspx?g=posts&m=3263123#post3263123
  1113. Make the "low grade Harvest" Implant Set work for the fleet or make it less expensive.

    Keywords: industry, mining, implant, fleet, boost
    Note: Its nearly impossible to get this implant set.
  1114. Improve (restore, actually) audio and visual cues for players on a grid when a gate is activated by another player.

    Keywords: cues, graphics, sound, situational awareness, user interface
    Note: CCP previously announced a goal of improving player situational awareness by enhancing or adding audio and visual cues to the user interface. However, with Odyssey the gate fire visual effect was significantly toned down and the sound effect was removed entirely. This is primarily a nerf to small gang and solo players who rely on such cues to know when enemy reinforcements arrive during a fight. I am suggesting a very small, easy fix to repair a previously functioning mechanic.
  1115. Add drones-tractors

    Keywords: drones
  1116. add the SMS Service to be able to send notifications to mobile

  1117. add "no expiry"/"expires at" field to api/KEY/CreatePredefined/ URL

    Keywords: api
    Note: metric ton of error in 3party services registration is tied to "I forgot to check NO EXPIRY flag"
  1118. add key type ("Account", "Character", "Corp") field to api/KEY/CreatePredefined/ URL

    Keywords: api
  1119. Allow for economic PVP for industrial characters being harrassed by PVP groups (New Order, Burn JITA) by creating and supporting market sales blacklists/premiums.

    Keywords: drones, ui
    Note: The current drone interface seems to be lacking greatly, as the context-menu is the only way to interact with it, using the mouse, and this is far too slow in the midst of combat.
  1120. add small gang highsec / losec PVP/PVE events to the game.

    Keywords: small gang, pvp, pve, missions.
    Note: Despite the keyword these should not be missions perse but similar too a small fleet engagement which is taking place in a given system. Like incursions these should be broadcast to all players in the relevant system, and include perhaps an ally to be rescued or enemy of the current sovereignty holder to be destroyed. In this way combat between gallente and caldari and minmatar and amarr could be displayed to players and to create a more hostile and less uniform highsec environment. "A small hostile fleet has warped into your system, in response the caldari nation is offering triple bounties and concord LP for their destruction!" or "A friendly industrial convoy and their guards have been disabled by Sansha Raiders. Assistance is requested, further intelligence is unavailable at this time. Rewards are offered by such and who for the safe return of the remainder of the fleet to X station!" or "An unidenfitied group has been located attacking a mining fleet! Assistance requested and rewards insured by X corporation!"
  1121. Loan Contracts.

    Keywords: contract, loan, isk, bank
  1122. Create a launcher that will allow you to login with multiple accounts and use that (single) launcher to launch any character in any of those accounts (rather than having it be a twostep process).

    Keywords: launcher, multiaccount.
    Note: Allow for cookies to remember the selected setup. This would be useful for ANYONE with mutliple accounts and/or multiple characters per account. I assume that most players of EVE at this point fulfill one or both requirements.

    Keywords: mining, awesome, industry.
    Note: real stars use fusion to produce light and heat as well as by products that are ejected from the corona and photosphere and end up on planets (like ours) through solar wind including but not limited to light metals (lithium, magnesium, boron, carbon, oxygen, nitrogen, isotopes of all of the above and often more, depends on star type and DENSITY [denser stars produce denser composites like uranium and other lanthanides, or high atomic weight transition metals (platinum, palladium)]).
  1124. Binary, Trinary, unusual star systems (red giant, brown. Can we please see a few more of these in eve. Turns out their not that uncommon in the real universe. Also being

    Keywords: combat, pvp, interface, indicators, overview, target, space, information, awareness
  1125. Please make it so that my ship doesn't visually STOP before entering warp.

    Keywords: graphical, immersion, lore, nitpicky.
    Note: I'm sure this has something to do with changing the state of a ship as it moves through the system, but why oh why do I have to accelerate to 75% velocity if I'm going to instantly STOP as soon as I turn on the warp drive? Moreover, why does my warp drive make me stop instantly when the rest of my ship engines are incapable of doing so?
  1126. The possibility of securing our accounts with a token.

    Keywords: account security
    Note: without the token pin (sent to smartphone) its not possible to login
  1127. make mining missions check the Ore Hold of the active ship to Complete.

    Keywords: ui, targeting, gameplay, everyone, fleet, wing, squads, gang
    Note: When in gangs having the Squad Leader calling Primaries and other competing information coming in as well from Scouts or calls for help. Having the ability to designate targets on Overview or Targeted Pictures of primaries and the like, would cut confusion in half and allow more fluid communication between pilots and their gang.
  1128. make some capsuleer only ships in EVE. There are plenty of us now.

  1129. Let Hull Repairers repair at first armor, than hull.

    Keywords: modules, balance
  1130. Missiles do not require you to know other missile skills to learn the base missile skill (HAM does not require HM) but Guns do (Medium Energy weapons require Small energy weapons). Please address this balance issue by making all gunnery skills run off of Gunnery or requiring missile skills to learn all the lower level missile skills first. (my sanity would rather the former)

    Keywords: balance, skills, nitpicky
  1131. Make T2 ship insurance worth it.

    Keywords: insurance, t2
  1132. add pos module that will stifle job cloaking deviсes (let's not 100% chance of trip)

  1133. add a module like pos co-processor and reactor control unit unit

  1134. add probes to generate combat sites:

  1135. Add visual path in space or tactical overlay showing how the "orbit" command path will look, allow adjustment from there.

    Keywords: harassment, ****, explicit language, hate, racism. trolling, local
  1136. A quickbar for drones, like the ones for ship slots.

  1137. Give the tech2 mwd better cap performance than it's lower meta level variants.

  1138. Rebalance Echelon into exploration frigate that can be actually used.

    Keywords: ships, balance
    Note: Currently there is actually no reason to use Echelon in any possible scenario (even "just for lulz"). Proposal aimed to turn this ship into exploration frigate alternative with main bonus - ability to fit best codebreaker module in the game.
  1139. Remove pointless extraneous requirements such as having to leave your ship and pause your skill queue before jump cloning can take place. This should be done automatically as part of the clonejump process

    Keywords: jump-clones.
  1140. Make gate activation animation/sound visible/audible, as pre-Odyssey

    Keywords: graphics, sound
    Note: Post-Odyssey, while watching a gate it is extremely difficult to tell when a gate has been activated from the other side-- the gate "flash" is almost un-observably small and there doesn't seem to be any "gate-act sound" at all.
  1141. Add "Mark all nearby wrecks as viewed" command, working similar to "Abandon all... "

    Keywords: titan, doomsday altered solar systems
  1142. Allow scripts to alter doomsday weapons' effects. Have scripts for medium range (40K) semi-survivable antisubcap AOE (supersmartbomb) and current weapon (death ray)

    Keywords: doomsday
    Note: Oldschool doomsday AOE was overkill; this should be more survivable and balanced given the penalties that now apply to doomsday usage.
  1143. show which corp wallet orders are tied to on 'my wallet/orders' screen.

  1144. In the Training Queue window, have the 'Apply' button have a visual indication on whether or not it needs to be selected to confirm changes to the queue. (i.e. have it greyed out if no changes are pending, have it become available after making a change in the queue.)

    Keywords: ui
    Note: Maybe I am slightly OCD, but I constantly find myself re-opening the training queue to make sure that the new skill I just added has been applied.
  1145. Notifications of posts should jump to the post and not the thread when you click on them.

    Keywords: forum, notifications, obvious things
  1146. Provide a toggle that forces Salvage Drones to each target something different. The "Drone Settings: Toggle Focus Fire" setting does not do this.

    Keywords: drones, ui
  1147. Fix the EVElopedia so we can log in and make changes again

    Keywords: community, wiki, evelopedia, sso, web
    Note: the media wiki customisations are broken, wiki will not remember preferences such as which character to attribute edits to, and editing is broken due to login not "sticking".
  1148. reduce the ubiquity of the Noble Exchange storefront

    Keywords: economy, npc
    Note: the noble exchange should be more exclusive, allowing for other Aurum-redemption options such as existing NPC LP stores. Perhaps limit NeX to Admin stations, or move NeX to their own NPC faction with their own stations.
  1149. merge NeX and LP store UI.

    Keywords: npc, economy, ui
    Note: allow existing LP stores to provide items based on various combinations of ISK, items, Aurum, LP.
  1150. allow transfer of Aurum between all characters, Capsuleer and Dust Bunny alike.

    Keywords: economy, aurum
  1151. allow access to POS facilities based on standings.

    Keywords: undock.
    Note: putting a copy of the undock button on the Neocom does not mean that it has to be removed from station services.
  1152. Add an option to turn off new Jump Animation and related auto-camera-rotation

    Keywords: ui
    Note: New jump effect is loathful, and related camera rotation really makes people ill
  1153. provide a mechanism for mediated exchange of corporate shares (ie: a share market)

    Keywords: industry, trade, scam, ui
    Note: an ability to trade shares will allow for more options for PvP for those people not skilled for spaceship combat.
  1154. sort the bookmark folders by name in the 'add bookmark' dialog

    Keywords: ui, bookmarks
    Note: sorting seems to currently be arbitrary, which makes it very difficult to find the right folder in a hurry
  1155. Attempting to start training on one character should offer to stop training on existing character, rather than fail with error.

    Keywords: ui, skill queue
    Note: might need an "are you sure?", for those of us with "Apply on close" set, but the current dance required to change which character is training is really annoying.
  1156. add shourtcut "Create bookmark"

    Keywords: bookmark, shourcut, ui
    Note: When i want adding new bookmark, i must open "Place & people" and click button "Create bookmark".
  1157. Iterate Incarna. At least add some areas for multiple players to interact with their avatars in station.

    Keywords: incarna, wis, avatar
  1158. Возможность расшаривать букмарки(буки) на стороннюю корпорацию или персонажа,альтернатива -альянсовые букмарки.

    Keywords: букмарки ,интерфейс.
  1159. add the ability to create bookmarks for alliance

  1160. Improve combat logs by adding repaired HP entries and making sure damage is recorded accurately.

    Keywords: combat log, bugfix
    Note: a recent example in the AT: my hyperion had shield+armor+structure=29650 HP, log says it took 26253 damage, but it definitely died. The module indicators showed me landing two rep cycles as well, but that was almost certainly false...I should have landed one, though, which doesn't show up in logs, while demonstrating the log's damage total was even farther off than it seems.
  1161. Improve Drone UI !!!

    Keywords: undock.
    Note: putting a copy of the undock button on the Neocom does not mean that it has to be removed from station services.
  1162. Add a range column for active drones in "Drones in Local Space" tab

    Keywords: drones, ui
  1163. Add editor to remove options when right clicking objects in space/empty space

    Keywords: ui
    Note: Perhaps even an editor or tab in the "esc" options so I can get rid of/lock things I don't want to misclick.
  1164. Add "loot all" "salvage" and "use tractor beam" to right click menu on a targeted wreck

    Keywords: ui, loot, salvage
    Note: options will be greyed out/not show if the relevant mod isn't equipped
  1165. Drones need command buttons.

    Keywords: drones, ui
  1166. Allow the saving and fitting of POS's like ship fittings

    Keywords: pos
    Note: Dragging individual modules into place on a POS is frustrating and time consuming, allowing this to be done automatically would end this
  1167. Clone subscription service option which is 2.5 times the cost of a clone, but you get unlimited clone backups for that month. This should get those older PVP vets into smaller, more fun dieing in cheaper ship and becomeq less risk adverse.

    Keywords: veteran , skill points, riskier behaviour, more fights
  1168. improve drone UI

    Keywords: user interface
  1169. Update graphics with DirectX 11

    Keywords: graphic
  1170. drone implants

    Keywords: drones, combat
  1171. faction drone mods

    Keywords: iteration, drones, combat
  1172. dual-static c5 wormholes

    Keywords: wormholes, iteration, exploration
  1173. Show bookmarks in the overview.

    Keywords: ui, overview
    Note: Add it as a type in the overview settings so that everyone can choose whether they want to display their bookmarks in the overview. Makes aligning and warping to bookmarks *quickly* much easier as you don't have to naviagte a menu structure multiple layers deep.
  1174. if the Station services window is wide enough, place the buttons either side of the owner logo

    Keywords: ui, station window
  1175. In the Contracts window, 2nd tab, allow the selection of "All" in the "Status" pull-down menu. I can select "All" in the "Contract Type" menu, but in "Status" I HAVE to select a specific option.

    Keywords: ui.
  1176. When opening the market window, make the search field have focus.

    Keywords: ui, market
  1177. Let us face the camera "straight up or down", not "slightly tilted" like it currently is.

    Keywords: ui
  1178. Fix the camera movement in the solar system map (e.g. when scanning).

    Keywords: ui
    Note: Moving and rotating the camera seems to depend on where your ship is in the system (center, far outside, ...) and sometimes this makes it very difficult to position the camera in a good way.
  1179. Allow identical modules of any type to be grouped in the UI hotbar, not just turrets and launchers.

    Keywords: ui, modules
  1180. Only list items in the Repair service window if they are actually damaged, not merely unpackaged.

    Keywords: ui, drones
  1181. Bring back setting for windows snap distance

    Keywords: user interface
    Note: , https://forums.eveonline.com/default.aspx?g=posts&m=3350719#post3350719,, https://forums.eveonline.com/default.aspx?g=posts&t=248198,https://forums.eveonline.com/default.aspx?g=posts&m=3300618#post3300618
  1182. Deny suicide for trial accounts. Allow only green and yellow light for trial accounts.

    Keywords: wormholes, w-space, discovery scanner, pi, pod; general
    Note: Now you don't need to buy tags, you don't need to clean you security status. Create new trial account, learn catalist and kill all. When security status become very low create new trial account. Repeat. May be it's EULA violation. But you can use different e-mail and will be very hard to find your main account and ban it.
  1183. Rework corp management UI

    Keywords: corporation, enablers, ui
    Note: Having to open the wiki site to read the use of those roles is unintuitive
  1184. u-boat like cloaky hunting mechanic

    Keywords: mechanics, counters, pvp
    Note: maybe not a small or med thing but...
  1185. better control over office access rights

    Keywords: corporation management, enablers
    Note: HQ, "Based at" and "others" is simply too few options
  1186. Increase number of store-able Corporation Fittings

    Keywords: fittings
    Note: Just 200, serious? There are way more ships in eve than that, not to mention all the variation.
  1187. Improve industry interface for less click work

    Keywords: industry, click labor
    Note: It is way to much click work to fill all those industrial jobs, couldn't there be a multi selection for bpcs and production lanes?
  1188. Make T2 Materials somehow scale with population growth

    Keywords: industry, mechanics
    Note: Moons = Static; T2 Users = growing; Am I the only one seeing a problem here?
  1189. Provide Market data (maybe delayed) via CREST interface

    Keywords: crest, cache scraping
    Note: We wouldn't have to scrape this cache files if there was a legal way to get at least basic information
  1190. Exportable window settings similar to overview

    Keywords: client, window settings
    Note: Having to position all windows individually per character is hard work and could be automated
  1191. Enable some kind of loging for POS activities (especially at an SMA)

    Keywords: pos, security
    Note: Any corp member can take anything and no one will ever know who did. Shouldn't be possible in such an advanced future.
  1192. More corporation divisions (wallets and hangars)

    Keywords: corporation management, divisions, enablers
    Note: Just too few options for the paranoid corp CEO
  1193. Improve taxation mechanics / Taxing market activity and mining

    Keywords: corporation, taxation
    Note: The poor red cross shooter has to pay, miners are hard to monitor and market activity is almost impossible to track.
  1194. Daily limit on Corporation Wallets (configurable)

    Keywords: corporation management, enablers
    Note: Should be possible to limit the amount of money someone can take from a wallet on a daily basis.
  1195. Show drone health even when they are in the drone bay.

    Keywords: ui, drones
    Note: You don't know which are damaged and it's luck to launch those that still have full health.
  1196. Have the arrows on the probing/system map UI turn to face the camera. At present, if you are looking at the white cube it is very hard to move it in only one dimension.

    Keywords: ui, scanning, exploration, probing, usability
  1197. Allow items to be repackaged and sold from within containers.

    Keywords: inventory
  1198. Remove auto-attack and "aggressive mode" from drones, and make NPCs ignore them.

    Keywords: drones, ai, combat, pve, afk, auto-attack, aggression, npcs
  1199. change Sentry Damage Augmentor rigs to increase all drone damage instead of just sentries.

    Keywords: pos, strategic cruisers, refitting
  1200. allow more than 5 overview tabs.

    Keywords: ui, overview
  1201. allow overview tabs to be unstacked so I can have multiple independent overview windows

    Keywords: ui, overview
  1202. allow overview to display shield/armour/hull/aggression, to replace the watch list

    Keywords: ui, overview, watchlist
  1203. make jumping via jump drive have spool up time bass on mass of ship jumping. This would move jumping to a transportation role and out of aha king role.

    Keywords: balance, jump drive
  1204. allow gas harvesters and mining lasers to be used not only in turret slots but launcher slots too

    Keywords: modules, balance
  1205. Allow ships in your hangar to use their full cargo capacity without them being active. Right now, there is a limit of about 5,500m3 or so. If you make a freighter active, and fill its cargo hold to capacity (say 13,000 m3), then make another ship active, that freighter still has 13,000 m3 in the hold. Dragging 13,000 m3 worth of stuff onto an identical empty freighter that is not active will only allow the 5,500 m3 restriction.

  1206. If vargurs aren't meant to use anything but 800s, give them a better falloff then the machariel.

    Keywords: battleship, marauder, vargur, pve
  1207. Add a filter for locator agents to the agent finder.

    Keywords: ui, pvp
  1208. Add new role or allow directors to change corporation orders placed by other directors or characters

    Keywords: corporation, market
  1209. Let us sell/repair/contract/etc items from within a container in our hanger.

    Keywords: ui, hanger
  1210. Change the Sentry Drone: make two states, "detailed" and "movement." Expanded - Battle Mode. Movement - just move, fight is not possible. Unloaded, unfolded. After the fight, turned and gave the command to return to the ship.

    Keywords: drone
  1211. Allow bookmarks to show up in overview

    Keywords: ui, overview
  1212. Изменить Sentry Drone: сделать два состояния, "развернутое" и "движение". Развернутое - боевой режим. Движение - только перемещение, бой не возможен. Выгрузил, развернул. После боя свернул и отдал команду возврата на корабль.

    Keywords: drone
  1213. Allow drone control through module buttons (same as guns/missiles/ewar/etc)

    Keywords: drones
  1214. Allow for multiple (tabbed?) selected item/ship windows (The window with the align to/warp/keep at range/orbit/etc buttons). It would be cool to select your warp out on one, tab to another for combat, then when its time to warp out, tab back to the warp out selected item and simply hit warp. This might also be handy for fighting multiple combatants.

    Keywords: ui, selected item window
  1215. Allow for the HUD to be moved anywhere on the screen. Not just left,right or, top, bottom.

    Keywords: ui, hud
  1216. Allow for multiple chat windows within one box to be moved around within that box and stay there on log out. Not reset to default every log out/log in.

    Keywords: ui, chat
  1217. Allow for radial menu to be completely turned off if desired.

    Keywords: ui, radial menu
  1218. Increase Overview tab numbers from 5. (Already on list I believe)

    Keywords: ui, overview
  1219. Allow for POS fuel optimization

    Keywords: pos, industry
    Note: Heavy water (HW) and Liquid Ozone (LO) used to be consumed based on CPU and PG usage, need to revive this feature. Proposed mechanics - Control Tower consumes fuel blocks as usual, but spits out excess HW and LO into a special bay ("economizer"). A small but interesting feature, rewards wiser POS fitting, stimulates industry in nullsec and WH (to recycle those HW and LO).
  1220. Reduce compression time for ice

    Keywords: rorqual, mining, ice
  1221. Add auto resume for pause on skill queue on character with most skill points after a set period or next down time

    Keywords: skill queue
    Note: there is no known reason why someone would leave their skill queue paused intentionally, I lost 5 days because apply nerve applied
  1222. Please, make it possible to stack the same BPO/BPC with an identical parameters (ME, PE etc.)

    Keywords: gui, inventory
    Note: It can improve usability of Inventory a little bit
  1223. make a new view possibility for market called list, in which only the names of objects in that category and their price are listed.

    Keywords: market, interface, usability, list, prices, categories
  1224. Create a 'Support Tug Class' of ships that can move fitted Battleships etc in hisec

    Keywords: ship balancing
  1225. Allow accounts to have a "Free to Play" mode

    Keywords: ftp, trial, accounts
    Note: This would not be the traditional FTP like in Lord of the Rings where the model is to get people to buy game changing items. Simply put, the free to play mode would allow you to log in and play the game, but your account can not accrue skill points. Some other limitations could be put in place as well, like not being able to part of an alliance or player corps, etc.
  1226. Make Contacts exportable / importable and / or implement a feature for (automatic) Synchronization of Contacts between Characters / Accounts.

    Keywords: ui
  1227. Make the contract button on the Neocom continue to flash when a new contract comes in.

    Keywords: contracts, ui
    Note: Prior to the new Neocom, the contract button would flash continually until action was taken on it. Now, the contract button will flash for 5 seconds then stop. It is very easy to miss the flashing in those 5 seconds.
  1228. Move 'Copy Contract' from the right click menu to a button on the contract

    Keywords: contracts, ui
    Note: Many people aren't even aware that the copy contract feature exists. Moving it from the right click menu to a button on the contract will help increase exposure to the feature plus reduce one mouse click when using the copy contract feature.
  1229. Show player names behind Market Buy and Sell orders

    Keywords: market
  1230. Remove "apply" and "pause" features from skill queue

    Keywords: skills, sp, learning, training, skill queue
  1231. Increase the number of Corp bookmarks. Even a small corp will fill up 250 bookmarks if they're active.

  1232. +1 to the previous suggestion of Alliance bookmarks.

  1233. Add folders or other means or organizing personal bookmarks. Perhaps this exists and I just didn't notice?

    Keywords: bookmarks
  1234. Allow us to take special actions on items in containers when in station, such as 'repackage' and 'contract'. It's annoying to drag things into the main items hanger to repackage, then drag them back into sorted containers.

  1235. Hide assembled containers from the station Item hanger and ship hold so I don't accidentally select them when using select-all in the main hold/hanger.

    Keywords: hanger
  1236. Add a discounted subscription option for *just* training skill queues. Talking to someone considering quitting and/or taking a break, this will keep them subbed and increase the chances of them coming back. Full time players will also use it for alts.

    Keywords: subscription
  1237. The planets list for switching between colonies takes up a lot of screen space, give me a more compact alternative.

    Keywords: ui, pi
  1238. Show the materials used to produce a PI input product directly on the production info tab.

    Keywords: ui, pi
    Note: The Consumer electronics Production Info tab says that Consumer Electronics is produced by the Consumer electronics schematic. Which is pretty obvious. But it does not say what materials are actually required (Toxic metals & Chiral Structures), although there is plenty of space to do this.
  1239. Please improve the corporation and alliance edit details window, corporation and alliance edit details window cannot be resized and is modal, please modernize it and make it usable.

    Keywords: ui, corp, alliance
  1240. Improve clouds by removing them.

    Keywords: performance.
  1241. Channel configuration windows should remember position and size, right now they don't which is incongruent with the behavior of other windows e.g. inventory windows.

    Keywords: ui.
  1242. Simplify naming of stuff to make it less cluttered, example: "Limited 'Anointed' EM Ward Field" when all the others are "Limited Thermic Dissipation Field I", "Limited Kinetic Deflection Field I", "Limited Explosive Deflection Field I".

    Keywords: realism my ass.
  1243. Fix window snapping in top left corner, currently it is impossible to make it flush with the screen border: https://bugs.eveonline.com/files/6771216142521.jpg

    Keywords: ui.
  1244. Contract Stack Peeling: Ability for contracts to "peel' one quantity off the top of a higher quantity stack when using copy contract functionality or regular contracting.

    Keywords: ui, client,contracts
  1245. Allow me to set the destination by clicking the destination/autopilot bar (top left under system)

    Keywords: ui
  1246. Split Blasters and Railguns into their own classes of weapon system, add a new short range kinetic weapon and long range thermal weapson.

    Keywords: hybrid weapons, diversity, weapons
    Note: Amarr and Minmatar currently have unique primary turret systems. Greater variability can be introduced in the ships if Caldari and Gallente each have their own. In the short term, a short range kinetic weapon could copy the blasters and long range thermal weapon could copy the rails and both still use hybrid charges (which can be split and expanded on at a later time).
  1247. When selecting Manufacturing from a BPC the Run count defaults to the max runs of the BPC, not 1

    Keywords: industry, bpc
  1248. Add a "Repeat Count" to the Industry job windows. IE 10xHeavy Pulse Laser II BPC -> right click, manufacture, select line, press repeat count. Costs include 5 of the 10 run BPCs, plus all the materials

    Keywords: industry, bpc, manufacturing
  1249. Remove individual platform storage arrays for manufacturing arrays, increase size of CHA. Make manufacturing arrays pull materials from a CHA in the same POS

    Keywords: industry, pos
  1250. Fix the difficulties in remote installing jobs into POS arrays

    Keywords: industry, pos
  1251. Allow POSes to be autopilot destination. Warp to 15 km outside of the shield then slow boat

    Keywords: autopilot, pos
  1252. Removal of Unwanted Skills

    Keywords: skills,plex
    Note: Charge a PLEX to remove unwanted skills. You DO NOT get reimbursed for skill points or cost of the skill books.
  1253. Remove clouds from [insert various places they appear here]

    Keywords: ui
    Note: They cause significant lag especially in data/relic sites making them near impossible to complete in some cases
  1254. Logistical ships in kill mails of ships killed by players we give reps in the last n minutes or while we are in a grid

    Keywords: killmails, logistic ships
  1255. WTB contracts with a duration, and collateral/materials possible from both parties

    Keywords: ui, contracts
    Note: So you can say 'make me this. I want it in X days' and they know you can't cancel on them.
  1256. Put Bubble owners in Killmails for all ships (with 0 or less standings) killed inside the bubble

    Keywords: killmails, interdictors
  1257. Allow players to disable the scanning sensor overlay on jump-in to system.

    Keywords: ui
    Note: With the way the new overlay works, the cosmic signatures take precedent over other celestial when clicking in space. In a combat situation, clicked on an anomaly instead of the celestial you're intending to so you can warp to it immediately after loading gate grid is annoying as hell. Being able to avoid this at a player's preference is much better than forcing us all to wait for the scanner to finish after loading a system.
  1258. Fix standings not correctly applying after logging in.

    Keywords: ui, standings, alliances, corporations, known bugs
    Note: This has been a consistent, documented issue for over a year that really needs to be fixed.
  1259. Unify the inventory system to include station hangers, ships, and corporate hangers when double-clicking on a ship to open it's cargo hold.

    Keywords: ui
    Note: Currently, if you double-click your ship to open its cargo hold in station, the left bar on the inventory system does not load the rest of the UI for other inventory items in station. You currently have to click the inventory button and load a separate window to move things from your hanger to your active cargo. Simply, it's not streamlined or intuitive.
  1260. Fix video card has stopped responding error when changing system/undocking.

    Keywords: client, hardware
    Note: There is a fix out there but you have to modify your own hardware settings which interferes with other programs. This problem has persisted for years now.
  1261. Add a visual effect to ships affected by off grid boosters.

    Keywords: pvp, faction warfare, off-grid boosters
  1262. Change clone upgrade costs to clone insurance premiums

    Keywords: clones, insurance, sp, pvp, isk sinks, bittervets
    Note: See https://forums.eveonline.com/default.aspx?g=posts&t=257554 for a complete explanation.
  1263. Restructure the rules for AH and enforce them properly.

    Keywords: forums, moderation, csm
    Note: The last time the rules for AH were updated was in 2011. They are significantly out of date and no longer function in a way that benefits the current CSM process. AH either needs to be head-shot, with JPSC and F&I working in conjuncture to fill the gap, or the rules of the forum need a serious updating.
  1264. New role or add adjustment options to POS's so corp members can adjust reaction lines without starbase config

    Keywords: pos, roles, access
    Note: this cost my corp 500+bill
  1265. AFK and ready check indicators in fleet and corp chat.

    Keywords: ui, corp
  1266. Remove attributes and learning implants and make all skills train at a constant 2,700 SP/hour

    Keywords: attributes, skills, implants, learning, sp, pvp
    Note: See https://forums.eveonline.com/default.aspx?g=posts&t=257526 for discussion and link to a blog post on Jester's Trek about this issue.
  1267. Allow presenting medals to pilots not currently in the corporation.

    Keywords: medals
    Note: Medals are restricted to in-corporation which doesn't make a lot of sense. Since it's up to the pilot whether to share the medal or not and there is a cost associated with the medal there is no reason not to allow giving medals to anyone.
  1268. Make the notepad window remember position and size when stacked.

    Keywords: ui.
  1269. Make the PI info window snappable.

    Keywords: ui.
  1270. Corporation orders in the market window should have calculations at the bottom like the personal orders do.

    Keywords: ui.
  1271. Let us disable the automatic system scan that was introduced with the new sensor overlay.

    Keywords: ui.
  1272. Activate Boismevier Mals so you can give him Avrue's Token

    Keywords: missions, avrue's token
  1273. A new Booster for the 4th booster slot

    Keywords: boosters
  1274. Let me drag skills directly from character sheet into chat without having to click show info and drag the icon.

    Keywords: ui, pi
    Note: maybe not a small or med thing but...
  1275. Show BPO/BPC ME and PE levels in the inventory view

    Keywords: ui, industry
  1276. make the manufacturing interface default to the max runs on the blueprint.

    Keywords: industry
  1277. when submitting a manufacturing/research job, let the assembly line default to the next free slot in the last used array/location.

    Keywords: industry, ui
  1278. a module that reduces your ships signature, with apropos drawbacks (reduced sig res? Lower sensor strength?)

    Keywords: modules
  1279. Notifications your PI extractors have finished.

    Keywords: pi, ui, industry
  1280. More compact PI interface windows.

    Keywords: pi, ui
  1281. Allow default chat channel settings to be configured by each player/account/computer settings/something - for private convos or joining another new channel it always reverts to system default of showing an avatar in conversation lines and large characters in channel member list, not everyone may prefer this.

    Keywords: ui, chat, convo, fixeddefaultsettingsarebaddesign
  1282. Fix auto-reload for grouped lasers when a crystal breaks, sometimes it does, sometimes not

    Keywords: ui, modules, grouped modules, bugs, intermittent bugs
  1283. access to the game database without using the market window, notepad, or chat window.

    Keywords: ui
  1284. add player status for contacts list that players can choose from or write, such as "afk, busy, fighting, away...etc"

    Keywords: contacts, player, status, communication, interaction
  1285. Remove "Extra materials" from blueprints that just got it increase build cost, or set a timeframe for doing it (like 1-2 expansions after the initial change)

    Keywords: industry
  1286. Inventory option to sort by isk value

    Keywords: ui
  1287. Allow to mix different types of drones in the same group

    Keywords: drones, ui
  1288. In the main menu next to the "Quit Game" button, create a button to go back to the character selection screen.

    Keywords: ui
  1289. In the launcher window, make a selection to login either to TQ or SiSi

    Keywords: launcher
  1290. When mission runners earn 9.0 Standing for an agent, let them choose between two missions, and three at 10.0.

    Keywords: gameplay
  1291. Allow to define a shortcut for the drone command "salvage"

    Keywords: drones, ui
  1292. Allow PI users to create courier contracts from POCO's to other POCO's.

    Keywords: pi, hauling
  1293. Add consumed booster information to the API, mainly for cerebral accelerators.

    Keywords: api
  1294. Add ISK/m^3 and ISK/stack to inventory filters.

    Keywords: market
  1295. Some Faction module Tag/Drop costs in the LP stores are FAR too high. Please drop them by a very large percentage.

    Keywords: economics, rp
  1296. At high traffic stations (Jita, Dodixie, Amarr, Rens), create unique stations with multiple high speed ejection exits.

    Keywords: gameplay, wheee!
  1297. Add T2 Warp Disrupt Probes.

    Keywords: gameplay, modules
    Note: Due to the inclusion of frankly ridiculous stargates with a propensity to drop ships outside of bubble range upon use, CCP should add T2 warp disrupt probes requiring graviton physics 5 that have a 25km radius.
  1298. In case of typo error, sell item at highest buy price and buy at lowest sell price.

    Keywords: market
    Note: Actually, when buying an item (with an additional digit), the lowest sell orders will be completed with our overpriced typo error used at sell price. A better way to handle this is to protect the buyer (or seller if this is a sell order) by selling the item at the seller price.
  1299. ввести структуру, устанавливающуюся в системе с суверенитетом, которая с определенной периодичностью будет отключать на 10 минут в системе клоковые модули у всех, кто не входит в состав клаймового альянса/корпорации..

    Keywords: combat, market
    Note: PvP, AFK cloak griefing
  1300. Make ships and capsules invalid targets when on grid with stargates or stations in high security space, unless they are a criminal or a war target.

    Keywords: hisec ganking
  1301. allow character renaming for plex while all old names are kept in a list like employment history. this will allow people who bought a character to give it a name they like and feel some ownership, while still leaving it possible for alliances and corps to check the history of a character.

    Keywords: supercarrier, carrier, realism
  1302. Add a hotkey for recalling the currently selected drone.

    Keywords: user interface, drones, hotkeys
    Note: Drone boats must frequently recall drones that are being targeted, and the current system of right-clicking the drone and finding the recall command takes too long and is error-prone. If such a hotkey were present, players would simply click the drone receiving damage and press a single key.
  1303. Release unpublished advanced ammo charges (Lux, Desolation, Blaze, Bolt, Storm, Shock).

    Keywords: modules, balance
    Note: Tech 2 advanced ammo with unorthodox damage types (EM/Thermal Hybrid, Explosive/EM Laser, EM/Thermal Projectile) sitting in game DB for ages. Releasing them will create variety of choice.
  1304. Increase alliance contracts limit to a reasonable number

    Keywords: contracts, alliance, limits, new skill
    Note: Corp contracts have no such limit
  1305. Add an opt-in chat filter

    Keywords: chat, social, filter, oppression, nobama
    Note: Cuts down on petitions for bad language and point scoring vs enemies.
  1306. All private chats remember your settings and display the same I.E no avatars pre pinned.

    Keywords: chat, social, private, ui
  1307. Copy all settings (I.E Layout of windows, colours, spacing etc.) not jsut overview.

    Keywords: ui, settings, duplicate, everyone, alts
    Note: Already possible with a lot of fiddling around in local app folder.
  1308. Give some clear/visual indication that your ship has exited warp, and that commands may be issued.

    Keywords: ui, lag
    Note: Would make the game feel more responsive. I might be wrong, but the moment your speed indicator switches from 'in warp' to meter/sec. doesn't feel very precise, and leads to spamming commands and hoping for the best.
  1309. Show details about heat damage on module mouse-over. Nanite paste and time required to completely repair with current skills.

    Keywords: ui
  1310. Ability to drag any linked ship-fitting to market quickbar, not just your own saved fits.

    Keywords: ui, market
  1311. Increase base scan-res on BattleShip hulls so they can reliably lock other BS in time without a sensor booster.

    Keywords: scan resolution, agility, agility buff, battleships, balancing
    Note: Agility was increased and scan resolution was not
  1312. Make it possible to fit mods that you don't have the skill for (they go offline)

    Keywords: fitting, ui, ship management
    Note: Whether fitting ship for yourself or others, this saves time and offers no advantage other than ease of use.
  1313. Add option to automatically expand the fleet as it fills up OR add option to "Create all Wings/Squads" in one click

    Keywords: ui, fleet, fleet window, large fleets
  1314. Multiple rows of chat tabs (2 minimum) to save space

    Keywords: ui, useability, chat, social, everyone
  1315. Ability to create bookmarks that expire in 12hours 24 hours 48 hours.

    Keywords: ui, bookmarks, explorers, pirates
    Note: A lot of bookmarks that are made are temporary and if you visit the same system often they can get clogged.
  1316. Allow Warp Core Stabilizers to not turn off your MWD or MJD if you have enough Warp Scramble Strength to counter a scrambler. Same goes for ship with + warp core strength.

    Keywords: modules, balance
  1317. Clone Switching - Like clone jumping but there's no (or small) timer and you can only do it within station

    Keywords: clones, clone jumping, implants, variety, everyone
    Note: Particularly useful with gang mindlinks or if someone wants to fly slave/snake/crystal clone with zero force projection gain.
  1318. A comprehensive sound toggle menu - turn off some sounds and not others.

    Keywords: sound, music, fx, menu, ui, toggle, everyone
  1319. Crystal Ammo Merge to limit the amount of used, almost finished crystals littering the hangar.

    Keywords: crystal, ammo, amarr, lasers, used, hangar, ui
    Note: An add and subtract system. 10 Scorch all 0.9 damaged when merged became one undamaged crystal. 3 Scorch 0.9 damaged become a 0.6 damaged crystal.
  1320. Add active module toggle, proper EHP stats, and align time in seconds to fitting window

    Keywords: ui, fitting window
    Note: See https://forums.eveonline.com/default.aspx?g=posts&t=251919 for discussion of this idea.
  1321. Diversify or semi-randomise NPC spawns in missions, anomalies, and belts.

    Keywords: balancing, pve, risk/reward
  1322. A Cyno Tab in Fleet Window

    Keywords: cynosural field, capitals, ease of use, capital pilots, jumping, ui
    Note: Get rid of the spamming right click, easily see what cynos are active and when.
  1323. Watchlist Expansion, a second simplified overview only for friendlies, distance and shiptype being the primary things

    Keywords: logistics, remote repair, ui, fleets, small gang
  1324. Add a 'Sell All' option to the inventory that applies to selected items. With confirmation window.

    Keywords: ui, everyone, trading, isk
    Note: Sometimes I have a window full of medium meta gear, and I don't want to check every single one to see the best price. Let me roll the dice and sell everything I have selected for whatever the best current sell price is. I realize this might be a lot to dump on the market with one click but... think of the children.
  1325. Redock timer much like wormhole jump timer.

    Keywords: docking, undocking, station games, pirates, pvp
    Note: If you undock once and redock the next time you try to dock for 1 minute you have to wait. With new session changes and kickout timers, pvping on undocks is very few and far between.
  1326. ECM drone rebalance; reduce Hornet and Vespa jam strength by 0.5. Wasp stays the same.

    Keywords: solo pvp, pvp, ecm, drones, ewar, overpowered, balance
  1327. AlphaNumeric Hash Strings for ship fittings, much like GW, WOW for builds, for easy linking ingame, on forums and in fitting tools.

    Keywords: fitting, ships, ui
  1328. Personal use drugs: You may freely carry 1 of X booster without being stopped by customs agents.

    Keywords: customs, drugs, boosters, high sec mechanics
  1329. Add a high slot drone regenerator module

    Keywords: drones, modules, high slot, remote rep
    Note: See https://forums.eveonline.com/default.aspx?g=posts&t=250465 for full explanation.
  1330. Abandoned Unfueled POS can be unanchored

    Keywords: abandoned, pos, unfueled, mechanics, no squatting
    Note: After 30~ days without fuel; something similar to reinforced mechanic where anyone can initiate a timer of x amount of days, at the end of this it can be unanchored and taken. The only person who can stop the timer is the owner.
  1331. Remove loot spew from cans in exploration sites

    Keywords: exploration, loot spew, die die die
  1332. Add a Drone UI Menu that controls them to remove so much right clicking

    Keywords: drones, ui, useability, pvp, pve
    Note: Just 4 or so buttons, Attack/Return/Recall/Abandon, can even do one of your fancy radial menus somewhere.
  1333. Expose details about damage type received/done and potentially how much was mitigated by resists.

    Keywords: killmails, api
  1334. Show all ewar/weapon systems used by each ship in killmails.

    Keywords: killmails, api
  1335. Have the launcher remember last used account name when using symlinks/junctions.

    Keywords: launcher, multiboxing
    Note: Using method explained here: http://wiki.eveonline.com/en/wiki/Multiple_clients
  1336. When you contract an item to a particular person, perfect matches should appear at the top reguardless of other alphabetical matches.

    Keywords: contracting, ui
  1337. Make it so you cannot use a gang link module inside a POS Shield, only outside it.

    Keywords: pos, gang bonuses, warfare link, pvp
  1338. Add fleet booster modules for cycle time, range, and access chance of salvagers

    Keywords: fleet, links, boosting, salvage
    Note: It would also be nice to reintroduce some scannable exploration sites with massive amounts of salvage, so that Orca + Noctis salvage gangs with their new boosters would have something to farm. If the Mining Foreman Mindlink would also apply to the new salvage link bonuses, so much the better.
  1339. Allow swapping clones in w-space using a Rorqual.

    Keywords: w-space, jump clones
    Note: Only in-system clone swaps (to have multiple implant sets), not jumping into/out of w-space.
  1340. Make the stargate flash reach the star in the skybox instead of ending 100km off the gate.

    Keywords: world, graphics
  1341. Make storyline agents give missions that match their profession (security, distribution, etc.)

    Keywords: missions, agents, storyline
    Note: Unlike regular agents, all storyline agents give random types of missions, no matter what their nominal profession is. If they gave matching type missions, then people grinding a certain type would not have to stop and re-ship for a completely different type of mission every time they get a storyline.
  1342. Enable a "Loot all nearby containers" option in space.

    Keywords: ui
    Note: Looting mining wing loot with freighters is too much clicking.
  1343. Allow the directional scanner (d-scan) to use an overview profile independently of those loaded into the overview tabs.

    Keywords: ui
  1344. Display reactivation delay in the UI, possibly as a red circle similar to the green duration timer on the module

    Keywords: ui
  1345. Put bookmarks on the overview and give them brackets

    Keywords: ui
    Note: Wasn't this already planned? I remember it being in the patch notes a while back and then it got cancelled or something
  1346. Give the user the option of "auto stacking" inventory in both cargo hold and hangar.

    Keywords: inventory, automation
    Note: Via menu selection I can choose to automatically stack items that appear in my inventory (scrap metal, ammunition and charges, etc)
  1347. When anchoring a POS module, show boxes around the other modules as well

    Keywords: ui, pos
    Note: Having a box around the currently anchoring module is nice, but this should make it a lot easier to see how POS modules can fit together
  1348. Allow players to configure chat window defaults ("Show text only", font size, highlight, compact userlist, etc)

    Keywords: ui, chat
    Note: having to pick "Show text only" for EVERY SINGLE CONVO, even if you already talked to that person before, is REALLY IRRITATING. For channels it's not that bad as you only have to do it once, but for convos it's every single one of them always.
  1349. Bounties deplete first in, first out.

    Keywords: bounties
    Note: A bounties B for 30 million. C bounties B for 50 million. Once 30 million has been claimed on B, A stops hearing about it.
  1350. Bring back the double/phantom signature deviation while scanning.

    Keywords: scanning, ui
    Note: I'm not sure what others referred to this as. Pre-Odyssey, you would scan and occasionally the UI would report two signatures for the same ID. One would be the correct location for the signature, and the other not. Now, it seems that in situations where you'd see this previously, you get the wrong signature location.
  1351. Reduce jumpclone cooldown by 8 hours

    Keywords: clones, neocom
    Note: This would mean someone who JC'd at the end of a play session would have the option to relocate again at the beginning of their next session rather than be forced to spend a second session in the same place.
  1352. Actually add the ability to swap and store T3 modules in a C/SMA.

    Keywords: wormholes, pos, ui
    Note: Seriously. You said you'd do it. If it doesn't show up in Odyssey 1.1 I shall be wroth.
  1353. Allow a player to buy off his or her current bounty by paying five times the amount posted

    Keywords: bounties, isk sinks
    Note: This would let players wipe off a bounty by choosing to immediately pay the same loss amount the bounty is designed to inflict over time.
  1354. Allow multiple BPOs to be locked and unlocked with a single vote.

    Keywords: ui, production
  1355. Remove the scrollbar reset in the market window after purchasing an item.

    Keywords: ui
    Note: After making a purchase, the item list on the left hand of the market UI jumps back to the top. This is very frustrating when moving through a large list of items, as you have to scroll down to each individual item. More desirable behavior would be to never change the scrollbar position unless the contents of that list have changed.
  1356. Notification when all PI extractors on a planet have finished extracting.

    Keywords: ui, usability, pi
  1357. Lower the warp speed of all ships and remove the acceleration.

    Keywords: warp mechanics, warp drive
    Note: As it stands, to travel 30AU at normal speed it effectively takes (30s*2+30AU/3AU/s) = 70s and to travel 1AU is (30s*2+1AU/3AU/s) = 61s. Using an art effect and the engine trails, if a ship hits warp instantly, but travels slower, warp distance becomes much more important.
  1358. Make the sound of different sized guns more distinct.

    Keywords: sound
    Note: I really think 425mm Rails should have some meaty punch to them. I wish you would compare real battleship gun profiles to in game ones to make them a bit better.
  1359. Add system names to points visible along the auto-pilot route in space, with visible/invisible toggle option.

    Keywords: graphics, map, navigation
    Note: Integration of system names onto the space we travel through would be more of a visual amenity than a fix for any issues, so is low priority, but it would be nice to have the option to mouse over a star in the sky and see the name of the system.
  1360. Sell remaps for PLEX

    Keywords: remap, attributes, skills, training, learning, sp, plex
    Note: Someone had to say it. If you won't remove attributes altogether, then at least do this.
  1361. Store UI settings server-side.

    Keywords: ui, usability
    Note: Having to set up the overview via import/export when moving between machines is a pain.
  1362. Redo ship bonuses

    Keywords: ships, balance
    Note: I think its silly that higher tiers of ships don't bonus all lower tiers of weapons. Battleships of today carry many different compliments of guns. It would be silly but kinda cool to have a rohk fitted with a full load of 75mm guns, but hey, why not.
  1363. Allow characters to transfer SP to other characters on an account once a year.

    Keywords: skill points
    Note: As a bitter vet I have a **** ton of SP on my characters making clones very expansive. I'd like to be able to transfer all the non combat skills to a dedicated indy alt instead of having all the combat and indy skills on one char.