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All this data is potentially out of date, and should be taken with a truckload of salt

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The Caldari Corporate Registry is a catelog of Caldari related capsuleer corporations. Corporations are welcome to add their names to the below categories to show organizational affliliations. Please also include a brief description of the corporation and whether it is recruiting or not.

This Registry is maintained by the Heiian Society.

Caldari State[edit]

These corporations claim political neutrality and support the State and Caldari as a whole. Many of them link themselves with either the Caldari Navy or Mordu's Legion.

Caldari Navy[edit]

Mordu's Legion[edit]

  • ICS-762 A corporation of Caldari patriots, working under the supervision of Mordu's Legion to secure Caldari interests in the war zones.

Practical Bloc[edit]

The Practical bloc are mercantilist, believe profit for one means a loss for another. They have practiced unethical business tactics for a long time and are frequently associated with organized crime elements. The practicals view the other empires as naïve markets ready to be exploited by unrestricted and ruthless trade where everything goes. They care little about who is a friend with whom and even less about what long-term political ramifications their unscrupulous business practices can have.

Sukuuvestaa Corporation[edit]

(none registered)

Nugoeihuvi Corporation[edit]

  • COLD-Wing - Military corporation working side by side with Internal Security in order to protect Nugoeihuvi Corporation assets and interests.

CBD Corporation[edit]

  • CBD Capsuleer Division - Commissioned by the Caldari CBD megacorporation and its subsidiaries, the Capsuleer Division is focused on bringing forward it's parents into the Capsuleer Market. General operations are currently suspended while employees are focused on the development of occupied Gallente systems.

Practical-Aligned Independent[edit]

(none registered)

Liberal Bloc[edit]

The Liberal bloc's views are completely the opposite of the practicals. They wish to foster improved relations with all of the other empires, minimize trade barriers, and ensure the free-flow of goods. They believe in trade deals that mutually benefit the participants and that the empires can come together in a peaceful, prosperous future only through cooperation.

Ishukone Corporation[edit]

  • Graduate School of Applied Knowledge - An educational institution for recent Caldari graduates, dedicated to free trade and commerce. Currently participating in the Militia Act War on behalf of the Caldari State.

Hyasyoda Corporation[edit]

(none registered)

Liberal-Aligned Independent[edit]

  • Aseyakone - Technically an independent corporation, however conducts business and develops contracts for Ishukone as well as Caldari Provisions, a Hyasyoda subsidiary. (Aseyakone Fluid Router node)

Patriot Bloc[edit]

The Patriot bloc is more concerned with the place the Caldari State enjoys versus the other empires in both military and economical sense. The patriots cultivate Caldari heritage and reminisce about the great Raata Empire of old. Patriots view economical dominance only as a tool to promote military power.

Kaalakiota Corporation[edit]

  • Pyre Falcon Defence Combine - Combine of private military corporations with strong ties to Kaalakiota. Has a notoriously aggressive and ill-mannered capsuleer division, currently active in the CEWPA theatre on behalf of the State Protectorate.

Lai Dai Corporation[edit]

  • Lai Dai Infinity Systems - Industrial corporation focused on the growth of the Lai Dai megacorporation and the production of advanced (T2) ships and modules. Employment opportunities available (Recruiting).

Wiyrkomi Corporation[edit]

(none registered)


  • Kigurosaka Corporation - Wishes to engage in diplomacy with the Minmatar Republic in order to get them to see the truth about the Federation, and for the State to free itself from diplomacy with the slavers of the Amarr Empire. A corporation aimed to aid the Caldari people, not the mega-corporations or their leaders.


Not all Caldari support the State or its "lawful" megacorporations. Some strike out on their own as outlaws, many of these find their way into the outlaw megacorporation, the Guristas.


  • Veto Corp - A nomadic Gurista loyalist paramilitary power with strong ties to its affiliates in Venal. Veto Corp spends its time actively patrolling the border regions of all four empires in search of profitable easy pickings, and a healthy supply of combat operations in which to test its prototype modifications to weaponry and ship systems.