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All this data is potentially out of date, and should be taken with a truckload of salt


  • Raised by: mazzilliu
  • Submission Date: Sunday september 27th 16:00
  • Issue ID: tbd


CSM term limits


three part solution, reasoning follows:

1. After serving your two consecutive terms, you can't serve consecutive terms thereafter. Example: serve 2, skip one, serve 1, skip one, serve 1, ETC. EDIT: upon voting it was decided to change the hiatus to 1 year(2 terms) instead of half a year(1 term)

2. Upon application, for all incumbent applicants, CCP should look closely at the past contributions and decide whether or not it's worth paying for all the airfare to get them to Iceland. CCP can arbitrarily deny any incumbent's application if they think that their contribution to the CSM will not be worth the financial cost.

3. Partial terms(such as when a CSM has to drop out and an alt steps up to take their place) do not count towards the term limit IF the partial term did not include the CSM Iceland Summit where the majority of the CSM's work is done. Specifically, this will mean that this half-term does not count towards Issler's max.

The reasoning for these three points are as follows:

1. A significant portion of the CSM are people elected by the same voting blocs(goons, goons, northern coalition, specific EVE forums, Pandemic Legion + renters + the girl vote.......). Preventing the same individual from stepping up means the voting bloc will choose someone else to represent their interests, so partially removing the rule as proposed will not necessarily cause a huge change. In the long term continuity is going to be important, because the 2-term rule essentially means the CSM will eternally be filled with CSM noobs and anyone really qualified to serve is disqualified after only two terms.

Also, because of rule #2, I do not think that this change will result in abuse.

2. the CSM is basically consultant work for CCP. Their payment is the free trip to Iceland and all they stuff they buy you, and you need to submit satisfactory work in return.

3. I don't think what is happening with regards to Issler's situation is fair.(for those not in the know, Issler has already served once and was an alt this term before she was bumped up to full CSM status, AFTER the very important Iceland CSM summit. so she's riding out the lame-duck end of this term and it currently means she can no longer get elected).


  • qualified members staying longer. CCP can kick out non qualified members with no appeal.


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Passed 4/3