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All this data is potentially out of date, and should be taken with a truckload of salt

See also CSM Meeting Minutes 4.008 raw log

CSM 4 meeting 008, Sun 28th March - Meeting Minutes


ElvenLord, Zastrow, TeaDaze, Mrs Trzzbk, Korvin, Z0D, Sokratesz, Helen Highwater (alt), T'Amber (alt)


Song Li


Alekseyev Karrde, Farscape Hw (alt), Meissa Anunthiel (alt), Serenity Steele (alt)


Meeting started at 18:08

ElvenLord set out the agenda

1 Improve POS missile batteries
2 AFK Button
3 Allow reactivation of accidentally deactivated modules
4 Distinguish between afterburners and microwarpdrives with different icons
5 Eve font changes - Progress requested
6 Sound issues
7 Issue when Copying and pasting links in Chat
8 Development Assessment List

TeaDaze confirmed that Song Li was excused.

Improve POS missile batteries[edit]

ElvenLord stated it was a simple matter of adding Citadel cruise missile batteries as a POS module.
TeaDaze didn't have much to add to the proposal, claiming that missiles on a pos are terrible due to CPU requirement and the lack of citidel cruise options. ElvenLord agreed that Caldari POSs lack long range XL size batteries among other things and that reducing CPU usage of those batteries would be nice.

Mrs Trzzbk also requested making CPU 0 or they would forever be useless. Sokratesz, T'Amber and TeaDaze agreed.

Passed 9 for

AFK Button[edit]

Sokratesz felt that as long as it was optional and automatically voided when performing an action in the game window it shouldn't see any abuse.

Korvin pointed out that a similar proposal was rised before ( http://wiki.eveonline.com/en/wiki/AFK/Busy/Available_Indicator_%28CSM%29 ) and that CCP had been thinking of something like this for eve-gate.

ElvenLord confirmed it was in the backlog so no need to vote.

Proposal rejected as a duplicate.

Allow reactivation of accidentally deactivated modules[edit]

Sokratesz agreed with the proposal but stated there were also some minor display glitches with activated modules and timers that need fixing. Korvin thought it might be an issue in fleet fights when the guns get stuck. T'Amber wondered if this would in any way save server queries.

Helen Highwater saw problems (as noted in the proposal) with target changing for Ewar, Guns and other fire-then-cooldown modules suggesting that only modules with a continuous effect should be included. Helen also asked how it could prevent a target change for a jammer between deactivating and reactivating. TeaDaze agreed the implementation needs to ensure there is no way to exploit it to change targets etc but added that considering the cycle remains on the target (in the case of aggressive modules) that shouldn't be a problem.

Z0D thought that this could cause problems during lag if the button is pressed multiple times with no reaction but otherwise liked the idea of being able to cancel it before the module finishs its current cycle.

Helen Highwater also brought up a current lag bug where you can turn something on and it stays on permanently with no cap use. ElvenLord replied it was supposed to be fixed soon (tm). Korvin suggested that the proposal be rejected until the bug was fixed.

Passed 7 for, 2 against (Korvin, T'Amber)

Distinguish between afterburners and microwarpdrives with different icons[edit]

Sokratesz stated it was a straightforward proposal. Currently both icons are identical and either a different colour or different icon would make them easier to tell apart in your hangar or on crazy dual propulsion fits.

ElvenLord thought there was a difference already which confused Sokratesz until ElvenLord realised he was thinking of warp scrams vs warp disruptors and not MWD vs AB.

Korvin liked the idea and suggested red flame for mwd, different for the size and decorated for amarr navy etc. T'Amber hoped there wasn't some really weird reason why they can't do this.

Helen Highwater thought this proposal should also extend to jammers and scramblers. TeaDaze pointed out jammers already have different colours. Sokratesz was happy to add increasing the visual difference between scrams and disruptors to the proposal but queried jammers. Helen Highwater stated that the colour difference isn't really visible when it's just an icon on the overview. ElvenLord agreed to extending the proposal to also include warp scramblers, disruptors and jammers.

Z0D thought CCP could spend 30 mins of an artist to make them visually different by modify some pixels etc. T'Amber wondered if it was like the bpo / bpc issue where apparently they share the same icon and changing it was tricky.

ElvenLord asked Sokratesz to update the proposal on the wiki and called a vote including the changes

Passed 9 for

Eve font changes - Progress requested[edit]

ElvenLord stated this was in the pipeline. TeaDaze agreed but was requesting progress from CCP. ElvenLord agreed to send a mail asking on progress and to report back next meeting.

No vote required.

Sound issues[edit]

Helen Highwater and T'Amber made the "Eve has sound?" joke. Zastrow asked where his dramatic cyno sound had gone. Sokratesz agreed.

TeaDaze restated this as was probably a bug but apparently people are getting nowhere with the bug reporting system and thus want CSM to hassle CCP about it. ElvenLord stated that part of this was in the pipeline.

Korvin suggested a "fix all bugs" proposal.

Helen Highwater complained that CCP's bug handling system in general is quite poor citing the example that several reported bugs (the process for which isn't obvious) were returned as "can not duplicate" despite the fact that he could duplicate them 100% on different machines and with different installs.

TeaDaze confirmed that some of this was raised by CSM3 but players were still getting nowhere and that it was a large list of issues that CCP have said they were going to fix. Tea suggested that again CSM need to apply some pressure to find out where it has got to.

Z0D reported that for him the Jukebox stops after each Song and guessed CCP don't want players to listen to EVE music.

Passed 8 for (Mrs Trzzbk offline)

Issue when Copying and pasting links in Chat[edit]

TeaDaze stated it was a straightforward issue and posted an example. Helen Highwater thought it should be raised as a bug. T'Amber claimed to spam more than the rest of the CSM.
ElvenLord saw no need for further discussion and called a vote.

Passed 8 for, 1 against (T'Amber)

Mrs Trzzbk rejoined at this point after regaining Canadian internet access.

Development Assessment List[edit]

ElvenLord set out the list which was worked on by most of the CSM during the week.

1 Docking games fix
2 Overhaul of roles and grantable roles system
3 Shared Corporation Bookmarks
4 Station services HP reduction to improve small gang warefare
5 Reintroduction of low-sec DD
6 Directscan improvement
7 FW Complex NPCs and Standings
8 Black Ops Improvements
9 Destroyer Improvements
10 Boost warfare links and revisit information warfare
11 Bring Logistics Warp Speed In-Line with T2 Ships
12 Alliance action confirmation windows
13 T3 refitting subsystems at pos / carrier
14 Scan-able wrecks&containers for the salvager profession(1.2)
15 Scan probes of all types - an addable option to overview profiles
16 Battle recorder
17 Tracking for fighters lost in combat
18 Mining crystals change color of mining laser beam
19 Ingame Events Menu (eve gate iteration)

T'Amber asked Elven if the order was taking everyones preferences into consideration. ElvenLord confirmed it was just for CCP assesment and that it was in some way a priority list taking all opinions from forums into matter.

There was some discussion but the outcome was that the list is for CCP to give development estimates on and thus CSM can properly prioritise once the development effort is known.

Passed 9 for

Other Business[edit]

Next meeting was set for 11th April at 17:00 eve-time

Meeting closed at 19:03