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All this data is potentially out of date, and should be taken with a truckload of salt


  • Raised by: mazzilliu
  • Submission Date: Sunday october 18th 16:00
  • Issue ID: tbd


Due to changes in the way CSM works, this item is no longer relevant.


Right now the CSM members are only technically allowed to speak about the contents of the CSM meetings after the minutes are released. this gets in the way of communication with the average player and prevents the CSM from relating information promptly.

Since the vast majority of the CSM meetings have no CCP employees present, it's nothing but players talking amongst themselves. there isn't anything discussed there that's really worth keeping secret, especially considering it all gets released a few days later anyways.

The only exception to this is lines of the chat that we agree are to be striken from the record, and i can only remember this ever happening a couple times.


Allow CSM members to speak about the meeting before the minutes are released, even in real time- posting about voting results as they happen, or talking about arguments. CSM members are not allowed to speak about things that will be omitted from the meeting minutes, so this isn't calling for a live broadcast of the csm meeting channel or anything like that. This also doesn't apply to any CSM meeting where there is a CCP employee present.

To prevent any sort of suspicion of scandal, CSM members are encouraged to only make these communications in public areas.

Since the minutes are often not on time, and casual chatting happens about the latest meetings anyways, this issue is to just permit what goes on anyways, and make sure it happens in the most fair way possible.


  • better communication between the CSM and the playerbase- real time info on what we are doing is far more interesting then a wad of logs 2 weeks later
  • fairest possible release of information- since nothing secret goes on in CSM-only meetings, releasing the results publicly as fast as possible rather then letting the information stay in secrecy for some amount of time before being inevitably released is good for transparency.


  • i guess the CSM gets to deal with more of the rabble and unwashed masses.

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Passed 8/0