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All this data is potentially out of date, and should be taken with a truckload of salt

See also CSM Meeting Minutes 4.010 raw log

CSM 4 meeting 010, Sun 2nd May - Meeting Minutes


ElvenLord, Alekseyev Karrde, TeaDaze, Korvin, Z0D, Helen Highwater (alt), Meissa Anunthiel (alt)


Zastrow, Mrs Trzzbk, Song Li, Sokratesz, T'Amber (alt), Farscape Hw (alt), Serenity Steele (alt)


Meeting started at 17:12

ElvenLord set out the agenda

1 BPO lockdown by majority stockholder
2 Show damaged drones in drone bay
3 Forum timer - Again
4 Improvements to the F11 navigation panel

BPO lockdown by majority stockholder[edit]

TeaDaze hoped this was a simple issue and stated it takes a load of hoops to even propose a lockdown vote. Alekseyev Karrde wondered what the source of the mechanics in step 1 was adding that a member of his corp needed a bpo locked down and afaik didn’t have such a process.

Z0D supported the proposal as long as the mechanism is not circumvented to unlock them in the same way.

ElvenLord stated he had the option to propose locking of the BPO on my right click on a BPO. TeaDaze explained he was going by what the proposer stated as he hadn't had to lockdown BPOs. Tea added he had confirmed with the proposer earlier in the day that this was still an issue and that he was hoping to get feedback on it from the more industrial focussed people such as Z0D. TeaDaze also stated it was planned only for lockdown not unlocking. Helen Highwater tested the lockdown system on an industrial director character and had the context menu option for locking down BPOs.

Meissa Anunthiel stated there had been a proposal to allow voting on multiple BPOs at once that CCP rejected.

TeaDaze withdrew the proposal for further investigation.

Note: Discussion after the meeting clarified the issues. Firstly the right click option is not shown for a brand new BPO (such that it can be stacked, sold on the market and shows the stack quantity in the corner) which is why the process outlined was required. Secondly the proposer suggested a one shot lock option on BPOs for majority shareholder to bypass the vote. This issue may be revisited after a rewrite.

Show damaged drones in drone bay[edit]

Alekseyev Karrde stated that not being able to see the damaged drones before launching them has been a source of frustration for him on many many occasions and he definitely supported the proposal. Z0D agreed completely.

Passed 7 for

Forum timer - Again[edit]

ElvenLord decided that no vote was required and he would send an official mail to CCP to remind them they agreed (and promised) to lower the timer on forums to 2min during the summit.

No vote required

Improvements to the F11 navigation panel[edit]

TeaDaze wasn't sure if the screenshot had gone missing from the Wiki so uploaded a copy to the CSM minutes site http://teadaze.net/csm4/Hesperius-navigation-03.jpg

ElvenLord wanted to keep the navigation dots on the left as it was good when leading a fleet.

Alekseyev Karrde thought it was an interesting and worthwhile change adding that it would make movement easier for lots of segments of the eve community including traders, industrialists with multiple build centres, and pvpers.

TeaDaze confirmed the mock-up was from the proposal thread and also advocated retaining the left hand side autopilot dots as a configurable option. Tea also added that it must retain the current solar system section at the bottom for Directional scanner use. Korvin confirmed he sometimes uses the solar system part of the F11 screen for directional scaning and wanted to keep it. Meissa Anunthiel also agreed. TeaDaze added that the solar system part was actually still on the mockup but in a "folded" state.

Helen Highwater thought it was a nice idea that paved the way for a more modular UI experience across the board. Helen continued that it would be nice if the individual panes in that right hand UI element could be undocked and moved around so you could keep the current left hand route info if you wanted it.

ElvenLord repeated he would like to keep the dots on the left and suggested they could go away when additional panel is opened. Elven also suggested that this could be added to the existing window as an additional option and not replace it totally.

Z0D thought that if it could be moved to other places of the screen like where it is on the left now and also have a full collapse, partial and fully expanded ability then when you had 40 jumps seeing the next few systems would be all you need and maybe also highlight waypoints as well in a route.

Korvin had a concern with the speed of the window appearing, stating that currently it is almost instant to appear unlike the F10 screen. He didn't want the new system to be too slow. TeaDaze suggested if the UI was fully drag-able then you could in theory pull the solar system section out and have it pinned somewhere else. Tea added that you could in theory "dock" people and places etc into the F11 panel, however that was getting into the realm of full UI overhaul. Tea finished by saying that if CCP didn't want to implement this now it could be insisted the functionality was included in any new UI.

Passed 7 for

Other Business[edit]

After confirming how long CSM4 had left in office the farewell meeting was set for 23rd May at 17:00

Meeting closed at 17:47