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All this data is potentially out of date, and should be taken with a truckload of salt

See also CSM Meeting Minutes 4.009 raw log

CSM 4 meeting 009, Sun 11th April - Meeting Minutes


ElvenLord, Alekseyev Karrde, Zastrow, TeaDaze, Mrs Trzzbk, Korvin, Z0D, Song Li, Sokratesz, T'Amber (alt)


Helen Highwater (alt), Farscape Hw (alt), Meissa Anunthiel (alt), Serenity Steele (alt)


Meeting started at 17:17

ElvenLord set out the agenda

1 Experimental Gallente storyline missions
2 End ghost (unpaid account) datacore production
3 Sources of Mineral Investigation
4 Contract Login Update Notification
5 View ship fittings in hanger without boarding ship

Experimental Gallente storyline missions[edit]

ElvenLord asked if TeaDaze had anything to add. TeaDaze stated this proposal had been raised as described by the Assembly Hall thread and he had no first hand knowledge of these missions. TeaDaze did wonder if instead of removing them there could be a choice of these FW based missions (with significantly buffed reward) or a standard storyline mission.

Mrs Trzzbk said he had never run these missions but it seemed the main problem was that pirates always knew where people would end up? Mrs Trzzbk added that it seemed like sending mission runners into lowsec is a good thing.

T'Amber asked if anyone had first hand experience with this topic? ElvenLord replied that he did run these missions a few times and didn't find them that dangerous, adding that he had been playing a long time. ElvenLord agreed with TeaDaze that maybe boosting the reward on them might be a good idea. T'Amber also agreed.

TeaDaze stated that another complaint was the agents are tens of jumps away from the normal mission agent, though he added that he had seen this with standard caldari storylines too, so that is not unique to these. TeaDaze suggested CCP use the mission branching system (or similar) to allow a boring safe courier storyline, or a buffed reward into lowsec offer. ElvenLord didn't find the location of storyline agents a problem as one storyline agent services several diferent agents of different levels in the region and you dont get storyline missions that often. Song Li didn't think the location of the agents should be a big problem as even if they're far away it's not like missions stop and you don't have to complete it right away and have a week to accept. Song Li added that on the issue of going to low sec he agreed with TeaDaze that a branch implementation sounded good giving the option for increased payout for low sec or a cheaper high sec alternate.

ElvenLord asked if CSM could vote on an amended proposal to boost rewards. TeaDaze asked if that could include branching so there is a safer option too so there was a risk vs reward choice. ElvenLord agreed and called for a vote on the amended proposal of a boost to reward on lowsec missions and branching for a safer option.

Passed 9 for

End ghost (unpaid account) datacore production[edit]

Mrs Trzzbk was pretty sure this change means making more money so was all for it.

There was discussion about something covered by NDA.

ElvenLord wondered why CCP didn't kill this with ghost training, but welcomed this proposal. T'Amber thought this was pretty simple and suggested a vote. Z0D agreed that as much as some would like to get free stuff for nothing, in same way as with skills not training while account is not paid for datacores farming should not accumulate during that period.

ElvenLord called for a vote on the proposal as is

Passed 9 for

Sources of Mineral Investigation[edit]

ElvenLord stated that CSM were shown the sheet and nice graphs made by CCP Diagoras at the summit and they confirmed that mineral composition had not changed from last time they made it public and as such ElvenLord didn't find this an issue but would move to a motion for CSM to ask/demand CCP to publish a new blog about it. Z0D agreed CCP needed to inform the players. Song Li also agreed.
TeaDaze agreed that CCP just needed to publish the pretty blue graphs from CCP Diagoras and the issue would be sorted. Alekseyev Karrde insisted the proposal contain an audio brief by Song Li while he's drunk. Song Li insisted on only bue in the graph and took offence at Aleks' suggestion.

ElvenLord called for a vote on the motion of a new dev blog on this issue.

Passed 9 for

Contract Login Update Notification[edit]

Mrs Trzzbk didn't think discussion was needed. Everyone agreed.

Passed 9 for

View ship fittings in hanger without boarding ship[edit]

ElvenLord stated that this proposal had been raised by CSM3 and declined by CCP but that there might be a way of getting it via the fitting tool by simply adding 2 buttons so you could scroll trough ships in hangar. ElvenLord suggested he and TeaDaze could amend the proposal with pretty pictures etc.

Korvin suggested naming ships with a bit of sense to solve this issue. TeaDaze pointed out that naming ships doesn't always work because frequently the names reset on session change.

TeaDaze suggested that when this proposal was raised last time the only way to view fittings was the fitting window but that now there is the saved fitting display which doesn't require the pilot to be in the ship (or indeed a ship) so using that might well be an option as suggested in the proposal.

Song Li pointed out that right now you can show cargo container contents remotely and that goes for ships' fittings adding that you can also get that info from the API and 3rd party apps so I didn't see why it couldn't be implemented easily through the fitting window.

Korvin stated there is a tab to see your ship modules on your current ship in info and that perhaps CCP could do something like that for every ship you own but there might be some security reason not to do it.

Z0D talked about the Eve Assets app that pulls information through API so said the information could be displayed in game but CCP might not be willing to put the time for it. Z0D also said the limit on ship fitting saved settings needs to be raised drastically.

Alekseyev Karrde wanted CCP to reconsider adding something like this even if it's not the full blown fitting screen but just a simple text list. TeaDaze thought the full fitting window wasn't an option because it would need the player skills etc. and would confuse people if it was read only. Tea added that using the saved fitting window (maybe with the ticks and crosses) shouldn't be a major job to implement.

Mrs Trzzbk had to go so voted for the proposal before the end of the discussion.

ElvenLord wondered if the proposal should be reworked and voted on next time as it had been declined in this form once before. TeaDaze suggested amending the proposal to "Right click on ship in hanger should have the option to view fitting as per the saved fitting window". ElvenLord agreed that this was sufficently different to the previously raised version.

Passed 9 for

Other Business[edit]

The next meeting was set for Sunday May 2nd at 17:00 Eve time.

Meeting closed at 18:16