CSM Meeting Minutes 4.001

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All this data is potentially out of date, and should be taken with a truckload of salt

See also CSM Meeting Minutes 4.001 raw log

Meeting Minutes: 2009/12/05 15:30


  • Present

CCP Xhagen, ElvenLord, Alekseyev Karrde, Zastrow, TeaDaze, Korvin, Z0D, Song Li, Sokratesz, Helen Highwater, T'Amber, Meissa Anunthiel, Serenity Steele, Dierdra Vaal, Vuk Lau, Omber Zombie

  • Absent

Mrs Trzzbk, Farscape Hw



CCP Xhagen began as Chair of the meeting and welcomed everybody. He stated the meeting was to elect vice-chairman, secretary and the vice-secretary. Additionally he wanted to reiterate the point I made in the welcome email about CCP wanting to emphasize more on 'larger' issues and less on the 'smaller' topics.

Alekseyev Karrde and ElvenLord asked for clarification on this

Alekseyev Karrde > my understanding of the mail was that small issues were OK, but that we would filter them too you further in advance so they could be dealt with quick if possible, leaving time for the bigger issues to be discussed thoroughly
Alekseyev Karrde > ah, was that a correct understanding y/n?
CCP Xhagen > Aleks: they are perfectly valid as topics - it is just the matter of putting them on an agenda just so the answer can be 'this is now in the backlog' to be the answer is counter-productive in our opinion

ElvenLord > All "small" issues can be put in packages and delivered to CCP, if as mentioned they are in the lines of "put that button there"
ElvenLord > for bigger issues we could get the same principle if they are related
CCP Xhagen > ElvenLord: indeed

At this point CCP Xhagen handed the meeting over to ElvenLord as incoming chairman.

Z0D wanted confirmation on roles

CCP Xhagen confirmed that Vice-chairman steps in when the chairman isn't available. The secretary handles all the meeting minutes and the act of posting them and the Vice-secretary steps in when the secretary isn't available. He also warned that it is said the secretary is the busiest role of them all.
Helen asked if Alternates could take on these roles but CCP Xhagen said those positions had to be filled by delegates.
Omber Zombie and Meissa Anunthiel had some first hand information on the job of Secretary

CSM 4 Roles, Discussion[edit]

With no further questions ElvenLord opened the floor for suggestions on who to fill the roles.
Zastrow nominated himself for vice-chair as the only incumbent

Sokratesz had a question on scheduling as did Alekseyev Karrde

Sokratesz > how often are meetings called on average, because i wouldn't mind doing the reports, but i'm very busy with my masters programme
Alekseyev Karrde > I'd like to follow up on Sok's Q and ask if meetings go till the adgenda is done or do they have a time limit.

As outgoing Chairperson, Dierdra Vaal was on hand to reply

Dierdra Vaal > as a reply to sok - we had meetings once every 2 weeks. You will have to decide how often you want to do your meetings, but less than once every 2 weeks would really not be advisable.
Dierdra Vaal > as for Alekseyev's question, we just did the entire agenda in our meetings

There was then a minor derailment and a discussion broke out over the use of ! for "wish to speak" or using something like google wave as a platform for the meetings.

Song Li > We're vering massively off topic. If we want to discuss alternate comms and stuff that's for another time. Can we please return to the agenda to get it out of the way.
ElvenLord > ./signed

Meissa Anunthiel > Also would make the minutes making practically impossible, unless you want to publish the wave, but that'd require the eve populace the minutes are meant for to have wave access, which is not possible for everyone as it's not "public" yet. But discuss that next meeting

CCP Xhagen > Song Li just stole my line. I'd suggest getting the positions filled and then safe this discussion for later. You CAN change the speaking method if you wish - just remember that you have to work under the method.
ElvenLord > OK, can we move on from this topic and form CSM 4 pls

CSM 4 Roles, Voting[edit]

ElvenLord > We have a vice-chairman, secretary and his deputy to elect. Lets go with vice-chairman first

Alekseyev Karrde indicated his interest in the position but didn't want to nominate himself, so nominated Z0D, because of his initiative making the meeting 2 agenda thread
Song Li nominated himself due to a solid background in running boards and meetings.
TeaDaze nominated Aleks for gaining the second highest public vote
Korvin indicated that he would prefer Z0D as secretary so instead supported Song Li.
Z0D replied he wanted to avoid secretary as he doesn't always have the time in such large stretch
ElvenLord stated a preference for Zastrow to be vice-chairman because of his role in CSM 3
Sokratesz nominated himself as vice secretary if no one else wants it because whilst his time may be limited he'd like to be involved.

After a suggestion from T'Amber to get people to nominate themselves if they were able and willing ElvenLord asked who nominated themselves for the role of vice-chairman.
Z0D, Alekseyev Karrde, Song Li and Zastrow put themselves forward

Alekseyev Karrde, Sokratesz, Z0D and Korvin voted for Z0D
Helen Highwater, Zastrow, ElvenLord voted for Zastrow
TeaDaze voted for Alekseyev Karrde
Song Li voted for Song Li

With the results confirmed ElvenLord announced Z0D as Vice-Chairman and asked for who wanted the position of Secretary.
TeaDaze and Zastrow put themselves forward

Sokratesz, Alekseyev Karrde, Song Li, Z0D, TeaDaze and Korvin voted for TeaDaze
ElvenLord, Zastrow, Helen Highwater voted for Zastrow

ElvenLord confirmed TeaDaze as CSM4 secretary and asked for vice-secretary volunteers
Sokratesz, Song Li and Zastrow were put forward.

ElvenLord, Zastrow, Z0D, TeaDaze and Helen Highwater voted for Zastrow
Alekseyev Karrde, Song Li, Korvin and Sokratesz voted for Song Li

ElvenLord confirmed Zastrow as CSM4 vice-secretary

Any Other Business[edit]

There was then a discussion about scheduling for the next meeting and some exchange of contact details.
Next meeting was planned for 20th December at 18:00 eve-time

The meeting closed at 17:00


ElvenLord takes up his position as incoming Chairman of CSM 4
Z0D voted in as the Vice-Chairmen
TeaDaze voted in as the Secretary
Zastrow voted in as the Vice-Secretary